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40k Rouge Trader CYOA
I'm back with a good one.



I'm not well versed on WH 40K naval affairs, would it be worth to equip Lunar Class Cruiser with four combat hangars and make it a sort of combat carrier?
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A Decent Star Wars one, this looks Jedi only but I found it has a DLC (Included) for those who don't want to be force-sensitive.








I like this one Bear good job finding it. Say if I pick major Heterodoxy does that mean I can become a Sith?
"Muhahahaha the Republic shall fall! ALL HAIL THE EMPIRE!"
Threw a Star Wars build together. As nearly every story is either Jedi or Sith (Especially SIs which I like to read) I instead made a smuggler.

Non Jedi (265)
Origin: Independent (Smuggler) (-5)
Upbringing: Disciplined 0
Race: Reptilian (Faleen) (-4)
Age: Young
Republic Sentiment: Pre Ruusanite

Unarmed (0)
Ranged (24)
Terran Pilot (10)
Space Pilot (24)
Awareness (10)
Athletics (10)
Astrogation (10)
Stealth (10)
Slicing (10)
Diplomacy (10)
Smuggling (14)
Tracking (10)
Investigation (10)

Perks and Complications
Greed -8
Deadly Secret -22
Notorious -8
Defeat -6
Amputee -15

Rich 12
Connected 10
Adaptable 10

Light Armor 4
Slicing Kit 7
Tool Kit 7
Blaster Pistol 2
Blaster 5
Personal Energy Shield 10
Grappling Hook 6
Mod Cybernetic 10

Custom Craft 15
Corners Cut -5
Logistically Disfavored 5
Corvette 10
CR-90 Corvette 0
Sublight Engines 0
Containment 8
Laser Cannon 3
Ion Cannon 3
Concussion Missiles 5
Stealth 10

The Crew:
Personal Unit 15
Supplies Strangled -5
Republic Militia 0
Network 0
Loyal To The Unit -5
2IC: The Rogue 0
Unconventional 14
Dirty Rogues 10

Venina Andoni 10
R'zin 15
Eugenia Starfall 18

Faction Opinions
Corporate Sector (Enemy) -8
CIS (Enemy) -15
Kaminoans (Enemy) -6
Mandalorians (Enemy-15
Underworld (Friendly) 10
Jedi Order (Friendly) 10

Initiation Cruise
Jungle Run
Urban Ghosts
Murder on Muunilist
Trade Protection

Final Mission: Coruscant


Mission Rewards
Ally DF-19
Contact Rear Admiral Ror Fall
Free Ship Upgrade
Cloaking Device (Now I wish I hadn't blown points on Stealth Systems!)
Beskar'Gam (And I paid for armor... sob... maybe Eugenia can wear it)

Our Story
So here we've got basically scaly Kyle Katarn/Han Solo. He was an operative for the Black Suns doing smuggling runs until he ran into Eugenia Starfall being used as a slave. His attempt at freeing her went all kinds of wrong and got several close associates killed, along with costing him his leg and that failure's haunted him for a while. From there he made contact with Jedi Knight R'zin ho he gave a ride to trying to get Eugenia back to her people... which didn't work since Eugenia didn't want to go back. Instead, the pair became bounty hunters while doing the occasional job for R'zin. Along the way he paid off the Suns and got back in their good graces. When Venina Andoni was to get her lightsaber Crystal, R'zin had a bad feeling about it and tapped the pair to provide extra muscle and protection for the trip, which went south in a big way. After that mess DF-19 joined them while Andoni became R'Zin's padawan.

When there was a major murder mystery going on, R'zin knew to call on his favorite smooth criminals to help handle it. The investigation was messy and an impressive number of assassins wound up with extra holes in them before the end. In a curious state of affairs, they cleared a high-ranking future member of the CIS and when hostilities ensued, wound up a line of unofficial communication between the two armies as he still considered them as friends. After the third Amidala-induced failure to bring about a treaty, the team quit letting Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Amidala use them for diplomatic purposes and stuck with R'zin, but continued to be a line of contact.

(I'll note here I cheated a bit, I'd picked Sleyhoni Subterfuge as my next mission but as I already had Eugenia, taking it would mess up my build and story (and the alternate reward was Jedi Only) so I took Jungle Run instead).

