Epilogue on Chapter XIII: Reflection of the Jerry Brown Administration (1977-1981)


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Epilogue on Chapter XIII: Reflecting on the Edmund Gerald Brown, Jr., Administration

President Jerry Brown holding press briefing in Sacramento, CA: December 1980.

1981 finally arrived, signaling the end of the 'Chaotic 4 Years' of the Jerry Brown administration. The Chaotic 4 Years (1977-1981) as many would call it, had damn good reason for referring to the later part of the 70s as what many strongly viewed it: Chaotic.

Television had some good points too: ABC debuted the American mystery TV series, 'Hart to Hart' starring Robert Wagner & Stefanie Powers on August 25th, 1979. Other good breaking shows such as 'All in the Family', 'MASH', 'Saturday Night Live' including 'Mister Rogers' Neighborhood' & 'Sesame Street' each served as powerful beacons not only for the children but for the adults, who watched 'Mister Rogers' Neighborhood' & 'Sesame Street'. While American mystery procedural dramas like 'Quincy, M.E.' & 'Magnum P.I.' continued becoming more popular amongst the American people as well as the international front as well.

On the political front & economic side, the 70s was viewed quite poorly all throughout. Then-President Richard Nixon led them into the decade all right with his foreign policy smooth genius moves such as visiting PRC & the Soviet Union in 1972 which many view as one of the successful foreign policy achievements of his administration & his massive landslide victory over the overrated United States Senator George McGovern (D-SD) seemingly marked the end of progressive dominance over the time. However, Watergate quickly engulfed Nixon's second term & forced his resignation less than two years later on August 9th, 1974. His successor, Gerald Rudolph Ford, whom many felt was the hapless stooge but a nice guy, pardoned Nixon less than a month after ascending to the presidency as America's 38th Chief Executive which caused strong vicious backlash against the GOP in the 1974 Midterms. Suddenly, on September 5th, 1975, tragedy struck when Squeaky Fromme opened fire at President Ford while he was greeting crowd of spectators on the grounds of the CA State Capitol in Sacramento, CA: Ford was assassinated & Nelson Rockefeller ascended to the presidency as America's 39th Chief Executive.

Rockefeller immediately dismantled all of the Detente Policies of the Nixon & Ford administration & aggressively cleaned house by removing half of the Ford holdovers such as Dick Cheney & Don Rumsfeld for example. He also controversial gave the green-light of supporting a controversial CIA-backed military coup attempt in overthrowing Argentine President Isabel Peron in the botched 1976 military coup attempt which backfired following five months of deadly conflict inside Argentina, which the Peronist government emerged victorious & emboldened by wreaking havoc on those who opposed La Presidente: Videla & Massera were killed; Viola, Galtieri & Bignone were imprisoned. Despite several foreign policy controversies, Rockefeller remained a very popular President leaving office on January 20th, 1977 with a 67 percent approval rating. Rockefeller chose not to seek a first full 4-year term in 1976 due to health reasons. He would go onto serve as US Ambassador to Spain under his successor, President Jerry Brown until his mysterious death in May 1979 for reasons as of today are still unknown.

Despite not winning the popular vote but winning the electoral college in 1976 defeating Vice President Edward Brooke, then-CA Governor Edmund Gerald Brown, Jr., narrowly won the Presidency despite many Americans being quite suspicious of a 1st-term US State Governor leaving in the middle of their 1st term by becoming President (which annoyed many Californians). Upon his inauguration as the 40th President on January 20th, 1977 & making history as one of the youngest Presidents in American history at the age of 38, Brown was facing high expectations since he was the first Democrat to win the White House since LBJ in 1964.

It was also during his first year in office, that Brown married his girlfriend, Linda Ronstadt in a special White House ceremony on live television before millions of Americans & across the world, who called it "Wedding of the Year: 1977". Brown also signed the Puerto Rico Statehood Act of 1977 into law & the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico was officially admitted to the Union as the 51st state of the United States, one of the most popular hallmarks of the Brown administration.

It was also when Congress secretly passed legislation called The Federal Government Stability Act of 1977 which eliminated term limits on the Presidency in May 1977, which President Brown quietly signed into law without much fanfare.

Suddenly, domestic challenges especially the Inflation Crisis, Energy Crisis including several foreign policy disastrous hot-spots such as Panama, Nicaragua, Iran, Colombia & Saudi Arabia shocked the Democrats, causing them to stumble. Their great fall from grace was caused by Brown's political & foreign policy blunders. Jerry Brown was elected in the desperate hope of many to bringing back the Good Ole Days of JFK & LBJ, in other words: Brown was given high expectations of continuing the legacies of Kennedy & Johnson. Yet, that myth "New Spirit of America" would soon & quickly fade under the weight of reality & from his administration's decision-making including aggressive micro-managing which annoyed many in Congress & everyone else across the country. The economic reforms which was called Brownomics, would prove insufficient & disastrous with massive rise of stagflation & seemed to further alienate Middle America, who never liked Brown in the first place. What also didn't help were these haunting words of Brown's inaugural address, which not only loomed over his administration, but the Dems as well:

"We are in an Era of Limits and we all better get used to it!"

This sent a loud message to liberals & progressives of his party that there would be no more free handouts or anything in the Era of Limits. It also angered many liberals that none of the major domestic programs would get approved in Congress despite the Democratic Party having supermajorities in both the US House of Representatives & United States Senate during Brown's 4 years in office. What also was an irritant was President Brown signing into law, the Consenting Adults Act of 1977, which banned homosexual & lesbian behavior between adults. He also signed Protect American Family Values Act of 1977, which banned LGBTQ people from receiving civil marriage licenses. These moves angered many in the LGBTQ community & many of whom not only pointed their anger not only at President Brown, but at Vice President Jimmy Carter including several conservative Dems in the United States Senate.

There was also anger & disappointment from many in the Civil Rights Movement with the Brown administration's reluctance of supporting the creation of a federal holiday honoring the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., due to strong opposition from conservatives in both the US House of Representatives & United States Senate especially the super staunch conservative Southern Democrats. Despite the Dems keeping both the House & Senate in the 1978 Midterms, Brown announced he wasn't going to be seeking reelection as President in 1980 which shocked the nation, but wasn't a surprise considering his approval ratings plunged downward. It opened the door for Vice President Carter to become the Democratic Party nominee for President at last, but not without difficulty & straining problems from the likes of former LA Governor Edwin Edwards (more on him later in the TL).

Given how many Americans were in tough economic times, which was influenced & worsened by some of his decisions on foreign policy (Iran, Panama, Nicaragua, etc.,), it left a large growing fire of anger, resentment & bitterness at President Brown. Much of the hostility was also coming from the international front: when Brown controversially announced he was supporting Argentina's right of controlling the Falklands, this angered then-British Prime Minister James Callaghan, who on a hot mic during a speech to the House of Commons, called Brown "a fucking dumbass son of a bitch" on live TV. Then-Korean President Park Chung-hee also disparaged Brown too, when he learned of Brown's controversial plan of reducing supporting military nuclear troops out of Korea & other countries. It caused deep hostility between the two Heads of State, leading US Defense Secretary Benjamin O. Davis, Jr., doing political gymnastics in repairing the strained ties between Washington DC & Seoul when he visited Park during face-to-face bilateral meeting in 1977. Eventually, US-ROK relations improved & because of strong conservative pressure from the likes of United States Senators Barry Goldwater (R-AZ), Russell B. Long (D-LA), etc., Brown increased the number of military nuclear troops in Korea to 71,000+; Brown also maintained close diplomatic relations with Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, France; he also carefully repaired strained ties with Thailand due to the backlash over the Ford administration's controversial handling of the Mayaguez Incident of 1975.

However, Brown still had his defenders & did still have some prominent good bits with him. His controversial but successful Detente Policy by reinstating full diplomatic relations with Cuba including a full red-carpet State Visit with Cuban President Fidel Castro was seen as a foreign policy success, but it angered many in the Cuban American community, who aggressively used their political influence by voting out many of those "Uppity Brown Democrats" in the 1978 Midterms & eventually the 1980 elections. President Brown also hosted both Egyptian President Anwar Sadat & Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin at Camp David, where they stayed for nearly three weeks before the three leaders arrvied at the White House via Marine One & signed the Camp David Peace Accords, which is one of the most popular & successful foreign policy achievements of the Brown Presidency. He engineered the safe & peaceful rescue of then-Panamanian President William Alvarez & his family out of Panama & negotiated with the Vatican of ensuring the Alvarezes safe passage into Italy. Brown also had close personal friendships with Mexican President General Oscar Robles, Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, French President Valery Giscard d'Estaing, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, Liberian President William Tolbert, Jr., Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Kwan Yew, King Bhumidol Adulayeh of Thailand, Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos, Taiwanese Presidents Yen Chia-kan & Chiang Ching-kuo, Jamaican Prime Minister Michael Manley among countless others.

Despite many of these accomplishments on international affairs & foreign policy, crtics of the Brown administration would rightfully pointed at several key areas for Brown's obvious lack of plans: the Panama Canal Crisis when Torrijos launched a deadly attack on the Canal that briefly resulted in Brown deploying American military troops in securing the Canal (which was rebuilt); then came the Nicaraguan Revolution which ousted the Somoza family after 40+ years in power; Another key foreign policy debacle was the Civil War in South America which Argentina took advantage of the international chaos by launching a sinister deadly invasion of Chile on May 16th, 1978 which resulted in the deaths of over 73,000+ & possibly more Chileans. There was also the controvesy surrounding the shocking assassination of Chilean President Captain General Augusto Pinochet in Summer 1979 which many suspected the Peronist government to have been involved & as of this day, it's unknown who ordered the assassination, but experts strongly believe it's likely that the controversial Jose Lopez Rega & several cohorts of the Secret Task Force including Triple A for being involved in the Pinochet assassination.

Then came the most significant foreign policy tests: Colombia fell to a populist leftist military coup d'etat in the Summer of 1977 which resulted in Army Major General Seymour Quintero taking over the Presidency & establishing a leftist dictatorship. Quintero's aggressive attacks on the Brown administration's foreign policy would result in future leftist leaders dominating Latin America in the future such as Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, Rafael Correa of Ecuador, Evo Morales of Bolivia, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva of Brazil, & most of all Nestor & Cristina Kirchner of Argentina, all of whom taunted the US on foreign policy in later decades to come as they would became nagging headaches for future US Presidential administrations going forward.

