"Woke" Franchises

Does not invalidate my point in the slightest.
Totally does. If it were just riding the MCU's coattails, it would be just another Ultron or CW. Instead it's one of their blockbusters and its sequel nearly made a full billion despite the death of the titular BP and MCU popularity being in decline.

Because Chinese culture and Western ones are of course identical
Far as I know, it also made buckets of cash in the US.

Even if that was true, the tide turns ever more in our favor each day as the glamor of Modernity wears ever thinner.
LOL. LMAO even. We are losing harder and harder every day. Even your golden calf winning in 2024 won't change that. Socialism has taken over every institution, Intersectionality became mainstream a decade ago, even the right wingers are calling for state control of the economy, and Christianity is in steep decline.

In modern times, kids grow up watching cartoons with lesbian heroines fighting "fascists", bigots, Christians, and evil parental figures who refuse to recognize their "real identity". Then they watch movies where fratbros get beaten up by Strong Female Characters. Then they watch an adaptation, historical work, or sequel that has been "reimagined for modern audiences". Then they go to college and learn about how evil their entire culture, race, and nation are. Then they find work in companies that hold seminars on all kinds of -isms and -phobias. Then they read media talk about how it's critical to destroy capitalism and give the state total control over our lives For The Greater Good.

We have very much lost the Culture War, decades ago. Lost it badly, lost it miserably, and lost it hopelessly. Denying that out of petulant pride* just means we will be ground to powder before we can reorganize and make a comeback.

*because radicals cannot accept the idea that they're fringe radicals
There's a reason entertainment companies keep giving those activists the go-ahead. This trend is genuinely very popular among the modern audiences.
No they don't. They keep doing it because BlackRock DEI/ESG scores encourage it because that is what BlackRock wants, thus they say to both the companies and the investors that a company with a higher score is a good investment. Most of it isn't actually making a profit in reality, but is in fact an ever increasing bubble certain industries are already starting to feel like Disney.

Meanwhile, sure some of it did well like Black Panther, but hardly any of it is doing well now. As Disney keeps pumping out garbage and getting garbage returns as well. Just because something that is woke or perceived to be woke does well every once in a while you have like nine other times it does garbage, if only because they keep churning it out in mediocre at best, horrible at worst, ways.
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And I can't help but be really satisfied about that. The dead silence when The Marvels flopped was worth watching. They weren't too invested into that, but still. The success of Hogwarts Legacy was a lot more satisfying in comparison.

Eh. From what I heard Hogwarts legacy wasn’t exactly what you’d call non-woke either. But I never played the game or really looked into such claims, so feel free to take my hearsay with a grain of salt.
Hogwarts Legacy ended up having some extra pronouns iirc, the male body woman voice thing, and a mtf trans character who I'm not actually sure how prominent the knowledge that they're mtf trans is in game.

I can't verify cause I don't own. Not without going back and watching let's play stuff.

But for pretty much everything else it's pretty lowkey other than having a surprisingly and incredibly racially diverse staff and cast, most of which can be explained because of the time period and the British Empire being an Empire. But the rainbow stuff is just a blip afaik.

It's more woke than HBS Battletech turned out to be, but it's less woke than it could have been.