Quest Deep Periphery Quest (Battletech Sandbox Empire Builder)


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[X] Sign the Military-Industrial Reform Act of 3041

A Military-Industrial Complex dominated by only a few mega-corporations will end up becoming overspecialized, and if that happens, as Ghost In The Shell Points out, you breed in weakness. It's slow death.

Also, It’s 3041 now?
Turn 111 - Run, Run, Run


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Turn 111 - Run, Run, Run

There still has been no observed activity from the Black Steel, which is a great relief as the Grand Fleet is still mostly in the repair docks and will be for several more months at the minimum. The Rouges Noir is continuing with their minor, and utterly futile, attacks on your expeditionary forces, not even managing to inflict any actual damage apart from a few ASFs here and there.

The Bourbons are not as successful as you are, however, and a Rouges Noir deep strike hits Nouveau Paris with a number of extremely dirty high yield nuclear warheads, causing enormous civilian casualties as most landed in residential regions of the planet. Sensor analysis shows that these are the same sorts of weapons that they are attempting to use on your new colonies in the region, and as a consequence additional parasite dropship forces are allocated there to tighten the defensive screens.

After all of the excitement of dealing with the Fourth Battle of Arvum and the completed encirclement of the Rouges Noir you had missed a rather better bit of news, the Nowy Śląsk system has been designated as your newest Core world. In addition, the economic malaise afflicting the Bāṛi system has conclusively ended, with positive economic growth resuming, even if population outflow is still continuing as many residents continue to emigrate to other systems within the Empire.

Needless to say, there is a great deal of celebration occurring in both systems, and your industrial base is growing quite nicely thanks to this.

Periphery Studies is still happily engaged in their latest theatrical obsession, with the Black Pumpernickels cheerfully advising them on more and more silly productions to put on. The thespian-specialized Amaris remnant group is still in your space, with their highly modified Texas-class ship undergoing some maintenance at the moment.

Project Draken has completed their work and has presented a new medium aerospace fighter for both the Rasalhaguian, Roman, and your own consideration. The final product is very similar to the testbeds that you’d previously seen, but more highly refined. The 8cm extended range lasers have been moved to the fuselage itself, flanking the cockpit, while 5cm extended range lasers have been placed on the wingtips for maximum coverage. Additional fuel and heat sink capacity significantly increases combat endurance over the original proposal.

This fighter is specifically designed to counter the Black Steel BlackWasp drones, with enough fuel capacity to simply outlast the drone designs, enough armor to tank any hits that get through, while being equally agile, with highly precise weaponry tied into an advanced targeting system. All in all, the Joint Aerospace Fighter - Gripen is a formidable and lethal design. There is some NIMBY involved, however, as there are elements of the design that reflect more on Rasalhaguian and Roman paradigms rather than your usual approaches.

JAS Gripen$51,047.10DHS, FA4828
  • Armored 2
  • AMS 1
  • Swift

[]Purchase the JAS Gripen
[]Decline to purchase the JAS Gripen

It is time for the annual budget meetings, which you still quite enjoy.

Amaunet starts things off as usual, lounging behind the podium. “Padrone, the Navy is battered, but we are still standing. Morale is… shaky, thanks to the heavy losses, but there is a grim determination to rebuild once more. Conversely Army morale is superb, following the excellent showing of the Regimental Combat Teams in combat against the Rouges Noir and the rescue of so many slaves. Our Aerospace Forces are about to begin an upgrade cycle this year, which General Romanov will go over with you. General Bradley?”

General Bradley comes up to the podium, looking rather satisfied. “We are a few years away from being ready to aggressively pursue expansion, Your Majesty. All of our factories and facilities are still finalizing the major upgrades needed to bring us fully up to date. The performance of the RCTs has been notable, with the new designs functioning exactly as intended and demonstrating that our new combat doctrines are workable. Two designs have stood out, the Marauder heavy trooper mech and the Stingray light tank. The former due to significant improvement in effectiveness over the old Soldatin design thanks to the more focused design paradigm. Without having to manage both direct and indirect fire weapons and the more balanced weapon layout plus the advanced electronics and fire control systems, the Marauder is a lethally efficient weapon system, just as expected. The little Stingray, meanwhile, is illustrative about how even the lightest weapons in the new paradigm are significantly more efficient and survivable than their predecessors. Rouges Noir forces have found it utterly impossible to handle those swift little monsters.”

