St Fauci's Blessed Vaccination

The helmet of Mars protects me as a mask as well.
For I am fine and will not suffer from the COVID
Is triple masking sufficient protection. I hope it is. I have no idea how people are comfortable wearing only the one
Praise be to St. fauci. Hallowed be his name. i can't believe some people haven't got their fourth booster yet. silly science deniers.

Need to get posting privilege back.

Hail St Fauci.

Or is that Heil Trump?

Never cared enough about it.
Remember, definitely don't wear the UnMask. It might look just like a regular face mask, but it's clearly designed by nazi antivaxxers in order to not impede breathing or fog up glasses. It's definitely unrecommended for places where mask mandates are enforced like airplanes or the like. Imagine how bad it would be if you can't tell if someone is fully masked? It would be absolutely horrible!

Worse, they even make ones that look like N95 ones! Definitely don't wear this if your work requires it, that would be bad! I mean, wouldn't it be awful if people don't follow the SCIENCE blindly like sheep? Imagine if people made decisions for themselves! What a scary world that would be.

So a reminder, definitely don't watch this video:


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