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  • Hello Jarow,

    Thanks for the info about ASF, but I do not see any tabs on rules page, main sheet, or any rules page .
    Or are you talking about the drop down menus at the bottom of the page?
    Your post looked like it came from a google document if it is there my dozen attempts to find it might be a sign of extremely early dementia.

    Main sheet - Rules is the first tab, Ground and Aerospace trackers are found further on (see bottom of Google Sheets). There's links on the rules page in K1/K2 to access the TRO Word document and Unit Tracker Sheet; you have to click the box for the link to appear. Alternatively, here's links to each:
    Unit Sheet

    The table itself I made myself with data from all three and memory
    PeaceMaker 03
    You Sir,
    .... are a BT geek and a gentleman, I am in good company.

    Thank you very much
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