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Aug 11, 2019
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Hurricane Maria hit in 2017.

Which means she let her grandmother lived in squalor for four years. She blames Trump even though Biden has been in office for six months now.

Also, In that time she has been in office, she has made $350,000 from her salary.

She's made a over quarter of a million dollars in the last two years and let her grandmother live in squalor that whole time. Blames Trump.

She thought this was a good attack, but this might hurt her more than any BS stunt she's done. What kind of cunt would let their grandmother live like that for years? She makes like 3.5x my salary, and I'd never let my grandmother live like that.

And this was for YEARS.

Edit: my bad, she has only been in office since 2019, so she let her grandma suffer while making 174k for two years. I can't blame her much for not helping when she was just a bar tender. She's made about $350,000 in that time in government.
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