Bombshell from Springfield, IL


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December 1st, 1980

Bombshell reports coming out of Springfield, IL: The IL Supreme Court voted 6-1 stopping the full-scale statewide recount in all 102 counties effective immediately. The majority opinion ruled that the Carter campaign & their lawyers failed to provide specific evidence of illegal irregularities in several key regions of IL.

Following news of the bombshell ruling, outgoing IL Secretary of State & incoming United States Senator Alan J. Dixon (D) announced he will join IL Governor Big Jim Thompson (R) in certifying IL's 26 electoral votes to former CA Governor Ronald Reagan (R), which means in all likelihood that Ronald Wilson Reagan, the former Hollywood actor turned 33rd Governor of CA will be the 41st President of the United States come January 20th, 1981; After four years in the wilderness, GOPers are back in control of the White House.

According to ABC 17 WAND-TV Springfield, Governor Reagan appears to have narrowly won IL by less than 719 votes. With the Land of Lincoln's 26 electoral votes going into the GOP column, Reagan will win the 1980 Presidential election with 291 electoral votes defeating Vice President Jimmy Carter, who won 252 electoral votes.
Fallout from the Bombshell Ruling in Springfield, IL (Part I)


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December 1st, 1980
12:00 PM EST
Number One Observatory Circle
Washington, DC

This was NOT the way his White House dreams were going to be ending like this: losing a heartbreaker in seeing IL's 26 electoral votes going to Reagan & therefore the Presidency.

James Earl "Jimmy" Carter, Jr., the well-liked peanut farmer from Plains, GA who served in the US Naval Reserve & later ventured into politics by serving in the GA State Senate, then the GA Governor's Mansion before ultimately winning the Vice Presidency in 1976, watched helplessly as his second campaign for the White House ended in such a devastating heartbreaking fashion courtesy of the IL Supreme Court.

Overcoming the deep unpopularity of President Jerry Brown especially his own unpopularity, Carter aggressively campaigned hard across all 51 states including managing to narrowly hold onto parts of the South. It was so close, but not good enough to overcome. It couldn't be enough, wasn't enough for many Americans to stomach a potential eight year extension of the chaotic Brown administration.

"This really hurts Rosalynn. It really does!", Carter said to Rosalynn as both were watching the ABC News Special Report on television inside the private family quarters of the Number One Observatory Circle. For the 43rd Vice President of the United States, his political career was pretty much all but over for good.

Upon turning down the volume, Carter asked Hamilton Jordan, the VP's Chief of Staff: "Ham. Get me President-elect Reagan on the telephone right now because I want to offer him my congratulations right now." After handing the Vice President the telephone, where Carter called Governor Reagan to congratulate him, Jordan & the rest of the Georgia Mafia began secrerly strategizing the next steps of their boss' political future: albeit a very narrow window of a potential political future if there was one.

Carter was holding the phone waiting for Governor Reagan to answer. The waiting had to be frustrating for the Peanut Farmer from Georgia, whose White House dreams were smashed again!
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Upcoming Segments in Chapter XIII


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Upcoming Segments that I'll be working on during the weekend. It'll be posted sometime next week barring major breaking news developments nationally or internationally.

*VP Carter concession speech.
*President-elect Reagan victory speech.
*Transition: Brown to Reagan.
*International Segments.
*Ramifications of Reagan's narrow victory.
Over in the Golden State!


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December 1st, 1980
9:25 AM PST
Rancho del Cierro
Somewhere in Santa Barbara, CA

Ronald Wilson Reagan FINALLY did it! He was going to be the 41st President of the United States. After previous attempts of seeeing his White House dreams being blocked in 1968 & 1976 especially after explosive bombshell audio recordings exposed Reagan's inner Karen-esque language while ranting to President Nixon back in 1971, which all but killed Reagan's 2nd campaign for the 1976 GOP Presidential nomination.

It was assumed that his political career was over after that.... But after seeing then-Vice President Edward Brooke lost to then-CA Governor Jerry Brown (D) in the 1976 Presidential election after TX & its 26 electoral votes went to Brown that year, Reagan secretly began plotting his 3rd campaign for the White House in 1980.

Following four chaotic years of the Jerry Brown administration both domestically & internationally, Americans wanted change & in the worst way. At this point, they couldn't care less if someone like Reagan would be leading the nation into a more staunchly conservative direction.

While he was reading the newspaper inside the living room of his ranch, Nancy was excitedly happy as she told him: "Ronnie! Please turn on the television right now, there's a major development happening in Illinois." Reagan was curious as to why his wife was acting all excited, "What's the reason why you're acting all strangely excited?" I'll turn it on right now."

John Chancellor of NBC News broke into regularly scheduled programming to deliver an important announcement: "Good Morning everyone. We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to deliver a major important announcement in regard to the uncertainty of the 1980 Presidential election. After nearly an entire month of waiting and following a full-scale statewide recount in the state of Illinois with 26 electoral votes at stake. NBC News has gotten confirmation that the Illinois Supreme Court has ruled 6-1 in stopping a full-scale statewide recount and therefore ruling that former California Governor Ronald Wilson Reagan has won Illinois and its 26 electoral votes, putting him at 291 electoral votes, which means Governor Reagan will be the 41st President of the United States beginning on January 20th, 1981......."

Almost immediately, Ronnie & Nancy both hugged each other with excitement. Knocks on the door, it was Edwin Meese, "Congratulations Mr. President. Illinois brought it home for us sir!" The other senior Reagan campaign officials also arrived as well offering their congratulations.

The phone rang, Meese gave it to Governor Reagan, who had a big smirk on his face.

Governor Reagan: "Hello?"

Vice President Carter: "Congratulations Governor Reagan on a hard-earned victory in this presidential campaign. Rosalynn and I are praying for you and your family as you take this solemn and sacred office in leading our great nation."
(Reagan, who was trying hard not to contain his grin & glee of hearing Carter calling to concede)
Governor Reagan: "Thank you for calling me to offer your concession Mr. Vice President. I greatly appreciate it."
Vice President Carter: "Pretty soon, I'll be making a speech before my supporters very soon and just wanted to say once again, congratulations on a hard-earned and hard-fought victory. Wishing you the best of luck. Goodbye!"
Governor Reagan: "Thanks so much Mr. Vice President."

After hanging up the phone, Reagan gleefully said "That's it. We FINALLY did it!"

Once again, the phone rang & Meese answered it. He tapped the President-elect on the shoulder. On the other line, it was outgoing President Jerry Brown waiting.

Governor Reagan: "Hello?"
President Brown: "Congratulations Governor Reagan on becoming the 41st President of the United States after a hard-earned victory. I just wanted you to know that Linda and I are inviting you and Nancy to the White House as there will be a smooth transition between my administration and your incoming administration."
Governor Reagan: "I greatly appreciate it Mr. President. Nancy and I will be there in the next few days."
President Brown: "I-uh. Um, just wanted to offer my congratulations and I'm sure many people back in California are excited at having three Californians holding the Presidency: President Nixon, myself and you considering both of us used to serve as Governor of California respectively."
Governor Reagan: "Mr. President, thanks again. Goodbye."
President Brown: "Um. Yeah, goodbye Governor."

Reagan turned to Nancy & said "That jackass is still a pipsqueak punk all the way to the very end just like his father. Only reason why he didn't seek reelection is because I would've whooped his incompetent ass and he KNEW it!"
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The Concession from the Peanut Farmer from Georgia


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December 1st, 1980
Sheraton Washington Hotel
Washington, DC


The motorcade left the Number One Observatory Circle around 12:57 PM EST as Vice President Jimmy Carter was heading to the Sheraton Washington Hotel in Washington, DC to deliver what was likely his final speech as a politician.

His White House dreams all but dashed forever: In 1976, he lost the Democratic Party presidential nomination to then-CA Governor Jerry Brown (D), who quickly tapped him to serve as VP in the spirit of unity. Once Brown shocked the nation by announcing he wasn't seeking reelection in 1980 back in October 1978, Carter announced his 2nd campaign for the Presidency following the 1978 Midterm elections in December of 1978.

For awhile, it seemed Carter would easily coast to the 1980 Democratic Party presidential nomination.... But then the flamboyant & controversial Silver Fox from Louisiana in the name of Edwin Washington Edwards caused absolute chaos & almost knocked off the Peanut Farmer from Georgia in the long-dragged-out battle for delegates before Carter eventually narrowly won the nomination, finally becoming the standard bearer of the Democratic Party in 1980 yet he carefully distanced himself from the unpopular President Brown, whose approval ratings were pathetic.