As the war continued the smuggling team got hired to ship supplies to Ruuria and had to go straight through enemy lines to do it. In a surprise twist that nobody could have expected, everything went smoothly and there were no complications.

A mission to take R'zin and Andoni to defend the corporate sector went as badly as expected, with the Corporate Sector not only losing vast amounts of territory but the heroes uncovering a slaving operation that set off Eugenia and resulted in quite a bit of literal blood in the boardroom. Our characters were certainly persona non grata in CS space afterward. If Andoni hadn't been guided by the force to find an experimental cloaking device they never would have made it out alive.

As piracy went rampant, R'zin hired them to clear a few pirates out of major shipping lanes. This turned out to be the early stages of Death Watch under Maul, who was in the process of taking over the Black Suns. The team managed to keep some Black Suns Viggos safe and took a few Mando heads which has lead to the Mandalorians really not liking them very much. This immediately came in handy when Maul showed up as the guy was a complete monster. The personal energy shield went down in under a second to his lightsaber strikes and the Beskar kept our hero alive from one more which let him run away, with Eugenia providing force suppression to slow Maul down enough for them to barely escape with their lives. On the flip side, they got several Viggos away and were able to recruit a diverse network of sneaky types, smugglers, and bounty hunters that spread across the galaxy.

Having taken some serious damage to their ship, and no few injuries after having to do battle with Mandalorians and Darth Maul himself, they settled down for a break on Coruscant only to have the biggest invasion force ever show up and kidnap the Supreme Chancellor. Soon afterward, they got an odd message about the formation of a Galactic Empire and moments later, R'zin and Andoni heading for the ship at a dead run with the 501st on their heels...
Marvel (Comics) CYOA

Narrated by Deadpool.
You pick a mentor and get an associated number of points for powers of different types, along with a variable (depending on mentor) budget for different gear.
Next page, you pick relationships, drawbacks and quests.

I was a bit confused and had to re-read everything to make sure I got it right. Definitely not a CYOA to skim or browse over despite it seeming deceptively simple. First off... Mentor...

There's only one choice when you see the name...


Batroc Ze Lepair!

Six Physical Power Points
Three General Power Points
40,000,000 dollars
10% Paragon/90% Renegade

Batroc, despite his reputation of losing to everybody... mainly because he loses to everybody... is clearly the finest martial artist in the MCU not because of skill or talent or fighting style or general competence, but he's got that persistence and drive... and it's not even for some greater cause or ideology, but for delicious money. That sort of self motivation is truly inspiring. Plus... he does work well with others and isn't huge in the backstabbing department unless it means him not getting paid. I, as a budding heroine... errr... super, can only hope to endure beatdown after beatdown as well as he can and still bounce back from it and be relevant despite every hero using you as a stepping stone to legitimacy.

Physical Powers:

Healing Factor- Rank Two: (3 Points) Going to need that Wolverine level hax healing factor with the amount of beatdowns I'll likely be enduring at the hands and guns and powers of everyone.

Speed- Rank One: (1 Points) Going about with super agility and at high speeds is going to be a requirement for my build.

Durability- Rank One: (1 Points) Going to need this just to make it in day to day super'ing. Resisting air pressure and high speeds and all of that normal wear and tear with ease and casualness is going to be a requirement. Plus the endurance against small caliber weapons and good old fashioned bludgeoning combined with my healing factor should make me deceptively survivable, which is something I'm manifestly interested in.

Strength- Rank One: (1 Points) Having peak human strength seems more then appropriate to me. I would've liked something in between peak human strength and flipping over tanks but... if I was compelled to choose, closer to the former then the latter.

General Powers:

Flight- Rank One: (1 Points) Yes.... give me winged flight. I want to join the cabal of extremely lame supers (there are notable exceptions and the whole plight of winged characters has become less lame over recent decades) who can only fly about with giant ridiculous wings permanently attached to them. With these wings combined with my other powers though hopefully I can be a threat that can't be countered by dude with a shotgun and birdshot until the original X-Man Angel. Also the durability would have an extra bonus in I'd be able to fly at extreme altitudes as well without suffering major ill effects I hope. My strength should allow me to pull off suitable feats of strength like lifting up people to rescue or drop from ridiculous heights for amusement and vengeance. And thanks to speed and agility my flight can be more versatile. Plus the lads and ladies will dig a super with wings. :sneaky: And furthermore the wings will allow entire derivative plotlines to be written around them by HACK writers who see my awesome wings as a vulnerability.

