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Quest Deep Periphery Quest (Battletech Sandbox Empire Builder)

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Aug 19, 2019
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[X] Sign the Communications Act of 3040
-[X] Also setup strengthened crypto and security between systems so one can't infect another...cuz...you know...reasons.


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Dec 13, 2020
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[X] Sign the Communications Act of 3040
-[X] Also setup strengthened crypto and security between systems so one can't infect another...cuz...you know...reasons.


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Dec 11, 2019
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[X] Sign the Communications Act of 3040
-[X] Also setup strengthened crypto and security between systems so one can't infect another...cuz...you know...reasons.

So… the Department of Periphery Studies put on a showing of Cats?

The Whispering Monk

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Aug 19, 2019
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what exactly are the none meta gamey , in character reasons we are doing this that I am sure are perfectly explainable again ?
1. We've already had our coms disrupted to a degree by IKEA transmissions. We need to ensure we can't get 'jammed' that way again.

2. Special Branch has people that have a penchant for computer...skullduggery. They aren't the only ones.

3. The great weakness in any Empire outside your solar system is Communications. If you can't talk to your other holdings then they can't tell you what's wrong. If they can't do that then you can't help them.

4. We are currently at war with 2 interstellar powers (the BS and Commies-In-Space!!!TM), one of which wants to see us exterminated, Dalek-style. We lose comms, we're hosed.

5. And most important of all...the Queen's security services are P-A-R-A-N-O-I-D.


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Jul 4, 2022
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[X] Sign the Communications Act of 3040
-[X] Also setup strengthened crypto and security between systems so one can't infect another...cuz...you know...reasons.
Turn 110 - Apples, Peaches, Bananas and Pears


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In the Desert
Turn 110 - Apples, Peaches, Bananas and Pears

Imperial Naval analysts predict an imminent assault on the Arvum system, based on traffic analysis and previous Black Steel patterns. As a result, Admiral von Falkenrick immediately deploys the Grand Fleet to the system.

It is a very fortunate thing that he did so, because hours after his arrival one of the largest Black Steel attack forces yet appears at the Zenith jump point. Other than a terse ‘Engaging’ you receive no updates from the system for several tension-filled hours.

You do get some scattered reports from the planet itself, although they are being relayed second hand. The Grand Fleet is heavily engaged around the Zenith point, while the naval garrison assigned to the system has been ordered to remain around the planet to protect against any surprise attacks. From what you can glean, the fighting is particularly brutal this time around.

About six hours into the engagement an official report comes in from the jump point defenses, the battle is ongoing, losses on both sides are heavy, but the jump point installations remain intact. No Black Steel forces have made it past the Grand Fleet as of yet.

Another hour passes before another report comes in. Admiral von Falkenrick’s flagship, HMS Dreadnought, has been lost with all hands, over a hundred other major combatants have also been lost due to the sheer weight of numbers deployed by the Black Steel. Fighting is continuing, with surviving elements of the Grand Fleet withdrawing into the protective envelope of the jump point defenses.

Several hours later comes the all clear, the surviving Black Steel forces have retreated from the system without testing the jump point defenses, nor attacking the planet itself. The Grand Fleet’s train is moving forward to begin salvage and recovery operations.

In the end, the Fourth Battle of Arvum is a victory, albeit a nearly Pyrrhic one. The Black Steel, as they say, came in the same old way, and the fighting happened, in the same old way. The individual Black Steel ships aren’t as good as yours, but they have very many of them, and their use of drones pretty much means that the only real losses they ever suffer are material, not manpower, in nature.

The senior surviving officer of the Grand Fleet is Rear Admiral Miller, who herself is seriously injured but still able to handle paperwork and reports. According to the preliminary reports, your forces inflicted almost twice as much damage as they suffered, but the Black Steel had almost three times as much aggregate tonnage in their attack force than the Grand Fleet possessed.

