Meanwhile back in the White House
November 4th, 1980
9:37 PM EST
White House
Executive Residence (3rd Floor)
Washington, DC

President Jerry Brown & his wife, First Lady Linda Ronstadt Brown watched the election results on ABC News inside the private quarters of the Executive Residence on the 3rd floor of the White House.

Brown had been reflecting on many of the accomplishments of his administration & was wondering if many of his policies would remain intact by whomever his successor would be. It didn't surprise him that FL went for Reagan considering that four years ago in 1976, Brown lost the Sunshine State to Brooke due to open hostility from conservative Cuban Americans because of leaked memos detailing Brown's controversial foreign policy proposal of opening up diplomatic relations with Cuba.

At the age of 42, Brown was facing lame-duck status by leaving office as one of the youngest former Presidents ever. Upon the shocking bombshell announcement he made in October 1978, when Brown confirmed he wouldn't be seeking reelection to a second term in 1980. Critics claimed Brown chose not to seek reelection because head-to-head polling surveys showed him losing badly to Governor Reagan.

When PA flipped to Reagan, Brown sighed to himself "I am going to be facing a full fledged lame-duck status and I don't know what to do once January 20th, 1981 comes. There's an option of venturing into the private sector. Senator Hayward suggested that I consider campaigning for the United States Senate in 1982 against Hayakawa and I will at least think about it."

However, Linda on the other hand, was secrerly happily eager of leaving the isolated White House & making plans of resuming her music career once she & Jerry leave the White House on January 20th, 1981. While she was proud of the things she did as First Lady of the United States, Linda wanted to be doing something else in her life: Music!

While Linda went to the bathroom to take a shower, Jerry remained in the living room of the private family quarters & watched the election results when ABC News began to make a projection on TX: the Lone Star State, which made him the 40th President of the United States in 1976......
Election Night in America: ABC News (Part XII)
9:37 PM

Frank Reynolds:
"We have a major projection coming and this is very huge because the ABC News Decision Desk has gotten confirmation that Texas and its 26 electoral votes will go to Governor Ronald Reagan. Texas is also the home state of former CIA Director George HW Bush, who is Governor Reagan's running mate.

With more than 59 percent of the precincts reporting, Governor Reagan is holding a wide double digit lead with at least 59 percent of the statewide vote and carrying 219 out of 254 counties. Texas Governor William P. Clements, Jr., who's the Lone Star State's first Republican Governor since Reconstruction, campaigned aggressively for the Reagan-Bush ticket and coordinated a full-fledged statewide GOTV machine in all 254 counties along with several prominent Republican figures nationally such as former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger including former Texas Governors Allan Shivers and Preston Smith, both of whom diehard conservative Democrats,."


Former Governor Ronald Reagan (R-CA)/Former CIA Director George HW Bush (R-TX): 189 Electoral Votes
Vice President Jimmy Carter (D-GA)/Former US Secretary of State Walter Mondale (D-MN): 55 Electoral Votes
Polls Not Closed: 393
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Election Night in America: ABC News (Part XIII)
9:41 PM:

Ted Koppel:
"We briefly talked about several issues with voting happening in the key battleground state of Illinois. We are turning now to one of our reporters in Springfield to learn more. Madam, what do we have right now?"

Louise Newton (ABC 17-WAND-TV Springfield):
8:41 PM CST
"Ted, Frank, there's a growing hot controversy escalating rising here within the last hour or so, as several polling places are having issues with access following severe thunderstorms and raining over the previous five days. As you can see in the background how it's raining and the streets here in downtown Springfield are completely wet. We have received at least a dozen of reports that roads near polling stations in Southern Illinois and parts of Central Illinois were blocked by trees and branches that fell to the ground or hit buildings. While these barriers were removed within hours by the local authorities including emergency management, the lines before polling stations grew longer and longer. Then we had differing reporting from the offices of Illinois Governor Jim Thompson and Illinois Secretary of State and United States Senator-elect Alan J. Dixon over whether voting could resume beyond the original deadline. Secretary Dixon confirmed that anyone standing in line by regular closing time was able to cast his or her ballot. However, these assurances had conflicted with a gubernatorial senior staffer from Governor Thompson's office, who voiced the complete opposite. These conflicting messages immediately caused lots of confusion here, even among the poll clerks and local reporters we've been talking to. Seven polling stations subsequently closed at the orders of the local elected officeholders, citing the remarks coming out of the governor's office. Some of them are Democrats as is Secretary Dixon, Republican officials quickly went on the offensive and demanded the polls be open again. As the areas in question are traditionally Republican in Southern Illinois, surrogates for the Reagan campaign just told me their campaign is strongly considering ad-hoc lawsuits in getting the seven polling stations opened again. We never received additional information on whether these polling stations have reopened yet. It doesn't look like it, but there's currently back and forth ongoing and we're being told that Reagan campaign executives have gathered for a meeting in Los Angeles and weighing in their options. Spokesperson for the Carter campaign here in Springfield declined to comment, saying these matters will have to be decided by local officials."