Martial Arts- Rank Two: (2 points) I'm not sure what Rank Two gives me but I hope it helps get me martial arts skills on the master level. I want to be listed on Top Ten lists... or at least honorable mentions of them. I want to be known for a unique fighting style like Spider-man has for his powers, only of course mine involve winged flight and I still wanna look like a badass like Hawkgirl when smashing fools with melee weapons, though I guess a heavy mace is already taken.


There's a lot of stuff I really don't care about in this realm that it might actually be a struggle to spend all of my money. Thankfully...

Lair- Rank Two: (30 million) If I'm going to be making bank, then I want to be able to live it large. At least Batroc rubbed off on me in that regard. I'm going to be living it up in my offtime and plotting time and enjoying the benefits of the Superpowered Martial Artist Mercenary lifestyle on some palatial estate or secluded country ranch or private island. Or maybe a secluded country ranch with a palatial estate on a private island. Yeah that's the ticket.

Utility Belt- Rank Two: (8 milliion) A utility belt that's a lowkey bag of holding, this sounds like a dream to me. I won't need to carry a purse anymore around when I fly about. I can just carry around a neat utilitarian and efficient and sensible utility belt that seemingly defies physics on my person and put all of my favorite nonlethals, surveillance equipment, medical equipment, comm gear and whatever else I find of UTILITY in there.

Guns- Rank One: (2 million) Yeah, this seems sensible. Now I can be death from above, fly to secluded overwatch positions and engage in cool close quarters Gun Fu style combat before beating the survivors of my airborne firepower into submission with my elite martial arts mastery.


Neena Thurman/Domino: (Misc.) Yeah she's a cool mercenary character who needs more exposure. Definitely on the list. But as I skim over said list... it seems so limited.... going to have to go farther and wider.

Silver Sable: (Misc.) Speaking of ultimate mercenaries, I think Silver Sable fits the bill. Her country of Symkaria has a main export of elite mercenaries mercenarying it up and though I hear she was displaced from said role, I'm sure I can more then help her retake her spot as Chief Executive of Symkaria once again in exchange for favorable temporary employment. She can put me on the top of the list for any potential and pricey jobs and missions she might need a dorky martial arts, gun toting loser with wings.

Erik Josten/Atlas: (Misc) A villain whose time on the Thunderbolts allowed him to reform and become a more gray or good guy, I'll always remember him fondly for throwing Luke Cage two miles into the sea at the start of a fight and thus removing from the ensuing melee completely. Plus I noticed I have some gaps in my friends list so having a super strong guy who can grow really big and smack down bricks and other superhumanly powerful types as well as tanking egregious amounts of damage can always be handy. Works well with others as well. And in his case... size matters a great deal. Plus I can fly around him annoyingly like a parrot or something. That can be amusing for a bit.

Spymaster: (Villain) Yeah I'm digging into the weeds with this one but I do dig the original Spymaster from the IronMan comics. He made a brief comeback in more recent comics as well so I know he's still alive. His random assortment of weaponry is pretty much on the same level as the physics defying utility belt as well. Smart. Ruthless and yet still just a badass normal who fakes his death a lot. Perfect person to have a stable relationship with. Plus he's techie. I can call him up and make him do my tech support.

Beta Ray Bill: (Misc) Yeah... you never know when you need a Norse God equivalent in your corner. Plus Beta Ray Bill is just a cool af character in general. He'd be an awesome person to hang out with.


I was thinking of getting no drawbacks because there isn't much of anything I really want I think in addition, or at least to scribble up more words for, except maybe more companions but I think I'll keep it simple for the moment and just say no Drawbacks. Not a power gamer move, just a streamlining one. I feel plenty vulnerable as is.... aw fuck it I'll take Obligations. It'll make it more interesting.

