The Jackassery of the triggered snowflakes in FL
@Cherico @Captain X @Zachowon @stevep @Zyobot The FL NAACP is so triggered by FL Governor Ron DeSantis (R) that they're urging African Americans to leave the Sunshine State.

Check the comments at the end of this article: it seems folks are daring the triggered NAACP to do it. Maybe a President DeSantis should ban these agitators too & reinstate Operation Cointelpro including having them investigated.
Florida NAACP urges Black people not to visit its state. Critics worry the plan will backfire.
2024 US State/Territory Governorship Predictions!
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Howdy from the Alamo City folks. Here's my Bold Predictions for the 2024 US State/Territory Governorships:





*NH: GOP HOLD if Sununu seeks reelection to 5th 2-year term; DEM GAIN if he doesn't.

*ND: GOP HOLD: Burgum is also eligible for 4th term in 2028 because the term limits law doesn't go into effect until 2032.

*American Samoa: DEM HOLD


*VT: GOP HOLD if Scott seeks reelection to 5th 2-year term; DEM GAIN if he doesn't.

*WA ST (OPEN): DEM HOLD: I am aggressively doubling-down on Inslee NOT seeking reelection to 4th term in 2024 & he'll endorse WA St State Attorney General Bob Ferguson (D) as his successor, who will become the 24th Governor of WA St on January 15th, 2025.


Puerto Rico: PNP/DEM HOLD: Pierluisi wins reelection.

Let me know if you've got any disagreements with these picks!
2025 VA Gubernatorial Election: Stoney all but announcing his campaign for the Governorship
Richmond, VA Mayor Levar Stoney (D) is all but announcing his campaign for the VA Executive Mansion in 2025 when VA Governor Glenn Youngkin (R) is term limited from succeeding himself.

Other Dems being considered include: US Reps. Jennifer McClellan (D-VA) & Abigail Spanberger (D-VA) including outgoing State Rep. & former VA House of Delegates Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn (D).

DeSantis making some international moves that seem like a...pre-game warm up for a POTUS run.
Politics 1 reporting California Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis (D) will be running for the Governorship in 2026 to succeed Slick-Hair Jackass.


Not a good idea.

California is like a train going off a cliff and you do not want to be in charge when that shit hits the ground, because if you are your political career is over, and this is for structural reasons now its built into the cake its like a game of hot potato where you hope and pray it doesn't go to shit when your holding the ball.

So yeah....this is a person who's ambition out ranks her common sense.

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