Ted Koppel: "Wow! Oh my goodness and while we're talking about a close election that might and I once again say, might be decided by one single state as was the case four years ago in 1976 when Texas decided the 1976 presidential election in favor of President Brown. Thank you Louise, we'll keep an eye on the situation in Illinois for sure."

Frank Reynolds: "Speaking of Illinois, you have a projection in the open Illinois US Senate race, that's right Ted?"

Ted Koppel: "That's correct Frank. Indeed there's a US Senate election going on simultaneously. It's the open Senate seat determining the successor of outgoing incumbent Democratic United States Senator Adlai Stevenson, III, who is retiring from the United States Senate after 10 years in office. Unlike the presidential race in the Land of Lincoln, ABC News can officially project with hesitation that Illinois Secretary of State Alan J. Dixon, the Democrat has defeated his Republican opponent, Illinois Lieutenant Governor Dave O'Neal by a wide double-digit margin with 59 percent of the statewide vote according to the ABC News Decision Desk and Dixon is seen by many as a moderate Democrat where he will be huge rising star in the national Democratic Party going forward. A spokesman for Dixon's campaign has criticized Governor Thompson's office for not leaving the polling stations in question open. However, since Dixon is expected to resign as Illinois Secretary of State in early January 1981 where the popular two-term Republican Governor, James R. Thompson is expected to appoint Dixon's successor as the new Illinois Secretary of State by then."

Frank Reynolds: "From the looks of it, it's looking like we've got the potential of an election controversy escalating over there in Illinois. Thank you for that report. We will certainly talk again later."

Louise Newton (ABC 17 WAND-TV Springfield): "We almost certainly will. Thank you both Frank and Ted."

Ted Koppel: "I sincerely hope that this situation in Illinois is clarified sooner or later. Because this could depend on how the evening is progressing. In a worse-case scenario we have a legal fight brewing over the entire presidency of the United States of America, should Illinois become the eventual deciding state to decide the 1980 presidential election."

Frank Reynolds: "I hope so too Ted. Now we're going to have to go on a short commercial break and we'll be right back with coverage of The 80 Vote right here on ABC News."
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Election Night in America: ABC News (Part XIV)
9:49 PM

Frank Reynolds:
"Welcome back to ABC News' coverage of The 80 Vote, Ladies and Gentlemen, to our election night coverage. Today is Tuesday, November 4th, 1980, and we're getting pretty close to the Ten o'clock hour. I believe we've got more projections coming out in New York, Massachusetts, Michigan, Arkansas, Tennessee and Louisiana. Ted, you've got more?"

Ted Koppel: "Indeed, Frank, I have. And I've got quite a few here, so just bear with us. ABC News projects that Vice President Jimmy Carter is the winner in the following states: New York State (41 electoral votes), Massachusetts (14 electoral votes), Michigan (21 electoral votes), Arkansas (6 electoral votes), Tennessee (10 electoral votes) and Louisiana (10 electoral votes), giving the Carter-Mondale ticket 157 electoral votes overall. It appears that the Carter campaign has sought to play defense in parts of the South by doing aggressive campaign blitzes in Arkansas, Tennessee and Louisiana during the past few weeks while managing to flip New York State, Michigan and Massachusetts Blue, all three of these states were won by then-Vice President Edward Brooke back in 1976. We cannot project a winner in the Arkansas gubernatorial election between incumbent Democratic Governor Bill Clinton and his Republican challenger Frank White. Is there something like a Carter Surge according to the experts? We will find out soon enough."

Frank Reynolds: "I should note that also in Arkansas: incumbent Democratic United States Senator Dale Bumpers has been reelected to a second six-year term in the United States Senate winning with at least 61 percent of the statewide vote, so with Senator Bumpers easily winning reelection in the Senate race and Vice President Carter narrowly holding onto Arkansas in the presidential race, there's a possibility that Governor Clinton could be carried over the finish line by the coattails of Senator Bumpers and Vice President Carter, but as of right now, ABC News just cannot project a winner on the gubernatorial race in Arkansas right now. However, Governor Ronald Reagan is still ahead in the overall electoral vote count with 189 electoral votes, but Vice President Jimmy Carter has surprisingly closed the gap with 157 electoral votes."


