Musk actually buys Twitter.

Fandubbing takes a significantly larger group and significantly larger amounts of capital.

You basically need one dedicated person for a fansub and the basic skillset is just a keyboard and knowledge of Japanese and English. Three or four is a decently large group to make a sub. For a dub, you need a translator and dozens of different people to do all the voices and they all need recording studio gear.

My bad.

Was tired when I posted this, so must've been thinking of the really short, clip-length fan-dubs I've seen on YouTube every so often. (Which, and you've pointed out why, is a whole different story from dubbing whole episodes, though I hope that's possible to do cheaply and conveniently someday.) Whoops. :confused:

Elon didn't go against that much against the status quo in the last few decades, far as I am aware he wasn't much in the public or political eye as Bezos (the hypocrite sellout).

I'm sure that any day now, some woman will come out of nowhere and claim that Musk did X to her or something and is therefore evil incarnate and must be dispossessed.
Funny how the lying cunt cum backet whore didn't go against him but against Depp.
Elon doesn't have a drug problem she can use to make her claims of abuse seem credible and furthermore Musk strikes me as a guy who would literally spend half his fortune just running her into the ground via libel suits the second, she tried.

Musk is worth 255.84 billion while Depp is hovering at just 200 million total which is a huge margin of difference which even then is made more hilarious when you realize Amber is only valued a 2.5 million dollars net worth which on the rich scale is a dirt-poor guy winning the lowest hanging fruit in a national lottery and blows it within a year, but nowhere near challenging the worlds most wealthiest man.

I mean Musk could get diagnosed with a condition which forces him to sh*t out hundred dollar bills on a constant basis and his account would still be raking in million after million weekly, if not billions.
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Trump said a week or two ago that he won't be getting back on Twitter.

He can't, I'm pretty sure he has it in the contract of Truth Social that he can post nowhere else.

He also probably doesn't want to get eviscerated publicly by his own base for defending the vaccines and saber rattling on the Ukraine issue, because he's been getting booed at his own rallies over that and he has to realize what that'll look like.
I just hope he doesn't run for 2024, but he probably will. And I will vote for him if he does, but right now Desantis is my pick, and I would really like him to be the 2024 candidate. I don't think anyone stands a chance against Desantis. Trump, I don't think was a bad president, but he fires up the left too much.

If he does run, it'll be best for him to not be on Twitter spewing out bullshit.

My biggest thing with trump was how often I found myself saying "will you just shut up and let them put their feet in their mouths."

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