[RWBY] Cuts of RWBY

- - -

Radian, North Sanus

- - -

"I tell ya Nick, it's a damn catastrophe!"

Jaune peeked into the family kitchen, his eyes wide. The thirteen year old was used to tall men: His father was nearly seven foot tall, same with his grandfather. Yet here was a man who could barely fit into their kitchen, sitting across the table from his dad.

He was built broad and brawny, with a face weathered by the sun. His eyes were deep blue, his hair was silver brown. His chin was like a lantern made of solid brass. He wore riding leathers, khaki, black, and yellow. A red scarf was tied around his neck, and he wore a tall gray ten gallon hat. A revolver hung from his belt, and a shotgun over his back. He sipped his beer, the same as his father.

"All your hands just up and quit, huh?" Nick asked sympathetically. The tall man nodded.

"Mm. A new Dust Mine opened up, and they all went to go work for the Schnees instead of me! ME! Most of 'em I taught the cattle business when they were no taller than a damn fence post! All my cattle are ready to go down to Bulwark, and they just up and leave!"

"Well, you didn't exactly help your case, Rooster Duke," Isabel observed, sipping some tea at the other kitchen door, "You had a few hands willing to work, if you let them go up to the Schnee mines to see how the work was."

Rooster snorted.

"If you can't trust a man in safety, you can't trust them in the Grimm infested wilds. I've seen men turn tail at the hint of a Beowulf, where only hours before they'd sworn everything to the job in the bar. No, no..."

"You could wait until next year," Nick suggested. "A lot of ranchers wait every two years for a drive."

Rooster huffed.

"Lot of ranchers get fat off government money. Paid to not grow, to not work, all for some politician's pocketbook. Ain't for me, Nick. And it ain't for either of you, even in an old town like this."

Nick smirked. Isabel nodded slowly.

"No more than we have to," Isabel agreed. "So, why are you here?"

"I need hands, and I need Hunters," Rooster stated flatly. "I can pay you top rate, Nick, you're worth it. I can't pay you until we get to Bulwark, but it'll be worth your while."

Nick looked to Isabel. She smiled at him.

"The training school is closed for the season, and I think Sarge can run the militia for a few months without you," Isabel observed.

"Guess I'm your man," Nick chuckled. "As for hands... Well. Mercer Sith is off school. Orchid can handle a horse. The Gaffer boy is old enough."

"Kids?" Rooster made a face. Nick shrugged.

"You got any better ideas?"

Rooster scowled harder. He sighed.

"Ain't like I got much choice, God help me." He looked over. "What about your son?"

His parents looked over, and Jaune winced. Her walked out into the open.

"He's too young-" Isabel started. Jaune shook his head.

"I can ride a horse, and handle a rope, sir," Jaune stated. "I also know how to shoot a gun, though I want to use a sword."

"He ain't even had his Aura unlocked," Rooster growled.

"I'm hoping he'll take after his mother and become a doctor," Nick said. Jaune shook his head.

"Dad, Mom... If Mister Duke needs a hand? I'll be a hand. Let me help."

Nick hummed. Isabel shook her head.

"Nick, please-!"

"It's his decision," Nick stated calmly. Rooster stared at him, hard, with those brilliant blue eyes. It felt like a knife was cutting right through him. Jaune stood his ground.

"I want to protect people, and fight the Grimm," he said, "And working as a hand on your drive will help me do it."

"It won't be easy, and I'll drive you until you can't even see straight," Rooster stated, cold and hard, "It will be rough and tough. No breaks, not even on Sundays. But if you can make it, boy... You'll be paid well in lien, and you'll be a man. What do you say?"

Jaune glanced over at his parents. Isabel frowned deeply. She looked to Rooster.

"You'll keep him safe?"

"I'll teach him to keep himself safe," he grunted. Nick nodded grimly.

"We'll keep him safe, Isabel, I swear."

Isabel sighed. She looked to Jaune.

"Is this really what you want?"

"Yes Mom, it is," Jaune said.

Isabel slowly nodded. Rooster looked to Jaune.

"Well then, Mister Arc," Rooster stated, holding out his hand, "Welcome aboard the Duke Ranch Company."

Jaune shook Rooster's hand. The grip was stronger than steel, but Jaune held back his wince.

"Yes sir!"

- - -

I am a huge fan of John Wayne, and his westerns. And hell, people still gotta eat. While railroads would let you get cattle to many major cities, like today, you'd still need to do cattle drives to move cattle around. They'd require Hunter protection, and cow hands.