She smiles then, a hungry, evil look. “Even our Rapid Response forces are, for a change, happy with us stick-in-the-muds, a few battalions have been deployed alongside the 1st Regimental Combat Team Division for evaluation, and have performed up to their usual standards. The Jackson hovertank has performed superbly.”

“We are still evaluating the production situation, our bottleneck will remain strategic materials for some time, but we are anticipating that we will need to start building additional conventional and mech factories in the near future. We have teams evaluating locations for the construction of new megafactory complexes in hopes of efficiently growing our production capacity.” She checks her notes. “As well as locations for more conventional vehicle factories which will be a much more immediate priority, as we are butting up against the maximum production levels for such forces.”

“Next year we will be starting full production again, so I feel it important to show the current strategic material numbers.” She smiles a bit at your expression then brings up the chart.

“As you can see, we can produce up to 8 conventional divisions a year, our production facilities can build up to 10.”

She then brings up the budget requests for the year.
  • Imperial Griffon Army
    • Production
      • Logistics Factories
        • Glorreich
        • Arvum
        • Kurortas
        • Pryyemnyy
        • Landprettig
    • Procurement
      • Garrison
        • 18 Garrison Divisions
        • 18 Militia Divisions

General Romanov is up next. “Your Majesty, as Amaunet stated, we are preparing for a major upgrade cycle to bring all of our equipment up to the latest standard. This will be the last year for full production, as our facilities will be needed for the upgrades starting next year. Just about every major design in service will be refreshed, and while some of our traditionalists will pout, whine, and complain, we are prepared to integrate outside sources of equipment if needed.” She smiles slightly at that.
  • Imperial Griffon Aerospace Force
    • Procurement
      • 30 Heavy Carrier Wing
      • 90 Strike Wing

“I get it.” Admiral Fisher says as he stumps up to the podium, talking before he even gets there. “Morale is in the shitter, Admiral von Falkenrick was immensely popular and capable, and his loss is a massive blow. This is not the sort of situation I can fix with some magic wand or fancy speech. All I can do is continue to give our boys and girls the best damn gear that I can manage.”

He glares about the room. “To that end, we have a new flight of the Fubuki-class destroyer ready to begin production this year. I am very unwilling to call them a new class, they are more a new subclass at most, and even that is a stretch. They have the latest armor materials, the latest escape pods, swap out the conventional anti-missile systems for the new podded laser type, and take that tonnage to improve crew accommodations. Not that I expect the usual suspects to quit their bellyaching.”

He brings up an image of the new design, which looks very similar to the existing Fubuki class ships, so much so that if it weren’t for the labels and arrows you’d not be able to tell that there were any differences at all.

Battle-subclass to the Fubuki-class Destroyer$94,645,360LFC, DHS64625922
  • Armored 29
  • Swift
  • AMS 160
  • Capital AMS 196
  • Command 1
  • Capital
    • 2/2705
    • 4/650