HMS Dreadnought herself was totally destroyed in the battle, a victim of a ramming attack from a Black Steel vessel that struck at a combined velocity so high that it resulted in a truly titanic blast of debris, which destroyed all of the deployed escape pods and inflicted critical damage on escorting parasites. The other Dreadnought-class vessels present were crippled, but managed to survive extremely massive amounts of damage, all were rendered combat ineffective but survived to be repaired.
  • Fourth Battle of Arvum Damage (estimates)
    • Friendly Forces
      • Capital Units
        • Battleships
          • Destroyed
            • 1 Dreadnought-class Battleship
          • Damaged
            • 3 Dreadnought-class Battleship
        • Heavy Cruisers
          • Destroyed
            • 45 Prinz Eugen-class Heavy Cruisers
          • Damaged
            • 80 Prinz Eugen-class Heavy Cruisers
        • Light Cruisers
          • Destroyed
            • 30 Dido-class Light Cruisers
            • 20 Guiseppe Garibaldi-class Light Cruisers
          • Damaged
            • 130 Dido-class Light Cruisers
            • 30 Guiseppe Garibaldi-class Light Cruisers
        • Light Carriers
          • Destroyed
            • 4 Hosho-class Light Carriers
          • Damaged
            • 10 Hosho-class Light Carriers
        • Frigates
          • Destroyed
            • 30 England-class Frigates
        • Destroyers
          • Destroyed
            • 90 Fubuki-class Destroyers
          • Damaged
            • 125 Fubuki-class Destroyers
        • Corvettes
          • Destroyed
            • 120 Lyr-class Corvettes
          • Damaged
            • 20 Lyr-class Corvettes
      • Parasites
        • Destroyed
          • 370 Bainbridge-class Parasite Destroyers
          • 40 Long Beach-class Parasite Missile Destroyers
          • 40 Aetna-class Parasite Missile Battleships
          • 20 Meteor-class Parasite Missile Battleships
          • 80 Mikasa-class Parasite Battleships
          • 100 Canopus-class Parasite Battleships
    • Enemy Forces
      • Preliminary
        • Capital Units (destroyed)
          • 20 2 million ton ‘Brawler’ type battleships
          • 35 1.75 million ton unidentified light battleships
          • 90 1.5 million ton ‘Sniper’ type heavy cruisers
          • 130 750kton unidentified light cruisers
          • 300 500kton ‘Charger’ type destroyers
        • Parasites (destroyed)
          • ~5000+ drone parasites of various types

ASF losses were also extremely heavy, but thankfully the DURF and the training pipeline was able to handle replacements well enough that no units were ‘destroyed’. It still was an exceptionally bloody and costly battle, even if technically it was a victory.

The loss of Admiral von Falkenrick was, in many ways, the greatest loss of the entire battle. He was by several orders of magnitude your most experienced and capable naval combat officer, having commanded the Grand Fleet in just about every engagement it had ever fought. He will be extremely hard to replace, far harder than battleships.

It is a rather somber gathering for the annual budget meeting, even if the Pan Griffon Games are continuing on with some of your favorite motorsports events.

Amaunet is lazing behind the podium. “Padrone, we took a hard hit, and Admiral von Falkenrick will be dearly missed. Fortunately there are no indications of deficiencies in design or doctrine, merely that the Black Steel continue to show that they can out produce us by a worryingly large margin. Our own production capacity is continuing to grow, thankfully, so all we can do is keep our foot down on the floor and hope that we are able to grow faster than they can cut us down.”

She gives a very feline shrug. “Strategic Material production continues to grow, once we are closer to matching our overall production capacity we’ll need to revisit the question of expanding our conventional and mech factories. I will turn the briefing over to General Bradley, General?”

General Bradley takes the podium. “Your Majesty, as Amaunet stated, our strategic material production continues to grow, hopefully at a solid enough pace that we will be able to substantially boost our annual Army procurement in the near future. Likewise, our work on refactoring and re-equipping our existing ground units is going exceptionally well. Due to the number of ‘new’ designs involved, we are finding that scrapping the old equipment is permitting greater efficiency in building new as in many cases we are able to melt down components for raw materials in a swift and efficient way.”