On January 16th, 1979, the Iranian Revolution exploded which caused the downfall of the Shah & resulted in the Islamists led by Ayatollah Khomeini taking over the Iranian government. The Iranian Hostage Crisis exploded not too long afterwards. As if Iran was giving the Brown administration headaches, then came Saudi Arabia when the Saudi Royal Family was overthrown in a military coup d'etat led by General Jamal Al-Fayheed, who quickly abolished the Royal Family & banned them from ever coming back to the country; plus Al-Fayheed was inaugurated as the Saudi Arabia's first President.

Beyond the constant & multiple growing foreign policy challenges facing the Brown administration, many people began to wonder if America would've been better off if Ford hadn't been assassinated. Hell, many strongly felt Rockefeller would've prevented majority of this mess if he hadn't abruptly retired. This was not a good look for the Democratic Party as they held the trifecta (White House, US House of Representatives & United States Senate) & that meant lots of heavy scrutiny. When people were asked of their opinions of the Brown administration's policies overall: they painted obvious unpleasant collective viewpoints of what was called "The Chaotic 4 Years": massive economic troubles, aggresive micromanaging, foreign policy blunders & various negative actions such as the Panama Canal Crisis, Civil War between Argentina & Chile, Iranian Revolution & Iranian Hostage Crisis. These crises caused lots of heavy burdens for Vice President Carter to carry going into the 1980 Presidential election & despite delicate balancing attempts to distancing himself from Brown, the GOP wasn't going to let Carter get away with it. They were going to tie everything over the past 4 years around "That Peanut Farmer's Neck".

Unsurprisingly, this was a huge & massive opportunity for the GOP. Beyond seeing their crippled foe's approval ratings plunging into the teens, the staunch neo-conservatives & evangelical Christians were determined to taking back America by any means necessary in 1980 & leading the GOP into the White House was former CA Governor Ronald Reagan, who narrowly won the White House following a hard-fought election & Reagan's coattails helped the GOP regain control of the United States Senate by flipping 12 US Senate seats in AL, AK, FL, GA, NC, NH, SD, IA, WI, IN, AK, ID, WA St. GOP also flipped three Governorships in ND, MO & WA St on the coattails of Reagan. For many inside the GOP, it was time for payback after 4 years of the chaotic Brown administration & they were determined & hell-bent on reshaping American politics to a more staunchly conservative direction for decades to come.

Brown was persona non-grata after leaving the White House on January 20th, 1981 with the worst job approval rating of any outgoing US President: 19 percent of Americans approving his job performance. In 1982, Brown attempted a political comeback & got trounced by then-San Diego Mayor (later CA Governor) Pete Wilson in the 1982 CA US Senate election, which all but doomed Brown's political career.

Sometime around 1984, Jerry & Linda quietly divorced & went their separate ways although both remain closed friends as of this day.

Afterwards, he was in political exile for several years before being tapped to serve as chairman of the CA Democratic Party from 1989 to 1991 before abruptly resigning when he briefly ran for the United States Senate in 1992 to replace the retiring United States Senator Wilson Riles (D-CA), before abandoning that Senate campaign by making an unsuccessful comeback attempt for the Presidency in 1992: losing to then 6-term AR Governor Bill Clinton for the Democratic Party presidential nomination (which got uglier & nasty between them due to personal attacks) & Brown faded temporarily but not before making one of the miraclous comebacks: winning election as Mayor of Oakland in 1998 & winning reelection in 2002, both in landslide victories; It was during this time, Brown married for the second time, when he married Anne Gust in 2005 during a special ceremony officiated by United States Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA). Gust-Brown served as First Lady of Oakland from 2005 to 2007 & she would become a key major political partner in shaping Jerry's political comeback in statewide office when he decided to run for CA State Attorney General.

In 2006, Brown won statewide office again, this time getting easily elected as CA State Attorney General in a resounding landslide victory due to the Blue Wave of 2006 & his popularity as the Golden State's Chief Law Enforcement Officer among Californians greatly improved & then suddenly, explosive scandals engulfed CA Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's second term in Sacramento once allegations came out of Schwarzenegger's sexual infidelities with one of his housemaids resulted in her getting pregnant & giving birth to a son. The explosive allegations & the usage of campaign funds in keeping the secret families a secret angered many Californians, who signed petitions in forcing a recall election which was ultimately successful in the Fall of 2007: forcing Schwarzenegger out of the Governorship & in return, Edmund Gerald Brown, Jr., completed one of the most miraclous political comebacks of anyone: winning back the Governorship in a recall election with 58%, being inaugurated as the Golden State's 40th Governor on October 15th, 2007 inside the CA State Capitol Building Rotunda in Sacramento. He would go onto to winning reelection in 2010 defeating Meg Whitman (R) by double digits (53% to 40%) overcoming the massive financial advertising of Whitman's mega billions including overcoming the national Tea Party Wave of 2010 & was easily reelected again to a historic 4th term in 2014 defeating Neel Kashari (R) in a landslide victory (59% to 40%), serving a total of 13 years in the CA Governor's Mansion as the longest-serving Governor in CA history leaving office with a resounding 73 percent approval rating when he left office on January 7th, 2019.

Coming Soon in the Cursed American Presidency: Chapter XIV begins 😎
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Chapter XIV: Final Moments of the Brown Presidency


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Chapter XIV: The Final Snub of the Jerry Brown Administration by Iran
Tuesday, January 20th, 1981
White House
Washington, DC

President Jerry Brown inside the Oval Office working on getting the American hostages released out of Iran.

It was Sunday, January 18th, 1981 when President Jerry Brown came back to the White House from "three-day working weekend" at Camp David in Frederick County, MD. Despite taking some breaks, he remained holed up inside the Oval Office until just 17 minutes before the Reagan's arrived to begin the inaugural festivities. This was every single force within the entire federal government remained in Brown's control, who was determined to accomplish this last final diplomatic mission in getting the American hostages out of Iran & there was hope that this diplomatic plan would be successful.

Brown talked to personnel at the US Military Hospital in Wiesbaden, West Germany, where the hostages would be staying for several days before "re-entering" into the US. The outgoing 40th President of the United States was hoping that he would personally be greeting them before his 4 years in office would end.

All of sudden, then came a series of nerve-wracking crises which slowed down the process. Lloyd Cutler, one of the White House lawyers, told the President about the delay of transferring of financial assets-the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, didn't have their part of the money (Go figure). Fortunately by any luck, funds had been shifted among the reserve banks & the problem was quickly solved. Another difficultly arose around the time zone differences between Washington, DC & Tehran; As a result of the escalating Iran-Iraq War, there were blackouts of airport lights & it meant once it got dark in Iran (9:30 AM EST Washington DC), even if the deal had been sealed & completed, the Algerian pilots weren't allowed to take off until dawn.

Joining President Brown in working on getting the American hostages released: Vice President Jimmy Carter, US Secretary of State Cyrus Vance, US Defense Secretary Benjamin O. Davis, Jr., White House Chief of Staff Gray Davis including at least three of the White House lawyers & others worked non-stop inside the Oval Office throughout the entire weekend including on Monday.

President Brown ordered for blankets from the White House steward; he & Cutler each stretched out on a couch to get some sleep while waiting for news from the diplomatic negotiations which had been ongoing non-stop. Word had reached the planes carrying the 59+ American hostages were on the airport runways in Tehran & the hostages were being taken to the vicinity of the Tehran International Airport; the Algerians also agreed to depart after dark if it was necessary. "We've got a deal gentlemen!" President Brown said beaming which resulted in someone bringing out the champagne & popped one of the bottles.......It might've been too much for early celebrations knowing how the Iranian Islamic government was going to use delaying tactics in their way to snubbing the Brown administration once more.

At 4:44 AM EST, President Brown came before the cameras to announce with the help of the Algerian government, the United States & Iran had reached an agreement. But implementation steps needed to settled inside the agreement first & then the 59+ American hostages would be free.

Once again, the Iranians used more delaying tactics when the Algerian government notified the Brown White House that Iranian banking officials refused to agree with the accountability terms of the banking agreements: they wouldn't cooperate period. So, the planes had to return to their standby position. HRS continued passing by & there wasn't any additional information if any of the specific problems had been resolved.

Worried that the negotiation process could disintegrate before the end of his administration, Brown spoke with US Deputy Secretary of State Warren Christopher, who was in communication with Algerian Foreign Minister Mohamed Seddik Benyahia. Brown specifically told Chrisopther that he needed to warn the Algerian government that the Brown presidency would end Tuesday afternoon at 12:00 PM EST, Noon. "After that, neither Christopher nor I could speak for the United States government, and the entire negotiation process might have to happen with the incoming Reagan administration."

Fast forward to the wee HRS of Tuesday, January 20th, 1981: there was some good news developments: the money processes was almost completed through proper channels; At 6:35 AM, Christopher sent a message "All escrows were signed at 6:18. The Bank of England has certified they're holding $7.97 billion, the corrected amount." Now the Bank of England was to send notification to Algiers by either telegram or telephone, which would also notify the Iranian government. At 7:29 AM, with messages coming in non-stop, outgoing First Lady Linda Ronstadt-Brown brought her husband a razor & told him, "Jerry, you need to shave immediately." The White House barber was with Linda as he gave Jerry a haircut & a clean, thorough shave before the inauguration ceremonies would begin. While Linda was leaving the Oval Office to go back upstairs, Jerry answered one more telephone call & yelled out for everyone inside the Oval Office to hear: "Flight 133 is loaded and ready for take-off!" Once again, there was cheers & hugs.

Not before more lingering delays.....

Brown lingered inside the Oval Office. There wasn't any official word that came to confirm if the 59+ American hostages had officially left the ground in Tehran. By 9:45 AM EST, Christopher called one last time & told President Brown "Mr. President, I've gotten word that takeoff will be happening at Noon, but as a security measure, the Iranian government officials didn't want word released until all of the hostages were out of Iranian airspace." "The United States would comply," said President Brown.

After putting on his morning business suit on inside his private adjacent office, Brown signed several last pardons & commutations. With each signature, he grew more grateful for the American people, who had placed him in this powerful office. He was considered one of the most outspoken, blunt-talking, honest & realistic Presidents in American history. Not bad for Pat Brown's son. Not bad for a boy from the Bay Area.

Once he told everyone "Thank you all very much for all of your hardworking efforts and special thanks for serving our great Nation for the past 4 years." Brown capped his pen & rose from the Resolute Desk. Edmund Gerald Brown, Jr., looked again inside the Oval Office for the final time, knowing it was time to go.