“Now, we’re going to need to continue to boost production numbers, every Black Steel attack has been heavier than the last, so we can’t take our feet off the gas in this regard or we’ll lose, rather than almost lose.” He glares some more. “I get it, it’s expensive, but it’s critical.”
  • Imperial Griffon Navy
    • Production
      • Orbital Shipyards
        • New Orbital Shipyards
          • Nuova Puglia
          • Nuovo Abruzzo
          • Nuova Lombardia
          • Stenen Tuin
        • Upgrade All Existing Orbital Shipyards
      • Refit & Repair Yards
        • Upgrade All Existing Refit & Repair Yards
      • Escort Yards
        • Nuova Puglia
        • Nuovo Abruzzo
        • Nuova Lombardia
        • Stenen Tuin
        • New Algiers
        • New Clew Bay
        • New Libertalia
        • Nuova Tripoli
        • Bellaterra
        • Landprettig
        • Neuthüringen
        • Nowe Mazowsze
        • Platzregensburg
      • Small Warship Yards
        • Pieklo
        • New Phoenix
        • Okusawa
        • New Castor
        • New Port Royal
        • Nowy Wrocław
        • Bari
        • Nowy Slask
      • Large Warship Yards
        • Griffon
        • Calliope
        • New Pollux
        • Nowy Warszawa
    • Production
      • Standard Dropships
        • 200 Shimakaze-class Parasite Destroyer
        • 150 Spruance-class Parasite Destroyer
        • 6 Trenton-class Transports
      • Large Dropships
        • 20 Meteor-class Parasite Missile Battleships
        • 40 Aetna-class Parasite Missile Battleships
        • 30 Saipan-class Parasite Carriers
        • 73 Mikasa-class Parasite Battleships
      • Jumpships
        • 8 Windjammer-class Jumpships
      • Escorts
        • 50 Battle-class Destroyers
        • 30 England-class Frigates
        • 100 Lyr-class Corvettes
      • Small Warships
        • 30 Dido-class Light Cruisers
        • 10 Guiseppe Garibaldi-class Light Cruisers
        • 10 De Grasse-class Light Cruisers
        • 5 Hosho-class Light Carriers
      • Medium Warships
        • 10 Prinz Eugen-class Heavy Cruisers
        • 10 Algérie-class Heavy Cruisers
      • Large Warships
        • 8 Dreadnought-class Battleships
    • Fortress Command
      • Jump Point Defenses
        • Nouvelle Bourgogne
        • Nyū Shikoku
        • Neubayern
        • Neuhessen
      • Oasis II
        • Nouvelle Bourgogne
        • Nyū Shikoku
        • Neubayern
        • Neuhessen
      • Black Tower
        • Nouvelle Bourgogne
        • Nyū Shikoku
        • Neubayern
        • Neuhessen
        • Awha

He sits back down, back stiff and his expression is one of beaten iron. You happen to know that he spent an entire day drunk in his office upon hearing of the death of Admiral von Falkenrick, the two had been extremely close, both professionally and personally as they’d been roommates in the Academy. You worry for him, a bit. Iron is strong. Iron is hard. Iron can break, can shatter…

Amaunet gives you a look, but doesn’t say anything, merely purring slightly and settling back a bit. Elizabeth Lee then takes the podium with a smile. “Your Majesty, we’re prepared for just about anything you can throw at us.”

She checks her notes. “First of all, we have four new systems suitable for colonization. This will lock down our encirclement of the Rouges Noir, and two of the systems have substantial mineral resources that should be exceptionally valuable to us.” She brings up a chart as she speaks. “Of course, as usual we’ll need to establish system governance and establish justice systems on them, but it should be worthwhile.”
  • Colonize + System Government/Justice System
    • Nouvelle Bourgogne
    • Nyū Shikoku
    • Neubayern
    • Neuhessen

“Next, DoME has five teams available. In order to best support the upcoming campaign against the Rouges Noir we’ll need a forward military base, plus there is terraforming and optimization to be done.” She grins a little. “For various reasons, we selected New Libertalia for the new military base in conjunction with Minister Amaunet. Otherwise…” She brings up the next chart.
  • DoME Projects
    • Planetary Optimization
      • Neuthuringen
    • Terraforming
      • Nubifragio
      • Arvum
    • Construct Major Army Base
      • New Libertalia
    • Construct Major Fleet Base
      • New Libertalia