Former Governor Ronald Reagan (R-CA)/Former CIA Director George HW Bush: 189 Electoral Votes
Vice President Jimmy Carter (D-GA)/Former US Secretary of State Walter Mondale (D-MN): 157 Electoral Votes
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Election Night in America: ABC News (Part XV)
10:00 PM

Frank Reynolds:
"Checking the clock and its Ten o'clock. We're getting new projections coming in from more states. Ted, you've got more updates for us?"

Ted Koppel: "I in fact do, Frank. As a couple of more states closed their polls, we've got a bunch of major calls to make: ABC News projects that the state of Minnesota (and its 10 electoral votes) will indeed go to Vice President Jimmy Carter. The Land of 10,000 Lakes is also the home state of former US Secretary of State Walter Mondale. We can also project that Vice President Carter is the winner in Iowa and its 8 electoral votes including Wisconsin and its 11 electoral votes, putting a blockade defense of the Midwest, or what's left of it since Illinois still hasn't been called for either Governor Reagan nor Vice President Carter at this moment due to some controversy regarding polling station closures. Nonetheless, we can also make some calls for Governor Ronald Reagan, although these states reward fewer electoral votes: Wyoming (3 electoral votes), Montana (4 electoral votes), New Mexico (4 electoral votes), Utah (4 electoral votes), Idaho (4 electoral votes) and Arizona (6 electoral votes), giving him 214 electoral college votes while Vice President Carter has 186 electoral votes. We cannot make a projection in Colorado right now because we cannot determine whether it's too close to call."

10:25 PM

BREAKING: ABC NEWS PROJECTS GOVERNOR REAGAN WINS NEVADA (3 ELECTORAL VOTES) & HOME STATE OF CALIFORNIA (45 ELECTORAL VOTES), potentially getting him closer to 270 electoral votes of winning the Presidency

Ted Koppel: "I apologize everyone. Hold on just for a couple of seconds because I'm just hearing we've got two major calls to make: ABC News projects that Governor Ronald Reagan is the winner in Nevada and its 3 electoral votes and his home state of California with 45 electoral votes, the biggest prize of all. These calls put Governor Reagan at 262 electoral votes, just eight votes away from surpassing the necessary 270 electoral votes of winning the 1980 presidential election. It appears that Governor Reagan wins both Nevada and California very handily by double digits. However, we don't have any calls coming out of Oregon, Washington State, Alaska and Hawaii."

Frank Reynolds: "I've got more updates. ABC News can project that the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the 51st state of the United States, which was admitted to the Union in 1977, will be going to Vice President Jimmy Carter and giving the Democratic ticket to 191 electoral votes. According to the reports coming out of Puerto Rico, Vice President Carter had held a double digit lead of 24 percentage points which dwindled and dwindled non-stop as the night went on due to surprise surges of support for Governor Reagan, but Carter held onto winning the Commonwealth by less than 1 percentage point. Is this a cause of concern for the Carter campaign, Ted?"

Ted Koppel: "This has to be some sort of concern for the Carter campaign considering that the Democratic Party National Convention was held in San Juan during the late Summer, which had engulfed into utter chaos as violent brawls ensued between Carter supporters and supporters of former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards escalated on live television during the battle for the Democratic Party presidential nomination, which narrowly went to Vice President Carter."
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Election Night in America: ABC News (Part XVI)
10:59 PM

Frank Reynolds:
"As we're getting closer to the Eleven o'clock hour. We've got more additional calls. Ted, go ahead."

Ted Koppel: "Some critical developments are coming in: ABC News can project that according to the ABC News Decision Desk: Vice President Carter is the winner in Maine and its 4 electoral votes, Rhode Island and its 4 electoral votes, Maryland and its 10 electoral votes. And here's a major huge victory: New Jersey with 17 electoral votes will go to Vice President Carter, giving him 226 electoral votes. While Alaska with just 3 electoral votes in no surprise, will easily go to Governor Reagan giving the former California Governor 265 electoral votes overall. Reagan's path to 270 and winning the 1980 presidential election comes down to the following states: Illinois, Colorado, Oregon, Washington State and Hawaii, these five states could potentially tip the balance and decide who wins this election."

