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Aug 11, 2019
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Even then, it makes no sense it need a "update" or some shit.

Trully Cyberpunk hell.
If you're connecting it to your network, having updates for things like security or bug fixes makes lots of sense.

That being said, these are high end fancy pellet fed smokers, loaded with features to attract people with money to waste.

And realistically, I doubt they rolled out an update on Thanksgiving. These people probably just haven't used the thing since last Thanksgiving, so it had some updates from throughout the year to do.

That said, I'd never buy one of those things. I use a cheap electric smoker to keep temp, and a $11 pellet tube because it makes smoke better than the smoker itself.


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Jul 15, 2020
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The main issue is finding a good electric smoker that does not have such features.
Mine does, not because I wanted it. But because all the cheap yet decently good models had one at the time of purchase.

It is worth noting that reviews said it is atrociously buggy, and I can confirm it is. I wish mine got updates so it actually worked. as it is I use it exclusively in person because the remote controller is trash and does not work properly.
shrug. at least it is a good smoker
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