She checks her notes. “We have also made several adjustments to various categories, especially in middle-weight mechs. We will now be fielding a new set of 55 ton jump-capable high-mobility mechs. The most impressive in many ways is the new Wolverine trooper mech, with a 150 meter jump range, a pair of extended range 8cm and a pair of 5cm pulse lasers as well as a pair of laser-based ECM systems, all tied into an advanced targeting system. While not as survivable as the quad-legged Wolf Spider, the Wolverine is still a lethal force on the battlefield.”

She then brings up a chart showing procurement priorities for the Army.
  • Imperial Griffon Army
    • Production
      • Logistics Factories (5 each)
        • Glorreich
        • Arvum
        • Kurortas
        • Pryyemnyy
        • Landprettig
    • Procurement
      • Garrison
        • 17 Garrison Divisions
        • 17 Militia Divisions

General Romanov is absent, and will likely be absent for some time following a plane crash in which she was seriously injured. She is expected to make a full recovery, but is currently confined to bed rest under doctor’s orders. General Xi, one of her deputies, is taking over for this briefing at least.

“Your Majesty. Your Aerospace Force remains in a solid position to sustain growth and achieve mission objectives.” He is rather stiff and overly formal, which you put up to nerves. “We do have a request from Training Command for additional ASF training wings to sustain growth going forward.”

He brings up the chart to show the requests from the Aerospace Force.
  • Imperial Griffon Aerospace Force
    • Procurement
      • 30 Training Wings
      • 90 Interceptor Wings

It is then Admiral Fisher’s turn, and he looks… terrible. There are dark bags under his eyes and he looks far more stressed out than you’d ever seen him before. Admiral von Falkenrick had been an ally and friend of Fisher’s, and his death is hitting the old admiral very hard.

“OK, more yards, more facilities, etc etc. We are going to start building up an escort force for our battlecruisers, a separate expeditionary fleet of sorts, but will be slowing down production of Jean Barts in order to bulk up on proper battleships. Once we have the Expeditionary Fleet built up enough for the Rouges Noir operation we’ll shift back fully to the Grand Fleet and kick those motherless whoresons back into whatever hell they slithered out from.” His tone is hard, hating as he brings up the displays for your perusal.

The new designs look rather impressive, for their purpose at least. More fragile than the ‘conventional’ light and heavy cruisers, the De Grasse-class CL and the Algérie-class CA are swift vessels optimized for screening the fleet Jean Barts.
  • Imperial Griffon Navy
    • Production
      • Orbital Shipyards
        • Expand all Orbital Shipyards
      • Refit & Repair Yards
        • Expand all Refit & Repair Yards
      • Escort Yards
        • New Algiers
        • New Clew Bay
        • New Libertalia
        • Nuova Tripoli
        • Bellaterra
        • Landprettig
        • Neuthüringen
        • Nowe Mazowsze
        • Platzregensburg
        • Nubifragio
        • Porto Milano
        • Shin Tōkyō
      • Small Warship Yards
        • Pieklo
        • New Phoenix
        • Okusawa
        • New Castor
        • New Port Royal
        • Nowy Wrocław
        • Bāṛi
      • Large Warship Yards
        • Nya Kopenhamn
        • Kainga
        • Edelsteine
        • New Capricorn
    • Procurement
      • Standard Dropships
        • 200 Shimakaze-class Parasite Destroyers
        • 150 Spruance-class Parasite Destroyer Escorts
        • 7 Ensign-class Parasite Training Vessels
      • Large Dropships
        • 20 Meteor-class Parasite Missile Battleships
        • 40 Aetna-class Parasite Missile Battleships
        • 104 Mikasa-class Parasite Battleships
      • Jumpships
        • 4 Windjammer-class Jumpships
      • Escorts
        • 50 Fubuki-class Destroyers
        • 30 England-class Frigates
        • 10 Lyr-class Corvettes
        • 10 Consultant-class Fast Logistics Ships
      • Small Warships
        • 30 Dido-class Light Cruisers
        • 10 Guiseppe Garibaldi-class Light Cruisers
        • 10 De Grasse-class Light Cruisers
        • 7 Hosho-class Light Carriers
      • Medium Warships
        • 10 Prinz Eugen-class Heavy Cruiser
        • 10 Algérie-class Heavy Cruiser
      • Large Warships
        • 8 Dreadnought-class Battleships
    • Fortress Command
      • Jump Point Defenses
        • Nuova Puglia
        • Nuovo Abruzzo
        • Nuova Lombardia
        • Stenen Tuin
      • Oasis II
        • Nuova Puglia
        • Nuovo Abruzzo
        • Nuova Lombardia
        • Stenen Tuin
      • Black Tower
        • Nuova Puglia
        • Nuovo Abruzzo
        • Nuova Lombardia
        • Stenen Tuin
        • Glorreich