Frank Reynolds: "It appears that if you're Governor Reagan, you've got to win one of the remaining five states to winning this election and plenty of ways of getting the necessary 270 electoral votes. And with 265 electoral votes, I want to make sure everything is accurate, but it appears that we're going to be in for a possible long, long late night (laughter)."

Ted Koppel: "Vice President Carter has 226 electoral votes and needs to basically run the table in all five states: Illinois, Colorado, Oregon, Washington State and Hawaii in order to have a shot of winning this election. I cannot image what's going on over at the Carter campaign headquarters right now."
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Election Night in America: ABC News (Part XVII)
11:37 PM


Frank Reynolds:
"We're now heading back to Illinois, where the Governor, Republican James R. Thompson, finally appears before the press in Springfield. Let's listen in right now."

IL Governor Big Jim Thompson: "Ladies and Gentlemen: As the Governor of the state of Illinois, it is my constitutional duty in making sure all of the laws of the state are being faithfully executed. This particularly a matter of significance when it comes to one of our sacred duties as citizens in terms of voting. Over the past 72 hours, parts of our state was affected by heavy storms that caused significant damages to property, particularly in the Southern Illinois region. In a small number of individual polling stations storm damages hindered or delayed smooth access to polling places that had caused longer lines than usual. However, thanks to fire departments, law enforcement, police and from the Illinois National Guard, assistance to voting places in the specified locations of the Downstate regions were restored in a matter of hours. As my office has carefully monitored the situation throughout the day, I have concluded that an extension of poll openings wasn't necessary to make sure each voter who wanted to, was able to cast his or her ballot. We haven't observed any incident were voters were returned and denied to executing their fundamental rights to vote. Nobody waiting in line at the time of the deadline wasn't able to vote. Now, let me make this very clear: I am well aware this has been a heated campaign and our state was particularly contested by the two major party candidates for the presidency. Therefore, I'm urging everyone NOT to politicize the incidents and cast any doubts of the functionality of our system. Instead, let us be proud not only as Illinoisans, but as Americans we live in a country free of political oppression with free and fair elections. Thank you all for listening and good evening and most of all, God Bless the great state of Illinois!"

Frank Reynolds: "That was Illinois Governor James R. Thompson that you just saw appearing before the press from Springfield. The popular two-term Republican Governor of Illinois, who won't be up for reelection until 1982."
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Election Night in America: ABC News (Part XVIII)
1:37 AM
Wednesday, November 5th, 1980


Frank Reynolds:
"Good morning (laughter ensues). If you're wondering what we're still doing here, it's that it's taking quite a long time for some of the remaining states to get done counting votes over in the West Coast and we can make some projections right now: ABC News projects that Vice President Jimmy Carter will win the following states: Colorado with 7 electoral votes; Oregon with 6 electoral votes; Hawaii with 4 electoral votes and Washington with 9 electoral votes, giving him 252 electoral votes, while Governor Ronald Reagan still has 265 electoral votes. Ted, I believe it's beginning to look more likely that Illinois with 26 electoral votes will in all likelihood, decide the 1980 Presidential election."

Ted Koppel: "You're absolutely correct Frank. We were all here four years ago when Texas decided the 1976 Presidential election that wasn't decided until December 1976. And now Illinois could make some sort of historical significance with a very close presidential election hinging on the Land of Lincoln as the entire nation including the entire world are watching quite closely."

Illinois: 26 Electoral Votes (President):

Heading to full statewide recount (93.38% of the precincts reporting)
Carter: 2,137,222 (49.61%)
Reagan: 2,130,971 (49.37%)

National Popular Vote: President
Former Governor Ronald Reagan (R-CA)/Former CIA Director George HW Bush (R-TX): 41,802,371 (49.37%)
Vice President Jimmy Carter (D-GA)/Former US Secretary of State Walter Mondale (D-MN): 41,313,659 (48.25%)
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Campaign 80 Fallout: United States Senate (Part I)
November 5th, 1980
United States Senate 1980 Election Results

(AL: Open)
Jeremiah Denton (R): 50%
Jim Folsom, Jr., (D): 47%
GOP Gain

(AK: Open)
Frank Murkowski (R): 53%
Clark Gruening (D): 45%
GOP Gain

Barry Goldwater (R-incumbent): 49.5%
Bill Schultz (D): 48.9%
GOP Hold

Dale Bumpers (D-incumbent): 59%
William Clark (R): 40%
Dem Hold

Peter Hayward (D-incumbent): 57%
Paul Grann (R): 37%
Dem Hold

Gary Hart (D-incumbent): 50%
Mary Buchanan (R): 48%
Dem Hold
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Campaign 80 Fallout: United States Senate (Part II)
November 5th, 1980
United States Senate 1980 Election Results

