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@Iconoclast (pinging you since your wall is restricted)
The language is fucking degenerating, Newspeak-style, and the cocksuckers in power are encouraging it. The one thing those older books have in common is that their authors all had significantly more intricate vocabularies than most do today. A lot of novels nowadays are written entirely in monosyllabic sub-fourth-grade caveman grunting. Modern writing has built-in, mandatory retardation. Ever use Grammarly? That fucking thing actually suggests you use more common words.
Other Thousands kids have actually denigrated me for having a large vocabulary. If your understanding of English is any better than the absolute minimum needed to spoonfeed ESLs, then you're some incomprehensible fart huffer that religiously watches Rick & Morty. It's the internet. We're all readers. Everyone's job is reading and writing but you're a freak if you dare to be good at it.
If you truly want to insult a Leftist, call them a Vong; even the most hard core leftist won't be able to shrug off being compared to the Yuuzhan Vong, despite having a shit load in common with them.
Why are you banned now!?
After these infractions, I'm not going to call out any more of them in public unless I already have at this point.

The staff will either deal with the issue or they won't.
Fair call, infractions are annoying.
How are you?
I'm just existing for now, good or bad is very much a day by day thing, and sometimes hour by hour.