Despite what many political analysts assumed was supposed to be a blowout loss, Carter campaigned very aggressively across all 51 states even closing the gap from what was a 17 point deficit & turning the election into a dead heat against former CA Governor Ronald Reagan (R).

The ongoing Iranian Hostage Crisis & massive unemployment including the Inflation Crisis was too much for Carter to overcome because many viewed him as a continuation of the chaotic Brown administration & fairly or not: Nobody wanted 12 years of Dem control of the White House, implying a de-facto Jerry Brown 2nd & 3rd term.

Political analysts & Presidential historians viewed the 1980 Presidential election as a nationwide referendum on outgoing President Jerry Brown. The American people delivered their verdict: voting for Reagan, albeit narrowly.

"I wonder if Reagan was really sincere with the phone call. Wondering if he was trashing me behind my back after I hung up," Carter wondered while riding in his traditional back seat inside the VP limousine with the VP Seal as his wife, Rosalynn was holding his hand giving him words of comfort.

His daughter, Amy Carter looked grumpy & miserable. She wasn't in a good mood, starring at the floor.

"Ham. Let's get this over with, I want to deliver this speech and get back to work as soon as possible." Carter snapped at VP Chief of Staff Hamilton Jordan.

Arriving at the Sheraton Washington Hotel, Vice President Carter was greeted by several Brown administration Cabinet Secretaries such as US Secretary of State Cyrus Vance, US Health & Human Services Secretary Patricia Roberts Harris, US Interior Secretary Cecil Andrus, US Education Secretary Shirley Hufstedler including DNC Chairman Robert Strauss.

Secret Service agents made their way by rushing the Vice President & Second Lady towards a holding room, while one of the reporters for NBC News asked if he had spoken to Governor Reagan, now the incoming 41st President. Carter refused to speak & kept going. Among those accompanying the Vice President was Rev. Jesse Jackson of the Rainbow Coalition.

The VP anthem "Hail Columbia" was performed by the marching band as the Carter's arrived on stage before cheering crowd of supporters inside the ballroom of the Sheraton Washington Hotel.

James Earl Carter, Jr., the 43rd Vice President of the United States got to the podium with the VP Seal as he was going to deliver his final speech as a politician after 26 years: Sumter County Board of Education; GA State Senate; Governor of GA & Vice President of the United States.

Vice President Jimmy Carter: "Good afternoon. The people of the United States have made their choice, and of course, I accept their decision. But, I have to admit, not with the same enthusiasm that I accepted 4 years ago as Vice President. I have a deep appreciation of the system, however, that lets people make the free choice about who will lead them for the next 4 years.

About an hour ago, I called Governor Reagan (Crowd boos) in California and I told him that I congratulated him for a hard-earned victory. I look forward to working closely with him during the next few weeks. We'll have a very fine transition period. I told him I wanted the best one in history. And I then sent this telegram and I'll read it to you. "It's now apparent that the American people have chosen you as the next President. I congratulate you and pledge to you our fullest support and cooperation in bringing about an orderly transition of government in the weeks ahead. My best wishes are with you and your family as you undertake the responsibilities that lie before you," and I signed it Jimmy Carter (Crowd cheers).

I have been blessed as only a few people ever have, to help shape the destiny of this Nation. In that effort I've had your faithful support. In some ways, I've been the most fortunate of Vice Presidents, because I've had the honor of working with one of a wisest, honest and good man at my side during these 4 years, in mu judgement, the best hardworking President, Jerry Brown (Crowd cheers).

The Brown-Carter administration hadn't achieved all we had set out to do; perhaps no one ever does. But we have faced the tough and difficult issues. We stood for and we've fought for and we have achieved some very important goals for our country with countless accomplishments and achievements. These efforts will not end with this administration. The effort must go on. Nor will the progress that we have made be lost when we leave office. The great principles that have guided this Nation since its very founding will continue to guide America through the challenges of the future.

This has been a long and hard-fought campaign, as you well know. But we must now come together as a united and unified people to solve the problems that are still before us, to meet the challenges of a new decade. And I urge all of you to join Rosalynn and I in a sincere and fruitful effort to support Governor Reagan when he undertakes this great responsibility as the 41st President of the United States on January 20th, 1981.

Ours is a special country, because our vast economic and military strength give us a special responsibility for seeking solutions to the problems that confront the world. But our influence will always be greater when we live up to those principles of freedom, of justice, of human rights, for all people.

God has been good to me, and God has been good to this country, and I'm truly thankful. I'm thankful for having been able to dedicate myself in public service: Sumter County Board of Education, the Georgia State Senate, Governor of Georgia and the 43rd Vice President of the United States; thankful for the successes that we've had; Thankful that to the end you were with me and every good that I tried to do.

There's an old Yiddish proverb that I've often thought about in the days and months that I've held the Vice Presidency. It says simply, "God gives burdens; also shoulders," In all the days and months when I have served you and served this great country, you've readily give me your shoulders, your faith and your prayers. No man couldn't ask any way of his deeds and actions.

I've wanted to serve as President because I love this country and because I love the people of this Nation. Finally, let me say that while I am disappointed by the outcome of this election today, but I have not lost either love.

Thank you very much and God Bless America."
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Victory Speech from the incoming 41st President of the United States


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December 1st, 1980
12:00 PM PST
Century Plaza Hotel
Los Angeles, CA


The crowds kept chanting "We Want Reagan! We Want Reagan! We Want Reagan!"

Ronald Wilson Reagan came before the large cheering crowds inside the ballroom of the Century Plaza Hotel & began to deliver his victory speech as the incoming 41st President of the United States.

President-elect Reagan: "First of all, let me just say (Crowd keeps cheering loudly). There's never been a more humbling moment in my life, not only humbled by the extent of what's happened today, but of the trust being put into me as we're approaching the future including a new decade. But just to have had the support of the people of this great country, this beautiful and free land, and of your trust, is an honor and a privilege. I consider the trust that you have placed in me sacred and I give everyone watching from all over this great Nation this afternoon, my sacred oath that I will do my utmost to justifying your faith. I have spoken with Vice President Carter, who was very gracious and characteristically articulate and polite. And I must congratulate him on the articulate campaign he had ran, and the millions of Americans that he inspired through his earnest faith in America and genuine honesty. I wish him and his family the best as they pursue their future endeavors.

And now, all across America, there are some people I owe a great debt of thanks to. There they are, they are meeting tonight in our national headquarters just across town here in Los Angeles, the national committee people, the dedicated professionals who made the campaign run efficiently and in every one of the 51 states, in the counties, in the cities, in the precincts, to all of them who worked so tirelessly, literally hundreds of thousands of volunteers, and I've seen them at work throughout the country on this campaign, I just owe them an immeasurable debt of thanks. To George and Barbara Bush, our running mates down in Texas, nobody has worked harder than they have. We only crossed paths a few times on this campaign, and had to go out of our way to do it because their schedule was so heavy. And I can tell you, despite our differences on many issues, we're going to have a true partnership in the White House. And now, as I said before, my family: I'm so grateful to them, for the love, for the support and for the hard work, because some of them were out on the campaign trail easily as much as Nancy and I were. And speaking of Nancy, she's going to have a new title in several weeks come January 20th, 1981. And it isn't really new because she's been the first lady in my life for a long time. Now, we'll share that little bit in the future.

As everyone knows, Abraham Lincoln, the day after his election to the presidency, gathered in his office the newsmen who had been covering his campaign and he said to them: "Well boys, your troubles are now over, mine has just begun."

I think I know what he meant. Lincoln may have been concerned in the troubled times in which he became president, but I don't think he was afraid. He was ready to confront the problems and the troubles of a still youthful country, determined to seize the historic opportunity to change things. I am not frightened by what lies ahead and I don't believe the American people are frightened by what lies ahead. Together, we're going to do what needs to be done. We're going to make America into America again. I aim to try and tap that great American spirit that opened up this completely undeveloped continent from coast to coast and made it a great nation, survived several wars, survived the Great Depression, and we'll survive the problems and troubles we're facing right now. When I accepted your nomination for president, I asked for your prayers at that moment. I won't ask for them in this particular moment but I will say I would be very happy to have them in the days ahead.

