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  • Alright then, so I guess I ought to explain myself. I have my reasons for abandoning my fics, besides boredom with them. I'm grinding. in my job, I get about 46k, including pay and a half I can get up to 81k if I do a shit ton of OT. So for any of you out there thinkin' I'm abandoning you and the fics, I'm not. I love you my boyo's.

    If ya'll want an update to something, PM me and I'll try to get it out.
    I found this motherfucking monkey umbrella and it's driving me insane. I want monkey Umbrella, and more importantly, I want to get a tailored suit specifically to drip WITH monkey umbrella
    Decided to take a period of time for myself, I'm going to step away from writing (or at least trying to figure out some way to write for you all) as everything I write eventually gets flushed down the drain within the first 2k words. give me some time, I promise you all, you won't regret it. and if you do, I will shoot my self in the foot.
    Your own well being is always more important than internet frens. So don't go shooting yourself in foot over some online haters.
    Even if I mock you to do it.
    Especially if I mock you to do it.
    Bit of a teaser on the story I've been cooking up. Take a gander on what it is.

    Ten points to Gryffindor to whomever figures it out...
    Union of Capetyn and Palailogos dynasties?
    Nope. A custom Branch of my favorite house is the answer, but which house I wonder...?
    Going to be a no go on the new story, it simply won't work as is. give me a while to see if it can be salvaged, and if not; then I will see if I can scramble something else up. Besides that, new British SI out later today.
    a bit of an update into the first chapter of the new story. I've decided to grace you all with a bit of a surprise! a nice preview! here ya go!
    "...They decided that I would go first, and quite gladly, I didn’t want to listen to them blather anymore. They were in simple words, mentally retarded. They dismissed men for their religion, blaming christians for their unjust suffering despite them imparting suffering unjustly themselves. By all accounts I say it’s quite nice to finally rest with the lord.

    Finally they forced my head down onto stone of all things, did they not know it would dull the blade? Oh well, that is my successor to this stone’s problem, not mine. Finally a sharp pain in my nape came, and for a moment I felt myself roll into the sand below, sand in my nose, until finally, peace..."
    Planning a new story. It's in it's development stages as I plan to actually stick to this one and put effort into it. You will see this around March 3rd, or rather, a month away.
    So apparently my shit got breached alot by Iraqi's, and Indians. I have mailed them images of gay porn and pig and beef respectively.
    Nothing like being banned on QQ for 90 days. don't really care much, but meh. I was only watching two threads there anyways.
    Currently got Covid. Put a damper on my plans. Found out after being Hospitalized. The way I got it? Well, let's say Mr. Victor do indeed be banging bitches. Sadly, said bitch gave him covid.
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