Quest General CYOA Thread


Sherlock Holmes - because he is the most genius of the genius detectives and will figure it out no matter the opposition
Inspector Cluseau - he will accidentally annoy, misdirect, bamboozle and possibly also disable or kill the evil ones (also, if my spirit is watching this I might as well get some laughter from it)
Sam Spade - because every team needs streetwise, hard boiled, no nonsense guy
well lets go

My True Love
Heroes of the Ages

The Businessman


not gonna go through it but pick 10 different tourist trap vacations.

chill with the waifu and bro it up with my rich friend. a good time all in all.
Alright here is a quick one


The Agent
The Shot

biological immortality, peak human fitness, pick up whatever powers are learnable in comics, go on missions with time stopped. meet steve rogers. all in all solid. might not quite be a lantern ring in terms of starting point. still good though. plenty of growth potential. and whatever I learn and bring back works in the real world meaning I can teach it to others.
Find any deal made by an infernal, beastial, or undead entity (or Loki) in any comic. You can cotact that entity and they will also offer you the same deal.
Gamebreaking loophole identified, Ormon the demon’s deal with Simon Pooni in Mark Miller’s Superior. Eternal damnation upon death in exchange for flying brick powers.

Including immortality.

Gamebreaking loophole identified, Ormon the demon’s deal with Simon Pooni in Mark Miller’s Superior. Eternal damnation upon death in exchange for flying brick powers.

Including immortality.

Actually both parties are idiots. Sure the demon may never collect. But that doesn’t mean the super hero won’t end up in a lonely cold hell once all living things are wiped out.
Dictator CYOA

My picks


Eye for the talent


State media
Controlled education
Secret police
Stylish - eat your heart out Adolf, my jackbooted thugs look better than yours did

Old traditions
Pariah state

The Secretary
The Politician
The Spymaster
The Disciple
The Economist

The Enemy

After the glorious revolution (not to be mistaken with the Glorious Revolution, although ours was much more glorious, damn the Perfidious Albion and their ability to ruin everything in advance), Great Founder ruled firmly and justly, but time is kind to no one and as his health deteriorated, a cabal of feckless nonentities who wormed their way into his trust, set to rule in his name and impose their lack of vision on the country. This simply could not stand and I organised a group of like minded party luminaries to put the end to charade, Great Founder was sent to well deserved retirement, to live his final years in peace and quiet, while the members of cabal were sent to serve the country in positions more suited to their abilities.

Yes, I might be seen as dullard with charisma of a wet sponge, which is probably why the cabal ignored my machinations preparations for righteous correction of national course, but apart from occasional public speech, I am content to let others do the talking, people would prefer to watch local sports match than even the most charismatic of politicians anyway. My job has always been finding the middle way between various factions within the party, not completely the middle though, it's not like both sides are always equally right or equally important. Some say I focus too much on economy, but didn't we come into power to make people's lives better? Also, the more the people have, less likely they are to rock the boat. Some also say that I rely too much on other people to do important work. Hello?! I am one man, day has 24 hours and week has seven days, you can't do everything yourself, so you find the right man for the job and let him do the job. Great Founder tried to do everything himself and he burned himself out. It is my solemn duty to the Homeland to follow and enforce the principles laid out by the Great Founder (the way I interpret them anyway), but not to deny the masses my benevolent guidance as soon as he did. I would also prefer not to go into retirement as a drolling vegetable, I told my protege he has my permission to give me morphium (Pillow? We live in civilised era you know) if I degrade to empty husk.

I continued the work of the Great Founder moving the country away from just extracting and selling resources, to developing industries based on these resources, trying to keep with technological advances through combinations of research, espionage and tech licenses. We also have licensed production of Jaffa cakes, because I think of the children. LEGO license was too expensive though, so we are making something similar (not good enough though :(). Trains and busses also run on time (within acceptable tolerances that is) and public transport is heavily used, which makes us very ecological, don't mind that slag heap over there, cowering it up with soil is part of the next five year program. We have a top notch educational system, geared towards nurturing productive citizens and not shrieking, tattooed activists with unnatural hair colour. People with such unnatural bourgeois inclinations are an issue to be dealt by State Security Department, great guys, sharply dressed. Got to hand it to the Great Founder, while I was initially sceptical about his program of making Homeland look good, he sure proved me wrong.

There are several issues pestering our great nation, after the glorious revolution we believed that there can be no corruption in the party, our isolation from the corrupt western world should be enough to prevent it's spread, boy were we wrong. Now the corruption is spread far and wide, it will be difficult to tackle the issue without shaking the foundations of party. And our isolation is not fully voluntarily, our foreign enemies are using their diplomatic power to effectively make us pariahs. Oh well, it's not like I intend to go vacationing abroad. The Great Founder broke the power of the church, but he left the believers be, it was expected that deprived of political and economical powers, religion will wither and die, but they proved him wrong and I really don't have the time or patience to do anti-religion campaign, I have more important concerns right now.

I mentioned the right man for the right job? There are four comrades instrumental in my promotion to the office of the Great Leader (totally wasn't a coup).

