Music The Music Recommendation Thread: Post Your Jazzy Tunes.


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The legends of course need no introduction. but here we go Smokey Mike and the God King

of course as with all great bands there are copy cats. Tim Pool made a pretty good cover. bit more poppy and with some synth though.

hopefully it works out and everyone moves on from Ian mercilessly beating that child. it was just one kid move on already folks. /s

Ian has most likely never beat a child this is a joke.


The Midgard Wyrm

Only My Railgun Live, and another cover of the same song so amazing (she's also a vTuber now) that it sounds like it'd be part of the official anime soundtrack.

Machiko doing a collab duet for one of her most famous songs, Tomorrow (used as Konosuba II's opening theme).

This was made back all the way in 1993 for id Software; mailed in and everything. DooM really was a revolutionary phenomenon!
Finally, an old classic.

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