Russian Invasion of Ukraine 2022

At this point i'm having hard doubts on any "victories" Ukraine is claiming
The Ukrainians aren't a bad army all in all, the issue is their best troops are deployed to the east facing the rebels. The main Russian attacks are from North and South plus a drive on the capital, they haven't engaged the better Ukrainian forces yet
It seems they want to try and cut off these units in a pincer by attacking from north and south and then let lack of supplies and attrition do the hard work, with the Kyiv push to decapitate or scatter Ukrainian leadership.
The Russians have had some success and some set backs, they seem to have underestimated their opponents, but its still early. Ukraine doesn't have a lot of supplies after 'someone' blew up their main munitions depot a few years back. It is likely Ukraine will run out of bullets before it runs out of fucks. Then its insurgency time.
I will admit that I didn't expect Putin to go in this hard, but I find it very difficult to blame the Russians for going for a complete undoing of the 2014 CIA backed coup. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
I'm in the same boat; and I'm also really hoping America and Europe doesn't use this as an excuse to drag us into a war we have no business fighting, in order to try and silence criticism of them at home.
It's not about victory at this point, Zalinsky is just trying to preserve what he can
That seems more like explaining the reason why there isn't a ceasefire - Russia can't be trusted, and in the unlikely scenario it agrees to something, it will be with unreasonable demands meant to make future fighting easier for them.
So looking throug the Oryx thing documenting vehicle losses... some of these pics taken throughout the day.

Bad day for that Russian driver. Actually looks like one of the bullets went through the cab and holed the excavator shovel! 😬


Ukrainian S300 Launcher burning...


Russian Ka-52 Alligator Attack Helicopter going for a swim


Ukrainian Radar Station also burning.