Amaunet watches as Admiral Fisher stalks back to his seat, before giving you a slightly pointed look and settling back on her haunches to observe the rest of the meeting.

Elizabeth Lee is up next for Interior. “Your Majesty, we have 3 systems perfectly ripe for colonization, albeit none are particularly impressive in terms of environment or mineral wealth; they all have the potential to be useful beyond their military utility in sealing off the Rouges Noir. Stenen Tuin, however, has no habitable planets, yet the prospective mineral wealth in the system is so great that it would be very worthwhile to colonize the system anyways with the Colony Core Station Complex system. This would be the first active deployment of this system, but we feel that the Stenen Tuin system would be an ideal initial candidate for it.”
  • Colonization, System Government Establishment, & Justice System
    • Regular
      • Nuova Puglia
      • Nuovo Abruzzo
      • Nuova Lombardia
    • Colony Core Station Complex
      • Stenen Tuin

“As far as economics goes, Your Majesty, our teams have put together a package of recommendations for your review and approval.”
  • Economic Focus & Investment
    • Economic Focus
      • Core
        • New Capricorn
      • Periphery
        • Awha
    • Major Investment
      • Core
        • Bāṛi
      • Periphery
        • Nox
    • Investment
      • New Pollux
    • Infrastructure & Industrial Zones
      • Arvum
      • Nuova Tripoli
      • New Algiers
      • Landprettig
      • Nubifragio

“In pursuit of definitively cutting off the Rouges Noir, completing the encirclement and putting us in position to begin operations, we recommend surveying the following systems this year. These will be the last systems likely to not require full battle fleets to survey.”
  • Survey Targets
    • GX-D35
      • A somewhat dim red dwarf primary combined with the detection of at least several planets indicate a likelihood for habitable worlds suitable for colonization in this system
    • GX-E34
      • This world has the highest likelihood of a confrontation with the Rouges Noir, but should have been outside of their jump range until recently. Interrogations of captured pirates indicate that this red dwarf has been the site of scattered mining operations by the pirate factions, with relatively rich lodes.
    • GX-D37
      • Surveying and occupying this Yellow star system would give us valuable strategic depth in our encirclement efforts against the Rouges Noir.
    • GX-D38
      • Similar to D37, this main-sequence Yellow star possesses a planetary system that we believe is both habitable and valuable as a future base.

Dr Kamoto is dealing with the final paperwork and discussions in the aftermath of the big summit last year and is thus not at the meeting. He sends a memo indicating that the Foreign Ministry has no requests this year.

Tiberius is grinning. “I bet you think I’m going to ask for more Parks & Recreation money, but instead I’m going to be asking for more Civil Service money! Plus we’re ready and able to help with setting up all of those new system governments this year if requested.”

You get a bit of a laugh at that, as you know Tiberius well enough to know that he is trying to lighten the mood a little without being disrespectful.