(CT: Open)
Christopher J. Dodd (D): 56%
Jim Buckley (R): 42%
Dem Hold

(FL: Open)
Paula Hawkins (R): 51%
Bill Gunter (D): 48%
GOP Gain

Mack Mattingly (R): 50%
Herman Talmadge (D-incumbent): 49%
GOP Gain

Daniel Inouye (D-incumbent): 77%
Cooper Brown (R): 18%
Dem Hold

Steve Symms (R): 49%
Frank Church (D-incumbent): 48%
GOP Gain

(IL: Open)
Alan J. Dixon (D): 57% ✔
Dave O'Neal (R): 41%
Dem Hold
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Campaign 80 Fallout: United States Senate (Part III)
November 5th, 1980
United States Senate 1980 Election Results


Dan Quayle (R): 53%✔
Birch Bayh (D-incumbent): 46%
GOP Gain


Chuck Grassley (R): 53%✔
John Culver (D-incumbent): 45%
GOP Gain


Bob Dole (R-incumbent): 63%✔
John Simpson (D): 36%
GOP Hold


Wendell Ford (D-incumbent): 65%✔
Mary L. Foust (R): 34%
DEM Hold


Russell B. Long (D-incumbent): 57%✔
Woody Jenkins (D): 38%
DEM Hold


Charles Mathias (R-incumbent): 66%✔
Edward T. Conroy (D): 33%
GOP Hold


Thomas Eagleton (D-incumbent): 52%✔
Gene McNaray (R): 46%
DEM Hold


Paul Laxalt (R-incumbent): 58%✔
Mary Gojack (D): 37%
GOP Hold


Warren Rudman (R): 52%✔
John A. Durkin (D-incumbent): 47%
GOP Gain

(NY St)

Al D'Amato (R): 44%✔
Elizabeth Holtzman (D); 43%
Jacob K. Javits (L-incumbent): 11%
GOP Hold


John Porter East (R): 50%✔
Robert Burren Morgan (D-incumbent): 49%
GOP Gain

(ND: Open)

Mark Andrews (R): 70%✔
Kent Johanssen (D/NPL): 29%
GOP Hold


John Glenn (D-incumbent): 68%✔
Jim Betts (R): 28%
DEM Hold

(OK: Open)

Don Nickles (R): 53%✔
Andrew Coats (D): 43%
GOP Hold


Bob Packwood (R-incumbent): 52%✔
Ted Kulongoski (D): 44%
GOP Hold

(PA: Open)

Arlen Specter (R): 50%✔
Peter F. Flaherty (D): 48%
GOP Hold


Fritz Hollings (D-incumbent): 70%✔
Marshall Mays (R): 29%
DEM Hold


James Abdnor (R): 58%✔
George McGovern (D-incumbent): 39%
GOP Gain


Jake Garn (R-incumbent): 73%✔
Ben Berman (D): 25%
GOP Hold


Patrick J. Leahy (D-incumbent): 49%✔
Stewart Ledbetter (R): 48%
DEM Hold

(WA St)

Slade Gorton (R): 54%✔
Warren Magnusson (D-incumbent): 45%
GOP Gain


Bob Krasten (R): 50%✔
Gaylord Nelson (D-incumbent): 48%
GOP Gain
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Campaign 80 Fallout: US State & Territory Governorships
November 5th, 1980
US State & Territory Governorship Election Results


Bill Clinton (D-incumbent): 49%✔
Frank D. White (R): 48%
DEM Hold


Pete du Pont (R-incumbent): 70%✔
William Gordy (D): 28%
GOP Hold

(IN: Open)

Robert D. Orr (R): 57%✔
John A. Hillenbrand (D): 41%
GOP Hold


Kit Bond (R): 52%✔
Joseph P. Teasdale (D-incumbent): 47%
GOP Gain

(MT: Open)

Ted Schweinden (D): 55%✔
Jack Ramirez (R); 42%
DEM Hold


Hugh Gallen (D-incumbent): 59%✔
Meldrim Thomson, Jr., (R): 40%
DEM Hold


Jim Hunt (D-incumbent): 61%✔
I. Beverly Lake (R): 37%
DEM Hold


Allen I. Olson (R): 53%✔
Arthur Link (D-incumbent): 46%
GOP Gain


J. Joseph Garrahy (D-incumbent): 73%✔
Buddy Cianci (R): 26%
DEM Hold

(American Samoa)

