1. Sergeant Foley

    Threadmarks: New Mega-Discussion Thread!

    Good Afternoon Sietch-ista's. Here's a very new mega-discussion thread on the beautiful Portuguese Republic. Politics, Economics, Sports, Entertainment and the like: Have fun at this Mega-Discussion Thread and Enjoy!
  2. 49ersfootball

    EU 🇫🇷 French Republic Discussion Megathread
    Threadmarks: Viva La France!

    Good Morning Sietch family. Here's a discussion megathread on the French Republic ranging from politics, entertainment, foreign policy & other key hot-button issues. Enjoy!
  3. 49ersfootball

    The Americas 🇧🇷 Federative Republic of Brazil Discussion Megathread

    Good afternoon Sietch family. Here's a discussion megathread on the Federative Republic of Brazil. Enjoy!
  4. 49ersfootball

    Television Dark side of Ellen Pompeo

    Good Morning Sietch family. It seems that Ellen Pompeo of ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" has a dark side of behind the scenes when the cameras are off: According to Yahoo.com., Pompeo got into an ugly shouting match with Denzel Washington, who was guest directing an episode a few years back & from what...
  5. 49ersfootball

    Israel 🇮🇱 State of Israel Thread
    Threadmarks: Making Israel GREAT AGAIN!

    Good afternoon Sietch family. Looks like the Netanyahu era after 12 years has ended. However, he said he plans on coming back to the Prime Ministership down the road. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benjamin_Netanyahu This is a thread of Israel & discussion. Enjoy!