Grace is up next with the R&D requests, and as usual she has several. “Your Majesty, I’ve got three free R&D teams available, however I am also cognizant of the fact that we are in need of some economizing in order to ensure sufficient resources are available for the upcoming military campaigns and the ongoing struggle against the Black Steel. While we do have some teams looking into improving our damage control methods, such projects would be prohibitively expensive at this time, thus likely not worthwhile yet. Meanwhile we have a number of neglected areas of R&D that, while unlikely to generate anything game-changing, are cheap and may well give leads into new areas for future investigation.”

She brings up one of her charts to show the recommendations of the R&D teams.
  • R&D Project Recommendations
    • Advanced Terraforming Techniques Lvl 2
      • Further speed up the terraforming of worlds, enabling smoother transitions from Peripheral to Core status while significantly boosting the quality of life of our citizens
    • Specialist Battle Armor
      • There have long been proposals for highly niche battle armor roles outside of our current generation of suits. This research would allow for a number of these concepts to be explored and tested.
    • Variant Autocannon Ammunition
      • We don’t much use autocannons of any sort, outside of RAC, however there have over the years been proposals for different sorts of shells to be used with our autocannons. This project would investigate these possibilities.

General Messerschmidt is back from overseeing the setup of the new POW camps for the Rouges Noir campaign. “Your Majesty, I do have some good news for you. The NRR has developed a new medium fighter design which appears to be quite promising as an ‘anti-swarm’ design. The airframe is quite sound, however they are having difficulty with the armament package. In accordance with our recently enhanced defensive alliance, this is an area where we might be able to provide mutually useful assistance although it would require us to release some of our newer technology to the Rasalhaguians. Any negotiations on this would be in the Foreign Ministry’s hands, but it might be useful for us to make the offer proactively, or at least decide on our response now.”

[]Approve Imperial assistance on Project Draken
  • Improves relations with NRR & NRI
  • Approves the release of pulse laser, ER laser, and targeting computer technologies to your allies
  • +1 Research Event
[]Refuse Imperial assistance on Project Draken
  • Harms relations with NRR & NRI
  • Ends Project Draken decision tree

Martina is not present, as she is directly overseeing the prosecution of an organized crime ring in the Pieklo system. She has, however, sent you a memo requesting the expansion of the Griff’s Leap High Security Prison.


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that was ugly....

AND it was after rerolls. I'm trying to figure out how bad it was without them!
At least the space side of the Noir war should be quick so we can move our fleets to finally find those darn Black Steel mobile yards.


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screams in horror at the losses we took.
Joins in screaming.
that was ugly....

AND it was after rerolls. I'm trying to figure out how bad it was without them!
Do the same thing I am, try to forget just how bad the battle was over what it might have been without the reroll and plan for truly massive expansions to our entire fleet.
At least the space side of the Noir war should be quick so we can move our fleets to finally find those darn Black Steel mobile yards.
On one side I agree, But otoh it's definately better to expect the worst and hope for the best.


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[X] Approve Imperial assistance on Project Draken

At this point, we outclass our minions enough that size is how we counter them instead of overwhelming technical advantage. So it's worth sharing that advantage with them so that they can use our traditional methods to fight off lesser potential enemies and our shared enemies.

[X] Plan: Rebuild the Fleet?
-[X] Procurement [$ 291,018,791,079.08 ]
--[X] Lay Down Major Unit [Construction - $18,889,863,522.00 ] (95)
---[X] 200 Shimakaze [95]
---[X] 150 Spruance [95]
---[X] 7 Ensign [95]

---[X] 40 Aetna [95]
---[X] 20 Meteor [95]
---[X] 104 Mikasa [95]

--[X] Lay down Jumpship [Jumpship Construction - $18,640,054.20 ] (90)
---[X] 4 Windjammer [90]

--[X] Lay down Warship [Warship Construction - $19,557,019,400.00 ] (90)
---[X] 30 Dido*
---[X] 20 Guiseppe Garibaldi*
---[X] 4 Hosho*

