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A rare Media Cringe and Whitepill combo. MSNBC journo does a little panel with random people to scout the electorate's opinions on the coming election and their thoughts. She finds out the hard way no one gives a shit about Jan 6th, and in fact they are seeing past the propaganda with ease.

I like to think of myself as "left of liberal" on some issues. I've never thought that I'd ever agree with Stalin on anything but ...

"I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this—who will count the votes, and how."
- said in 1923; Boris Bazhanov The Memoirs of Stalin's Former Secretary (1992)

Now hear this: Stalin wanted the votes to go in his favor with an "or else" hanging (or worse) in the works if they did not. I want the votes to be counted accurately with no shenanigans.
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A rare Media Cringe and Whitepill combo. MSNBC journo does a little panel with random people to scout the electorate's opinions on the coming election and their thoughts. She finds out the hard way no one gives a shit about Jan 6th, and in fact they are seeing past the propaganda with ease.

The look on her face, like a deer in the headlights, makes it apparent she has no idea why any of her lies aren't being believed without question, or why her attempts to shame them into submission isn't working.
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As stated before including in Staff Posts, this Thread is Meant for Discussion of Cringe Journalists, Journalism and News Media in General. It's not a discussion on general news or public figures like politicians or celebrities and the like.

As stated before...

I've pruned other discussions off of this thread (and other megathreads) before. People shouldn't feel intimidated in opening new threads if they think the topic is worthy of discussion on its own merits. This thread is more for citing examples of terrible journalism in general as opposed to a news aggregation style thread (which people were treating it as for a while). The CPAC Runic Stage conspiracy was well worth its own thread I feel.

Just a general notice. This thread is meant for posting cringe media journalism, as in general dishonest journalism, yellow journalism, shitty takes by journalists and everything else that we can archive and save here to illustrate just how shitty our mainstream and internet journalists are nowadays.

This isn't a general news thread or anything like that. Feel free to take the time to look for the appropriate threads if they already exist and if not and you feel it's worthy or merits a discussion, open a thread for it! Thanks!

This thread is meant to be a landmark to journalistic idiocy.

Posts have been moved to the following threads if you want to follow those discussions.

- For the largest pruning in regard to the Alex Jones Lawsuit

- For the Kanye West talk

- For the Discussion on International Pronoun Day (Trivia: This thread was originally created by pruning a discussion months ago about the plethora of genders apparently in existence now)

- For the PayPal Threat to Fine Users for Disinformation Before Retraction

- For the discussion about January 6th

- For the off topic posts about Election Fraud posted recently.

And probably some others...

Keep discussions focused on the threads purpose please. Conversations drift and that is always taken in account. But if you want to discuss something, please feel free to make a new thread to discuss the topic if there isn't a thread readily available to discuss it. It's typically better for the forum to have more dispersed discussion then a few giant megathreads (which are a nice resource ofc in many cases).


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The latter. Leftoids always cheer on the genocide of white people.

Look at how they treat minorities when they dare disagree with them on anything.

To understand their mindset understand this.

Their soul point of moral refference is equality. Any difference of outcome no matter what causes it is in their minds caused by cheating/injustice.

Now understand that diversity and equality are mutually exclusive. This is because when people are deverse you will by nature have differing outcomes.

This is why left wing tyrannys get so genocidal so quickly.

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no, not everyone defaults to kill people odds it's a joke and it's just joke

basically overt racism is a threat to people akin to promoting cannibalism, if you push that you've opt out of "us", ostracizing such behaviors makes the idea less attractive to those prone to adopting it limiting the harm the ideology can effect

toasting the end of a ficitonal construct with someoneing non standard is a pretty clewar indication of it being a joke at their expense
Nobody said everyone defaults to kill people, that's a non-sequitur fallacy.

I'm interested in seeing you develop a bit more on why overt racism is a threat to people akin to promoting cannibalism, I can't see the connection at all and I'd like you to expand and explain that.

I also don't think Tal Lavin (Now Talia after coming out as Trans) shares your opinion that white is a fictional construct.

From their history of posting, especially attempting to go undercover and writing hit pieces about how white men wanted to date white women, and obsessive writing about "breeders" and the like, I think it's blatantly apparent this person is in fact obsessed with race, believes the white race is a thing, and specifically wants to remove that race from existence.

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it's blatantly obvious she wants the opposite of what you say,it's clear it's a tool to mobilize forces of collaborators in oppressing anyone not in group and honestly if you think that's a problem that say more about you then her

overt racism is step one in making yourself a enemy of people,
cannibalism is further down the line of being an the enemy of people, but it is in principle the same self harming choice
I disagree that it's blatantly obvious, I'd like you to provide more evidence of that. This person has a history of clearly racist behavior, what evidence do you have that suggests anything the contrary?

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You've convinced me I can't
thats not a good thing
On the contrary, it can only be a good thing. Your sentence can be parsed in one of two ways:

1: You've been convinced and changed your mind, due to examining evidence. In this case you've become a more valuable member of the board as somebody who looks at evidence rather than going off knee-jerk reactions. As my primary reason for interacting with you is to try to convince more centrist and leftist posters to post here, this is a win for the entire board.

2: It was an attempt to produce a weaksauce "concession but not concession" in which you were claiming you were convinced you couldn't prove your position. In this case you've not changed your mind but also established that you are not examining evidence at all and cannot prove your point at all. You personally are not valuable to the board in this case, but your failure at argumentation will convince bystanders of the correctness of my position so it's still a win for me.

I have conceded my own positions when presented with evidence many times on this board but I realize most posters have no such self-awareness and discipline, and will instead try to weasel away when asked to prove their points. However the arguments generally aren't for them, they're for the interested but neutral parties looking on to see who wins. I sadly suspect the true parsing of your sentence is the latter but I'm willing to give you more of a chance than most on the board and believe you are capable of actually making a point instead of giving up each time you're asked for proof, so I will concede I still hope it's #1.

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you are not helping your case with this
I'm not trying to help my case, I'm trying to help yours, and based on the hearts and minds I've reached here, not to mention the hilarious ratio you're at the bottom of, I'm doing a far better job of it than you are. Today you served as my pawn and helped make my arguments for me by providing an example of what not to do, but I'm still hopeful that you'll follow some of the good advice I've given you and can eventually earn a promotion.

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