“Last, but certainly not least, we have various economic initiatives for the year. Our teams are recommending the following.”
  • Economic Foci, Investment & Infrastructure
    • Economic Focus
      • Core
        • Edelsteine
      • Periphery
        • Skala
    • Major Investment
      • Core
        • Nowy Śląsk
      • Periphery
        • Nuova Tripoli
    • Investment
      • Bāṛi
    • Infrastructure & Industrial Zones
      • Arvum
      • Nuova Lombardia
      • Nuovo Abruzzo
      • Landprettig
      • Nuova Puglia

Dr Kamato is quietly waiting his turn, then takes the podium as Elizabeth sits down. “Your Majesty, foreign affairs are going quite well, we have solid commitments of support from all of our allies in regards to the Rouges Noir and Black Steel, and there are no serious foreign ministry issues to be handled at this time. I do believe, however, that it is traditional for my office to handle things like memorials and what not.” He pauses, eyes hooded. “Your Majesty, we have many options for a suitable memorial for the dead of the Fourth Battle of Arvum.”

He does something that Foreign Ministers have almost never had to do at these meetings, brings up a chart of options for you to pick from.

[]ActionDescriptionCost & Benefits
[]Commission a grand symphonyAdmiral von Falkenrick was noted for his love of classical music. Commission a grand symphony in his honor, with the first performances proceeds to go to charity.
  • $2,500,000,000.00
  • Prevents loss of Approval for 1 turn
[]Construct a grand monument for the dead and survivorsThousands died in the Fourth Battle of Arvum. Commemorate them all with a glorious monument to their valor in battle.
  • $2.500,000,000.00
  • Prevents loss of Approval Change for 1 turn
[]Host a massive memorial serviceThe funeral for Admiral von Falkenrick was grand, but what of all of the others? Do something for everybody else
  • $2,500,000,000.00
  • Prevents loss of Politics rating for 1 turn
QM NOTE - You may select more than one, benefits stack

For some reason Tiberius isn’t here, and you are a bit worried until Amaunet chuffs and uses her tail to point at the window. You look, and your face and your palm engage in a loving relationship. The delinquent has roped in your three youngest kids into one of his stunts, zip-lining past the conference room windows while holding signs reading ‘Expand Civil Service Please’. The laughter in the room is welcome, and to your relief even Admiral Fisher’s iron facade cracks and he manages to smile at that.

Grace is still laughing as she takes the podium. “I think we all needed that, Your Majesty. Trust Tiberius to realize that.” She shakes her head, then brings up a small chart. “We have three teams available, and here are our current recommendations.”
  • Research Options
    • Omnifighter
      • We are already seeing serious benefits for our conventional vehicles and Battlemechs, the same technology should be applicable to aerospace fighters.
    • Improved Pilot Exosuits Level 1
      • The current suits our pilots, both mech, conventional, and aerospace, wear are serviceable, but technology has improved and with that we can further improve these suits.
    • Anti-Rouges Noir Biochem Sniffer
      • While Kilburrough works on the antidotes, we can work on detection methods to protect both our soldiers in the field and the home front

General Messerschmidt is not present, as he is off handling the review of material recovered from the battlefields against the Rouges Noir. He sends you a brief memo that all is going well and within current budgets.

Martina is the final advisor. “Your Majesty, while it is not yet overcrowded, the high security prison in the Griff’s Leap system is becoming… full. An expansion would be highly welcome, before we find ourselves with a troublesome situation.”


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It may be a good idea to offer aid to the Bourbons on cleaning up the fallout radiation since we are pretty experienced with it at this point from the Dracs, Black Steel, and now Noir.


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[X] Purchase the JAS Gripen

I like the design, but I like the intent behind this project more, we should buy a run of these to show we support cross-engineering/research projects with our allies.