So basically you could do some Western-style stories in Remnant.

Rooster Duke is naturally named for John Wayne's role in "True Grit" and John Wayne's nickname "The Duke".
Two years later...

- - -

Ruby Rose trudged around Beacon in tears. First her older sister had abandoned her right as they touched down, then some snooty white-haired girl had blown her up with some Dust and yelled at her, and now... Now...!

"Now I'm lost!" Ruby wailed, looking around her surroundings. There were some old stone stables painted in white and green, the scent of horse and manure in the air. There were some paddocks and fences around, and a gorgeous view of Vale proper.

She hadn't thought Beacon would have stables, but she stood corrected. She sighed and bowed her head.

"Not where I want to be," she muttered.

A few notes from a guitar filled the air. She blinked and walked over to one of the stables. She looked in curiously.

She met a horse: A rich, chestnut mare with inquisitive eyes. Ruby yelped as the horse whinnied at her.

"Easy, Orleans, easy," a male voice said easily. She looked over in the other stable. A blond boy, two years older than her, sat on a hay bale. He was thumbing his guitar. He wore a black wide brimmed stetson on his head. He wore old white armor over a black shirt and dark blue pants. His boots were rugged and worn, but tough leather. A revolver hung from his belt on his right side, while a sword hung from the left. A well woven blue and white poncho hung over his shoulders. He looked at her with intense blue eyes.

Ruby flushed.

"Well miss, you appear to be lost," the young man said with a polite smile.

"I am, on my first day here at Beacon," Ruby sighed. The young man snapped his fingers and put his guitar aside.

"Oh, damn. I forgot all about that," he muttered. He stood up. "Begging your pardon, miss. I can get you right to Orientation, don't you worry."

"You can?!" Ruby gasped happily. The boy nodded.

"Sure can," he said. "My name's Jaune Arc, what's yours?"

"R-Ruby Rose!" Ruby said cheerfully. "It-It's great to meet you!"

Jaune smiled.


He hopped over the stable door, and walked over to his horse. He patted her as she neighed in frustration.

"Now now, Orly, I'll be back here soon, promise," Jaune said. Orly huffed but seemed appeased. He looked over at Ruby and offered his arm.

"Shall we, Miss Rose?"

"O-Oh! Yes!" Ruby stuttered, blushing hard. "Um... Wh-Where do I...?"

Jaune reached out and took her hands. He gently put them around his bicep and smiled.

"O-Oh," Ruby mumbled, "Um..."

"I know it's a bit old fashioned, Miss Rose, but it will ensure you don't get lost," Jaune said with a smile.

"N-No! I really appreciate it!" Ruby said. "I-I like old fashioned! Like... Um... That revolver! It's a Smith and Winston 686!"

"Yes miss," Jaune nodded, guiding Ruby up the path.

"And that shotgun! A Winchester 76! They're classics! Any mechashift options?"

"'Fraid not," Jaune said, "They're a little too finicky for my taste. Sides, I switch to my sword if I run outta rounds."

"But-But mechashift weapons are the coolest!" Ruby insisted. Jaune nodded.

"I'm sure yours is amazing, Miss Rose. But dust and grime gets in the works and suddenly, your gun can't shift into anything else."

Ruby pouted up at him.

"Maybe if they do it wrong, but I can do it right!"

Jaune nodded and chuckled quietly.

"I'd be happy to see you do it, Miss Rose."

"You can just call me Ruby, you know," Ruby insisted. "I-I mean... If we're friends, and all? Er... If we can be friends?"

Jaune smiled.

"I'd be happy to be your friend, Miss Rose."


"That may take some getting used to, Miss Rose."

Ruby groaned.

They made it to the orientation hall, a large auditorium filled with chattering students. Ruby beamed.

"Oh, thank you Jaune! Uh... Um... So will I get to see you around?"

Jaune nodded.

"I expect so. You're a new student, ain'tcha?"


Jaune beamed and winked.

"So am I."

Ruby gasped.

"You... You are?!"

"Yes miss." Jaune shook his head. "I near plum forgot it was orientation day! Thanks for that!"

"Wha..." Ruby gaped. "Have you been living in the stable? How long?"

"Well... I had to take the long way with Orly. I wasn't going to leave her behind," Jaune said. He then shrugged. "About two weeks?"

He smiled.

