Music The Music Recommendation Thread: Post Your Jazzy Tunes.


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Something I've been a lot into lately is Synthwave. Stuff by Perturbator, Mega Drive, Lost Years, VHS Glitch, Dance with the Dead, etc.

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Speak of synthetic music, why not have some music from an old game I wish I had played. Maybe, I should actually track it down...



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Basically anything by Thomas Bergersen, whether under his solo label or collaborative under Two Steps From Hell. I mean, not many people these days are actually composing honest to goodness symphonies these days, but he has two!

Yeah. A big TSFH fan here. They were the first trailer music company I came across (and it's been ten f*cking years since I first ran into them 😮 how time flies) and the first song I heard from them was Chopperhead.

In related videos was my to become-three-favourite songs for a while:

And then I came across a year and a half later my next favourite song couple

Two Steps From Hell - Titan Dune (Archangel)

Two Steps From Hell - Freefall

And of course nowadays I've come across many more who produce the same type of music such as Immediate Music, Audiomachine, X-Ray Dog, Brand X Music, Shockwave Sound, etc...

My top three is probably TSFH, IM, Audiomachine. X-Ray Dog is quite unique in their style though and I appreciate that. Their style is a bit darker and ominous.

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