@Jarow, we got the budget for this?
[X] Commission a grand symphony
[X] Construct a grand monument for the dead and survivors
[X] Host a massive memorial service


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[X] Purchase the JAS Gripen
[X] Commission a grand symphony
[X] Construct a grand monument for the dead and survivors
[X] Host a massive memorial service


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[X] Purchase the JAS Gripen
[X] Commission a grand symphony
[X] Construct a grand monument for the dead and survivors
[X] Host a massive memorial service


Texan, Mandalorian, Alabamian.
[X] Purchase the JAS Gripen
[X] Commission a grand symphony
[X] Construct a grand monument for the dead and survivors
[X] Host a massive memorial service


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[X] Purchase the JAS Gripen
[X] Commission a grand symphony
[X] Construct a grand monument for the dead and survivors
[X] Host a massive memorial service

The Whispering Monk

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[X] Purchase the JAS Gripen
**I think we should initially purchase only a full wing or two as that will let us fully test it as well as develop doctrine with them in our fleet. We can always order more if we like it enough.

[X] Commission a grand symphony
**Absolutely! Should also schedule this for shortly after the memorial service to provide an uplifting event that refocuses the people.
[X] Construct a grand monument for the dead and survivors
[X] Host a massive memorial service

The Whispering Monk

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[X] Purchase the JAS Gripen
**I think we should initially purchase only a full wing or two as that will let us fully test it as well as develop doctrine with them in our fleet. We can always order more if we like it enough.

[X] Commission a grand symphony
**Absolutely! Should also schedule this for shortly after the memorial service to provide an uplifting event that refocuses the people.
[] Construct a grand monument for the dead and survivors
[X] Host a massive memorial service

EDIT: now that I think about it. The monument money should be raised, but should go towards production of additional warships so that we can kick BS ass soonest. The Admiral would like that.


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The Admiral got honored already with the state funeral and will get additionally honored by the grand symphony we're planning to have created.

The Monument however is for the soldiers / dependants that fought under his command. You absolutely need honor that commitment imo.
Yacovo - Scaly Movie


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In honor of the season, have a scary Omake

Omake: Dinos and B-Movies. It was eventually going to happen


Backdrop of a commercial Jumpship


A large shadow looms in a misty corridor


Chris Slamfist: “How is it here!? It was supposed to be over!”

Huge purple mass shifting underneath a catwalk

Betty Dupa: “Where do we go?! The Drive is days from recharging!”

A hulking green stomach passes by as Betty hides in a locker


Doctor Leibniz: “It has entered the Exoskeleton Armory!”


Large robotic arms drag a fat bearded man off-screen

Jenkins Fadder: “NONONONO AHHHH!”

Cut to a dark loading bay shaking with larg footsteps with a xylophone playing at 0.25x speed

“I love you / You love me / We're a happy family /“

Hapless survivors running through a corridor cuts to a shot of screaming girl

Panna Koniec: “GOOOO!”


Disclaimer: Nodinosuarswereharmedinthemakingofthisfilm.DropDeadStudiosfollowsallethicsboardsguidlinesforthetreatmentofanimalsandassertsallcopyrightstotheBarneyIPuntilsomeoneintheInnerSpherecancomeandstopus.
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we got the budget for this?
Haven't gotten far enough in the plan to say for certain, but actions are generally harder on us than the money, so I'll try to fit them in.

Edit: okay, actually putting them into the plan tells me I was greatly misreading how much they cost, should be no issue having all three.
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[X] Purchase the JAS Gripen

Seems there's no cost to buying some, so might as well get some and determine if they're worth using before giving u on the design. If nothing else, it'll be good for integration with our allies.

[X] Commission a grand symphony
[X] Construct a grand monument for the dead and survivors
[X] Host a massive memorial service

No action cost, just a bit of money. So worth doing.