As Jerry neared the door which would take him along the walkway, beside the Rose Garden & to the Residence. Upstairs in the private Residence on the 3rd floor, Linda had just got out of the shower in the bathroom naked & barefoot, walking to the closet & picking out one of the attire outfits to get dressed for the Inauguration of Jerry's successor, Ronald Wilson Reagan, the man responsible for defeating his father in 1966 for the California Governor's Mansion in a massive landslide. Jerry & Linda were expected to welcome Ronald & Nancy Reagan in less than an HR.

So Jerry turned & looked once more at the Oval Office, closing his eyes & breathing in deeply-inhaling 4 years of constant political infighting, budget negotiation battles, bill signings, television addresses, & all of the rest, then slowly exhaling. They weren't his problems anymore. He was about to be a former President & then closed to door right behind him.

After 4 difficult years, he was leaving with dreadful approval ratings with just 19 percent of Americans approving his job performance because of the administration's handling of the ongoing Iranian Hostage Crisis & other foreign policy blunders.
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Morning in America: The Inauguration of Ronald Reagan (41st President of the United States)


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Ronald Wilson Reagan (R-CA)
January 20th, 1981-December 6th, 1986

THE GREAT COMMUNICATOR GOES TO DC: Inauguration of Ronald Wilson Reagan as the 41st President
Tuesday, January 20th, 1981
US Capitol West Front Grounds
Washington, DC

President Ronald Reagan delivering his inaugural address as the 41st President of the United States on the US Capitol West Front Grounds.

As the sun rose on Tuesday, January 20th, 1981, a new chapter with huge political ramifications on American history had just begun. In what was widely viewed as one of the surprising closest presidential elections of the Modern Era, the American people elected a 69-year old former CA Governor to serve as the 41st President of the United States to leading the nation into the new decade. At 10:00 AM EST, President Jerry Brown & First Lady Linda Ronstadt-Brown welcomed President-elect Ronald Reagan & his wife, Nancy Reagan to the White House for a traditional cup of coffee. The Brown's & Reagan's exchanged small gifts & retreated to the Residence for about 49 minutes. Shortly before 11:00 AM EST, Brown & Reagan departed in the Presidential limousine, which was followed by the follow-up limousine of Mrs. Brown & Mrs. Reagan.

It was during the short ride to the US Capitol, when President Brown was holding the large red phone, getting updates & developments regarding the airplane containing the 59+ American hostages which was set for takeoff from Tehran, Iran. 10 minutes later, they arrived at the US Capitol, where an estimated 373,000 attended the inaugural ceremony. Many of them, were being shown in pictures wearing "Reagan-Bush 80" sweaters, witnessing the swearing-in of the oldest elected President. United States Senator Mark Hatfield (R-OR), serving as Chairman of the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies, formally presided over the inauguration ceremony as head of the bipartisan Congressional Inaugural Committee. Other important attendees: Outgoing & incoming administration personnel; outgoing Vice President Jimmy Carter & outgoing US Defense Secretary Benjamin O. Davis, Jr; several US State & Territory Governors such as Peter Tali Coleman (R-American Samoa), Lamar Alexander (R-TN), William P. Clements, Jr., (R-TX), David C. Treen (R-LA), James R. Thompson (R-IL), John Spellman (R-WA St), Bruce Babbitt (D-AZ), Dick Lamm (D-CO), Carlos Romero Barcelo (D/PNP-PR).

Favored by bright balmy sunshine & balmy temperatures, the inaugural ceremony took place for the first time on the West Front of the Capitol, giving the 41st President a sweeping view of Washington's famous monuments. Reagan & his guests dressed in formal attire, contrasting with the informality emphasized 4 years later in the inauguration of President Brown.

Following Reagan taking the Oath of Office as the 41st President of the United States, the loud thundering 21 Cannon Salute was being fired by the Presidential Salute Battery Unit. Former President Jerry Brown walked up to the Reagan's to offer his congratulations while former Vice President Jimmy Carter also offered his congratulations. The body language of former First Lady Linda Ronstadt Brown was really thinking she plans on going back to the music industry. Former Second Lady Rosalynn Carter's body language was using a facade of calm, but she was enraged: seeing Ronald Wilson Reagan behind the podium with the Presidential Seal & not her precious Jimmy was infuriating.

The Cannon Salute was still being fired after the Presidential Anthem 'Hail to the Chief' before United States Senator Mark Hatfield (R-OR) introduced President Reagan.

At the outset of his inaugural address, Reagan lauded Brown for his cooperation during the transition period since the 1980 Presidential election.

Then, calling for an "era of national renewal," the new President highlighted the importance of improving the national economy.

......"this administration's objective," he said, "will be healthy, vigorous, growing economy that provides equal opportunities for all Americans with no barriers born of bigotry or discrimination.
"Putting America back to work means putting all Americans back to work. Ending inflation means freeing all Americans from the terror of runaway living costs.
"It is time to reawaken this industrial giant, to get government back within its means and to lighten our punitive tax burden.
"And these will be our first priorities and on these principles there will be no compromise."

Shortly after completing his 20-minute inaugural address, the smiling President Reagan told the millions watching on television the news they had been hoping for------that the 44-day captivity of the 59+ American hostages had ended & they were flying out of Iran to freedom. Soon after, details of the agreement with Iran were made public, consisting largely of procedures for restoring to Iran the approximately $8 billion in Iranian funds that had been frozen in American banks. In a gesture of gratitude to Brown for his role in settling the Iranian Hostage Crisis, Reagan appointed his predecessor as Special Envoy to welcoming the hostages to freedom. So immediately after the inauguration, Brown flew to West Germany, where the hostages were being taken for rest & health examinations.

Upcoming Segments on the Cursed American Presidency: Reagan administration making aggressive changes.
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Aftermath of the Reagan Inauguration


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Tuesday, January 20th, 1981
Andrews AFB
Prince Georges County, MD

The limousine arrived at Andrews AFB & the door opened, when former President Jerry Brown & his wife, former First Lady Linda Ronstadt Brown including former Vice President Jimmy Carter & his wife, former Second Lady Rosalynn Carter got out of the limousine to cheering crowd of supporters, who had been waiting for several HRS at the gates.

Several former Brown administration officials such as former White House Chief of Staff Gray Davis, former US Defense Secretary Benjamin O. Davis, Jr., former US Secretary of State Cyrus Vance, former US Secretary of Health & Human Services Patricia Roberts Harris, former US Attorney General Barbara Jordan, former US Interior Secretary Cecil Andrus & several others were in attendance.

While the Brown's & Carter's were being escorted to the stage-like platform, Jerry was wondering what the future was looking like. According to anonymous sources, some close confidants of the 40th President of the United States that they were lobbying Jerry to consider running for the United States Senate in 1982 against unpopular incumbent United States Senator Samuel Hayakawa (R-CA), who was being tagged "Sleeping Sam".

The US Air Force Marching Band performed the national anthem "Star-Spangled Banner" while the loud thundering 21 Cannon Salute was being fired. Cameras showed the Brown's & Carter's placing their hands over their hearts while the national anthem was being played as the Cannon Salute was being fired loudly & methodically.

During the Departure Honors, the final Honor Guard Inspection took place as former President Brown reviewed the US Armed Forces Honor Guard personnel of troops including saluting them as he walked by the flags.

Once the Departure Honors Ceremony was over, former President Jerry Brown delivered remarks to the crowd of cheering supporters thanking them for supporting him & Linda including the entire Brown administration over the past 4 years. He also expressed sincere gratitude for the US Armed Forces thanking them for their service.

Afterwards, it was time for Jerry & Linda to board Special Air Mission 40, which was expected to head back to the Golden State, where a celebration party was expected to take place in Sacramento, CA.

While Jerry shook Jimmy's hand & expressed sincere gratitude & thanks, Linda & Rosalynn hugged each other. The Brown's then shook hands with several of the former Cabinet Secretaries including former Brown administration officials & signing autographs for kids including taking lots of pictures.

Jerry & Linda then walked toward the red carpet which led to walking up the steps of Special Air Mission 40. Jerry & Linda turned to wave goodbye at the cheering crowd before getting inside the plane. Joining them on the trip back to the Golden State was former White House Chief of Staff Gray Davis & several Brown campaign confidants from the successful 1976 presidential campaign as they boarded the aircraft for one final trip.

Special Air Mission 40 took off around 1:27 PM EST & left Andrews AFB for good.

In the meantime, the Carter's boarded Pecan 43 (nickname for the special airplane of the former Vice President) which took off at 2:00 PM EST for their final trip back to Plains, GA where Carter would deliver remarks to cheering crowd of supporters.
Taking Charge!


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Tuesday, January 20th, 1981
US Capitol
Washington, DC

President Ronald Wilson Reagan signed one of many executive orders just HRS after being inaugurated as the 41st President of the United States. Among many of the countless orders, Reagan signed the following:

*Cabinet Secretary nominations to the United States Senate.
*Restoration of full diplomatic relations with the apartheid government of South Africa.
*Termination of the Brown administration's Human Rights Watch Council.
*Federal hiring freeze in all federal agencies & departments.
*Full repeal of the Brownomics Economic Development Act.
*Election Integrity Act of 1981: Conservatives have been aggressively pushing for the controversial legislation which Dems in Congress have warned could have ugly ramifications in the coming decades.

Coming Up: The Reagan Administration Cabinet
Reagan Administration Outlook


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The Ronald Reagan Administration
January 20th, 1981
President: Ronald Reagan (R-CA)
Vice President: George HW Bush (R-TX)
Secretary of State: Alexander Haig (R-VA)
Secretary of the Treasury: Donald T. Regan (R-NY St)
Secretary of Defense: Barry Goldwater (R-AZ)
Attorney General: William French Smith (R-CA)
Secretary of the Interior: James G. Watt (R-WY)
Secretary of Agriculture: John R. Block (R-IL)
Secretary of Commerce: Malcolm Baldrige (R-CT)
Secretary of Labor: Raymond J. Donovan (R-NJ)
Secretary of Health & Human Services: Richard Schweiker (R-PA)
Secretary of Housing & Urban Development: Samuel Pierce (R-NY St)
Secretary of Transportation: Andrew L. Lewis, Jr., (R-PA)
Secretary of Energy: James B. Edwards (R-SC)
Secretary of Education: Terrel H. Bell (R-UT)
OMB Director: David Stockman (R-MI)
US Trade Representative: Bill Brock (R-TN)
US Ambassador to the United Nations: Jean Kirkpatrick (D-MD)
White House Chief of Staff: James A. Baker, III (R-TX)
Counselor to the President: Edwin Meese (R-CA)
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International & National Segments (Spring 1981: Part I)


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Wednesday, January 21st, 1981: The first day of work, US President Ronald Reagan held his first Cabinet meeting inside the Cabinet Room of the White House with Cabinet Secretaries, where Reagan told them, "We've got to get control of the federal budget. It's out of control." The Brown administration's budget had called for $663.6 billion in 1981 with a deficit of $55.6 billion. One week before Reagan's inauguration, then-President Jerry Brown had presented a budget for fiscal 1982, beginning October 1st, 1981, which envisioned federal spending of $739.73 billion with deficit of $27.73 billion.