---[X] 20 Prinz Eugen*
---[X] 20 Prinz Eugen*

---[X] 2 Dreadnought*
---[X] 2 Jean Bart*
---[X] 4 Dreadnought*
---[X] 4 Jean Bart*
---[X] 4 Dreadnought*
---[X] 4 Jean Bart*

---[X] 50 Fubuki [90]
---[X] 30 England [90]
---[X] 10 Lyr [90]
---[X] 10 Consultant [90]

---[X] 30 Dido [90]
---[X] 10 Guiseppe Garibaldi [90]
---[X] 10 De Grasse [90]
---[X] 7 Hosho [90]

---[X] 10 Prinz Eugen [90]
---[X] 10 Algerie [90]

---[X] 8 Dreadnought [90]

--[X] Purchase New Units [Minor Unit - $ 12,760,703,102.88 ] (90)
---[X] 0 Fighter Wing [auto]
---[X] 90 Interceptor Wing [90]
---[X] 30 Training Wing [90]

---[X] 17 Garrison Division [90]
---[X] 17 Militia Division [90]

--[X] Fortress Command [$ 239,792,565,000 ] (90)
---[X] Build Jump Point Defenses
----[X] Nuova Puglia [90]
----[X] Nuovo Abruzzo [90]
----[X] Nuova Lombardia [90]
----[X] Stenen Tuin [90]
---[X] Construct Silver Tower
---[X] Construct Oasis II
----[X] Nuova Puglia Zenith [90]
----[X] Nuovo Abruzzo Zenith [90]
----[X] Nuova Lombardia Zenith [90]
----[X] Stenen Tuin Zenith [90]
---[X] Construct Black Tower
----[X] Nuova Puglia [90]
----[X] Nuovo Abruzzo [90]
----[X] Nuova Lombardia [90]
----[X] Stenen Tuin [90]
----[X] Glorreich [90]

-[X] General [$ 2,318,629,597,500.00 ]
--[X] Focus Development on Core World New Capricorn [85]
--[X] Focus Development on Peripheral World Awha [85]
--[X] Massive Core Investment Bari [80]
--[X] Massive Peripheral Investment Nox [80]
--[X] Economic Investment New Pollux [90]
--[X] Construct Infrastructure and Industrial zones on Nubifragio [90]
--[X] Construct Infrastructure and Industrial zones on New Algiers [90]
--[X] Construct Infrastructure and Industrial zones on Landprettig [90]
--[X] Construct Infrastructure and Industrial zones on Nuova Triploi [90]
--[X] Construct Infrastructure and Industrial zones on Arvum [90]
(We need money to rebuild the fleet)

--[X] Establish Colony - Nuova Puglia [80]
--[X] Establish System Government - Nuova Puglia [80]
--[X] Establish Legal System - Nuova Puglia [80]
--[X] Establish Colony - Nuova Abruzzo [80]
--[X] Establish System Government - Nuova Abruzzo [80]
--[X] Establish Legal System - Nuova Abruzzo [80]
--[X] Establish Colony - Nuova Lombardia [80]
--[X] Establish System Government - Nuova Lombardia [80]
--[X] Establish Legal System - Nuova Lombardia [80]
--[X] Build Colony Core Station Complex Stenen Tuin [85]
(New colonies are needed to fund the rebuilding of our fleet)

--[X] Construct Escort Yard Neuthuringen [90]
--[X] Construct Escort Yard Nowe Mazowsze [90]
--[X] Construct Escort Yard Platzregensburg [90]
--[X] Construct Escort Yard Bellaterra [90]
--[X] Construct Escort Yard Landprettig [90]
--[X] Construct Escort Yard Nubifragio [90]
--[X] Construct Escort Yard Porto Milano [90]
--[X] Construct Escort Yard Shin Tokyo [90]
--[X] Construct Escort Yard New Algiers [90]
--[X] Construct Escort Yard New Clew Bay [90]
(We need to rebuild the smaller components of the fleet)

