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Star Wars The Mandalorian


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Legends had the NR actually welcome most Imperial defectors, so long as they weren't high level war criminals, or rogues like Bevel Lemlisk who nearly gave the Hutts a Death Star.

I would argue it's actually not unreasonable for the NR to say, "If you actually had a conscience, you could have defected at any point during the actual Galactic Civil War. Defecting *after* it's said and done doesn't cut it so much."

Keep in mind that the NR is pretty much emulating the actual Allied treatment of Germany and Japan after WWII. In fact, it's actually being more lenient, since the Allies retroactively designated all German POWs as "illegal combatants" post-surrender and subsequently used them as outright slave labor. The NR's only doing that to *unrepentant* Imperials, as opposed to *all* POWs.

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You could cast Chow Yun-fat, for instance. He already portrayed Cao Cao in another film, even. If you want to go for more of a character playing the role that Werner Herzog didn't get to play (because they really wasted him, too) you could consider Tzi Ma, perhaps. Naturally, there are many other options.
The actor who plays Cao Cao in one of the more recent Chinese adaptions of Three Kingdoms is absolutely awesome. Alas, he wouldn’t speak English.

I'm totally in favour of "Moff Cao Cao". You can have him as a major background threat first, then see him unite the Imperial faction, and finally have him narrowly defeated in an epic space battle anaolgous to the Battle of the Red Cliffs. This prevents Imperial re-conquest of the galaxy, but leaves him in charge of a third of it. (That third then becomes the "hermit kingdom" that later evolves into the First Order, presumably-- albeit hopefully a less moronic version thereof.)
Three Kingdoms is actually a great thing to take inspiration from as it keeps in line with a lot of Star Wars’s more eastern influences. Granted, I don’t think Moff Cao Cao could ever found something like the First Order because he, apparently, was a good administrator and a ruthless but not terrible person. His empire might not actually be an awful place to live…

So, given this new inspiration…does that mean we could have a very fat Imperial Moff from the Outer Rim, with a profoundly untrustworthy adopted son, backstab Mas Amedda to take control of Coruscant and set the shit show into motion?


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If Ewan actually did something like this, I'd laugh my arse off: I know he couldn't because it'd sour his relationship with Darth Mouse, but it'd be hilarious nonetheless.

Henry Cavill, if he had a role in Star Wars, I could see doing this, though -- the guy is a chad geek, heh.

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