"Hey, hunting's all done outdoors, right?"

Ruby blinked, then giggled.

"Oh geez... You're... You're kind of weird, aren't you Jaune?"

Jaune shrugged.

"If you say so, Miss Rose. But would it be all right for us to be weird together?"

Ruby beamed.


"Works for me..."

- - -

Jaune after a few cattle drives is a bit less blinded by romance and a bit more wild in some ways. But he's still Jaune Arc. Still a bit of a dork. Much better with a gun than a sword.

Since most people in Remnant don't have Aura, you gotta rely on guns with Dust. And you gotta be a damn good shot. So Jaune got a lot of practice.
Jaune from Western - i like it.And,maybe Ruby made him winchester which could change into sword !
I've developed something like that for a fic, I basically turned Crocea Mors into a Qualta blade. But a Winchester/Sword sounds awesome.

Also there is this to contemplate
Yang cringed at her opponent. She held up her hands and smiled desperately.

"H-Hey... Vomit Boy, I mean, Jaune... Can't we talk this out?"

Jaune stared at his opponent coldly. Yang's grin became a bit more pleading.

"I-I mean, we could work something out... I could be very appreciative... Very, very appreciative! If you just let this slide?'

Jaune smirked, his eyes cold and deadly.

"Yes, you will be. But I find it better to put you on your knees in such a way you will never think of rising against me again. That your submission was inevitable, necessary... Even desired. For in your defeat, you realize you never stood a chance, and have found your proper place."

"Give in, Yang," Ruby agreed, "There's no stopping him."

"Submission is really the best choice," Pyrrha added, beaming in bliss.

Yang flushed.

"N-No, Jaune, please-!"

"I hear a no... But I know what it really means," Jaune purred. He reached out...

And slammed his army unit down on the map of Remnant: The Board Game. Yang covered her face as she joined her sister and Pyrrha in total defeat.


"YESSS!" Jaune cackled, "I am the Lord of all Remnant once again!"

"Great job, Jaune!" Pyrrha said genuinely, and Jaune dropped his Conqueror's persons to blush modestly.

"Aw, thanks Pyrrha. Good game guys."

"How in the hell do you keep winning?" Yang demanded.

"Years of practice," Jaune chuckled. Yang sighed and cracked her knuckles.

"Fine. I'll train you in hand to hand. But I'm not going easy on you, VB!"

"Good," Jaune smirked, "I'd prefer the hard way with you."

"Oh trust me, I'll make it the hardest," Yang hissed.

"Geez, can you two stop flirting?" Nora complained from another table, "I'm trying to flirt with Ren!"

Yang and Jaune both went bright red. Pyrrha gaped. Ruby flushed as well.

"W-We're not flirting!" They both insisted at the same time.

"Y-Yes! They're friends! Just friends!" Pyrrha and Ruby insisted at the same time. Everyone gave eachother strange looks.

"I'm totally convinced," Cardin deadpanned from another table.

"Shut up you tsundere!" Yang shouted back. Cardin went bright red.

"I am not tsundere! I-I hate Faunus and I wasn't thinking about Velvet's eyes!"

Silence. Someone cleared their throat behind Cardin. He turned and made a choking sound as Velvet stared at him.

"Um... W-What about my eyes?" She asked.

Cardin choked.

"Knew it," Weiss sighed, "I have my issues with Faunus but he is so obvious..."

Cardin tried to speak... When the wall behind him exploded in a cloud of debris. A piece of the wall smacked him in the head, sending him toppling into the very surprised Velvet's lap. Everyone else stood up, ready for a fight, as a female figure entered.

She was all curves and muscle, like a Mistralian tiger. Her hair was light purple and well brushed. Her legs were long and covered by white silk pants, while she wore an elegant violet Mistralian style cheongsam over it. Her keen eyes locked onto Yang and Ruby... And she smiled.

"YANG! RUBY! AUNTIE IS HERE!" She cried in broken English, grabbing up both girls and hugging them tightly to her bosom.

"HURK! H-Hey, Aunt Shampoo!" Yang managed, struggling against the hug.

"So good to see you!" Ruby gasped.

Glynda Goodwitch walked in through the hole in the wall and scowled.

"Miss Xiao-Long-!"

"Mrs. Saotome," Shampoo replied, holding up a ring, "Unlike you, have husband. And children."

Goodwitch's glare could have melted down a Bullhead.

