Predictions for Tuesday night.....
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Predictions for next Tuesday evening:
MS Governor: Safe GOP Hold with Reeves winning reelection very easily by double digits.

KY Governor: DEM Hold with Beshear narrowly holding on. Will be shocked if Cameron wins.

MS House of Representatives: GOP Hold
MS State Senate: GOP Hold

VA House of Delegates: GOP Hold
VA State Senate: GOP Pick-Up

NJ State Assembly: DEM Hold
NJ State Senate: DEM Hold

Houston Mayor: Runoff between Whitmire (D) vs SJL (D)

Houston City Controller: Runoff between Hollins (D) vs Sanchez (R)
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2023 Gubernatorial Election Results in MS & KY
MS Governor:
MS Governor Tate Reeves (R-incumbent): 408,685 (51.6%): Declared Winner
MS Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley (D): 372,389 (47%)
GOP Hold

KY Governor:
KY Governor Andy Beshear (D-incumbent): 694,167 (52.5%): Declared Winner
KY State Attorney General Daniel Cameron (R): 627,086 (47.4%)
DEM Hold

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