All I can say to all of you is thank you and thank you more than Ambassador Bush and myself, thank you for standing for the values you saw were represented by me. Thank you for standing with me, and for this beautiful nation, this shining city on a hill. You made this entirely possible.

Now, I have one message that I have to give before I leave. I've been upstairs on the phone, trying to get a hold of two celebrations, the two parties happening right now: one in Tampico, Illinois, where I was born, and one in Dixon, Illinois, where I grew up. I've got two hometowns. And finally, we managed to get the radio station in that area and they told us that they would broadcast my message to the two parties that are going on right now, so to all of them, thank you too, back there in the hometown. And to everyone, from the shores of the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico to the Chesapeake, and everywhere in between who cast their vote for me, you have my eternal gratitude.

Thank you all, thanks very much. God Bless You and this beautiful nation."

(Crowd cheers loudly as the Reagan's wave to the large packed crowd before leaving the ballroom).

Final Results: President

Former Governor Ronald Reagan (R-CA)/Former CIA Director George HW Bush (R-TX): 41,831,883 (49.19%)✔
291 Electoral Votes: Declared Winner

Vice President Jimmy Carter (D-GA)/Former US Secretary of State Walter Mondale (D-MN): 41,549,637 (48.00%)
252 Electoral Votes (including DC & Puerto Rico)

Upcoming Segments Coming Up Next:
Transition Meetings between President Brown & President-elect Reagan
First Cabinet Appointments
Journalistic analysis of Carter's defeat
Political ramifications of Reagan's victory going forward
International Fallout of Reagan defeating Carter
Foreign Policy under a Reagan administration
Where do the Dems go forward now after Carter's narrow defeat ?
Upcoming Generation of Dems
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National & International Segments (Fall 1980: Part XXV)


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Tuesday, December 2nd, 1980: President-elect Reagan & his key aides convened at the Reagan Ranch in Santa Ynez Mountain range near Santa Barbara, CA to begin preparing transition process, which will be led by Michael Deaver.

Wednesday, December 3rd, 1980: President-elect Reagan & his wife, Nancy travel to Washington, DC., where they take up temporary residence at the Mayflower Hotel while President Jerry Brown begins preparing retirement from public life according to anonymous sources, but Brown hasn't commented on any political future plans yet...

Thursday, December 4th, 1980: Vice President Jimmy Carter begins making plans for his retirement & holds exclusive interview on ABC News, where he discussed the accomplishments of the Brown-Carter administration; his unsuccessful 1980 presidential campaign; what will the future look like for the Carter's going forward.

Friday, December 5th, 1980: The Houston Chronicle reports that TX State Attorney General Mark W. White, Jr., (D) has begun putting together a full-scale statewide GOTV organization by coordinating with TX Lieutenant Governor Bill Hobby (D) & United States Senators Lloyd Bentsen (D-TX) & Bob Krueger (D-TX). Speculation is growing White intends to make an official campaign launch for the Governorship in 1982 against incumbent TX Governor William P. Clements, Jr., (R) in two years.

Saturday, December 6th, 1980: In his first major appearance since the election, President-elect Ronald Reagan announced on NBC's 'Meet the Press' that he has selected former US Undersecretary of Commerce James A. Baker, III to serve as White House Chief of Staff, while Mike Deaver will be serving as Deputy White House Chief of Staff. In addition, Edwin Meese will serve as Counselor to the President & Pat Buchanan agrees to serve as White House Communications Director.

Sunday, December 7th, 1980: While the Reagan transition goes full-steam ahead, President Brown meets with trusted aides & trusted advisors in planning the construction of a presidential library, preferably somewhere on the campus of the University of California-Berkeley or possibly Stanford University.

NY St Governor Mario Cuomo (D) warns that the incoming Reagan administration will "dismantle all of the Brown administration's policies of progress including the Panama Canal Treaties." during an interview with Walter Cronkite of CBS News inside the living room of the NY St Executive Mansion in Albany & declines to answer questions about a potential presidential campaign in 1984. Cuomo hasn't made a decision on whether he will be seeking election to his 1st full 4-year term in 1982 & won't be making any decision until the end of the 1981 legislative session.
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Transition: Brown to Reagan


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Monday, December 8th, 1980: President Brown hosting President-elect Reagan for transition meeting
11:00 AM EST
White House
Washington, DC


President Jerry Brown welcomes President-elect Ronald Reagan to the White House during the transition meeting.

Monday, December 8th, 1980 was the big day that Ronald Wilson Reagan entered the White House as the President-elect for a formal meeting with President Edmund Gerald Brown, Jr., because it was quite ironic considering the two had done a transition meeting back in Sacramento from 1974 when the younger Brown won the CA Governorship. Both Reagan & Brown had been in contact since the election, as Brown prepared transferring the Presidency to either Reagan or Carter. With the election finally decided on December 1st, Reagan received an invitation to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for the next Monday. He was hosted inside the Oval Office, while Vice President-elect George HW Bush met with outgoing Vice President Jimmy Carter at the Number One Observatory Circle.

As extensively covered by the press: Linda Ronstadt-Brown hosted Nancy Reagan for a conversation at the East Wing. Outside the White House, about 573 demonstrators assembled to protest Reagan's election & demanded new efforts stopping certification of the IL election results. Some were holding signs "Carter is the REAL President!" or "Reagan is Illegitimate".

Originally, the meeting was supposed to be scheduled for an HR, but it lasted 95 minutes. Only then reporters of the White House Press Corps were granted access to the Oval Office with Brown & Reagan delivering some remarks & taking some questions.

President Brown: "Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen and my fellow Americans, today I had the distinct honor of hosting President-elect Reagan to the White House. Today, we had the chance to personally meet face-to-face once again. As many of you know, this isn't the first time there's been a transition from Brown to Reagan then from Reagan to Brown, dating back to the California Governorship in 1967 and 1975 respectively (laughter from those in the press corps). Now going back to the task at hand: we had the chance to discuss a wide range of various issues affecting our nation, the business of government and a host of other issues on the international front. It was a very polite and productive discussion. The President-elect asked me several questions to make sure a smooth transition of power occurs. I have personally pledged my full cooperation after already instructing my team and all federal agencies to reach out to his team. I think after this tumultuous election, it is very vitally important we sit here together and assuring the American people and the world that the transition from one administration to the next one occurs in an organized and professional fashion. Let me again thank you, Mr. President-elect, for your commitment to ensure such a smooth thorough process. Sir, the floor is all yours."

(President Brown & President-elect Reagan shaking hands)

President-elect Reagan: "Thank you very much Mr. President. Let me again thank you for your cooperation and commitment to make sure our country is well. I think all Americans can be proud that you, President Brown, guided us through some difficult 4 years, international crises and a contested election with a steady hand. Americans will remember that. Now, as the President said, we talked about several issues affecting our nation that will require prompt actions by the current and incoming administration. I can already tell you that my team will be granted resources of federal agencies to working out an economic emergency program which I will submit to Congress soon after taking office. Our economic situation requires swift action and I'm ready to take whatever steps necessary. Additionally, the President informed me about the ongoing stalemate as a result of Argentina's deadly invasion of Chile. I'm very concerned about these reports and will soon outline my policies to maintain the peace. In the meantime, President Brown and his administration will be in steady contact with me and my top staff. America speaks with one voice here. However, let me add that there's always one president at a time, and therefore, I will not comment on President Brown's decisions while he is the commander-in-chief. Thank you once again, Mr. President, also in the name of Nancy, who is having a meeting with Mrs. Brown and Vice President-elect Bush, meeting with Vice President Carter."

President Brown: "Thank you very much again. Alright, we have a few minutes of questions. Madam over there. Go ahead."

Reporter 1: "Mr. President, Republican members of Congress are proposing controversial legislation called Election Integrity and also pushing on introducing a constitutional amendment which would eliminate ballot access methods in all 51 states. What's your opinion on this? And President-elect Reagan, would you be willing to support this?"

President Brown: "I haven't heard about any legislation regarding the so-called Election Integrity at this moment since we're in the lame duck session. It's an issue that might come up for debate at a later date. Today my focus is on making sure the transition of power occurs without further interruption so that President-elect Reagan and his team are ready on Day One. Because when they are, it's in the best interest of America."

President-elect Reagan: "I have no comment to add on the subject."

Reporter 1: "But Mr. President, don't you have an opinion on the controversial legislation and the ramif...."