Thursday, January 22nd, 1981: US Secretary of State Alexander Haig & US Ambassador to the United Nations Jean Kirkpatrick both coordinate diplomatic solution efforts in resolving an end to the deadly Civil War between Argentina & Chile, which has been ongoing since May 16th, 1978. Sources indicating the Reagan administration's foreign policy team will likely be aggressive in undermining the Peronist government of Argentinian President Isabel Peron.

Friday, January 23rd, 1981: Former SC Governor James B. Edwards (R) sworn into office as the 3rd US Secretary of Energy.

Saturday, January 24th, 1981: The British Labour Party special conference in Wembley decided that leadership elections should be held by an electoral college system & limited only to 30 percent of members of the British Parliament.

Sunday, January 25th, 1981: 59+ Americans officially returned to United States soil at 2:54 PM as the airplane carrying them landed at Stewart Air National Guard Base in NY St & they were greeted by an estimated crowd of 300,000 well-wishers. They also held a private meeting with President Ronald Reagan at the White House, the meeting was NOT permitted via television & radio coverage.

Monday, January 26th, 1981: In Chandler v. Florida, the US Supreme Court ruled 8-0 decision that it won't denial of due process to allowing live television coverage of courtroom proceedings overruling the 1965 decision, Estes v. Texas.

Tuesday, January 27th, 1981: Former White House Chief of Staff Gray Davis confirmed he plans on running for a seat in the CA State Assembly in the upcoming 1982 elections.

Wednesday, January 28th, 1981: US Energy Secretary James B. Edwards told repprters that he doubts the prices of gas will be increased much by the immediate deconstruction though Edwards concedes that prices could increase by 3 to 5 cents per gallon.

Thursday, January 29th, 1981: Federal indictments have been launched against several senior key administration officials of CA Governor Mervyn Dymally (D), who hasn't decided whether or not he plans on running for a 2nd full 4-year term in 1982. If Dymally declines to seek reelection, potential Democratic contenders for the CA Governorship include Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley (D) & San Francisco Mayor Dianne Feinstein (D).

Friday, January 30th, 1981: Explosive bombshell allegations detailing political shaekdowns against state legislators in Albany including extortion & blackmailing other politicos in NY St have caused a strong backlash against the administration of NY St Governor Mario Cuomo (D), who has strongly denied the allegations against him & members of his administration.

This comes as the ugly heated war of words between Governor Cuomo & NYC Mayor Ed Koch (D) continues to escalate, going back to the nasty 1977 NYC Mayoral election which Koch won.

Saturday, January 31st, 1981: An estimated 39,000 Colombian Army personnel troops have been deployed to Argentina, causing serious alarms in Washington, DC as speculation about Colombia getting involved in the Civil War between Argentina & Chile. Potential of explosive conflict might spread throughout Latin America.
First 100 Days of the Reagan Administration (Spring 1981)


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First 100 Days of the Ronald Reagan Administration

President Ronald Reagan with US Defense Secretary Barry Goldwater during a meeting in the Oval Office.

During the first 100 Days of the Reagan Administration, here were some of the highlights:
On January 29th, President Ronald Reagan held his first press conference during which he strongly blasted the Soviet leadership, stating they "reserve the right to commit any crime, to lie, to cheat." On January 30th, the White House announced he had placed his assets into a blind trust. It was also revealed US Secretary of State Alexander Haig sent a personal diplomatic letter warning the Soviet Union intervening in Poland could strain its diplomatic relations with the US. When February rolled around, White House Chief of Staff James A. Baker, III announced that the Reagan administration had inherited one of the worst economy in over 50 years (in what some reporters in the White House Press Corps viewed it as an aggressive potshot at the Jerry Brown administration's disastrous handling of the economy over the past 4 years); Baker also mentioned improving the nation's economy will be the top major priority of the Reagan administration.

Reagan himself, gave an exclusive interview to several numbers of publications in which he blasted the Brown administration for negotiating with Iran during the Iranian Hostage Crisis. On February 5th, the President gave his first nationally televised Presidential Address to the Nation, in which he said that the Nation was at serious risk for an "economic calamity" which could only be prevented with Congress adopting the administration's tax & spending cuts as well as regulatory reforms. Yet, the GOP-controlled United States Senate passed legislation, which increased federal borrowing by $985 billion (that's a lot of money, which some of us could use to increase our own income if you know what I mean.)

Five days later, the US Justice Department led by US Attorney General William French Smith, outlined new policies (vastly & completely different from then-US Attorney General Barbara Jordan during the Brown administration): containing legislative proposals, which called for tighter bail laws, increasing support for crime victims, & federal jurisdiction being expanded over offenses traditionally handled by state & local authorities. On February 11th, the US State Department spokesperson expressed deep concerns with news developments of the Israeli government pushing to make new settlements by closing off land on the West Bank, which would alienated Arab neighboring nations.

Later in the month of February, President Reagan was asked about the possibility of sending US military personnel troops into El Salvador, which was experienced deadly violence & ugly mayhem, Reagan responded that diplomacy was the first resort of resolving conflicts. On March 6th, Reagan announced plans for the federal payroll reduction of 63,000 employees by the end of 1983. Later in the week, he signed a budget cut plan which affected over 300 federal programs. This plan proposed to reducing the federal government spending by $6.4 billion in the first year & by $48.6 billion in the following year. On March 10th-11th, President Reagan made his first state visit: Canada, where he met with Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau & Governor General Edward Schreyer & also addressed the Canadian Parliament.

Just 69 days into his administration, President Reagan was shot by a disturbed & creepy individual named John Hinckley on March 31st, 1981 outside of the Washington Hilton Hotel. Following undergoing emergency exploratory surgery, the President recovered from his gunshot wounds & was released from the George Washington University Hospital on April 11th. Soon afterwards, Americans' support of the 41st President skyrocketed high to 73 percent of Americans approving his job performance. On April 15th, President Reagan issued first presidential pardons of his Presidency, by pardoning Mark Felt (the former FBI Deputy Director known as Deepthroat).

In the later part of the first 100 days of his administration, Reagan continued to aggressively cut government spending. On April 23rd, he ordered the aggressive collection of $25 billion to be collected from individuals who owed the federal government.
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Seeds of Change (Part I)


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April 28th, 1981

*Campaign launch comes after months of reflection for the former First Lady.
*President Reagan, VP Bush, former VP Brooke, etc., endorse Mrs. Rockefeller's gubernatorial campaign.
*Polling surveys showing former US First Lady leading between 25-37 percentage points against incumbent NY St Governor Mario Cuomo (D).

In what many viewed as one of the most obvious worst kept secrets, former US First Lady Happy Rockefeller, the wife of the late US Ambassador to Spain Nelson Rockefeller, officially launched her campaign for the NY St Executive Mansion in 1982. "The people of New York State want change and new leadership that will lead the Empire State into the future so that the next generation of New Yorkers can carry on the mantle going forward," Mrs. Rockefeller said while making the campaign announcement in Westchester County.

Political observers strongly expect Mrs. Rockefeller to be the early front-runner to win the Governorship next year. It's also anticipated that the former First Lady of the United States will not have any competition inside the GOP gubernatorial primary & with the massive amounts of millions of dollars such as the option of self-spending, she'll have no problem raising money.

Meanwhile, many Democratic Party insiders are nervous & rightfully so because there's amount of pressure on incumbent NY St Governor Mario Cuomo (D) to make a decision about whether or not to seek a 1st full 4-year term in 1982. Cuomo's approval ratings have been plunging lately due to recent scandals engulfing state government.

NYC Mayor Ed Koch (D) is already running for the Governorship in the Democratic gubernatorial primary & there could be others considering jumping in as well.
The Junior Senator's Dirty Secret


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Segment Disclaimer: The following segment will be NSFW erotic & violent. Viewer discretion is strongly advised!

April 30th, 1981
10:39 PM PST
Somewhere in the outskirts of Sacramento, CA

After voting to confirm Sandra Day O'Connor as the newest Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court on April 28th, United States Senator Peter Hayward (D-CA) took a private jet that he personally owned to leave DC & flew back to Sacramento finishing up on constituent services & working on major local issues.

Hayward had other distractions on his mind. He was eager to take some time off for an early weekend vacation while working on "budgeting matters" when in reality, the Golden State's Junior United States Senator had a secret life.....

That secret life Hayward was having revealed he had been carrying on a secret sex escapade with a very young beautiful woman & not just any young woman.....

In the meantime, Victoria Mendez was driving home. She was the daughter of US Army Brigadier General Franklin Mendez, who was stationed in Seoul, Korea. Victoria was a member of the Stanford University Women's Gymnastics Team in her sophomore year in college, she parked her vehicle near the garage of her house in the outskirts of Sacramento. She had come home from practice & noticed the lights were on upstairs & was curious "Wondering why the lights are on?"

Victoria went inside the house & locked the door behind her, she noticed music blaring out on the record player: Duke Ellington Orchestra record albums were being played. She smiled & began to walk upstairs, Victoria went to her room & took off all of her clothes from head to toe, revealing her naked & barefoot before wrapping a towel around her.

Slowly walking across the upstairs hallway toward the bathroom, where she was planning to take a shower, Victoria heard strange moaning sounds & it kept nagging her non-stop.

When she quietly walked toward one of the rooms, Victoria was repulsed & disgusted when she saw the Junior United States Senator from California, Peter Hayward thoroughly penetrating her 17-year-old sister, Emilia in the bedroom as the music was slowly playing. Both Hayward & Emilia were naked & barefoot: plus Emilia was laying on her back on the bed with her legs spread wide open as Emilia was moaning softly.

Victoria quietly walked downstairs, headed to one of the secret rooms: opened the drawers, pulled out something like a .44 Magnum & the anger & horror that Victoria was feeling consisted of rage & plans of vengeance. As she was thinking of what to do, Victoria's mind was going through aggressive & violent thoughts of rage.

