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  1. McSaddy

    Alternate History The Empire of Terra (CKIII-inspired Medieval!SI)
    Threadmarks: I-I: Daughter of Man

    I-I: Daughter of Man ~ Mt. Nimba, West Africa ~ ~ 851 Anno Domini ~ Guere Yawo The night was calm and cool atop the mountain, but it did little to calm his nerves. His eyes were fixated to the small fire in front of the entrance of the hut, blazing balmily on the pyre...
  2. DarthOne

    Constructing a probable post WW1 timeline (Wonder Woman 2017)

    Ignoring the fact that, canonically, WW2 and the rise of Hitler still (somehow) happen in the DC movie-verse, let us examine what would be a more realistic outcome of the events of the first Wonder Woman film. A major butterfly effect has to focus on the deaths of most of, if not all, of the...
  3. Trace Coburn

    Urban Fantasy Valhalla Can Wait [Buffy the Vampire Slayer, original-character-centric]
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    Everyone knows the canonical life-story of Buffy Summers, the Sunnydale Slayer; it's an epic tale of heroism, tragic romance, mental trauma, and survival despite often-impossible odds. But everyone is the hero of their own life-story. Whether it's an epic, a tragedy, or a grim warning tale with...
  4. Zyobot

    AH Cuisine and Culinary Practices
    Threadmarks: AH Cuisine and Culinary Practices

    Compared to war, culture, and geopolitics, food and food preparation tends to be overlooked in AH circles. But as in all things, the butterflies let loose by different PODs — such as farmland being either developed or destroyed, economic booms and busts, and different trade routes that pass...
  5. TheRejectionist

    Artwork Fictional, Alternate History Maps, Flags and Graphics

    I will start with a few wild ones : Pakistani - Afghan Union (Unrealistic)
  6. CBRattler13

    Star Wars Star Wars: Cold War
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1, Freezing Slumber

    This is an AU fiction story branching from the Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode S3: E18 The Citadel. If you haven’t watched it yet, or not recently, I highly recommend rewatching it for context in Chapter 1. This story will be told from the third-person point of view. Chapter 1, Freezing...
  7. VictortheMonarch

    Catholic America

    The gist of this is that Instead of the Quakers, Puritans and Lutherans, the Catholics are the first to be deported to America. It builds and builds until by the time the Quakers, Puritans and Lutherans arrive, the Catholics have built up a large group, to the point that the protestant groups...
  8. VictortheMonarch

    Lincolnian (or, "America the Free")
    Threadmarks: Oct. 26 1865

    Fort Sumter, South Carolina Damn himself to a million hells. How could he have missed such an open shot? Just mere feet away, only to accidentally wound an innocent child, Samuel Seymour. Luckily the child survived, though he would have scars on his head and a disfigured ear to account for...
  9. Eparkhos

    Alternate History New Guinea Civilization Scenario?

    Here's the idea: PoD: Around 2000 BC, hunter-gatherers in the Papua Peninsula begin cultivating Sorghum propinquum, simultaneously acclimatizing it for the highlands and increasing overall yield, and by around AD 1 it becomes a fully productive grain, spread northward to the main Highlands...
  10. Eparkhos

    Alternate History WI: Andronikos II Killed at Tralleis?: The Timeline
    Threadmarks: Intro & Table

    Copied over from the general thread. The basic premise is that Andronikos II is killed in battle against the Turks at Tralleis in 1284 and the Byzantine Empire is spared his reign of mass stupidity. Table of Contents: I - 1284-~1300 II - ~1300 - ~1400 (political) III - ~1300 - ~1400 (social) IV...
  11. VictortheMonarch

    The 2014 Russian Incursion into Crimea instead is a Russian-Ukrainian War

    What if in an alternative timeline Russia invades Ukraine? To set a few rules here to ensure someone doesn't go 'then NATO joins in and crushes Russia' because some 'tard is gonna think that's a suitable answer, the rules are thus, be concise in how you think it would work out, and how long it...
  12. Zyobot

    Alternate History What PoDs Would Create An Unrecognizable World?

    By normal standards, the premises we like to discuss in AH circles can seem bemusing and strange. The American Revolution failing, the Central Powers winning World War I, even an inverted Cold War scenario (or two) where America and Russia play “swapped” roles. Certainly, such worlds would be...
  13. Zyobot

    Alternate History Ultra-Evil USSR

    Founded by a movement predisposed towards terror and social engineering from the very beginning, the Soviet Union consistently ranked as one of the most repressive, most authoritarian, and—quite ironically—most unequal regimes of the twentieth century. In addition to state-sponsored mass killing...
  14. Zyobot

    Alternate History Napoleonic Europe Reacts To The World Wars

    Despite his march across the continent ultimately ending in defeat, Napoleon Bonaparte left behind a legacy as one of Modernity's great conquerors and statesmen, with the wars that became his namesake having profound consequences of their own. Increasingly centralized states and the spirit of...
  15. Zyobot

    Most Evil Red Germany Possible, Post-WW1

    Despite being massively overshadowed by the Nazis, the German communists who rose to prominence in the aftermath of the Great War were still a notorious bunch, known for inciting violent revolution and seeking to tear down the already-fragile Weimar Republic. If their thuggish behavior in OTL is...
  16. Bassoe

    Alternate History interesting locations and time periods for Superman's pod to land

    We've already got elseworlds with baby Kal-El's kryptonian space pod landing in England, Medieval Europe, the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany and 14th century feudal Japan. Basically, in your opinion, what're some other options that could make for interesting stories/timelines?
  17. Sergeant Foley

    Alternate History 🇺🇸 November 2, 1976: President Nelson Rockefeller wins election to full 4-year term and the aftermath
    Threadmarks: Cooking up the timeline....

    COMING SOON.... Friday, November 5, 1976 White House, Washington, DC. Friday, November 5, 1976: President Rockefeller meeting with United States Senator Jimmy Carter (D-GA) inside the Oval Office at the White House. It had been less than three days after Election Day and President Nelson...
  18. Zyobot

    Alternate History Democratic Blowout In 1976

    With Watergate costing President Nixon his once-massive approval ratings and bruising the GOP in the midterms, 1976 looked like it'd be a comeback election for the Democrats. Giving the nod to dark-horse candidate Jimmy Carter, they won back the White House in November, racking up 297 electoral...
  19. Tiamat

    Stranger Things: 1988 (An alternate Stranger Things universe/crossover saga)
    Threadmarks: Stranger Things, 1988: Prologue, "West Berlin, 1987"

    HI all, I am copying and moving this spinoff story from it's original location in the WW3: 1988 storyline under the Alternate History section. I decided to do this so that this own story that parallels the events of the WW3 timeline doesn't derail it, and vice versa. I am posting the chapters...
  20. Buba

    WI -Barbarossa if Entente DOW against Soviets in '39 or '40

    How do you think WWII would had run if France and UK had declared war on the Soviets after their invasion of Poland? If you think that implausible, then have the Entente execute Operation Pike :) When would the Moscow-Berlin Axis of Evil go to war against one another?