President Brown: "I stand by my current position. The presidential election we just had was conducted in accordance with the laws and the constitution. Next question please."

Reporter 2: "Mr. President-elect. There's speculation about who would you appoint to replace the retiring Supreme Court Associate Pat Brown on the US Supreme Court. Who would you select as his replacement?"

President-elect Reagan: "Associate Justice Edmund G. Brown, Sr., had recently announced his plans of stepping down from the US Supreme Court after nearly 13 years. I thanked him for his service to our country and I will not reveal any plans on whom I would replace him with at this time. I can assure you and the public that I will appoint a successor in due time, but cannot elaborate any further."

Reporter 2: "And------if I might----------will you and Mrs. Reagan live in the White House full-time?"

(Laughter ensues throughout the Oval Office)

President-elect Reagan : (Laughs) "I can assure you and the public that Nancy and I will be proud to calling the White House our new home. I kind of expected this question at some point. But not already today."

President Brown: "It's never too early. You'll learn that the hard way pretty soon here."

President-elect Reagan: "Nancy and I will let you know at some point. Don't worry. I will let you know first."

Reporter 2: "Alright. I will take you at your word sir."
Reagan Cabinet Picks


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Tuesday, December 9th, 1980: Reagan revealing more Cabinet appointments: Goldwater tapped to serve as US Secretary of Defense; Haig to serve as US Secretary of State
While President-elect Reagan was back in the Golden State putting together his incoming administration, there were more Cabinet appointments named to serve in the incoming Reagan administration. Former Nixon & Ford White House Chief of Staff & former NATO Ambassador US Army General Alexander Haig was announced by President-elect Reagan to serve as US Secretary of State; recently reelected United States Senator Barry Goldwater (R-AZ) was announced to serve as US Secretary of Defense. The news of Goldwater being tapped to leading the Pentagon shocked many on Capitol Hill including Goldwater himself, who narrowly won reelection to a 5th term. With the United States Senate expected to be in GOP control come January 1981, Goldwater is likely to resign his US Senate seat pending Senate confirmation, which will mean AZ Governor Bruce Babbitt (D) will likely appoint a successor to fill the vacancy.

Wednesday, December 10th, 1980: Ugandan President Milton Obote's Uganda People's Party wins 75 seats & Kidemokrasia had won 50 seats; Obote won a 2nd term as President in the same election, in that whichever party had the majority in Parliament to decide the President.

Thursday, December 11th, 1980: The Republic of Korea military government of Korean President Chun Doo-hwan released eight political prisoners including dissident Kim Chi-ha, a poet who had been imprisoned for more than six years.

The US Paperwork Reduction Act is signed into law by outgoing US President Jerry Brown. The law sets a goal of reducing the number of pages of required federal forms by 15% by October 1st, 1982, with the goal of 25% less by October 1st, 1983.

Tom Selleck's detective TV series 'Magnum PI' filmed on location in Honolulu, HI, made its debut on CBS with a 2-HR pilot, replacing the vacated spot of 'Hawaii Five-0'.

Friday, December 12th, 1980: Gene Wilder & Richard Pryor teaming up for one of the most popular films of 1980: 'Stir Crazy', which was produced by Sidney Poitier.

Saturday, December 13th, 1980: Salvadoran Foreign Minister Jose Napoleon Duarte, who was one of the four members of the governing Junta, was announced to serve as the next President of El Salvador after being selected as the chairman of the Junta. Duarte would be sworn into office on December 22nd.
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Cabinet Appointments announced


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Monday, December 15th, 1980

President-elect Ronald Reagan announced more additional Cabinet appointments for his incoming administration following consultation with senior officials from the Reagan campaign including former officials from the Nixon, Ford & Rockefeller administrations.

Among those announced to serve in the Reagan administration:
*Former SC Governor James B. Edwards (R) was tapped to serve as US Secretary of Energy.
*Donald Regan tapped to serve as US Secretary of the Treasury.
*US Rep. David Stockman (R-MI) tapped to serve as OMB Director.
*RNC Chairman Bill Brock was tapped to serve as US Trade Representative.
*Malcolm Baldridge, Jr., will serve as US Secretary of Commerce.
*John R. Block will be serving as US Secretary of Agriculture.
*United States Senator Richard Schweiker (R-PA) will be serving as US Secretary of Health & Human Services.
*Samuel Pierce will be serving as US Secretary of Housing & Urban Development.
*Raymond Donovan will be tapped to serve as US Secretary of Labor.
*Drew Lewis will be tapped to serve as US Secretary of Transportation.
*James G. Watt is being tapped to serve as US Secretary of the Interior.
*Terrel Bell will be serving as US Secretary of Education.
*William French Smith will be serving as US Attorney General.
*Jeane Kirkpatrick will be serving as US Ambassador to the United Nations.
*William J. Casey will be serving as CIA Director.
*FBI Director William H. Webster, who's been in office since 1978 (appointed by President Jerry Brown) will remain in his current position. President-elect Reagan announced that Webster will be staying.

Wednesday, December 17th, 1980: Robles inaugurated for 3rd term as Mexican President
Mexican President General Oscar Robles was inaugurated inside the National Palace in Mexico City for a 3rd term in office. His wife, Mexican First Lady Fernanda Arizmendi was in attendance; many of those attending the inaugural festivities were shocked by Arizmendi's gaunt appearance because she looked quite thin. Speculation has been swirling around that her health scare from the Summer of 1979 might be more serious than originally thought & the Mexican military government has been aggressively tight-lipped about Arizmendi's health problems.
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Fallout from the 1980 Presidential election results


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What's next for Carter & the Dems ?

From the moment the 1980 Presidential election was called following weeks of legal fights & drama, political journalists, officials on Capitol Hill & around the country discussed the future of the Democratic Party. Vice President Jimmy Carter, was seen by many, as one of the rising stars of the Democratic Party which began with his vault to the GA Governor's Mansion in an era of the New South Governors which included Dale Bumpers (AR), William Waller (MS), Reubin Askew (FL), Edwin Edwards (LA) in the early 1970s.

With his zero-based budgeting process techniques, Moderate-to-Conservative charisma, evangelical Christian faith, traditional family values & successful governing track record in GA, Carter was mentioned as one of the saviors of the Democratic following the embarrassing humiliating landslide defeat of George McGovern in 1972 by then-President Richard Nixon; Carter was also seen as someone, who would bring an outsider's perspective with fresh set of ideas to the Nation that someday, would have enough of Nixon's racially-charged divisive dog-whistle politics.

Following the explosive fallout from the Watergate Scandal & Nixon's resignation in August 1974 followed by the controversial pardon of Nixon by President Gerald Ford caused nationwide backlash against the GOP in the 1974 Midterm elections. Carter finished out his term as GA Governor & began campaigning for the 1976 Democratic Party presidential nomination. He was seen as one of the early front-runners for the nomination & some polling had Carter trouncing Ford in a potential head-to-head matchup.

Then tragedy struck, in September 1975, when Ford was assassinated in Sacramento & Nelson Rockefeller ascended to the Presidency; However, Rockefeller then announced in late October 1975 that he wasn't seeking election to a full 4-year term in 1976.

Carter continued his campaign for the Democratic Party presidential nomination in 1976 while the GOP had an ugly bitter primary battle between Vice President Edward Brooke vs former CA Governor Ronald Reagan, which ultimately abruptlt ended when leaked audio recordings doomed Reagan's campaign.

Little did Carter realize that another outsider was sucking up all of the oxygen: CA Governor Jerry Brown, who continued gaining momentum & support including from former primary rivals.

The first loss came in the Summer of 1976 when Brown handily defeated Carter for the Democratic Party presidential nomination following months long primary fight. In order to quickly unite the Democratic Party as going by the same page, Brown immediately tapped Carter as VP which he accepted on the spot. The Democrats emerged victorious & won back the Presidency for the first time since 1964 following a full-scale rotation of three consecutive GOP Presidents within eight years: Nixon (1969-74), Ford (1974-75) & Rockefeller (1975-77). Carter was a dedicated, hardworking & loyal VP under President Brown during 4 years which saw domestic & economic challenges including several explosive foreign policy hot-spots such as the Iranian Hostage Crisis, Nicaraguan Revolution, Civil War between Argentina & Chile, Operation Cowboy following the deadly attack on the Panama Canal & the explosive Saudi Revolution among countless other incidents.