The time was 10:39 PM PST when Victoria was gripping the .44 Magnum as she slowly walked upstairs toward the bedroom where Senator Hayward was aggressively penetrating Emilia. Victoria wasn't thinking about the ugly ramifications that she was about to do & how it'll impact her life. What Victoria was planning on doing was bound to have potential political ramifications for the Golden State going forward.

Inside the bedroom, Hayward was still aggressively penetrating Emilia (who was still lying on her back on the bed & both were drenched with sweat). "Just relax sweetie. Feel the urge of love, you look very beautiful. Here's the largest spot!" when Emilia felt Hayward's large penis as he stretched her vagina wide open: "Awwwww. It's very extra big," Emilia cried as she was still being thoroughly being penetrated.

Victoria aimed her .44 Magnum at both Hayward & Emilia, who shook her head at her sister with a pleading look of not to kill her. Hesitating, Victoria slowly lowered the gun & aimed it at Hayward, who was laying on top of Emilia & slowly walked closer then opened fire with a silencer: BANG! BANG! BANG!

After pulling Hayward's bloodied body off of Emilia, Victoria hugged her sister, who was shaking & scared. She then advised Emilia to take a shower while Victoria went to her room to call one of her fellow gymnasts for assistance.

Then she looked in the mirror, seeing all of the blood all over herself, Victoria went to the other bathroom across the hallway & took a long shower.

Coming Up: Regularly scheduled programming interrupted.
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Stunning News from the Golden State


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May 1st, 1981
*Authorities investigating.
*Gruesome discovery took place in early morning HRS.
*Developments ongoing to slowly trickle down.
*CA Governor Mervyn Dymally (D), former President Jerry Brown, other politicos offering condolences.
*President Ronald Reagan & First Lady Nancy Reagan offering condolences.

Californians woke up to hearing one of the most shocking news bulletins in the history of the Golden State: United States Senator Peter Hayward (D-CA) was found dead.

According to Minerva Perkins, the housekeeper of the Hayward family, she was cleaning up the Senator's vacation house in Carmel, CA when she saw the gruesome discovery finding the Democratic United States Senator inside the study room of his residence. Perkins called 911 for help & law enforcement officers from the Carmel Police Department arrived at the vacation house, where they locked down the entire surrounding areas of the outskirts of Carmel.

It's unknown what happened to Senator Hayward, but according to his Senate office in Sacramento, the Senator was on working vacation & they released an official statement detailing Hayward's sudden death & highlighted his accomplishments in the United States Senate.

According to Capitol insiders in Sacramento: It's being speculated that CA Governor Mervyn Dymally (D) will be making an appointment to filing the vacancy of Hayward's US Senate seat & a special election will take place in 1982. Spokesperson for the Governor's office states that Dymally will wait awhile to make an official appointment in replacing Hayward as the Golden State's Junior United States Senator.

May 3rd, 1981: Arrangements announced for the late United States Senator Peter Hayward (D-CA)
The Hayward family announced details of funeral arrangements for the late United States Senator Peter Hayward (D-CA). Public viewing will take place on Wednesday, May 6th-Friday, May 8th, 1981 inside the Rotunda of the CA State Capitol in downtown Sacramento. Funeral services will be on Saturday, May 9th, 1981 at 10:00 AM PST inside the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium in Sacramento followed by gravesite services at the Hayward Family Ranch in the outskirts of Yuba City, CA with full military honors.

Californians bid farewell to the late United States Senator Peter Hayward (D-CA)


From the morning of Wednesday, May 6th to Friday, May 8th, thousands of mourners lined up the streets of Capitol Park on the grounds of the CA State Capitol Building in downtown Sacramento to paying their respects to the late United States Senator Peter Hayward (D-CA). An estimated 6,373 filed past the Senator's closed flag-draped casket inside the Rotunda as local news affiliates aired live coverage of the festivities.

Among those paying their respects: President Ronald Reagan & First Lady Nancy Reagan, United States Senator Sam Hayakawa (R-CA), CA Governor Mervyn Dymally (D), CA Lieutenant Governor Mike Curb (R), CA Secretary of State March Fong-Eu (D), CA State Controller Kenneth Cory (D), CA State Attorney General George Deukmejian (R), CA State Treasurer Jesse Unruh (D), CA Superintendent of Public Instruction Wilson Riles (D), Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley (D), San Diego Mayor Pete Wilson (R) & San Francisco Mayor Dianne Feinstein (D) to name countless others. Former President Jerry Brown & his wife, former First Lady Linda Ronstadt Brown also paid their respects.

The Funeral Service for Senator Hayward was held inside the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium in Sacramento on the morning of Saturday, May 9th where an estimated 3,683 attended the service. Among the speakers: Governor Dymally, former President Brown, former Vice President Jimmy Carter & United States Senators Lowell Wiecker (R-CT), Daniel Inouye (D-HI) & Juan H. Cinton Garcia (D-PR). Following the 3 HR service, before a small group of family, friends including bipartisan group of House & Senate colleagues as well as former President Brown & Governor Dymally, the late United States Senator Peter Hayward (D-CA) was laid to rest with full military honors at the Hayward Family Ranch in the outskirts of Yuba City which included a Gun Salute, the playing of Taps.

Upcoming Segments:
1.) Who will Dymally appoint to replace Hayward as the Golden State's Junior United States Senator ?
2.) Political ramifications of Hayward's mysterious death.
3.) Jockeying for positioning inside the Golden State.
4.) Private sector life for former President Jerry Brown & former First Lady Linda Ronstadt Brown.
5.) Explosive allegations surface regarding what really happened to Senator Hayward.
6.) It was a love of steamy passion.
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Plotting to test the Reagan Administration


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May 11th, 1981
5:37 PM
Casa de Huspedes Ilustres
Cartagena, Colombia

Colombian President Lieutenant General Seymour Quintero had recently self-promoted himself to his newest rank in the Colombian Army. He made it very clear to every one of the Junta members running the Colombian government that he, Seymour Esteban Quintero was the one running the entire show inside the Republic of Colombia. Since taking over the government via military coup d'etat on May 31st, 1977 when he ousted then-Colombian President Alfonso Lopez Michelsen from office & was inaugurated as the South American country's 25th President, he began aggressively triggering & smashing traditional foreign policy norms & values by flexing his own version of an independent foreign policy. For starters, he & then-US President Jerry Brown didn't get along well in terms of having strong different points of view regarding foreign policy: Quintero openly supported the Panamanian viewpoint of wanting full control of the Panama Canal while Brown tried to offer peaceful diplomatic solutions in resolving a long-standing dispute between the US & Panama. When Torrijos' violent attacks on the Canal resulted in the deaths of several American military servicemen, Quintero supported Torrijos' controversial military operation which angered the US State Department, who sanctioned the Quintero government.

In response, Quintero announced he was boycotting the United States & launched aggressive anti-American & anti-British rhetoric by courting the Soviet Union, Syria, Lebanon, Romania & even Cuba. He also aggressively lessened Colombia's dependence on the United States, Canada, Great Britain. He adopted a cautious, pragmatic & conciliatory stance towards the Soviet Union, Cuba & Argentina compared to his predecessors & also set aside previous administrations' confrontational policy of asserting Colombia's claims over disputed islands & territory.

To many Colombians, they approved of his job performance as President in terms of domestic & economic policies although they disapproved of his foreign policy initiatives, he had somewhere around a 83 percent approval rating during the early years of his presidency. With Ronald Reagan being inaugurated as the 41st President of the United States on January 20th, 1981, Quintero watched the Reagan inauguration on TV inside his private office at the Casa de Narino (Residence of the Colombian President) in Bogota & doubled-down on continuing flexing his independent foreign policy saying that Reagan needs to "stay in his lane" & stay out of Colombian domestic & political affairs.

Having recently invited Cuban President Fidel Castro & Panamanian President General Omar Torrijos to a special conference of "Independent Foreign Policy" in Cartagena, Quintero was having some discussions with Torrijos about what to do with the Reagan administration by basically "testing the Cowboy President".

Quintero: "I see that Reagan is showing the world that there's a new sheriff in town by building up the US Armed Forces. What does that tell us?"
Torrijos (smoking one of his favorite cigars): "The Yankee Cowboy from California using that fake-ass Southern accent when pandering to those hillbillies in the South during his 1980 presidential campaign doesn't fool me one bit. I've got copies of that audio recording of him speaking with Nixon from 1971 and I am not afraid to use it against his ass if he tries something to instigate something against Panama."
Quintero: "That was five years ago when those audio recordings came out. It almost destroyed Reagan's political career. Luckily for him, that Moonbeam jackass ended up running America into the ground in four years and we all know how that ended for the Penaut Farmer, who was running as the Democratic Party's standard bearer for Brown, who chose not to seek reelection in 1980. Reagan defeated Carter in one of the most surprising closest elections in history over there."
Torrijos: "You and I are supporting Isabel in Argentina's military operation against those uppity Chileans. And it's very important that Argentina wins this war no matter how long it takes. What do you think the Yankees will try to pull something? Enriquez is just another Pinochet, but a bit younger and less violent. Yet the amazing thing is how this fool became President of Chile over there. I mean, the only reason why he got to La Moneda is because someone shot Pinochet to death in 79 and nobody knows who pulled the triggger (laughing). Anyway, Argentina must win this Civil War and when it happens, we get to up the ante against the Yankee Cowboy President."
Quintero: "Fidel told me about some secret military operation plans or something like that. I couldn't comprehend what he was saying because he was kind of drunk during one of the evening banquets a few days ago. He told me that in order to get that Yankee Cowboy President's attention, we have to plot something and make sure that we don't miss. I've got a group of Army intelligence officers and enlisted personnel deployed somewhere in Europe on one of those secret missions."
Torrijos: "The Iranians are supporting us all the way on this. We just have to be sure that no foreign news journalists stumble upon this secret mission or expose it to the world."
Quintero: "I like the way things are slowly coming together. But first things first, time to flex our version of the Populist Tide here in Latin America."
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Bringing Out the Chaos!


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@The Immortal Watch Dog @Ibanez @Buba

Embrace The Chaos: 1981: Year of Chaos!

May 13th, 1981
St. Peter's Square
Vatican City

Pope John Paul II, who had ascended to the Papacy following the sudden death of then-Pope John Paul I in 1979, was donning all white riding in the customized Fiat, which allowed the Pontiff to shake hands & performing blessings as he was traveling through the packed crowd. May 13th was not much different, the Pontiff was making his way through the Square completely oblivious of the danger which was awaiting him.

