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  1. Sergeant Foley

    Sports! 🏌️‍♀️Golf Megathread!
    Threadmarks: Golf Time Folks!

    Evening folks. Here's a discussion Megathread on the sport of Golf!
  2. 49ersfootball

    EU 🇫🇷 French Republic Discussion Megathread
    Threadmarks: Viva La France!

    Good Morning Sietch family. Here's a discussion megathread on the French Republic ranging from politics, entertainment, foreign policy & other key hot-button issues. Enjoy!
  3. 49ersfootball

    United States 2024: United States Senate Dicussion Thread
    Threadmarks: United States Senate Megathread

    Howdy from the Alamo City Sietch family. Here's a discussion thread on the 2022 Midterm elections of the United States Senate. Enjoy!