But he never faded into the background, always plotting another campaign for the Presidency presumably in 1984 after many had assumed Brown wouldn't be seeking reelection. Then, in October 1978 Brown dropped a major political bombshell when he announced he wasn't seeking reelection in 1980. Almost immediately, Carter launched his second campaign for the Presidency less than two months later. However, he had to overcome a bitter, nasty & uglier primary fight with former LA Governor Edwin Edwards, who aggressively gave Carter more headaches & problems. Things escalated during the 1980 DNC Convention in San Juan when Carter delegates got into violent physical brawls & fights with EWE supporters on the convention floor all broadcast on live TV before the entire nation including the entire world. It had gotten so ugly, that law enforcement officers from the San Juan Metropolitan Police Department including PR DPS State Troopers had to be deployed in aggressively breaking up the violent protests. Carter ultimately narrowly won the nomination defeating the Silver Fox from Louisiana, but the damage from the primary battle was pretty much done, damaging Carter's prospects in the November general election.

Despite aggressively closing what was a 17 percentage point deficit against Reagan & turning the general election into an extremely tight one, Carter again fell short. This time, by 719 votes in IL.

Meanwhile, Vice President Carter hasn't discussed nor addressed his political future. Personal close confidants of him strongly think he will not seek political office again.
Jockeying for positioning


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December 18th, 1980

*Sources in Albany indicate NY St Governor Mario Cuomo (D) is fearful of a matchup with popular former US First Lady.
*Exploration Committee formed weeks following months of reflection.
*Polling surveys show Cuomo trailing by 20-25 points in head-to-head match-ups with Mrs. Rockefeller.

According to the Albany Times Union, former US First Lady Happy Rockefeller (R) had quietly formed an exploratory committee on a possible campaign for the Governorship of NY St in 1982 running against incumbent NY St Governor Mario Cuomo (D), who hasn't revealed his plans on seeking 1st full 4-year term.

Anonymous sources revealed Cuomo & several loyal insiders are very nervous abiuta potential head-to-head matchup with the popular former US First Lady & former NY St First Lady; Polling surveys showed Mrs. Rockefeller leading between 20-25 percentage points.

One of the insiders in Albany disputed the potential of Mrs. Rockefeller jumping into the gubernatorial election. "There's no way that the former First Lady of the United States would consider running for statewide office in 1982. We don't know what's going to happen two years from now and whomever the Republicans nominate, Governor Cuomo will beat them because he's got the experience of serving in state government: Secretary of State, Lieutenant Governor and Governor."
Cuomo ascended to the Governorship in Summer 1979 upon the resignation of then-Governor Hugh L. Carey (D), who resigned to serve as US Ambassador to Greece.

NYC Mayor Ed Koch (D) announced he'll be launching a primary challenge against the incumbent Dem Governor in what many fear might be an ugly rehash of the nasty 1977 NYC Mayoral election, where allegations of dirty politics & smear campaigns escalated between the two rivals.

United States Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D-NY St) declared he'll be seeking reelection in 1982. He cautioned that Mrs. Rockefeller should be taken seriously as a potential gubernatorial candidate if she pulls the trigger on seeking the Governorship that her late husband, Nelson Rockefeller held for 14 years from 1959 to 1973 before resigning midway into his 4th term; he later served as the 41st Vice President of the United States from December 19th, 1974 to September 5th, 1975 & ascended to the Presidency upon the assassination of President Gerald Ford on September 5th, 1975; the late Rockefeller served as the 39th President of the United States from September 5th, 1975 to January 20th, 1977 when he chose not to seek election to full 4-year term in 1976. He later served as US Ambassador to Spain under President Jerry Brown from 1977 until his sudden death in May 1979.

Mrs. Rockefeller is currently traveling across the Empire State & visiting all 62 counties for "Listening Tour of New Yorkers". Sources indicating she'll make a decision sometime around Spring or Summer 1981.
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National & International Segments (Fall 1980 😎)


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December 19th, 1980: United States Senator L. Douglas Wilder (D-VA) discussed the upcoming 1981 legislative session in Congress; VA statewide politics & the fallout from the 1980 Presidential election on NBC's 'Meet the Press'.

December 20th, 1980: Temporary ceasefire lobbying efforts by the United Nations General Assembly is unsuccessful despite diplomatic measures in stopping the ongoing deadly onslaught between Argentina & Chile with the Christmas holidays coming up. Chilean President Major General Gerald Enriquez declares that Chile will win the war no matter how long it takes.

December 21st, 1980: U-haul trucks are seen parking outside of the Number One Observatory Circle in Washington, DC. Outgoing Vice President Jimmy Carter & his family reportedly will be moving out of the VP Residence around January 15th, 1981 & have their personal belongings & effects take via U-haul trucks to Plains, GA.

December 22nd, 1980: In his final Christmas holiday address to the nation, outgoing President Jerry Brown delivered a special holiday address from the Oval Office at the White House wishing Americans very safe Merry Christmas.

December 23rd, 1980: French President Valery Giscard d'Estaing coordinating diplomatic efforts in working with foreign counterparts to resolving the Iranian Hostage Crisis. Reports indicate 37 French Embassy employees were secretly rescued by French Army Special Forces in a top secret military operation.

December 24th, 1980: Saudi Arabian President General Jamal Al-Fayheed orders a nationwide memorandum which bans all references to the members of the Saudi Royal Family; making it illegal to mentioning their names. Al-Fayheed also announced he intends to serve as President-for-Life indefinitely.

December 25th, 1980: Christmas Day across the world.

December 26th, 1980: Panamanian President General Omar Torrijos in an exclusive interview with Panama TV 5, announces that he will issue demands for the incoming Reagan administration with regard to the Panama Canal.

December 27th, 1980: Populist Colombian President Major General Seymour Quintero, who took power in a military coup d'etat in the Summer of 1977, initiates Operation Macho which critics accuse Quintero of ordering the extermination of political opponents.

December 28th, 1980: United States Senator Gary Hart (D-CO), fresh off of a narrow reelection victory, is being mentioned as a potential contender for the 1984 Democratic Party presidential nomination. Hart, of course, shoots down such talk of any presidential campaign.

December 29th, 1980: President Jerry Brown is busy working with Vice President Jimmy Carter, US Secretary of State Cyrus Vance, US Defense Secretary Benjamin O. Davis, Jr., & countless others in getting the 59 American hostages out of Iran. (Details of how the Brown administration's efforts will be explained later on in another segment).

December 30th, 1980: President-elect Ronald Reagan according to close confidants, confirmed he plans on reinstating full diplomatic relations with South Africa & plans on dismantling the Brown administration's Human Rights Watch policy upon taking office on January 20th, 1981. It's among the first of many changes that Reagan plans on doing once he's inaugurated as the 41st President.

December 31st, 1980: 1980 closes out with exciting fireworks across the world.
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In the meantime in Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 (Fall 1980)


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Segment Disclaimer: The following segment will be NSFW gruesome, grisly & extremely erotic. Viewer discretion is strongly advised!

The Secret Escapade
December 24th, 1980
11:00 PM
Somewhere in the outskirts of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Following the implementation of the executive order issued by Saudi Arabian President General Jamal Al-Fayheed, which banned all references of the Saudi Royal Family including making it illegal for Saudis mentioning the Royals' names. Things began to go in full-scale motion.

From the perspective of one Saudi Army reservist named Ishmail Kamleene, who was tasked with one secret assignment....

"I was tasked with securing the body of a young female Royal, who had died three years earlier. I asked General Atias on why can't anyone else do the job. General Atias said, "You're the best person for this secret mission and you'll be successful in accomplishing it. Good luck and make sure the special consigent is safely hidden forever." I saluted General Atias after the meeting and left heading through the hallway.

After I left the special headquarters, I walked to the vehicle, which was very large and tinted windows. It took about three hours to get there and it was located in a heavily secluded area; I had my wife, Leyla with me in the passenger seat, she had bags of chemicals and special concoctions in order to apply on the special consigent.

The time was 8:00 PM when Leyla and I arrived inside the secret tunnel (which connected all the way to our secret hideout).

She stayed inside the vehicle some we were inside the secret tunnel. I walked all the way down toward a large double-door area; struggling with picking the locks, I managed to open the doors and was amazed at the glowing bright lights shining my eyes, where I used my sunglasses to block it.