"Was it necessary to go through the wall?!"

"Yes," Shampoo said.

- - -

Yes, the silliness definitely went up before Shampoo showed up. That was intentional.

Shampoo is Taiyang's sister and loves her brother very much. She always hated Raven but loved Summer. She tolerates Qrow.
"Mrs. Saotome," Shampoo replied, holding up a ring, "Unlike you, have husband. And children."

Goodwitch's glare could have melted down a Bullhead.

"Was it necessary to go through the wall?!"

"Yes," Shampoo said.
It feels like she is rubbing it in her face on purpose. I now think Glynda got caught up trying to get with Ranma at one point.
So, since I made Shampoo Yang and Ruby's aunt, it seems logical to have their grandmother on Taiyang's side be based on another Chinese badass. So I pick the landlady from Kung Fu Hustle:


That said, she's got a fair amount of Cologne's influence in her.

Granny Long looks over the boys of Beacon.

Cardin: "Who brought the old hag?"

Granny Long: WHAM

Cardin: "URK!"

Jaune: "I'm the first to admit I'm not at all worldly, and I still know the rule about acting incautiously when confronting smiling older ladies."

Granny Long: "I looked like Little Yang until I was eighty, you sassy little thing!"

Cardin: "And how many centuries ago was that?"

Granny Long: (WHAM) "Two." (WHAM) "For flinching."

Cardin: "URK!"


Granny Long: looking at Ren and Jaune "Orphan boy, wish I'd found you sooner. You'd have been great grandson-in-law and student!"

Ren: "Thank you?"

Granny Long: looks at Jaune "You powerful, full of potential, and dumb! Perfect grandson-in-law material!"

Jaune: "No I'm... Isn't!"

Granny Long: "Granddaughters! You can date these two! Get on with it, Yang, make me great-grandchildren!"


Granny Long: "You not thinking of Kitty Brat, are you?"

Yang: "What, no! I've have to get my arm cut off to think about dating Blake!"

Jaune: "I... Is that a sex thing or... What?"

Granny Long: "Good! Got two choices for grandson-in-law!"

Yang: "I'm just not interested in that, Granny!"

Granny Long: "When you be interested? When you too old to attract anyone?"


Granny Long: "Would be old maid in my day! Had ten boys fighting for me when I was your age!"

Yang: "I mean I want to see the world, have adventures-"

Granny Long: "Had adventures while married and pregnant too! Beat up warlord and his tribe while your auntie was in me!"

Yang: "Is that why she talks like that-" WHAM "OW!"

Granny Long: "No, her husband just think she cute like that. Don't be rude!"

Yang: "I'm not getting married just because you're being pushy!"

Granny Long: "You wanna end up like Goodwitch?"

Yang: "What, a total badass?"

Granny Long: "She lives in tiny apartment. Has cat. Sometimes accidentally eats cat food when she's all alone!"

Goodwitch: "How did you-I DID NOT! THAT'S RIDICULOUS!"

Yang: "I... Seriously? Wow. Still not gonna get married when I'm barely EIGHTEEN!"

Granny Long: "Fine! Ruby! You be good granddaughter and date blond idiot!"

Ruby: "Okay!"

Yang: "GRANNY!"

Granny Long: "Fine, you date blond idiot. I'll see if I can find someone suitable for her. You might have to share."


Granny Long: "This Jaune-boy is one of only two respectful males in this heap of rubble. You don't want him, not gonna let Ruby miss out. You can have Quiet Polite One!"

Nora: "NOBODY'S TAKING REN FROM ME!" Manic, holding up her hammer as lightning crackles around her

Granny Long: "Oh really? You kill for him?"


Granny Long: "You orphan?"

Nora: "YES!"

Granny Long: "Not anymore! Welcome to family! You adopted now!"


Granny Long: hugs her "Granddaughter!"

Yang, Ren, Jaune, and Ruby: "What."

Granny Long: "I like her spunk!"
Cardin Winchester was trying. He really was trying to not be a jerkass. He'd recognized how much of a jerkass he was and he was making amends.

He'd apologized to Velvet, and while it took a lot of effort, she at least was willing to speak to him. Her team wasn't glaring death at him. It was a start, but it was a good one. He thought he was doing okay, honestly. Sure, they weren't exactly friends but at least they didn't hate each other.

All of this went through Cardin's mind as he saw Velvet hurry up to him as he sat studying under a tree on the quad. He blinked at her through the harsh midday sun as she came to a stop right in front of him, panting hard.

