Russian Invasion of Ukraine 2022

From these photos it appears Russian soldiers in Bucha went house-to-house, rounded up every able bodied male, and executed them by the front door.

Ukrainian official sources now claiming that all able-bodied men from the ages of 18-60 were systematically murdered by Russian troops before they retreated.

This is outright genocide.

Hmmm, it certainly seems that way. At the very least it's mass murder. I'd like to see some more independent verification. It wouldn't surprise me that soldiers might resort to this, but it's a hefty charge. You know, this is the first time I think I've seen anyone on twitter give two shits about dead men. No doubt we'll all be given a lecture how the the surviving women had it worse.


Hold on. Why bother trying their hands if they're executing them right outside their front door?
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Furthermore the intent behind the arguing of veracity of sources is to prevent this thread from being mucked up with people arguing endlessly about it here when they can do it in the Donb Ass (or other threads) but if people are going to post their "debunking" via Tweets here it'd only be fair for the whole discussion to remain here or be moved elsewhere (its own thread or the Donb Ass one).

Donb Ass thread so far seems pretty effective for archiving various back-and-forth conversations in their entirety, yes. (y)
Donb Ass thread so far seems pretty effective for archiving various back-and-forth conversations in their entirety, yes. (y)

Okay sounds good. We'll prune these 'debunking' discussions into the Donb Ass thread.

Gimme a few minutes.


Posts Moved. We'll see how effective it is but all of the arguments/discussion about veracity of sources (like the audit tweets we've had of Oryx for example) will be pruned to the Donb Ass thread as practical under the previously established guideline for this thread that all arguments and discussions about veracity of sources should be shunted off to the other thread as before.

Obviously there's hazy gray areas to be had but we've had other issues (not related to popular OSINT nerds previously but for example MSM stories on war crimes and other actions or whatever) similar to this and we'll just keep playing it by ear and try and keep the focus in THIS thread on the Events of the War as they're being reported.
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Preliminary reports that America might be offering some of its M1A1 Abrams tanks in storage as replacements for Soviet tanks that are donated by friendly powers to the Ukraine, such as the T-72's of Poland.

Reportedly a collage of Russian badges collected from the uniforms of presumably dead Naval Infantrymen?

Ukrainian forces apparently nabbed another cool air defense radar from the Russians during their smooth redeployment.

Former Ukrainian MP Tetyana Chornovol apparently got a second tank kill with the Ukrainian-made Stugna ATGM which is capable of remote control operation!

She was recently profiled here on a Reuters News Video on Youtube.

Is this even real lol? Dead Chechens getting gift bags that look like they come out of the local Food Bank?

Nationalist Russians: "We and Ukrainians are one people!"

Also nationalist Russians: "We gotta murder all of those UkroNazis!" :(

I mean, given Russian history, liquidating opponents is equal treatment between Russians and Ukrainians. Killing the bad Slav for the good of the Slavic brotherhood overall has never really been a line culturally. Hell, its not in the US either! We have plenty of people now calling for the blood of evil Confederate decedents!

Traitors are after all worse than enemies, or something like that is how the phrase goes.
Another first captured by the Ukrainians. A certain kind of Russian electronic warfare vehicle.

Pictures of weapons reportedly captured by the Ukrainian FreiKorps battalion near Kharkov. Includes a fair number of anti-armor weapons.

A third Bayraktar drone confirmed shot down. This one is by Kherson in Southern Ukraine.

Video of Chechen soldiers actually in danger as they attempt a rescue of a wounded comrade.

Russian police manage to stop another violent protest in Moscow.


Well I guess these people should ensure they aren't captured then.

The War in Ukraine

West Kyiv Front has now disbanded, the last of the Rear Guard swam back to Belarus. A week long withdrawal operation is now completed with many of these units already at Square Z operations zone. O group has taken down their checkpoints around Konotop and the Mayor is simply waiting for UkA to arrive. The O group will still maintain a presence near Okhtyrka for the second phase but the bulk will be reassigned.

If none of this makes sense to you, read Russian and Soviet Doctrine.

So much for sanctions. Petrodollar is dead.

Terminals blown. Which means a Tanker Truck has to load in Moldova or Romania and drive to the Kherson Front to supply UkA forces there. An operation that will consume more fuel than can be delivered.

Well the Russian's choice is made for them, to Barvinkove, as supply trucks are not moving toward Slovyansk till the water recedes.



Ah fuck it, I'm too tired right now.
Aaand, everyone is buying Ghost of Kiev News's latest story, again.

Put two and two together, what was left of the draft-age male population probably fled when they heard that the Ukrainians were coming, because they don't want to be drafted.
maybe that is just in line with the high draft dodging rates, especially after these people saw through the Ukrainian propaganda.
They have literal pictures...

The great (tractor) towing begins again...

You can use the above to make rain ponds in your property (or nearby neighbors) for the livestock.

Also importantly relevant...

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Daily Fail, so grain of salt, but the same thing happened in WWII to German Troops occupying cities so I can believe it.

Russian jet shot down in the Izyum area, pilot reportedly captured.

If it is an Su-35S that was shot down, it'll be that planes first combat loss apparently. The plane was only properly introduced in 2014.

And a damaged Russian BM-21 MLRS was captured, in spite of its composite bio-armor.

Michael Kofman, Russian Studies Director, offered some of his analysis of the current situation of the War.

Main takeaways are that he would characterize the Russian withdrawal from Kyiv a retreat, thought not a rout. He believes the original plan was to Encircle and Besiege Kyiv and to capture Odessa as well but that the Russians failed to do so. Also encirciling the Donbass will be hard since there was basically weeks of fighting just to get to Izyum and even to get through Izyum and the redeployment means that both sides can now redeploy forces to other areas.

The Baltic Countries already stated they are cutting off Russian gas shipments so I guess this is the next step in escalation after seeing the media of alleged war crimes going on in the towns north of Kyiv.

There was another Italian or Greek dude that went to Donbass a while ago. Some Red Brigade Communist Wannabe who ditched his family and fled to the Donbass because he was wanted for assaulting a police officer or something.

I wonder if...

Google Translate said:
The fact was reported in the evening by the Northeast Red Star Collective, with a post on their Facebook Profile, then it was confirmed by Massimo Pin, Edy's close friend, who had the task of informing the family. Ongaro, a life not without problems, was in the Donbass since 2015, after leaving Italy in a hurry, formally as a wanted man.

He had been involved in a fight in a bar in Portogruaro (Venice), where he hit the operator with a kick in the abdomen, eventually throwing himself at a carabiniere.

Correction, he got in a fight with the bartender and THEN a police officer.

With all of these recent events I guess Zelensky hasn't cornered the market on arming criminals.