Depending on whom you asked about what happened, nobody could comprehend why would anyone want to kill the popular Pontiff. What did he do to anyone & whom did he piss off ? Mehmet Ali Agca & his cohort, Oral Celik were amongst the crowd in the Square, itching to wreak total mayhem & havoc. What nobody even realized is that there was a group of different teams hiding somewhere either in the crowd or one of the adjacent buildings.

The A Team: consisted of Argentinian Army Intelligence officers & Secret Task Force mercenaries (who were following the orders of that crazy freakshow Lopez Rega) with walky-talky machines overlooking the Square from one of the adjacent buildings in Vatican City. These were the most ruthless mercenaries of the infamous Secret Task Force, who had already instigated some international incidents which turned into foreign policy explosive hot-spots.

The B Team: consisted of unhinged triggered members of the Triple-A Alliance, who made sure nobody in the crowd tried to play the Big Hero of the Moment. These were ruthless killers & assassins of "Protecting the Republic" by any means necessary.

When the Pontiff came near enough, Agca successfully got off the first shot: BANG! Striking the Pope in the stomach & causing him to lean backward in extreme pain. Seeing the success of Agca's first shot, Celik opened fire: BANG!, missing the Pope & hits one of the bystanders. Then someone from one of the adjacent buildings opened fire BANG! hitting him from behind, causing him to lean forward as some people in thr crowd were shocked because they couldn't comprehend what was happening. Suddenly more shots rang out: BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! The Pontiff was dead!

All of a sudden, loud shrieks rang out throughout the Square as the assassins calmly snuck through the horrified crowd making their escape. Sensing something suspicious, Camilo Cibin, Chief of the Vatican Secret Service, pursued Agca & Celik "Stop where you are. Give yourself up. You're under arrest!" Suddenly, Celik detonated one of the bombs which exploded & more explosions occurred: killing 39 others from the bombs; 73 people were injured from the blasts of explosions. The assassins quickly escaped in the ensuing chaos.

The Secret Task Force used paramilitary tactics to open fire at the crowd via machine-gun fire killing more than 83 others. It was total carnage & mayhem!

Soon afterwards, news of the assassination & bombings reached all over the world. President Reagan was notified by White House Chief of Staff James Baker of the news, he was devastated by the death of Pope John Paul II "What evil has inflicted upon this world? Why is this happening?" he thought.

May 13th, 1981
10:00 PM BST
Somewhere in the outskirts of Brasilia, Brazil
Segment Disclaimer: This segment will be NSFW erotic. Viewer discretion is strongly advised!

Winfred Oliveira, the Archbishop of Brasilia was on vacation in the outskirts of Brasilia "enjoying leisure time" inside a heavily secluded house: In reality, Oliveira was in the middle of a steamy sexual escapade with Uranita Alvarez, the 16-year-old daughter of Brazilian Air Force Chief of Staff General Octavio De Florias. Both Uranita & Oliveira were naked & barefoot on the large bed inside his room.

Uranita was lying on her back with her legs spread wide open as she felt Oliveira's super large penis as he stretched her vagina extremely wide open, causing her to moan & scream loudly as they engaged in steamy passionate sex during the entire evening. "Feel the beautiful stretch as I penetrate you super thoroughly deep" Oliveira said as he kissed Uranita on the lips. She replied, "It's quite big. Too big for me to handle...Ahhhhhh" as she moaned again while the penetrating continued non-stop during their steamy sex escapade.

Afterwards, they fell asleep on the bed drenched with sweat. Oliveira noticed a gold light blinking across the hall & got out of bed while Uranita continued lying on her back asleep.

Walking naked & barefoot when he entered one of the rooms, he picked up the phone "Hello?" he answered. On the other line, it was one of the senior level officials from the Vatican: "Archbishop Oliveira. I'm assuming you've heard about something tragic happening at the Vatican today?" Oliveira asked "What seems to be so important that can wait until later in the week? I'm on vacation and don't want to be disturbed." The senior-level official from the Vatican replied: "His Holiness is dead. There was a shooting and then bombing explosions at St. Peter's Square earlier this afternoon. We're trying to figure out what happened because the authorities are trying to find out if this is some wide-ranging conspiracy or a potential catalyst of World War III."

Oliveira without any hesitation, "I'll cut short my vacation and head over to Rome in a couple of days. Talk to you later." Hanging up the phone, Oliveira unplugged the phone in the room including all of the other phones inside his secret hideout before heading back to bed & continued having sex with Uranita for the remainder of the evening.

May 25th, 1981
10:37 AM PST
CA State Capitol Press Conference Room
Sacramento, CA

Political news over in the Golden State continued to increase non-stop. Originally, CA Governor Mervyn Dymally (D) had planned on making an announcement on May 13th of who'll be appointed to fill the US Senate seat vacancy following the shocking mysterious death of United States Senator Peter Hayward (D-CA) on April 30th.

However, the shocking assassination of Pope John Paul II on May 13th pushed back the announcement for another week out of respect for the late Pontiff. In the meantime, senior members of the Governor's office began researching potential contenders for Hayward's US Senate seat. Dymally personally & privately interviewed Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley (D) & San Francisco Mayor Dianne Feinstein (D) in one-on-one exclusive interviews.

Fast forward to May 25th, Dymally made a decision on who'll be appointed to fill the vacancy of Hayward's US Senate seat: He announced that he was appointing three-term CA Superintendent of Public Instruction Wilson Riles (D) as the Junior United States Senator, making history as the Golden State's first African American United States Senator & Dymally highlighted Riles' accomplishments as the Golden State's Education Chief before the Senator-designate came to the podium, where he thanked Governor Dymally for appointing him to serve in a position of sacred trust & pledged to be a Senator for all Californians in all 58 counties. Soon, Riles was peppered with questions from the Capitol Press Corps which lasted for 25 minutes before the Senator-designate said "Once again, it's an absolute honor of being tapped to representing the state of California in the United States Senate and I plan on running in the upcoming special election next year. Thank you very much for your questions. Now it's time to get to work!"

With news of Riles being appointed as the Junior United States Senator from California, the political jockeying for positioning inside the Golden State was slowly beginning to take shape. But the biggest question is whether Dymally would be seeking reelection to a 2nd full 4-year term in 1982 which if completed, would give him 10 years by January 5th, 1987 & tying with Earl Warren (R), who served from 1943 to 1953 for three terms before resigning midway into his 3rd term after being confirmed as the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court.

May 27th, 1981
10:57 PM
National Palace
Mexico City, Mexico

Mexican President General Oscar Robles was looking at the reports of the country's budgeting shortfall with the ongoing Inflation Crisis engulfing everyone across the world. He was meeting with members of his Cabinet during an annual Cabinet meeting, where he told them, "Mexico's economy is in serious trouble and we've got to make tough difficult cuts in the budget due to this out of control budgeting shortfall."

Robles was also distracted by the precarious health problems of his popular second wife, Mexican First Lady Fernanda Arizmendi, who had been in permanent seclusion inside the Summer Presidential Retreat in Isla Mujeres; Fernanda had been battling terminal cervical cancer for the past two years & despite surgery, the situation wasn't looking good.
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Changing of the Guard in the Golden State


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Monday, June 1st, 1981
11:57 AM PST
Press Conference Room
CA State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA


January 8th, 1979: CA Governor Mervyn Dymally (D) with then-President Jerry Brown during happier times at Dymally's 2nd inauguration as the Golden State's 35th Governor inside the Rotunda of the CA State Capitol Building in downtown Sacramento.

Mervyn Dymally was in a grumpy mood. The oratory Democratic Governor of CA was in the midst of one of the most torturous budget negotiations with the CA State Legislature & he had only just made up his mind about his political future. Four years ago, on January 17th, 1977, he ascended to the Governorship upon the resignation of then-CA Governor Jerry Brown (D), who was elected to the Presidency in 1976. Having avoided being convicted of a bribery scandal & roaring from behind to handily defeat then-CA State Attorney General Evelle J. Younger (R) by winning election to his 1st full 4-year term in 1978 with 57 percent of the statewide vote, Dymally continued running the Golden State into the vision that he pursued for all Californians regardless of different points of viewpoints.

Fast forward to 4 years later, there were now questions of whether Dymally would seek reelection to a 2nd full 4-year term or consider making a bid for the United States Senate in the 1982 special election. Neither option looked promising for obvious reasons.

The San Jose Mercury News had just published an intriguing scoop of an explosive story that they thought might be the Golden State's version of Watergate or Teapot Dome. According to anonymous sources in Sacramento, Governor Dymally had reportedly found out what really happened with regard to details of how then-United States Senator Peter Hayward (D-CA) really died on April 30th: The anonymous sources, who feared political retaliation from Dymally cronies, detailed how Deputy Chief of Staff Quincy Peterson & his wife, Elaine Compagno, who served as the Administrator of the CA Environmental Protection Agency helped cover-up the grisly crime scene at the residence in the outskirts of Sacramento including cleaning up the bedroom upstairs. Plus, the Peterson's moved Hayward's corpse & drove him to Carmel of the Sea by leaving him at one of his summer residences.

It didn't take long for the Mercury News to figure out what really happened on the evening of April 30th: The late Senator Hayward was having sex with a young teenage girl upstairs & the two had been having sex for over an entire year. Someone reportedly found the two engaged in uncompromising positions & shot Hayward to death.

Another explosive bombshell came out when the Mercury News learned that Governor Dymally had been using a computer inside the private office of the Governor's Mansion in Carmichael: making a complete list of multiple political supporters & then converting the names into usable mailing list for political purposes.....by using taxpayers money to do it. Suddenly, the same Mervyn Malcolm Dymally, who pledged to run the Golden State in a more transparent direction in state government & railed against corruption by eschewing gifts & established the California Fair Political Practices Commission by keeping corruption out of state government, soon found himself under investigation by the said Commission.

There was a lot on Dymally's mind. The Golden State's once booming surplus which was built by Brown & maintained under Dymally himself was dissolving before his eyes. He had gotten a heads up about the ongoing medfly disaster in Central California.... For whatever that's worth & the Reagan US Justice Department began escalating their aggressive investigations into the Dymally administration indicting more than 16 senior high-ranking officials. Now, inside his Capitol office on the 1st floor of the State Capitol Building in downtown Sacramento before a scheduled news conference, Dymally was already beginning to deeply regret on what the bombshell announcement he was planning on making.