Peter Tali Coleman (R-incumbent): 100%✔
GOP Hold


Scott Matheson (D-incumbent): 55%✔
Bob Wright (R): 44%
DEM Hold


Richard A. Snelling (R-incumbent): 58%✔
M. Jerome Diamond (D): 36%
GOP Hold

(WA St: Open)

John Spellman (R): 56%✔
Jim McDermott (D): 43%
GOP Gain


Jay Rockefeller (D-incumbent): 54%✔
Arch Moore (R): 45%
DEM Hold


Carlos Romero Barcelo (PNP/D-incumbent): 47.22%✔
Rafael Hernandez (PPD/D): 47.03%
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National & International Segments (Fall 1980: Part XVII)
November 6th, 1980: Due to the uncertainty of the 1980 Presidential election coming down to the state of IL: both the Reagan & Carter campaigns prepare for a long legal battle. Allegations have surfaced that illegal voting irregularities have surfaced in Cook County, which Chicago Mayor Jane Byrne (D) has strongly blasted the allegations.

November 7th, 1980: The Civil War between Argentina & Chile has reached two full years since the Argentinian invasion of Chile occurred on May 16th, 1978. Death toll has reached nearly 83,000+.

November 8th, 1980: US President Jerry Brown holds primetime evening press conference inside the East Room of the White House: topics of discussion ranged from foreign policy hotspots; ongoing Iranian Hostage Crisis; Inflation Crisis; uncertainty of the 1980 Presidential election between US Vice President Jimmy Carter & former CA Governor Ronald Reagan.

November 9th, 1980: Chilean First Lady Yvonne Enriquez arrives in Italy in the next stage of her long dragged-out international Goodwill Tour.

November 10th, 1980: Former Panamanian President William Alvarez meets with Pope John Paul II at the Vatican in closed-door meeting.

November 11th, 1980: Negotiations between American diplomats & Iranian government officials begin. There's no additional information only to say diplomatic negotiations on the return of the 59+ American hostages out of Iran is the main priority.

November 12th, 1980: Former LA Governor Edwin Edwards (D) launches statewide exploratory committee by traveling all 62 parishes with the slogan "The Government in Waiting for Louisiana". Political analysts view the so-called statewide exploratory committee tour as a likely campaign for a historic 3rd term for the Governorship in 1983.

November 13th, 1980: Speculation swirling around the IL Supreme Court on whether they'll issue a ruling on allowing the additional provisional ballots to determine who won IL's 26 electoral votes in the 1980 Presidential election.
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Twists & Turns in IL ?
November 15th, 1980

In a 3-0 vote, an IL State District Court in Chicago ruled that provisional absentee ballots are allowed to be included in the full-scale statewide recount due to the uncertainty of who won IL's 26 electoral votes in the 1980 Presidential election between incumbent Vice President Jimmy Carter & former CA Governor Ronald Reagan.

The Carter campaign including several IL Dems blasted the court ruling saying it's giving the greenlight of disenfranchising Illinoisans. Carter campaign spokesperson & VP Chief of Staff Hamilton Jordan said "Today's ruling is a strong disappointment and we strongly disagree with the decision of allowing unspecified absentee ballots."

In the meantime, officials from the Reagan campaign applauded the court ruling stating including absentee ballots will give Illinoisans their full voices of being heard. While at the same time, the Reagan campaign urging patience & calm during the long dragged-out process of canvassing & full-scale statewide recount in all of IL's 102 counties.

Update: Including Provisional Absentee Ballots
(IL: 26 Electoral Votes)
Reagan (R): 2,237,557 (49.05%)
Carter (D): 2,213,771 (48.23%)

Coming Up in the Cursed American Presidency: Twists & Turns inside the Land of Lincoln as IL's 26 electoral votes continue to cause lots of intrigue & interests not only among Illinoisans but all over the nation including the international community.
The November Surprise Special ?
November 15th, 1980
*Special Forces conduct successful military operation that results in 27 Panamanian causalities.
*59+ American hostages rescued from US Embassy Compound in Panama City.
*US Army Special Forces launch missile air-strikes destroying Panama's air defense system.
*President Jerry Brown to address the nation in primetime nationwide address.

On the early evening of November 15th: Reporters from the White House Press Corps rushed to the East Room of the White House for a major primetime address by President Jerry Brown. Accompanied by White House Chief of Staff Gray Davis, US Secretary of State Cyrus Vance, US Defense Secretary Benjamin O. Davis, Jr., the 40th President of the United States took to the stage for a major announcement concerning the 59+ hostages taken about a year earlier.