I walked closer toward the large area as I walked downstairs toward the glowing area and stopped when I noticed the body of the beautiful special consigent inside the glass container. The late Princess Rahnia was laying inside the glass container; I managed to open the glass container and carefully lifted her out of the glass container, laying Rahnia on a large black stretcher.

Next, I decided to remove all of her clothes from head to toe, revealing her naked and barefoot. "Rahnia is super beautiful and very sexy. She doesn't need any clothing at all and I will take care of her from now on," as I caressed all over her naked body.

I noticed something was off about Rahnia's hair. It was a wig, which I slowly removed it altogether. Turned out Rahnia had alopecia and her head was shaved altogether, so that her wigs could fit properly and discovered she had been suffering from uterine cancer.

Lifting Rahnia's naked body all the way inside the tunnel, where Leyla noticed whom I was carrying, she got out of the vehicle and placed a large blanket on the back seat, where we both carefully placed her inside; Leyla stayed in the backseat as we drove out of the secret dungeon area.

Upon arriving at our secret hideout in a heavily secluded area in the middle of nowhere: I ran to get a black stretcher, where I carefully placed Rahnia's naked body on the stretcher before I covered her with a large white sheet and wheeled her inside. Leyla cleaned up everything inside the vehicle before locking the vehicle and walked inside with the bags of chemicals and concoctions, locking the doors tightly.

I personally used an incision scapel knife across the middle of Rahnia's back and slowly removed her entire skin from head to toe, revealing her naked and skinless. Then I removed all of the organs from head to toe; once that was done, I placed the organs into clear plastic boxes and used a power-hose to wash the entire naked skinless body of Rahnia.

Next, I sewed her up carefully and used an injection with a secret concoction in Rahnia's left shoulder. I lifted her up and placed her into an extra large glass container pool before turning off the lights and locked the door behind me. I went to take a shower with Leyla before we went to bed.

It was during this time that all of the gases aggressively purged out of Rahnia's naked skinless body inside the extra large glass container pool because it was the only lights inside the pool that had lights shining inside the dark underground dungeon. This continued night long and throughout the evening."
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Yvonne's Secret Life (IV)


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Segment Disclaimer: The following segment will be NSFW erotic. Viewer discretion is strongly advised!

December 25th, 1980
10:00 PM
Somewhere in Italy

Chilean First Lady Yvonne Enriquez had just finished addressing the Chilean people on a radio address discussed the accomplishments of her long international goodwill tour, where she also pledged that Chile will ultimately win the deadly Civil War against Argentina & push out the Argentinians one way or another out of Chilean sovereignty.

Yvonne had just finished attending a long evening function on Christmas Day in Rome, where she met with the Italian Prime Minister & President of Italy during Courtesy Call meetings respectively earlier in the week. She also met with embassy personnel employees of the Chilean Embassy in Rome, where she addressed them personally in special meeting & spoke before a joint session of the Italian Parliament.

Following a long packed schedule, Yvonne finally got time to relax for the remainder of the month before moving ahead on the next destinations of her long international goodwill tour: Sweden, Finland, Greece, West Germany, France & Portugal.

Going back to the late evening HRS of December 25th, Yvonne always had a habit of sneaking out of heavy security inside the heavily secured residence in the outskirts of Rome. The time was 10:00 PM when she found a private secret pathway next to her bedroom, where Yvonne closed the trapdoor behind her & walked all the way through the sound-proof underground secret tunnel & walked all the way to the hideout room, knocking the door.

It was deposed Crown Prince Basaam who answered the door as he & Yvonne aggressively began kissing each other & ripped off each other's clothes. Both were naked & barefoot when they engaged in another passionate steamy sex escapade once again; screaming & moans let out all night long as the secretive lovers continued having passionate sex repeatedly as Basaam's large penis aggressively penetrated Yvonne's vagina (she was lying on her back on the floor).

The steamy sex escapade continued as Basaam & Yvonne had sex on the bed while she was lying on her back with her legs spread wide open in the air as she continued moaning loudly inside the sound-prood bedroom as a result of Basaam's large penis stretching Yvonne's vagina very wide. Afterwards, Basaam & Yvonne fell asleep in the large bed throughout the entire evening.

It was 3:00 AM in the morning of December 26th when Yvonne caressed her large stomach (she was pregnant & wearing super tight corsets to covering up her large stomach while attending public functions) & felt satisfied. These secret escapades was bound to cause more pregnancies at some point due to Yvonne's secretive out of control sex addiction because something had to give one way or another & very soon.

As nightfall ensued on December 29th, Yvonne secretly gave birth to healthy triplet daughters: Bella, Morayna, & Zekvea inside the large bathroom with Basaam's cousin, Maronha midwifing. Yvonne would remain inside outskirts of Rome for several weeks until January 25th to continue the rest of her long international goodwill tour.
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Over in the Golden State!


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December 27th, 1980
6:37 PM PST
Carmichael, CA

United States Senator Peter Jefferson Hayward (D-CA) had just finished an easy reelection to his 1st full 6-year term in the United States Senate winning by 19 points with nearly 57% of the statewide vote despite Dems losing control of the United States Senate & the White House.

Hayward, aged 68, had served in the United States Army during World War II, Korean War & Vietnam War & also in the CA Army National Guard for more than 41 years retiring with the rank of Major General.

He married Lorraine Wilkerson in 1933 while he was serving in the US Army & during their 26 years together, became the parents of 5 sons & 3 daughters. Following a quiet divorce, Hayward married Perla De Leon in 1961 & would be the parents of 6 daughters.

All the while, Hayward was intrigued by getting involved in public service by offering himself to the community. In 1946, Hayward was first elected to the CA State Assembly & was reelected in 1948, 1950 & 1952 before winning election to the CA State Senate in 1954 & was reelected in 1958, where he cosponsored over 59,000 pieces of legislation ranging from infrastructure projects, healthcare services, balancing the budgets, pushing Civil Rights legislation, etc., including multiple accomplishments.

Hayward was elected to the US House of Representatives in 1960 representing CA's 5th Congressional District & was overwhelmingly reelected in 1962, 1964 & again in 1966 before getting elected Mayor of Sacramento in 1968 & won reelection in 1972 & 1976 serving until 1977 when CA Governor Mervyn Dymally (D) appointed him to fill vacancy on the US Senate seat of then-United States Senator Alan Cranston (D-CA), who resigned to serve as US Ambassador to Great Britain under President Jerry Brown.

In 1978, Hayward easily won the special election with 73% of the statewide vote carrying all 58 counties & was easily reelected in 1980. He was making plans on seeking reelection in 1986.....

There was also the unusual odd situation about Hayward's all-female staff in his Senate office in DC & Sacramento.
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Closing out the Brown administration (Part I)


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December 28th, 1980
10:00 AM EST
Camp David
Catoctin Mountain Park, MD

In the closing weeks of the Jerry Brown administration, serious negotiations with Algerian diplomats acting as intermediaries, didn't begin until after Vice President Jimmy Carter lost the 1980 Presidential election. In the weeks that followed of negotiations, although President Jerry Brown readily agreed to most of Iran's demands, the Iranians procrastinated over minor points during the negotiations. These delaying tactics persisted nonstop all the way until the end of Brown's administration, so that the hostages were not actually allowed to fly out of Iran to freedom until January 20th, 1981 when President-elect Ronald Reagan will be inaugurated as the 41st President of the United States.

Of course, Brown remained focused on pursuing diplomatic solutions including negotiations in order to getting the American hostages out of Iran, exhausting all diplomacy efforts. As 1980 was cominh to a close, foreign policy analysts & experts concluded the Iranians procrastinated repeatedly & determined they were running out the clock on the Brown administration.

The American people delivered their verdict on the Brown administration's foreign policy decision-making including their handling of the Iranian Hostage Crisis: Voting for Reagan & the GOPers, who would have strong different foreign policy priorities.
Firetrap 2.0 ?


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December 29th, 1980: Incoming First Lady Nancy Reagan reportedly might NOT reside in the White House following tour of the Executive Mansion

Anonymous sources strongly indicating that incoming First Lady Nancy Reagan reportedly might not reside in the White House following her tour of the Executive Residence back on December 8th. According to some insiders, Mrs. Reagan called the Executive Residence "another firetrap" & implying that she & her husband, President-elect Ronald Reagan won't live there until major renovations are concluded.

