Another compilation from polish press.

1.Jews keep attacking polish nuns in Jerusalem,police di notching,media also say notching about this.Except lying that somebody was punished.
Here,i found only this:

2.Natanjahu not only ignored warnings about coming attack,but fired dude who warned him.

3.Izrael keep accusing us of german crimes - so,it is really strange,that polish goverment do not say anything about jewish crimes now.

4.West Bank is ruled by palestinians - but jews keeep stealing their lands.They build city Maale Adummim for illegal jewish settlers,with european jews looking like european and local palestinians working there who look like semites.

Now,jewish extremist gave orders to Izrael military there,and,as a result,from beginning of war in Gaza jews murdered about 500 palestinians in WB.

But,there is some hope - jews do not want to work,so jewish owners pay bribes to jewish military,so they let palestinian workers go.

5.Izrael ambassador,Liwne,lied again,that there were gas chambers in Poland.Notching happened,of course.
Well,polish jew,Jaroslaw Papis-RRozenbaum,commented that thanks to him even jews could become antisemites.
To be honest,with such ambassador we arleady should have pogroms.
But - dude is soviet jew,and his father served in soviet army after betraing Poland.

6.Izrael from 1979 teach children about Holocaust.Results - 82% of jews there belive,that we are responsible for german crimes.
54 % that we are as responsible as germans,rest that less.

7.Why ? well,Izrael take german money - but,in retaliation,replaced germans with "national socialists" -which happened 12.5.1952.Only Ester Raziel -Novar demanded,that germans should be named,but she was ignored.

8.As a result of Ozrael atrocities,Norway,Ireland and Spain recognized Palestine as state.It seems,tat they start loosing status of sacred cows,
And demans Palestine in 1967 borders.I think,that everybody should support them.

9.Jewish terrorists,who take over Palestine after WW2,was trained in Poland before 1939,one of places was Andrychów.
Other were deserters from polish II Corp,who was not seek by polish military.

10.Nikki Halley,after loosing fight with Trump,go to Izrael and supported killing palestinians there.Wonder why? she would never be president.

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