[X] Plan: No idea what to call this plan
-[X] Procurement [$ 286,266,320,401.88 ]
--[X] Lay Down Major Unit [Construction - $7,238,515,500.00 ] (95)
---[X] 200 Shimakaze [95]
---[X] 150 Spruance [95]
---[X] 6 Trenton [95]

---[X] 40 Aetna [95]
---[X] 20 Meteor [95]
---[X] 73 Mikasa [95]
---[X] 30 Saipan [95]

--[X] Lay down Jumpship [Jumpship Construction - $37,280,108.40 ] (90)
---[X] 8 Windjammer [90]

--[X] Lay down Warship [Warship Construction - $23,497,301,600.00 ] (90)
---[X] 30 Dido*
---[X] 10 Guiseppe Garibaldi*
---[X] 10 De Grasse*
---[X] 7 Hosho*

---[X] 20 Prinz Eugen*
---[X] 10 Prinz Eugen*
---[X] 10 Algerie*

---[X] 4 Dreadnought*
---[X] 4 Jean Bart*
---[X] 4 Dreadnought*
---[X] 4 Jean Bart*
---[X] 8 Dreadnought*

---[X] 50 Battle [90]
---[X] 30 England [90]
---[X] 100 Lyr [90]

---[X] 30 Dido [90]
---[X] 10 Guiseppe Garibaldi [90]
---[X] 10 De Grasse [90]
---[X] 5 Hosho [90]

---[X] 10 Prinz Eugen [90]
---[X] 10 Algerie [90]

---[X] 8 Dreadnought [90]

--[X] Purchase New Units [Minor Unit - $ 15,700,658,193.48 ] (90)
---[X] 0 Fighter Wing [auto]
---[X] 90 Strike Wing [90]
---[X] 30 Heavy Carrier Wing [90]

---[X] 18 Garrison Division [90]
---[X] 18 Militia Division [90]

--[X] Fortress Command [$ 239,792,565,000 ] (90)
---[X] Build Jump Point Defenses
----[X] Nouvelle Bourgogne [90]
----[X] Nyu Shikoku [90]
----[X] Neubayern [90]
----[X] Neuhessen [90]
---[X] Construct Silver Tower
---[X] Construct Oasis II
----[X] Nouvelle Bourgogne Zenith [90]
----[X] Nyu Shikoku Zenith [90]
----[X] Neubayern Zenith [90]
----[X] Neuhessen Zenith [90]
---[X] Construct Black Tower
----[X] Nouvelle Bourgogne [90]
----[X] Nyu Shikoku [90]
----[X] Neubayern [90]
----[X] Neuhessen [90]
----[X] Awha [90]

-[X] General [$ 2,323,720,000,000.00 ]
--[X] Focus Development on Core World Edelsteine [85]
--[X] Focus Development on Peripheral World Skala [85]
--[X] Massive Core Investment Nowy Slask [80]
--[X] Massive Peripheral Investment Nuova Tripoli [80]
--[X] Economic Investment Bari [90]
--[X] Construct Infrastructure and Industrial zones on Nuova Lombardia [90]
--[X] Construct Infrastructure and Industrial zones on Arvum [90]
--[X] Construct Infrastructure and Industrial zones on Nuovo Abruzzo [90]
--[X] Construct Infrastructure and Industrial zones on Landprettig [90]
--[X] Construct Infrastructure and Industrial zones on Landprettig [90]
(Money is important)

--[X] Establish Colony - Nouvelle Bourgogne [80]
--[X] Establish System Government - Nouvelle Bourgogne [80]
--[X] Establish Legal System - Nouvelle Bourgogne [80]
--[X] Establish Colony - Nyū Shikoku [80]
--[X] Establish System Government - Nyū Shikoku [80]
--[X] Establish Legal System - Nyū Shikoku [80]
--[X] Establish Colony - Neubayern [80]
--[X] Establish System Government - Neubayern [80]
--[X] Establish Legal System - Neubayern [80]
--[X] Establish Colony - Neuhessen [80]
--[X] Establish System Government - Neuhessen [80]

--[X] Establish Legal System - Neuhessen [80]
--[X] Expand High Security Prison - Griff's Leap [90]
(Don't want prison problems. I don't want something like the IGMP event to happen for not having a big enough secret asteroid prison)
--[X] Expand Civil Service [80]
(We need more actions)
--[X] Construct Escort Yard Bellaterra [90]
--[X] Construct Escort Yard Landprettig [90]
--[X] Construct Escort Yard Nubifragio [90]
--[X] Construct Escort Yard Porto Milano [90]
--[X] Construct Escort Yard Shin Tokyo [90]
--[X] Construct Escort Yard New Algiers [90]
--[X] Construct Escort Yard New Clew Bay [90]
(We need baby warships and transports, but other stuff is more important)