Critics referred to Mrs. Reagan's harsh critique as another example going back to when the Reagan's refused to live in the CA Governor's Mansion in Sacramento following four months in 1967, preferring to live in a suburban residence in Carmichael.

Sources reporting that the Reagan's will likely be residing at Camp David while the White is undergoing major renovations; It's unknown how long these renovations will be taking place.

December 31st, 1980: Gallup Polling Survey
The final monthly polling survey finds outgoing President Jerry Brown closing out his Presidency with one of the lowest job approval ratings of any President, 19 percent of Americans approving his job performance overall because of the ongoing Iranian Hostage Crisis, the economy still badly struggling & foreign policy blunders during his administration.
President Jerry Brown Job Approval:
Approve: 19%
Disapprove: 73%

Coming Up on the Cursed American Presidency:

Upcoming Segments on the Brown administration winding down plus the following:
*International Segments
*Ramifications of what a Reagan presidency will look like on foreign affairs
*Political Ramifications across the United States on Reagan's victory
*What are the future plans of outgoing President Jerry Brown
*97th Congress convening with changed political landscape
*Confirming Reagan's EC victory by Congresa
*Farewell Address from President Jerry Brown (I'll keep you guessing on where he'll deliver his Farewell Address. Hint: It will NOT be in DC).
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Foreign Policy Priorities of the incoming Reagan administration & International Outlook


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Foreign Policy Priorities & the international ramifications of Reagan's election
From the moment that the 1980 US Presidential election was finally called in favor of former CA Governor Ronald Reagan (R), there was reaction on what a Reagan presidency would be looking like in terms of foreign policy & international affairs. Reaction from Moscow was that of hesitation & nervousness considering that Reagan during the campaign trail, referred to the Soviet Union as the "Evil Empire" & also pledged to combat communist influence across the entire world. When asked about Reagan's election, Argentine President Isabel Peron replied "We'll have to wait and see what Mr. Reagan plans on doing with regard to US-Argentinian relations. Let's hope the ongoing military operation that's currently ongoing doesn't disrupt diplomatic relations between Washington and Buenos Aires." Insiders from the Casa Rosada believe that the incoming Reagan administration plans on pursuing an aggressive hardline approach against Argentina & siding with Chile in the Civil War between Argentina & Chile; Egyptian President Anwar Sadat & Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin both strongly expect President-elect Reagan to continue the Camp David Accords Treaty between Egypt & Israel; British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, French President Valery Giscard d'Estaing, West German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt & others congratulated President-elect Reagan on his victory & pledged working with the incoming Reagan administration in continuing deepening diplomatic relations with their resepective countries.

South African State President Marais Viljoen spoke with senior members of the Reagan campaign's foreign policy team & strongly anticipates that diplomatic relations between the US & South Africa will be fully restored. While Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos, Korean President Chun Doo-hwan, Taiwanese President Chiang Ching-kuo, Japanese Prime Minister Zenko Suzuki, Indonesian President Suharto, Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Kwan Yew, Singaporean President Benjamin Sheares, Thai Prime Minister Prem Tinsulanonda, Indian President Neelam Sanjiva Reddy, Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, King Birendra of Nepal, Pakistani President General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq, King Hussein of Jordan, Haitian President Jean-Claude Duvailier, Brazilian President Joao Figueiredo, Chilean President Major General Gerald Enriquez, Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, Saudi President General Jamal Al-Fayheed & countless others also offered their respective congratulations to the incoming Reagan administration.
Changed Political Landscape in the US


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January 3rd, 1981: Convening of the 97th Congress begins
On January 3rd, 1981, the Congress of the United States changed into a different political landscape. While the Democratic Party kept control of their majority in the US House of Representatives, the Republican Party controlled the United States Senate for the first time since 1953, ending 26 years of Democratic control. This means that the US federal government will have divided government for the first time since the Rockefeller administration.

Congressional Leadership:
Senate President: Jimmy Carter (D-GA)
until January 20th; George HW Bush (R-TX) beginning January 20th.
Senate Majority Leader:
Howard Baker (R-TN)
Senate Majority Whip: Ted Stevens (R-AK)
Senate Minority Leader: Robert Byrd (D-WV)
Senate Minority Whip: Russell B. Long (D-LA)

Speaker of the House: Tip O'Neill (D-MA)
House Majority Leader: Jim Wright (D-TX)
House Minority Leader: Robert H. Michel (R-IL)
House Minority Whip: Trent Lott (R-MS)

Congressional leadership changed as follows: Russell B. Long (D-LA) replaced Alan Cranston as Majority Whip back in the Summer of 1977 following his confirmation as US Ambassador to Great Britain; Long easily won reelection in 1980. House GOPers elevated Robert Michel (R-IL) as Minority Leader & Trent Lott (R-MS) as Minority Whip.

January 5th, 1981: President-elect Ronald Reagan meets with Mexican President General Oscar Robles in Ciudad Juarez. This wasn't the first time Reagan & Robles met face-to-face; during Reagan's second term as CA Governor, the two met back in May 1973 during Robles' working visit to the United States in Sacramento.

January 6th, 1981: Reagan's Electoral College Victory officially confirmed
Required under the Electoral Count Act, Congress met to counting & certifyng the Electoral College votes. Due to the closeness of the 1980 Presidential election, the event was more in the public spotlight than usual due to some anger from those in Congress, who felt that there was illegal activity happening in several of the swing states. Outgoing Vice President Jimmy Carter presided over the ceremony & announced the results. Reagan won the Electoral College: 291-252.

January 15th, 1981: President Jerry Brown delivers Farewell Address from Sacramento

President Jerry Brown delivering his Farewell Address before Joint Session of the CA State Legislature inside the CA State Assembly Chambers of the CA State Capitol in downtown Sacramento, CA.

In a not-so surprising twist, outgoing President Jerry Brown delivered his Farewell Address before a friendly crowd: preferably the Joint Session of the CA State Legislature inside the CA State Assembly chambers of the CA State Capitol in Sacramento, CA.

President Jerry Brown: "Good evening my fellow Americans.

In just about five days, I will be laying down my official responsibilities as the 40th President of the United States, to take up once again, the only title in our democracy more superior to that of President, the title of citizen.

Of Vice President Carter, my Cabinet and the hundreds of others who have served with me during these last 4 years, I want to say now publicly what I have said in private: I thank them for the dedication and competence they've brought to the service of our country. But I owe my deepest thanks to you, to the American people, because you gave this extraordinary opportunity to serve.

We've faced great challenges together, and we know that future problems will also be very difficult. But I'm now more convinced than ever that the United States, better than any other country, can meet successfully whatever the future might bring. These last 4 years have made me more certain than ever of the inner strength of our country, the unchanging value of our principles and ideals, the stability of our political system, the ingenuity and the decency of our people.

Tonight, I would like first to say a few words about this most special office, the Presidency of the United States. This is at once the most powerful office in the world and among the most severely constrained by law and custom. The President is given a broad responsibility to lead but cannot do so without the support and consent of the people, expressed formally through the Congress and informally in many ways through a whole range of public and private institutions. This is as it should be.

Within our system of government every American has a right and a duty to help shape the future course of the United States. Thoughtful criticism and close scrutiny of all government officials by the press and the public are an important part of our democratic society. Now, as in the past, only the understanding and involvement of the people through full and open debate can help to avoid serious mistakes and assure the continued dignity and safety of the Nation.

Today we are asking our political system to do things of which the Founding Fathers never dreamed of. The government they designed for a few hundred thousand people now serves a nation of almost 230 million people. Their small coastal republic now spans beyond a continent, and we also now have the responsibility to help lead much of the world through difficult times to a secure and prosperous future.

Today, as people have become ever more doubtful of the ability of the Government to deal with our problems, we are increasingly drawn to single-issue groups and special interests organizations to ensuring that whatever else happens, our own personal views and our own private interests are protected. This is a disturbing factor in American political life. It tends to distort our purposes, because the national interest is not always the sum of all our single or special interests. We are all Americans together, and we must not forget that the common good is our common interest and our individual responsibility.

Because of the fragmented pressures of these special interests, it's very important that the office of the President is a strong one and that its constitutional authority be preserved. The President is the only elected official charged with the primary responsibility of representing all the people. In the moments of decision, after the different and conflicting views have all been aired, it's the President who then must speak to the Nation and for the Nation.