President Brown: "Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, my fellow Americans: Tonight, I am here to announce the United States Armed Forces has conducted a full-scale military operation in Panama City to free over 59 Americans taken hostage by the Torrijos dictatorship. A group of Special Forces at my direct orders took off in Canada earlier today with six helicopters and flew into Panamanian territory. For several weeks, our own and allied intelligence services through countless hours of deliberative work, have identified five targets in and around Panama's capital city of Panama City, where those fellow Americans were expected to be held hostage. After all that data was twice verified, my National Security Team and the military developed comprehensive plan in evacuating the hostages as soon as possible. This process was overseen by Secretary Vance, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary Davis and directly reported to the Oval Office. After careful evaluation during the final days of October: I, as the Commamder-in-Chief of the United States Armed Forces, finally issued the order to executing the plan. Earlier today, I informed congressional leaders of both parties of my decision and all of them have expressed their full support, we are not being distracted by the uncertainty of the 1980 Presidential election outcome or not distracted by the uncertainty of the campaign season and the federal government is fully functioning at all times. And when it comes to issues like this, where personal freedoms of our own people are taken by an openly hostile authoritarian government. There are no Democrats and Republicans. There are Americans, standing up to tyranny all over the world.

Following a year of tyranny against our fellow Americans, our military was able to rescue all of the remaining hostages and safely return them to an American Air Base in Canada for medical treatment. In order to process the operation, I have personally ordered numbers of missile strikes against the Panamanian air defense system to ensuring the safe return of our helicopters. Six members of our service personnel were wounded while storming the buildings in Panama City. One of them is in critical condition, but not in life danger. These brave men are currently being treated in a medical facility in Canada and will eventually return home in the coming weeks. However, I am very delighted to welcome our citizens back home as soon as their condition allows their return to Washington, DC.

In closing my remarks by emphasizing one specific thing: I hope this is a very clear demonstration that the United States of America and its leadership is firmly standing up against tyranny of any kind. We do not seek war or conflict, we seek peace and freedom through diplomatic and peaceful means.

Let me also thank the brave men and women of the United States Armed Forces, who have once again put their lives in the line of defense of liberty and justice. Let me also thank Secretary Vance, Secretary Davis and the Joint Chiefs of Staff for their tireless hardworking efforts in making this possible.

Thank you very much for listening tonight and have a good evening."
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National & International Segments (Fall 1980: Part XVIII)
November 17th, 1980: US Justice Department will NOT intefere in election outcome in IL
US Attorney General Barbara Jordan announced that in order to avoid potential conflicts of interest, the US Justice Department will not be interfering nor getting involved in legal lawsuits with regard to the uncertainty of the 1980 Presidential election coming down to IL & their 26 electoral votes. Jordan justified her decision by stating the outcome should be decided by Illinoisans only.

November 19th, 1980: Speculation brewing IL Supreme Court could make a ruling potentially next month
ABC 17 WAND-TV Springfield reported that there's growing speculation among judicial legal circles that the IL Supreme Court might decide on a potential ruling on who won the Land of Lincoln's 26 electoral votes in the 1980 Presidential election. This comes as the ugly war of words between IL Governor Big Jim Thompson (R) & outgoing IL Secretary of State, incoming United States Senator Alan J. Dixon (D) continues non-stop.

It's been 14 days since the November 5th general election & many Illinoisans have been wondering if the long statewide recount in all 102 counties could be decided by early next month or maybe later.

November 21st, 1980: Torrijos threatens military response to US military operation
Panamanian President General Omar Torrijos gave an exclusive interview with a Soviet news agency, where he threatened the US with a military response due to news of Operation Canal on November 15th, which resulted in the rescue of all 59+ American hostages during an American military operation. When asked if a military response would look like: Torrijos declined to say but vowed to defend Panamanian sovereignty by any means necessary. Relations between the US & Panama have greatly deteriorated since Torrijos' successful coup d'etat in 1979 against then-Panamanian President William Alvarez, who has since lived in exile in Italy.

November 22nd, 1980: 17th anniversary of JFK assassination
An estimated crowd of 43,000+ gathered at Dealey Plaza in Dallas, TX to attend a special service of remembrance commerating the 17th anniversary of the assassination of the 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, who was assassinated on November 22nd, 1963. United States Senator Bob Krueger (D-TX) & US House Majority Whip Jim Wright (D-TX) including US Rep. Henry B. Gonzalez (D-TX) were among the speakers.