--[X] Expand Civil Service [80]
(We need more actions to build more shipyards to rebuild the fleet)
--[X] Upgrade All DHS Factories* [->6]
--[X] Upgrade All Endosteel Forges* [->6]
--[X] Upgrade All Ferro Aluminium Forges* [->6]
--[X] Upgrade All Ferro Fibrous Forges* [->6]
--[X] Build Orbital Factory (90)
---[X] Build New DHS Factory* [->6]
---[X] Build New Endosteel Factory* [->6]
---[X] Build New Ferro Alumnium Factory* [->6]
---[X] Build New Ferro Fibrous Factory* [->6]
--[X] Upgrade Refit & Repair Yard [105]
--[X] Expand Orbital Shipyards [105]
--[X] Construct Large Warship Yard Calliope* [90]
--[X] Construct Large Warship Yard Nowa Warzsawa* [90]
--[X] Construct Large Warship Yard Griffon* [90]

--[X] Construct Large Warship Yard New Pollux* [90]
--[X] Construct Large Warship Yard New Phoenix [->1]
--[X] Construct Large Warship Yard Edelsteine [->1]
--[X] Construct Large Warship Yard Nya Kopenhamn [->1]
--[X] Construct Large Warship Yard Kainga [->1]
(Expensive, but we need to build big boats to fight better)
--[X] Construct Small Warship Yard New Capricorn [90]
--[X] Construct Small Warship Yard Okusawa [90]
--[X] Construct Small Warship Yard New Port Royal [90]
--[X] Construct Small Warship Yard Nowy Wroclaw [90]
--[X] Construct Small Warship Yard New Castor [90]
--[X] Construct Small Warship Yard Pieklo [90]
--[X] Construct Small Warship Yard Bari [90]
(A lot of our fleet is made in these. And we need to rebuild the fleet)

-[X] DoME [$ 602,000,000,000.00 ]
--[X] Expand Shin Tōkyō Arcologies [->1]
(Good planet makes us good money to rebuild the fleet)
--[X] Terraforming Feurstem [->3]
--[X] Terraforming Grand View [->3]
--[X] Terraforming Pinball [->3]
--[X] Terraforming Porto Milano [->3]
(Optimal planets gets us more places to build shipyards to rebuild our fleet)
--[X] Construct Major Fleet Base - Arvum* [80]
--[X] Terraforming Awha* [85]
--[X] Terraforming Steingarten* [85]
--[X] Terraforming Olej* [85]
--[X] Terraforming Pustina* [->1]
--[X] Terraforming Bohren* [->1]
--[X] Terraforming Shin Tokyo* [->1]

--[X] Planetary Optimization (Peripheral) - Steingarten* [85]

-[X] Research [$ 750,450,000,000.00 ]
--[X] Specialist Battle Armor [->4]
--[X] Variant Autocannon Ammunition [->4]
(Cheap research, which saves us money we can spend to rebuild the fleet)
--[X] Mental Genetic Enhancement* [75]
--[X] Physical Genetic Enhancement* [75]
--[X] Advanced Terraforming Techniques Lvl 2 [->4]
(Get us terraforming done faster)
--[X] Advanced Arrow IV Artillery [->3]
--[X] Improved Orbital Drop Cocoons* [70]
--[X] Improved Germanium Refining Lvl 4* [->4]
--[X] Commercial R&D [-]
--[X] Industrial R&D [-]

-[X] Miscellaneous [$ 500,000,200,000.00 ]
--[X] Local Games [200,000]
--[X] Internetz [500,000,000,000.00]

$1.4b leftover, hopefully this plan will help us rebuild our fleet (did I say it enough times? It was kind of my primary focus while planning once my brain stopped shouting "Colonies!" at me until I added all of those actions)


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Jun 21, 2020
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[X] Approve Imperial assistance on Project Draken

[X] Plan: Rebuild the Fleet?
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