I understand after 4 years in this office, as few others can, how formidable is the task that President-elect Ronald Reagan is about to undertake, and to the very limits of conscience and conviction, I pledge to support him in that task. I wish him success, and Godspeed.

I know from experience that Presidents have to face major issues that are controversial, broad in scope, and which do not arouse the natural support of a political majority. For a few minutes now, I want to lay aside my role as leader of one nation, and speak to you as a fellow citizen of the world about three specific issues, three tough, difficult issues: the threat of nuclear destruction, our stewardship of the physical resources of our planet, and the preeminence of the basic rights of human beings.

It has been 35 years since since the first atomic bomb fell on Hiroshima, Japan. The great majority of the world's people cannot remember a time when the nuclear shadow didn't hang over the Earth. Our minds have adjusted to it, as after a time our eyes adjust to the dark. Yet the risk of nuclear conflagration hasn't lessened nor been reduced. It hasn't even happened yet, thank God, but that can give us little comfort, for it only has to happen just once.

Now the danger is becoming much greater and serious. As the arsenals of the superpowers grow in size and sophistication and as other governments, perhaps even in the future dozens of governments, begin to acquiring these weapons, it may only be a matter of time before madness, desperation, greed or miscalculation lets loose this terrible force with deadly ramifications.

As the result of an all-out potential nuclear war, which will be more destructive and deadlier than World War II, would become unleashed every second during the long afternoon it would take for all of the missiles and bombs to fall. A potential nuclear war would result in more World War II's every minute and every second: which will result in the deaths of more people killed within the first few hours than in all of the previous wars combined. The survivors, if there are any, would be living in despair amid the poisoned ruins of an entire world civilization that had committed suicide.

National weakness, real or perceived, can tempt aggression and cause war, death and mayhem. This is why the United States can never neglect its military strength. We must and we will remain strong. But with equal determination, the United States and all countries must find ways and to reduce the horrifying danger that is poised by the enormous world stockpiles of nuclear arms.

This has been a serious concern of every American President since the moment we saw what these weapons could do. Our leaders will require our understanding and our support as they grapple with this difficult but crucial challenge. There is no disagreement on the goals or the basic approach to controlling this enormous destructive force. The answer lies not just in the attitudes or the actions of world leaders but in the concern and the demands of all of us as we continue our struggle to preserving the peace.

There are real and growing dangers to our simple and our most precious possessions: the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the land which sustains us. The rapid depletion of irreplaceable minerals, the erosion of topsoil, the destruction of beauty, the blight of pollution, the demands of increasing billions of people, all of which combining to creating problems which are easy to observing and predicting, but difficult to resolve. If we don't act and take immediate action, the world by the year 2000, will be much less able to sustain life than it is right now.

However, there's no reason of despair. Because by acknowledging the physical realities of our planet doesn't mean a dismal future of endless sacrifice. In fact, acknowledging these realities is the first step in dealing with them. We can meet the resource problems of the world: water, food, minerals, farmlands, forests, overpopulation, pollution if we tackle them with courage and the foresight.

It's equally important that we all remember the beneficial forces that we have evolved over the ages and how to hold fast to them. One of those constructive forces is the enhancement of individual human freedoms through the strengthening of democracy and the fight against deprivation, torture, terrorism, and the persecution of people throughout the world. The struggle for human rights overrides all differences of color or nation or language. Those who hunger for freedom, who thirst for human dignity, and who suffer for the sake of justice, they are the patriots of this cause.

America didn't invent human rights. In a very real sense, it's the other way around. Human rights invented America. Ours was the first nation in the history of the world to be founded explicitly on such an idea. Our social and political progress has been based on one fundamental principle: the value and importance of the individual. The fundamental force that unites us is not kinship or place of origin or religious preference. The love of liberty is the common blood that is flowing through inside our great American veins in all 51 states.

The battle for human rights, at home and abroad, is far from over. Not by a long shot! We should never be surprised nor discouraged, because the impact of our efforts has had and will always have varied results. Rather, we should take pride that the ideals which birth gave to our Nation still inspire the hopes of oppressed people around the world. We have no cause for self-righteousness or complacency, but we have every reason to preserve, both within our country and beyond our borders.

If we are to serve as a beacon for human rights, we must continue to perfect here at home the rights and the values which we espouse around the world: a decent education for our children, adequate medical care for all Americans, an end to discrimination against minorities and women, a job for all those able to work, and freedom from injustice and religious intolerance.

I want everyone watching tonight to remember these words: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

During the next few days, I will be working hard in ensuring and making sure that the transition from myself to President-elect Reagan is a smooth and successful one, that the American people are served well. And I will continue, as I have over the last 14 months , to working hard and to pray for the lives and the well-being of the American hostages held in Iran. I cannot predict yet what will happen, but I hope you will join Linda and I in our constant prayers for their freedom.

As I return to the great state of California, where I was born and raised, I am looking forward to the opportunity to reflecting and further to asses, I hope with accuracy, the circumstances of our times. I intend to give our new President my support, and I intend to work as a citizen, as I've worked here in this office as President, for the values this Nation was founded to secure.

Once again, from the bottom of my heart, I want to express to all of you the gratitude I feel. Thank you once again, my fellow Americans and I bid you farewell!"

President Brown hasn't announced any details on his upcoming retirement plans. He will be heading back to Sacramento, CA, though the Brown's also bought a home outside of Carmichael, CA. Some Brown confidants told the press that he & Linda will be planning on permanently moving to Carmichael later this year. Upon leaving office, Brown will be one of just two living former Presidents following Richard Nixon (1969-1974).

January 19th, 1981: President Brown approves continuation of economic sanctions against Turkey for the Cyrus Conflict; tightens Iran sanctions & gives green-light to additional diplomacy mediation in resolving Civil War conflict between Argentina & Chile

24 HRS before the end of his presidency, President Jerry Brown signed final round of presidential memorandums concering American foreign policy. The first & most significant decree was the continuation of economic sanctions against Turkey, who is a NATO allied country. Under the memorandum, several number of Turkish government officials including senior officials of the Turkish Armed Forces, many of whom remain on the blacklist & military & economic aid to Turkey remains frozen. Following the controversial occupation of Northern Cyprus in 1974, US-Turkey relations began to sour quickly following strong protests from the Ford & Rockefeller administrations. It got much worse during the Brown administration's 4 years in office. President Rockefeller sanctioned individuals related to the move & froze certain US military aid. Since then, each 6 months, the decree was renewed. The last renewal as about to expire on January 20th & a final effort by outgoing US Secretary of State Cyrus Vance didn't produce any immediate results. Subsequently, Brown had to decide whether to continue economic sanctions or let them go by the wayside. During the 1980 campaign, both Reagan & Carter proposed new diplomatic efforts, but also pledged to continue sanctioning Turkey if the Turkish continued occupying Northern Cyprus. It's not clear what Reagan would do, but incoming US Secretary of State Alexander Haig has expressed support of Brown's policies regarding Turkey.

With ongoing tensions with Iran, President Brown expanded sanctions against the Iranian islamist government, putting organizations delivering goods to Iran except for food & medical equipment, The ongoing conflict with Iran & ongoing hostilities between Iran & Iraq is one of the most critical foreign policy issues that President-elect Reagan will inherit on the international state including the uncertainty of the American hostages in Iran.

Finally, the 40th President approved additional diplomatic measures in attempts of resolving the nearly three-year Civil War conflict between South American neighbors Argentina & Chile which has been ongoing since the Argentinians launched the deadly invasion of Chile on May 16th, 1978. Buenos Aires expressed cautious optimism that diplomacy will end this conflict. But President-elect Reagan has strongly expressed more hesitation with regard to Argentina & has strongly denounced the government of Argentine President Isabel Peron & many foreign policy observers expect among many of the big departures from Brown's foreign policy here.

On the final day in office, President Brown issued more than 673 pardons to various individuals.

Washington, DC preparing for Inauguration of Ronald Reagan as the 41st President of the United States

Final preparations were finally finished on January 19th, 1981, for the upcoming inauguration of Ronald Reagan as the 41st President of the United States. President-elect Reagan & Vice President-elect Bush attended a traditional church service that day & visited the gravesite of the late President John F. Kennedy at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, VA. Reagan & his wife, Nancy Reagan spent the evening inside the Blair House, where they resided since January 17th. In the meantime, thousands of spectators began to arrive in DC as they prepared to attend the inauguration of America's 41st Chief Executive.
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