President Jerry Brown & his wife, First Lady Linda Ronstadt Brown laid wreaths at the gravesite of President Kennedy at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, VA. United States Senator Edward M. Kennedy (D-MA) delivered remarks honoring his late brother's legacy.

November 23rd, 1980:

ABC 24 KVUE-TV Austin reported TX State Attorney General Mark W. White, Jr., (D) reportedly launched an exploratory committee on a possible campaign for the TX Governor's Mansion in 1982. Speculation is swirling around White's exploratory committee tour will be in all 254 counties talking to Texans of all different perspectives. An official campaign announcement is expected to take place sometime in the Fall of 1981. Political observers anticipate a full-scale collision between White & incumbent TX Governor William P. Clements (R).

November 24th, 1980: Carter & Reagan campaigns name transition chairs as the outcome of the 1980 Presidential election remains unclear
With the growing uncertainty of the 1980 Presidential election in IL, both the Carter & Reagan campaigns both announced de-facto transition chairs. The Carter campaign announced former OMB Director Burt Lance will serve as the transition chairman of Vice President Carter's presidential campaign while United States Senator Jesse Helms (R-NC) was tapped by Governor Reagan to serve as the transition chairman of the Reagan campaign.

November 25th, 1980: US Supreme Court Associate Justice Pat Brown to retire, but will remain in office until a successor is confirmed by the US Senate.
While everyone's distracted by the growing uncertainty of the 1980 Presidential election between Vice President Jimmy Carter & former CA Governor Ronald Reagan, there appears to be a retirement announcement coming from the US Supreme Court: US Supreme Court Associate Justice Pat Brown, the father of President Jerry Brown, announced he was retiring from the nation's highest judicial branch but pledged to remain in office until the United States Senate confirms his potential successor whenever that happens.

The elder Brown has been on the US Supreme Court since 1968 having been appointed by then-President Lyndon Johnson.

Incoming US Senate Majority Leader Howard Baker (R-TN) said that an upcoming vacancy on the US Supreme Court should be filled by the next President, not outgoing President Jerry Brown. When asked in follow-up if he prefers Governor Reagan as the next President, Baker smiled & said "Governor Reagan will be the 41st President of the United States on January 20th, 1981 and he will have the opportunity to filling a vacancy on the US Supreme Court in replacing Associate Justice Edmund G. Brown, Sr.,, whom I thank for his years of service."

November 26th, 1980: Portuguese President Major General Winfield Gonsalves visits US; meets with President Brown
In the final closing months of his Presidency, US President Jerry Brown & his wife, US First Lady Linda Ronstadt Brown hosted Portuguese President Major General Winfield Gonsalves & his wife, Portuguese First Lady Catalina Gonsalves at the White House during a full-scale State Visit which included the thundering 21 Cannon Salute; playing of the respective national anthems of Portugal & the United States followed by the Honor Guard Inspection by President Brown & President Gonsalves. The Gonsalveses are in the middle of their seven-day visit throughout the United States which will include stops in Albany, NY St; Lansing, MI; Springfield, IL; Raleigh, NC; Baton Rouge, LA; Denver, CO; San Juan, PR.

November 27th, 1980: Intelligence reports detail Argentinian President Isabel Peron makes secret visit to Iran; alarming the Brown administration
Leaked intelligence reports detail allegations of Argentinian President Isabel Peron made a secret visit to Iran for five days; where anonymous sources revealed that President Peron is lobbying the Iranian government to supply military weapons & stockpiles of other Iranian intelligence services in Argentina's deadly Civil War against Chile. These explosive bombshell allegations come following reports of the Soviet Union has been supplying the Argentinian High Forces Command of military weapons including nuclear weapons.

November 28th, 1980: British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher: 'I Hope Governor Reagan wins the Presidency' BBC News Report
British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was interviewed inside 10 Downing Street, the official residence of the British Prime Minister, where she was asked whom she prefer working with to coordinate closer diplomatic relations between Great Britain & the United States. Thatcher without hesitation, said she hopes former CA Governor Ronald Reagan (R) wins the 1980 Presidential election & strongly criticized the Brown administration's foreign policy decision-making including the incompetent handling of the Iranian Hostage Crisis.

November 29th, 1980: Anonymous Sources: Ruling from IL Supreme Court reportedly imminent!
As the month of November comes to a close, anonymous sources reportedly revealed that the IL Supreme Court could make an official ruling to decide the winner of IL's 26 electoral votes, which is likely going to decide the 1980 Presidential election. Sources also confirm a ruling is reportedly imminent & could be happening at any particular moment.
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