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    The sky opens up. Light beams over every corner of the Earth, and the dead fly back into the shape of their living selves. And everyone hears a voice older than time, louder than the Sun, and clearer than space. "The first thing that you all need to know is that my pronouns are He, Him, and His. With a capital H."
    I have enough knowledge to recognize that a swastika isn't inherently fascistic, but now I understand that a symbol of infinity is still very ominous for national iconography. Googol might as well be infinity for all human purposes.
    The advancement of technology is in direct service to increasing the speed of memetic transmission. It was intergenerational in old centuries. Modernity allowed for easy unilateral transmission of the required path. The vectors came into the arms of corporate, golden age of advertising. Now it's trickling into populistic transmission of memes. With each new threshold reached, the pool of transmitters grew. First it was only significant authors, then a scribe caste, the whole ruling class, those who grabbed enough transient power, in the current year it is available to any but the deprived. Each mind in the pool was given the potential to inflict mutation onto culture, thus its evolutionary speed was increased. The sequoia trees of old ideology have been placed under an onslaught of plagues, the memetic equivalents of microbes. The worldwide culture is being turned to yoghurt.
    Damn, how the hell did you manage to get temp banned on this site.
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    Shipmaster Sane
    Shipmaster Sane
    There shouldn't be any rule against telling people they're mentally ill wether they are or aren't, but if you live by the schizopost you should be prepared to die by the schizopost.
    Deleted member 88
    I didn’t see this comment chain, so I’m late to the party. But no, I don’t think it’s proper or right to tell people they have onset schizophrenia. Not only was he was concern trolling, he was also wrong. It’s also not his place to tell random strangers on the internet about their mental health.
    Shipmaster Sane
    Shipmaster Sane
    "Proper and right and factually correct" and "not against the rules" should be two extremely different things.
    Anti-Trumpers are the real ones putting America first, because if you extrapolated everything the man said to its most violent, insane conclusion you'd quickly figure out that it would mean one billion less inhabitants of a genocidal dictatorship.
    You can shit and vomit and sluck on Sufficient Velocity all you want but I have to thank them for teaching me how you can mock Chinese Bootleg China by eating two eggs a day.
    As an autistic person I really relate to the premise of Vangers. The people outside your ingroup are really pushy about their foreign and unpleasant desires - and the people inside it are completely dangerous!
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