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Just a time-traveling robot stranded on Earth.


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Isn't that guy ancient history? He got kicked out of office over a decade ago, and the only reason people remember his face is that he was jew-bros with John Stewart.

It's not ancient history since his laptop is the reason that Hillary went down in 2016. Well, one of the reasons. That's what caused Comey to reopen his investigation into Hillary very, very late in the game.

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Just how bad are the universities in the USA? Or is the Ohio state an outlier on national scale?
This is really common but it's probably not a matter of them needing it. There's been a large-scale scheme of transferring military assets to various police forces in order to get rid of them so that the military could "need" new hardware and give contracts to the Industrial Military Complex. Further, the hardware has to actually be used under the rules so you wind up with police driving diet tanks around periodically just so they can check a box that the tank was used.

It's called the 1033 program and gained some notoriety after the Ferguson Riots when police rolled in to crush the rioters in MRAPs, but never really died down.

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