Party secretary is keeping the party mechanism well oiled and knows exactly who does what. You think I'm boring? He is the natural cure for insomnia. Which is another plus for him, for he makes me look better.
Prime minister is the most foul mouthed person I ever met and I rubbed shoulders, with shit shovelers and lumpenproletariat back in the day. But you cannot deny the fact that he knows exactly what levers to pull for bloody aparatchiks to jump into actions instead of loafing indefinitely (any sufficently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice - every administration ever) and coat the government policies in such words that people support them even without propaganda hammering.
The head of State Security Department can sniff out the plots every time we need them and supplies with information I need to keep my ambitious underlings in check. But damn, why do I get the desire to disinfect the room when he leave, preferably with flamethrower?
I am well versed in matters of economy, as I believe this is one of key areas where we stand or fall, but his mastery of the subject well outstrips my own. When we talk, eyes of other cabinet members just glaze over. He handles the deck of economic cards, Homeland was given, masterfully, but sometimes I need to reign in his more ambitious idea.
Ah yes the boy, he is a bit of troubleshooter for me, a bright mind, eager to learn. I hope some day I will be able to say to him ''All of this is your problem now.'' and go off into retirement. I hope he doesn't get any funny ideas in-between.
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very we lets make my own dictatorial blasterland.
rolling for how I come into power 1d4=4
Elected - my people are at least as crazy as I am nay more for I didn't even put my name in the ring to be elected
- Legitamacy I got it I guess
- "Elections" My elections aren't fortified I swear. I don't even put my hat in the ring or debate my opponents. someone please win this other than me

3 positive traits
- Shrewd
- economist
- compromiser
I got picked by being the guy who can make shit work I guess

neutral traits
- Madman theory Maybe if I act crazy they will vote me out. i'm not even gonna put my name in for reelection surely
- Young I'm not a geriatric and I'm in politics. this is the worst.

3 negative traits or more if I dare for glory
- impulsive plays with the madman thing
- comical yes I am a joke
- good heart no I don't want to kill them all why would you even suggest that
- sickly you guys will drive me to drink

Nation traits

3 positive
- infrastructure mitigates the dispersed land
- resources actually that large land we got has a load of resources
- industry may not be pretty but we can use the resources to make stuff
- secret police mitigates the criminal elements

Neutral traits
- Awesome but impractical
- Plausible deniability
- isolationist

3 negative traits more for glory
- Crime
- Old Traditions
- Dispersed
- Divided

I am beginning to think the "elections" were actually just picking a name out of a hat electing them ceasar and saying deal with this shit.

3 allies
- the secretary look guy knows the books. I ain't gonna be fucking with him. hell I don't even know all the books
- the disciple o look an heir apparent for when they stop electing me. please get good soon I want out
- the figurehead so jelly guy gets all the clout for a quarter the work keeps the old traditions guys in line though and mitigates divided
- the engineer we got land. we got resources. we got industry. we got loads of infrastructure. we love our wonderful expensive super awesome shit. he is my bro for life.

all in all blasterland is a wonderful shit show. unsure how actually dictatorial it is at this point though.
Heavy Metal

Well if I am going to channelling the power of the METAL, then I'm going to be channelling the power of POWER METAL and my soundtrack will be

I take:

Inhuman strength
Enhanced speed
Amazing singing voice (but not weapons solo)
Sonic blast
Demon banishing

I become one of Ascomanni because I like snow and swörds in fyörds. I take:

Dark Energy protection
Immunity to cold


3x Currency
Camping gear
4 sets of clothing
Traveling pack
Waterskin of Holding
Ranged Weapon
The Axe - you shred awesome guitar solos on it and split the skulls of your enemies, hell yeah brother
Armor - I am a sucker for a fine suit of armor
Boarmont school of magic and wizardry

My picks

DuMaurier - a cottage at the edge of the forest sounds just fine with me

First year classes:

general studies

I am a mundane as mundane person can be.

Second and third year classes are:

evocation: fire & ice
evocation: radiant force
evocation: sand and sea
evocation: storm and fury (since I get bonuses to it I focus on evocation)
abjuration: counterspells
abjuration: shields
divination: detection
enchantment: combat
illusion: disguise
acrobatics and parkour
charm (got to fit in)
data and electronics
design and engineering (magically enhanced 70's muscle car anyone?)
inorganic chemistry (things that make boom)
libraary and research
modern arms
art of fine dining (got to fit in)
strategies of success

Clubs and friends

Amazements and amusements (sounds fun)
Arthura King (adventure)
Finishing society (networking)
Giant robot fight club (that alone would be a reason enough to join the school)
Innara Sageshade (try to convince her to paint the activity of the afromentioned club)
Julian Birch (I got friends in IT places...)
Mark Poole (greetings my fellow common man)
Prix (I'm interested in HEMA and Buhurt)
Raven (seems like not too menacing event...really it doesn't)
Thomas Vega (sounds like useful guy)

In the fourth year I got acquainted with future job options and narrowed the scope of my education a bit:

mage combat
robotics (I'm not missing the oportunity to build my own mech)
economic studies
unarmed combat
archaic weapons
language and reason

Fifth year:

Advanced evocation
Advanced abjuration
denial and distraction
terrors and wonders

Gallowglass specialization (magic spec ops)
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