St Fauci's Blessed Vaccination

I will respectfully break character at this point and give a strictly personal nessage by saying that this wasnt intentionally meant in that type of capacity as inconveniencing others wasnt the forefront of anybody on staffs intentions.

That being said if we were a larger board or if half of our members bothered to actually look beyond their tunnel vision and look out for community events for a change that would be nice.

Bottom line it would be nice if some people actually invested into building community and exploring beyond their regular hang outside on the forum.

I ask you and everyone else complaining this.

"If this participation wasnt made mandatory would you have even participated in this thread or even at least given a like?"

It feels like we are running three different forums at once rather than just one as TS and to any reading this I and the staff would be appreciative if everyone checked out community events and other sub-forums and commented a little even if to just shoot the bird in a respectful manner.

If anybody wishes to continue this line or discussion outside the context of the joke TS affairs is here.

You think that with your blind idolization to a weak pathetic sod like Fauci will save you from the inevitable?

Is your "trust" in such a mere speck of a pathetic mammal and his "cure" meant to purge you of your sins?

There is only one man worthy of such admiration. Only ONE man worthy of such devotion. That man, is our Immortal Leader....KANE!


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