He's gonna die in the middle of a session.
Don't bet on it. He's ancient but he'll be younger at the end of his next term than Chuck Grassley is now. And I'm not aware of specific reasons other than sheer age to think Sanders will kick the bucket between now and then.

As for whether the next term will be his last ... yeah, I think I'd bet on that. Though again we have Grassley for a counterexample.
Honestly, having just looked it up on a curiosity...The weird/frightening thing is that Bernie Sanders has been in government for ten years less than Joe Biden, and has more recent private-sector experience, both despite being a year older.

Biden started (elected) government work in 1970 as a city councilor (previously being a public defender for a few years and working in a law firm after law school) and became a senator in '73.
Sanders started (elected) government work in 1981 as a mayor (after a few failed runs for offices and work as a "carpenter, filmmaker, and writer").
Sanders is likely to die in office, but he's got so much maple syrup in his system it acts as a preservative, so I expect he might hit 100 or even the old record.
2024 MD United States Senator Developments: Hogan launching the Democrats for Hogan
WBAL-TV Baltimore reporting on former MD Governor Larry Hogan (R)'s campaign launching the Democrats for Hogan effort. I should note that no GOPer has won a US Senate seat in the Old Line State since then-United States Senator Charles Mathias (R-MD) won reelection to 3rd term in 1980.
Hogan courts Democratic voters in aggressive Senate campaign
Honest question.
Why dint we look at politicans in two separate ways
Foreign and domestic policy? Why focus on one or the ither and not weight them both...
2026 TX United States Senator: Cornyn plans on seeking 5th term

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