Also didn't help matters of polling surveys for the embattled Democratic Governor either. The constant & bitter budget debates with the State Legislature including the Mercury News investigations into the mailing lists brought his approval ratings plunging to one of the lowest ever: 16 percent of Californians approving his job performance. National GOPers including prominent CA GOPers continued escalating their attacks on the Dymally administration, painting it as weak on violent crime & now they would accuse him of mismanaging the once booming budget surplus & taking a Jim Jones-style approach to the Governorship (due to allegations of Dymally accepting campaign donations from the infamous cult leader). The polling surveys showed him facing embarrassing & humiliating defeat against either CA Lieutenant Governor Mike Curb (R) or CA State Attorney General George Deukmejian (R) in head-to-head match-ups respectively.

Other options: running in the special election for the United States Senate in 1982 wasn't much better either. At least not on paper based on the assumption of United States Senator Wilson Riles (D-CA) wouldn't run in the special election..... US Rep. Barry Goldwater, Jr., (R-CA), the son of US Defense Secretary Barry Goldwater, announced his campaign for the United States Senate in the 1982 special election & polls showed him overwhelmingly defeating Dymally. The backup option: Mayor of Los Angeles in 1985 was no good either as polling showed him falling badly to Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley (D) by 70+ points. No matter what Dymally did, he would be going down in political flames & his political career would be over.

Wearing a three-piece suit as he walked inside the Press Conference Room flanked by the three flags: US flag, CA State flag & CA Governor's flag when he came to the podium.

All he was thinking: "How could these multiple setbacks destroy my governorship? Why would the California Democratic Party pressure me out? Over some campaign mailing list? After 20 years in politics, is this how I'll be remembered?"

Governor Dymally cleared his throat & addressed the Press Corps: "Good afternoon my fellow Californians. Um, thank you all for coming. I will want to be brief. I just want to make an announcement.

In recent days, I know there's been countless questions-um, some have been asking me what I intend on doing in 1982. They've asked if I will seek reelection to a second full four-year term as Governor or perhaps run for the United States Senate or maybe Mayor of Los Angeles in 1985. I have been listening to my friends, colleagues and my family when weighing what's the next steps------------the next step-----------is for me.

Therefore, I have decided that the name Mervyn Malcolm Dymally, after 20 years of serving in state government: California State Assembly, California State Senate, Lieutenant Governor of California and the 35th Governor of California, will NOT be appearing on the ballot in 1982 or beyond. Not for United States Senator. Not for Governor and NOT for Mayor of Los Angeles in 1985. After completing my term as the 35th Governor of California on January 3rd, 1983, I will be going into the private sector. I want to thank the people of California for the trust they've given to me for the um-throughout my six years as your Governor. Now I'm looking forward to answering any of your questions."

The room quickly erupted into loud shouting matches: Governor! Governor! Governor Dymally! They aggressively whirred by him in non-stop dizzying storm. They wanted to know if it was because of the FBI & US Justice Department investigations. They wanted to know if he'd called his family about his decision. What's happening with the budget negotiations with the State Legislature? What about the list of political supporters? Was he admitting wrongdoing in the alleged cover-up of Senator Hayward's mysterious death?

Dymally answered their questions for about an HR & 60 minutes; the handkerchief wiping off the perspiration from his forehead due to the extreme heat & drinking a glass of water. Then he told them it was finally enough. "I've got to leave," he said & off he went------out of the Press Conference Room, down the hall, out the doors & out of the State Capitol Building, getting inside the chauffeured limousine which took him back to the Governor's Mansion in Carmichael. Off went Mervyn Dymally into the tranquility of permanent private life. It was only a matter of time now.

Within minutes of hearing the bombshell announcement, Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley (D) started calling his rolodex phone inside his office at Los Angeles City Hall. He was putting a full-fledged statewide campaign for the Governorship together.

Almost immediately, the jockeying for positioning inside the Golden State immediately began:
*CA Lieutenant Governor Mike Curb (R) & CA State Attorney General George Deukmejian (R) both announced campaigns for the Governorship immediately on the GOP side.

*Former State Assembly Speaker Leo McCarthy (D-San Francisco) announced his campaign for the Lieutenant Governorship on the Dem side.

*Los Angeles County District Attorney John Van de Kamp (D) launched an exploratory committee for State Attorney General.

*Three-term San Diego Mayor Pete Wilson (R) announced his campaign for the United States Senate in 1982 against unpopular incumbent United States Senator Samuel Hayakawa (R-CA).

*CA Secretary of State March Fong-Eu (D), CA State Controller Kenneth Cory (D) & CA State Treasurer Jesse Unuruh (D) announced reelection campaigns to their respective down-ballot statewide offices in 1982.

*Bill Honig (NP) announced his campaign for CA Superintendent of Public Instruction in 1982.
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Another Changing of the Guard.....


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June 6th, 1981:
*Reports of former US Rep. Elizabeth Holtzman (D-NY St) considering campaign for the Governorship in Democratic gubernatorial primary.
*Insiders say Cuomo is having private discussions with family inside NY St Executive Mansion in Albany to "discuss next steps".
*Official announcement expected any day now according to sources in Albany.

Speculation is brewing around the possibility of NY St Governor Mario Cuomo (D) might not seek election to a full 4-year term in 1982 because of disastrous polling numbers showing him losing very horribly to former US First Lady Happy Rockefeller (R) in potential head-to-head matchup.

Cuomo hasn't commented on the political speculation as he's busy working on state budget negotiations with the State Legislature in special session. This hasn't stopped NYC Mayor Ed Koch (D) from launching potshots at the Cuomo administration: painting him as soft of violent crime, weak on public safety & blundering the Empire State's budget surplus.

Former US Rep. Elizabeth Holtzman (D-NY St) has been rumored to be seriously considering a campaign for the Governorship & according to the Buffalo Gazette, Holtzman has formed an exploratory committee in preparation for a potential Cuomo retirement.

Governor Cuomo is expected to make an official decision on his political future very shortly following the special session of the NY St State Legislature sometime this month or next month depending.

Coming Soon: National & International Segments (Summer 1981)
Major Announcement from NY St Governor Mario Cuomo (D) on his political future
Reagan Administration Segments: Summer 1981
Entertainment Segments
Pop Culture Segments
National Segments
International Segments
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From the Empire State


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June 12th, 1981
BREAKING: NY ST GOVERNOR MARIO CUOMO (D) MAKES IT OFFICIAL: He will NOT be seeking election to 1st full 4-year term in 1982


NY St Governor Mario Cuomo (D) facing dreadful & pitiful polling numbers, came to the Executive Chamber inside the State Capitol Building in downtown Albany & made it official: Cuomo announced that he was NOT going to be seeking election to a full 4-year term in 1982. He said during the bombshell announcement: "This was a very difficult decision to walk away from the best job ever in New York State and while I understand that everyone won't be happy with this decision, please understand that I want to do something else in my life. Family must come first and politics can take a back seat; It's been an honor serving the people of the Empire State as Secretary of State, Lieutenant Governor and Governor. And for that, I will be forever grateful for your trust in serving as the 52nd Governor of New York State for the past three and a half years. We've got a busy packed special session of the State Legislature ongoing and with the next year and a half coming up, it's important that the people who sent us here, expect us to getting things done. Thank you very much for your support."

Within minutes of hearing the bombshell announcement of Cuomo's shocking retirement, former NYC Mayor John Lindsay (R/D) announced plans on forming an exploratory committee in anticipation for seeking the Governorship. Former US Rep. Elizabeth Holtzman (D-NY St) is expected to officially launch her gubernatorial campaign tomorrow while NYC Mayor Ed Koch (D) appears to be the early front-runner for the Democratic Party nomination.

Cuomo hasn't announced immediate plans on his political future after he leaves the NY St Executive Mansion on December 31st, 1982, but he does plan on working in the private sector & maybe going into private law practice.
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National & International Segments (Summer 1981)


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June 13th, 1981: Chilean First Lady Yvonne Enriquez returns to Chile in a triumphant return home following nearly two & a half years of her long international Goodwill Tour of countries in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asian Pacific. Mrs. Enriquez described the long trip as "Speaking for the Republic of Chile and standing up for the Chilean people in light of an illegal war by Argentina." Mrs. Enriquez plans on increasing her duties as First Lady by focusing on domestic initiatives.

June 14th, 1981: US Defense Secretary Barry Goldwater visits Japan, Korea, Taiwan & Philippines, where he highlighted the Reagan administration's commitment to America's allies. Goldwater also plans to visit Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand & Thailand.

June 15th, 1981: Former President Jerry Brown announced he's running for the United States Senate in 1982 against unpopular incumbent United States Senator Samuel Hayakawa (R-CA). National Dems viewed Brown's entrance as a huge recruiting coup considering his large name recognition.

San Francisco Mayor Dianne Feinstein (D) declines to run for the Governorship in 1982, preferring to wait her time & focusing on running San Francisco. It comes as many of the CA Democratic Party is coalescing around Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley (D), whom many expect to be the Democratic Party nominee for the Governorship.

Bradley's campaign statewide tour in all 58 counties kicked off with stops in San Diego, Palm Springs, Bakersfield, San Jose, Oakland, San Francisco, Colma, & Yuba City.

June 16th, 1981: Former Vice President Jimmy Carter confirms plans are underway in construction plans to building the Jimmy Carter Center of Public Affairs in Atlanta, GA: making it the first-ever museum for a former Vice President. The project's expected to last several years due to construction.

Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos overwhelmingly wins reelection to historic 3rd term defeating Alejo Santos in one of the most lopsided landslide victories in history: 88 percent of the nationwide vote. This comes less than five months after the lifting of Martial Law on January 17th.

June 17th, 1981: Former US First Lady Linda Ronstadt Brown resumes her music career. It comed less than five months after leaving the White House on January 20th; Ronstadt Brown begins touring in Canada beginning next week.

June 18th, 1981: MS Governor William F. Winter (D) announces a special session of the MS State Legislature to discuss Education Reform, which had been stalled in the 1980 & 1981 legislative sessions due to opposition from right-wing conservative state legislators.

June 19th, 1981: Taiwan President Chiang Ching-kuo meets with US Defense Secretary Barry Goldwater at the Presidential Office Building in Taipei, where they discussed the US-Taiwan Alliance; USTWN Military Defense Treaty; Bolstering joint military exercises.

June 20th, 1981: Pope Carlos I has a courtesy call with former LA Governor Edwin Edwards (D) at the Vatican. Edwards described the meeting as cordial & personable.

