Predictions for Tuesday night.....


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Predictions for next Tuesday evening:
MS Governor: Safe GOP Hold with Reeves winning reelection very easily by double digits.

KY Governor: DEM Hold with Beshear narrowly holding on. Will be shocked if Cameron wins.

MS House of Representatives: GOP Hold
MS State Senate: GOP Hold

VA House of Delegates: GOP Hold
VA State Senate: GOP Pick-Up

NJ State Assembly: DEM Hold
NJ State Senate: DEM Hold

Houston Mayor: Runoff between Whitmire (D) vs SJL (D)

Houston City Controller: Runoff between Hollins (D) vs Sanchez (R)
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Yup, though it was all State Constitutional Amendments so I tried hard to keep the state from empowering itself through 'funding' gimmicks.
Looks like the VA Dems will keep control of the VA State Senate.

VA House of Delegates too close to call. I think GOP holds onto the lower chamber.
2023 Gubernatorial Election Results in MS & KY


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MS Governor:
MS Governor Tate Reeves (R-incumbent): 408,685 (51.6%): Declared Winner
MS Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley (D): 372,389 (47%)
GOP Hold

KY Governor:
KY Governor Andy Beshear (D-incumbent): 694,167 (52.5%): Declared Winner
KY State Attorney General Daniel Cameron (R): 627,086 (47.4%)
DEM Hold

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