--[X] Upgrade All DHS Factories* [->5]
--[X] Upgrade All Endosteel Forges* [->5]
--[X] Upgrade All Ferro Aluminium Forges* [->5]
--[X] Upgrade All Ferro Fibrous Forges* [->5]
--[X] Build Orbital Factory (90)
---[X] Build New DHS Factory* [->5]
---[X] Build New Endosteel Factory* [->5]
---[X] Build New Ferro Alumnium Factory* [->5]
---[X] Build New Ferro Fibrous Factory* [->5]
--[X] Upgrade Refit & Repair Yard [105]
--[X] Expand Orbital Shipyards [105]
--[X] Construct Large Warship Yard Calliope [->1]
--[X] Construct Large Warship Yard Nowa Warzsawa [->1]
--[X] Construct Large Warship Yard Griffon [->1]
--[X] Construct Large Warship Yard New Pollux [->1]
(Big warships are essential)

--[X] Construct Large Warship Yard New Phoenix* [90]
--[X] Construct Large Warship Yard Edelsteine* [90]
--[X] Construct Large Warship Yard Nya Kopenhamn* [90]
--[X] Construct Large Warship Yard Kainga* [90]
--[X] Construct Small Warship Yard New Capricorn [90]
--[X] Construct Small Warship Yard Okusawa [90]
--[X] Construct Small Warship Yard New Port Royal [90]
--[X] Construct Small Warship Yard Nowy Wroclaw [90]
--[X] Construct Small Warship Yard New Castor [90]
--[X] Construct Small Warship Yard Pieklo [90]
--[X] Construct Small Warship Yard Bari [90]
--[X] Construct Small Warship Yard Nowy Slask [90]
(Small warships are needed)

-[X] DoME [$ 832,000,000,000.00 ]
--[X] Expand Shin Tōkyō Arcologies* [90]
--[X] Terraforming Feurstem* [->2]
--[X] Terraforming Grand View* [->2]
--[X] Terraforming Pinball* [->2]
--[X] Terraforming Porto Milano* [->2]
--[X] Construct Major Army Base - New Libertalia [->2]
--[X] Construct Major Fleet Base - New Libertalia [->4]
(A place to maintain our military at that border)
--[X] Terraforming Nubifragio [->3]
--[X] Terraforming Arvum [->3]
(Better planets are useful to have)
--[X] Terraforming Pustina* [85]
--[X] Terraforming Bohren* [85]
--[X] Terraforming Shin Tokyo* [85]

--[X] Planetary Optimization (Peripheral) - Neuthuringen [->1]

-[X] Research [$ 1,860,350,000,000.00 ]
--[X] Specialist Battle Armor* [->3]
--[X] Variant Autocannon Ammunition* [->3]
--[X] Omnifighter [->2]
(Even if we don't need to switch armament, enhanced repair speed is a benefit in and of itself)
--[X] Improved Pilot Exosuits Level 1 [->4]
(We lose a lot of ASFs, we don't want to lose their pilots too)
--[X] Advanced Terraforming Techniques Lvl 2* [->3]
--[X] Advanced Arrow IV Artillery* [->2]
--[X] Anti-Rouges Noir Biochem Sniffers [->1]
(Not getting hit by bioweapons is very important to me)
--[X] Improved Germanium Refining Lvl 4* [->3]
--[X] Commercial R&D [-]
--[X] Industrial R&D [-]

-[X] Miscellaneous [$ 7,500,000,000 ]
--[X] 4th Arvum Remembrance [7,500,000,000]

$1.2t leftover


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[X] Purchase the JAS Gripen
[X] Commission a grand symphony
[X] Construct a grand monument for the dead and survivors
[X] Host a massive memorial service

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