Obligations: I'll be obligated to the mercenary lifestyle. Maybe my stable relationship with various mercenaries, Batroc and Silver Sable especially, is more then just an stable friendship. Maybe I'm all in for creating an awesome mercenary for good force. It might not be Silver Sable's Power Pack buuuut I could see it being a more potent superhero squad that's even more independent but working with Silver Sable and the Symkarians. In exchange... I'll get two more companions.

Relationships (Bonus):

Abigail Boylen/Cloud 9 (Misc): Poor girl was forced to join the Avengers Initiative program if she wanted to use her flying powers ever again but as soon as that Initiative was over, she ditched the whole hero thing and only showed up to help her friends. Along with surfing the airways on a cloud that could be suffocating if she desired, she also turned out to be a deadly markswoman on the level of sniping pilots out of passing aircraft, which is definitely a death from above skill that could be handy.

Tarene/Thor Girl (Misc): I just realized Beta Ray Bill might be an awesome friend to have, but he's an Alien with Norse God powers and probably has a lot of other things on his plate. If I need a Norse God on speed dial, I'll have to be more practical so... why not Cloud 9's blonde bestie from the Initiative program THOR GIRL. She's not nearly as powerful as Thor but is still quite the powerhouse never the less, especially in the street level mercenary world and there can be delightful storylines since she's still basically an alien learning about the particulars of Human culture and behavior. GOOD TIMES if I get a good writing team.


A Nation of Ones Own: There's so many random Eastern European nations in the MCU. Latveria. Symkaria. Sokovia. Slorenia etc etc etc. Sounds like plenty of room for EXPANSION. I already stated, without realizing the future plot potential, that I can have obligations to my gal pal Silver Sable and retaking her rightful leadership of Symkaria so... that seems like a perfectly noble goal actually. Might make more sense if there's some lake country within Symkaria from which I can base my fancy thirty million dollar lair to boot. ;)

Atlas, Spymaster, Domino, Cloud Nine and Thor Girl and I... we can all go around doing NOBLE deeds and fighting for the right cause (or at least morally gray causes) for delicious cash, rewards, power and other delightfulness. We can also help Silver Sable retake her country (and my lovely lair) and dedicated our overall Quest Goal into making Symkaria Great Again or some such and the most powerful private military force on the planet that can rival those other loser states like Wakanda, Latveria, Genosha, Atlantis-uh and... and... Narnia or something. Occasionally Beta Ray Bill shows up and we can have wild adventures in space or fantasy/magic realms as well... good stuff! Make it eight issues into a planned hundred issue run easily!
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The internet addict
Cost: 30

This weirdo likes CYOA's too and
they fill them out sometimes just
like you. And they're lonely just
like you too.

Just this once, you can pick them.
The other two are blurry and partly cut off but from what I can read...
My best guesses for what's missing in (parenthesis)

Mr. Nice G(uy)
Cost: 25
This guy is the epitome- (of nice but)
over might as well be- (a stick of)
butter because he'll m- (elt away at the)
first sign of trouble.
You're better off with- (someone else.)

(T)he Total Mess
Cost: 15
(You are)-going to be spending most
(of your) -time helping this idiot get
(his life) -together frankly, and
(that's the) -best I can say for them.
(Avoid him) -if you have any taste.
She's filling out some sort of "Choose your Husbando" CYOA. You're one of the choices and seeing her as she pauses at your selection to think you over.
Oh lol, now I see so you are the total mess. Hey having a cute nerdy GF with glasses ain't bad if you are single. Though ouch at the CYOA player/husbando/you being a total mess.
Oh lol, now I see so you are the total mess. Hey having a cute nerdy GF with glasses ain't bad if you are single. Though ouch at the CYOA player/husbando/you being a total mess.
No, you are "The Internet Addict" in the center, the one who is a nerd who fills out CYOAs just like she does. "The Total Mess" is a cheaper option next to you that costs half as much as you (The Internet Addict is 30 points, The Total Mess is 15, Mr. Nice Guy is 25).
No, you are "The Internet Addict" in the center, the one who is a nerd who fills out CYOAs just like she does. "The Total Mess" is a cheaper option next to you that costs half as much as you (The Internet Addict is 30 points, The Total Mess is 15, Mr. Nice Guy is 25).
Ahh ok, I just read what was posted later, because reading the actual CYOA kinda hurts my eyes. Backwards letters are tough.

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