"... Something I can help you with?" He asked.

Velvet nodded quickly.

"Y-Yes... Um... Stand up?"

Cardin blinked.


"Please?" Velvet asked, pressing her hands together as though in desperate prayer. Her pleading look helped.

Damnit why does she have to be so damn cute? He thought grumpily as he stood up. He spread his arms out, feeling a bit annoyed.

"Okay? Now what?"

"Wrap your arms around me," Velvet ordered. Cardin blinked.


"Just do it, please?" Velvet begged. Cardin sighed, and reached out to take her in an awkward hug, his arms staying straight. Velvet rolled her eyes in frustration.

"Oh for...!"

She reached up, wrapped her arms around his neck, and pushed herself up on tippy toes to kiss him. His eyes bulged out as her warm lips met his and electricity went right through him.

What is this?! Why is she doing this?! WHY IS THIS AMAZING?! He thought frantically, but everything else was overridden by his teenaged hormones which all screamed:


Velvet broke the kiss (DAMNIT ME WANT MORE KISSU! His hormones screamed) before she turned and scowled over her shoulder. Cardin dazedly followed her gaze. His eyes narrowed.

Hex Skvader was a rabbit Faunus too. He had dark black hair, black ears pointed like knives, green eyes, and a smug pretty boy face that just seemed to beg to get punched. He was another upperclassman who was, quite frankly, a dick. Which was saying something coming from Cardin.

Honestly, he was glad he'd stopped his bullying when he did because Hex made him look like a saint.

"What... You... How could you... With a human?!" Hex sputtered.

"He's my boyfriend and we're very happy together!" Velvet growled, leaning into Cardin. His arms instinctively wrapped more tightly around her. The outraged look on Hex's face as he glared at them. At Velvet. There was a possessiveness in his eyes, a childish anger over not getting what he wanted.

Cardin couldn't help but enjoy the idea of this smug prick not getting what he wanted.

"Yeah, so beat it, Jackass," Cardin sneered.

Hex worked his jaw.

"Is he blackmailing you?" He demanded. "This smug human prick abusing you-?"

"NO! I-I care for him! So back off already!" Velvet growled. She elbowed Cardin a bit, and, anti-faunus or not anti-faunus, he mustered some spine at Hex's sneer.

"She told you, back off, twink."

"Twink?!" Hex growled. "I'm manlier than a shaved ape like you could ever be!"

"And yet," Cardin stated, "She's choosing me. Not you."

Hex gritted his teeth. He turned and stormed off, muttering curses under his breath. They watched him go for a while, and Cardin's brain pointed out all sorts of great things about holding Velvet! She was warm, soft, curvy and-

She pushed away, breathing a sigh of relief. She smiled up at him apologetically.

"Um... S-Sorry," she managed, "I uh... I was out of ideas to get him off my back."

WHY HOT BUNNY GIRL NOT HUG NO MORE?! Cardin's hindbrain demanded. Cardin coughed.

"I uh... M-Maybe some warning next time...?"

Velvet blushed.

"I... Yeah... I-I was looking for Yatsuhashi but uh..."

"Yatsuhashi?!" Cardin blurted out. Velvet blinked.

"What? What's wrong with him?"

HE'S NOT ME! ME WANT HOT BUNNY GIRL! His hormones crowed. Cardin coughed and rubbed the back of his neck.

"I-I mean... It... Would make things on your team awkward, wouldn't it?" He tried.

Velvet coughed, and looked to the side.

"I-I mean... Maybe a little," she said, "I... But we're a little-"

"Hey, uh... I'm... Trying to turn over a new leaf, right?" Cardin suggested quickly. "I... I'm fine with helping you out. I should help you out."

Velvet frowned.

"You sure? It's... I mean, you're not exactly fond of us..."

HOT BUNNY GIRRRRRL! His hindbrain bellowed.

"I uh... I-I'm... Changing my opinions," Cardin clarified nervously, "As I... Get to know you better. Sides... Um... Again... I want to do some good."

Velvet beamed. Cardin's heart practically sang.


"Y-Yeah!" Cardin said, giving her a thumbs up, "I um... I'm willing to help you however you need me to! Even... Even being a fake boyfriend!"

"I..." Velvet nodded. "Okay... I... Thank you. I'm sorry if it's gonna be hard on you."

"You have no idea," Cardin muttered.



- - -