Russian Invasion of Ukraine 2022

Russia is intending to flout the UN and the international community and build nuclear weapons in space regardless. This is fucking psychotic.
Translation - the US is nearly ready to place weapons in space, so accuses Russia of doing that, to get an excuse to exit the treaty.
Where I have seen that?
Russia has started an offensive at Kharkiv Oblast. The Ukrainians are saying they repelled the first attacks. Let's see how it goes.
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Map of alleged Russian advanced in Kharkiv. Small and the front reportedly stabilized. Most curious of all is the apparent lack of mines and fortifications in the area.

Two Ukrainian Helicopters Struck by Russian Tactical Missile strike.

A 10th Anniversary Celebration of the DPR was rudely interrupted by a Ukrainian HIMARS strike.

Something surprising from the frontlines:

(Archived version here.)

But yeah, seems the crude solutions are the best and most straightforward sometimes. At the very least, you can bet the cutting-edge stuff will either have too many "moving parts" that overcomplicate what should be a simple task… or will become obsolete practically the next day as the arms race rages on. In which case, back to "ol' reliable" kit we go — which they'll definitely have to keep within arm's reach in a worst-case scenario.
Seems like Ukraine political corruption didn't magically disappear on February 24, 2022 and the millions of dollars given to Kharkhiv's corruptocrats to build defenses instead went to the laundromat, hence why the Russians just walked over the border.

Of course on the flipside the Kremlin squandered an opportunity to possibly REALLY change the course of the war from slowly taking territory in an enormously costly manner to instead being in field artillery range of Kharkhiv and thus forcing some major issues.
ATACMS Missile Strike on Belbak Airbase in Russian Occupied Crimea apparently caused significant ongoing fires in the area of one of its runways.

Looks like a S-400 Radar is amongst the victims of this latest ATACMS strike on the Belbak Airbase in Crimea.

There's other reports of destroyed jets and the like but no confirmation beyond words of hope or cope yet.

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