June 21st, 1981: United States Senator Bob Krueger (D-TX) files legislation called Transparency in American Foreign Policy Act which requires the Executive Branch to receive congressional approval from the Legislative Branch with national defense & foreign policy objectives. The legislation is seen by many as Congress' attempts in trying to reign in the Reagan administration's decision-making on foreign policy.

June 22nd, 1981: United States Senator L. Douglas Wilder (D-VA) announcing he's NOT seeking reelection in 1982 which stunned many supporters & colleagues alike. It's unknown what caused Wilder to retire but political observers suspect that he maybe plotting something political down the road.

National GOPers & VA Republican Party has united behind US Rep. Paul Trible (R-VA) while the VA Democratic Party & National Dems are undergoing a primary to figuring out who'll be the standard bearer to succeed Senator Wilder.

June 23rd, 1981: Former PR Governor Rafael Hernandez Colon (D/PPD) confirmed he will be seeking a rematch against incumbent PR Governor Carlos Romero Barcelo (D/PNP) in 1984 for what several political observers view as the Free Associated State's battle of the Governors for the third consecutive election in a row.

June 24th, 1981: United States Senator Henry M. "Scoop" Jackson (D-WA St) announcing he intends to seek reelection to a 6th term in 1982. Jackson previously unsuccessfully ran for the 1976 Democratic Party presidential nomination before dropping out of the race & successfully seeking reelection to his US Senate seat that year.

June 25th, 1981: Exiled Queen Farah Pahlavi of Iran & her family are granted safe passage into the United States following secret negotiations with US Secretary of State Alexander Haig & senior members of the late Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi.

Colombian President Major General Seymour Quintero begins a six-nation tour: Soviet Union, Romania, Hungary, Belgium, Turkey & Italy. It's part of Quintero's Independent Foreign Policy pivot branding campaign.
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Yvonne's Secret Life (V)


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Segment Disclaimer: The following segment will be NSFW erotic. Viewer discretion is strongly advised!

Yvonne's Secret Life (Part V)
June 29th, 1981
10:21 PM
Enriquez Family Ranch
Outskirts of Vina de Mar, Chile


Yvonne thoroughly enjoying her secret extracurricular activities a lot.

Chilean First Lady Yvonne Enriquez had been heavily swamped with work non-stop 24/7 since returning home to Chile on June 13th. Working inside her office at the La Moneda Palace in Santiago, even sometimes staying inside the office with a temporary bed inside a makeshift bedroom adjacent to her large private office for several days. Her main focus was putting together the Yvonne Enriquez Foundation for Families that will consist of domestic initiatives & specified domestic policy proposals that will help Chileans overall.

While she was busy working with an all-female staff, Yvonne also preferred keeping to herself in an even-keeled profile out of previous Chilean First Ladies. She encouraged her husband, Chilean President Major General Gerald Enriquez to pursue free market economic reforms in order to improve the Chilean economy in light ongoing Civil War between Argentina & Chile; Yvonne also began making the rounds with exclusive interviews with TV stations discussing the Enriquez Feminist Party's annual convention coming up later this year & discussed several key accomplishments of her long international goodwill tour by highlighting the importance of Chile's place on the international stage.

Yvonne's husband was in the Philippines attending the upcoming inauguration of Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos (more on that later in the TL), so Yvonne was going to be busy back home in Chile.

Yvonne personally drove herself to the Enriquez Family Ranch in the outskirts of Vina de Mar & accompanying Yvonne was her young personal confidential secretary Minerva Espino.

From the perspective of Minerva's story on that evening:
"It had been a long week working inside Palacio de Cerro Castillo, where the Enriquezes lived. I had been working as the personal confidential secretary to the First Lady on a part-time basis since Yvonne became First Lady in the Summer of 1979 and was working with the office staff on documentation as well as phoning many people to support the Enriquez Feminist Party's annual convention coming up later this Fall.

This had gone on non-stop all week, but after nearing 6:57 PM, Yvonne told everyone: "It's getting way late, take some days off and I'll see all of you next week." I was putting my things up when Yvonne replied, "I need to talk with you for something important." I replied, "Ok Madam First Lady."

She explained that since her husband, the President was overseas in the Philippines attending the Marcos inauguration, that she asked if I would be interested in keeping her company. I said, "That's quite fine. When do you want me to bring some stuff to work on?" Yvonne said she can drive me over to the Enriquez Family Ranch which was in the heavily secluded outskirts of Vina de Mar. It was 8:00 PM when we left the Palacio de Cerro Castillo in a heavily-tinted vehicle that she always liked driving because it gave her free time to get away from the heavy packed security detail around the Summer Presidential Palace.

Upon arriving at the Family Ranch, Yvonne poured me some weird-looking refreshments and we drank them. It tasted good, so I felt a bit dizzy, "Madam First Lady, I think I feel dizzy because my head is spinning," I went to one of the bedrooms and laid down for awhile while Yvonne said she was going to get into something more comfortable, but would be back in a little bit.

Having slept for about an hour and 57 minutes, I decided to take off my clothes from head to toe; walked naked and barefoot over to the swimming pool, where I was swimming naked and barefoot. It was around 10:00 PM when I heard Yvonne's voice, "Now that's how I like to get very comfortable," she said with a smile as she was completely naked and barefoot. She got into the swimming pool and swam closer to me, when all of sudden: we began kissing passionately and had steamy passionate sex inside the swimming pool throughout the entire evening. It turned out that Yvonne was also an open bisexual with an out of control sex addiction that only I had been aware of her secret sex escapades with exiled Saudi Crown Prince Basaam during her long international goodwill tour.

Less than a few hours later, Yvonne and I were alseep on the large bed inside her large bedroom: both of us still naked and barefoot. We continued our secret lesbian sex escapade throughout the entire week."
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National & International Segments (Summer 1981: Part II)


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Tuesday, June 30th, 1981: Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos is inaugurated for a historic 3rd term at the Quirino Granstand in Manila, Philippines. Among the foreign dignitaries in attendance: US Vice President George HW Bush, Chilean President Major General Gerald Enriquez, Mexican President General Oscar Robles, Portuguese President General Winfield Gonsalves, Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Kwan Yew & Thai Prime Minister Prem Tinsulanonda. During the reception inside Malacanang Palace, Vice President Bush made the infamous praise for Marcos saying, "We love your adherence to democratic principles and to the democratic process."

Wednesday, July 1st, 1981: United States Senator Luis A. Ferre (R-PR) confirmed he will not be seeking reelection in 1984. Having previously served as the Free Associated State's 3rd Governor from January 2nd, 1969 to January 2nd, 1973, Ferre won a special election to winning the Class 2 US Senate seat in 1977 once the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico was admitted to the Union as the 51st state; he was reelected in 1978 & had been working closely with the Reagan administration on Economic Policy by cosponsoring legislation on tax cuts & deregulation reforms.

Thursday, July 2nd, 1981: The US Supreme Court ruled that then-US President Jerry Brown acted within his executive authority on ending the Iranian Hostage Crisis when he agreed in the Algiers Accords to releasing frozen Iranian assets no later than July 19th, in return for the release of the 59+ American hostages from Iran. The decision made just only eight days after the Court heard arguments, clearing the way for the $2.3 billion to being transferred from US banks to Iran.

Friday, July 3rd, 1981: United States Senator Morris Udall (D-AZ) appeared on NBC's 'The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson' where he was asked about a potential campaign for the 1984 Democratic Party presidential nomination. Udall refused to run for President, but intends on remaining focused on his current job in the United States Senate. Udall is up for election to a full 6-year term in the 1982 special election; he was appointed to his Senate seat by AZ Governor Bruce Babbitt (D) upon the resignation of then-United States Senator Barry Goldwater (R-AZ), who was confirmed by the GOP-controlled United States Senate to serve as US Secretary of Defense on January 20th to serve under US President Ronald Reagan.

Saturday, July 4th, 1981: Fourth of July celebrations occur in all 51 states of the United States including the US territories of US Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, Guam & American Samoa.

Sunday, July 5th, 1981
10:00 PM
Summer Presidential Retreat
Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Mexican First Lady Fernanda Arizmendi's health situation had taken a final turn as the terminal advanced cervical cancer she had been secretly battling for the past two years, had spread all over her body to the point of dramatic weight loss down to the lowest ever: 73 pounds.

Worse, Fernanda was never even told about what was causing her to be severely ill. Her own husband, three-term Mexican President General Oscar Robles adamantly refused to tell her the whole truth because of political optics. There was alot weighing on Robles' mind: the once booming budget surplus in the first two terms upon taking power in a CIA-backed military coup d'etat on February 21st, 1973, was quickly vanishing before his eyes due to the ongoing Inflation Crisis engulfing everyone across the world, Mexico's economy had been undergoing a downward trend in recent years as a result of Oscar & Fernanda's domestic mismanagement of the federal budget to spend on multiple domestic policy initiatives & domestic programs. Let's not forget about the growing opposition from some super right-wing segments of the Mexican Army who were staunchly opposed to the Robles administration.

Now, his biggest political asset, Fernanda was on the verge of passing away before his very eyes & deeply regretting never telling her the entire truth about why she was constantly losing weight including being ill all of the time since the shocking fainting incident in the Summer of 1979.

Inside his wife's room on the second floor, included several of his children, five of Fernanda's siblings. His youngest daughter, Donna Belle was helping Fernanda drinking water through a straw. They knew this was one of the final moments that they were likely going to have with her.

Fernanda's sister, Mireya Alexander was at her bedside, wondering what will happen to Fernanda's seven daughters considering Oscar will be a widower & raising the seven daughters alone. She had been also wondering what kind of legacy that her young sister would leave for future generations of Mexicans will remember her achievements & accomplishments as First Lady of the United Mexican States.

The time was getting closer when Fernanda opened her eyes & looked at her husband of the last 12 years, all of her seven daughters, several of her stepchildren & five of her siblings inside the bedroom & smiled at them saying "I love you all," Fernanda then looked at her sister, Mireya & told her "I am leaving!" & then looked out the window to see crowd of well-wishers gathering at the gates of the Summer Presidential Retreat Grounds before Fernanda Arizmendi smiled & peacefully passed away with her family at her side at 10:00 PM.

Within minutes of being notified of the news, Giorgio Evanggeliou, the eccentric Greek embalmer began putting together chemicals & eccentric methods in place. He was putting together a long-dragged out perfection of the perfect masterpiece.
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