[RWBY] Cuts of RWBY

IIRC they're all technically Arcueid faces, but that doesn't roll off the tongue.

But there (F/GO canon AFAIK, or actually showed up somewhere in the Nasu verse) are two Morgans (Caster/Beserker), at least 10 Artorias (In nearly every class, except beast I think), Mordred (Saber), Arcueid herself of course and she comes in at least three flavors (Standard, White Princess, and angry Earth edition iirc), two Okitas(Sakura Saber and Majin Okita), three Neros(Standard, Bride(Vessel of Venus), and Beast), three Jeannes(Ruler, Alter, Santa Alter), and I'm sure I'm missing a few.

That's twenty four. Edit: I think Lakishmi (sp?) is a toasted saber face but I didn't check.

And that is how you count them in Nasuverse.

Of them there is, at least: Saber, Saber Alter; Saber Lily, Red Saber (Nero), Saber of Red (Mordred), Sakura Saber. I think one of the Mysterious Heroines is a Saber.

I did discount Proto-Saber though, since as he doesn't actually have Saber-face.

So that would be, for Jaune, six sisters that would have to be expies if we keep the Terracotta-Arcs.

The Okitas are probably best served as cousins from Mistral.

I'd go with Caster Morgan, Lartoria, Artoria, Nero, Mordred (Obsessed with her big sister Artoria), and the closest or younger sister with Lily Artoria.

Beserker Morgan and most of the alters are another Arc family. The Mysterious Heroine series belong to an Atlas Arc family (So the Terracotta-Arcs have family nearby), and the Okitas belong to Mistralian Arcs. The Jeanne's are another Valean family, but they live like three villages over. Edit: Or Vacuan since I totally forgot about that desert shithole.

That's probably how I'd divvy it up.

Then you'd have Arcs everywhere.
The Lioness, the Amazon, and the White Knight
It was unusual for Jaune to get up early on a Sunday. Yet Pyrrha watched him through lidded eyes as he stealthily climbed out of bed. He pulled on his school uniform, and snuck out carefully and quietly. Nora's snoring and death grip on the still-sleeping Ren ensured neither of them would awake to go after him.

It wasn't until Pyrrha had pulled on some street clothes and started after him that she even questioned why she was following Jaune.

Yes, she did... Care for him. Very deeply. This though was bordering on stalking.

It isn't stalking! She argued with herself, using her prodigious skills in evasion to keep up with Jaune while he was none the wiser, He's just sneaking off early in the morning and I have no idea why!

He'd done it the last two weeks as well. She hadn't confronted him or even talked about it... Yet here she was following him

Geez... I-I really am sad, Pyrrha thought to herself. Jaune exited Beacon and headed to the main courtyard. She peered around the door at him as he approached a... A feminine figure.

She was dressed in simple white and red robes, yet it was... Familiar. She was familiar, in a way Pyrrha wasn't quite sure-

The girl turned... And Pyrrha's jaw dropped.

Arslan Atlan?!

Her self-declared rival from Sanctum was-was meeting Jaune in secret?! In robes?! What was going on?!

They smiled and laughed together at something Pyrrha couldn't make out. Jaune turned to head for the main gate, but Arslan stopped him. With a warm smile, she held up a necklace and fixed it around Jaune's neck. He blushed, but accepted it with an equally warm smile.

WHAT?! THEY'RE EXCHANGING JEWELRY?! Pyrrha thought frantically, her heart sinking. Did... Did my rival...?!

Her eyes narrowed as red hot rage burned through her veins. Arslan could never defeat Pyrrha-Polarity let her sense the iron in her blood and weapons, and allowed her to evade the lioness Faunus with ease. She was the closest thing to a challenge Pyrrha had ever faced, to be honest, and fighting her had greatly improved her skills. She could almost sense Arslan's... Respect? Maybe?

Now though... A seething contempt boiled inside Pyrrha as she glared at Arslan. Jaune getting shot down by Weiss hurt a little, but the fact the heiress seemed to have no interest in Jaune prevented Pyrrha from getting too angry with her.

Arslan though... She was smiling at Jaune. They were clearly at ease! How long had this been going on?!

They walked through Beacon's main gates, intent on the Bullhead port. Pyrrha followed.

- - -

It wasn't easy to evade Faunus hearing and smell. Pyrrha knew this. Clinging to the outside of the Bullhead may have been overkill, but it was the only way to continue her pursuit. She leaped off just before the Bullhead arrived in Vale proper, and climbed down to near the main entrance to wait. She pulled up the collars of her jacket, pushed down her baseball cap, and adjusted her sunglasses. She tried to appear utterly nonchalant as Jaune and Arslan walked out of the port, and went to a bus.

She continued her pursuit, leaping to the top of the bus and lying flat. It was a long, boring journey.

When her quarry finally got off the bus, it was outside of a small but beautiful stone church in Midtown Vale. Arslan and Jaune walked together, holding hands. Pyrrha seethed, but kept her outward cool through long practice as she leaped off the bus, landed, and followed them.

They walked into the sanctuary, happily accepting a paper bulletin from the usher up front. Pyrrha frowned and followed. It was risky getting this close, but... But...

She was in so deep, she couldn't back out now!

The two headed into the sanctuary. The stained glass windows above and ahead were gorgeous, Pyrrha could admit. Each showed scenes or people she wasn't really familiar with. A horse and a boy. A wicked looking queen all in white. A noble looking lion.

At the front of the cathedral was a stone table, but broken right in the middle.

Her eyes drifted to Arslan and Jaune. Arslan's eyes met her. The lioness Faunus's eyes widened, and then narrowed angrily. Pyrrha flushed, but managed a glare back.

Jaune looked where Arslan was looking, and then grinned. He waved.

"Hey Pyrrha! Come on over!"

Pyrrha flushed. She bowed her head, feeling incredibly foolish. She walked over to them and faced them as best she could. She glanced up to see Arslan's scowl, and Jaune's welcoming smile.

"I uh... I didn't know you were also a follower of the Broken Table," Pyrrha managed.

Jaune beamed happily.

"Oh yeah! My dad was raised by a Paladin-Monk of the Church, so I joined it when I got old enough. Arslan's a Warrior-Nun!"

He held up his necklace-The sigil on it resembled the broken table at the head of the church.

"I heard of his father, and his mighty deeds," Arslan said with a nod, "Slaying the Grimm and protecting the innocent. I wanted to know more, and upon learning he had lapsed a bit in his faith, I offered to go with him."

Jaune flushed.

"Yeah, I uh... I kind of slacked off on going to the Church after a while," he said, "But Arslan said that I shouldn't. We are protecting the light of life and all."

He smiled at her.

"You wanna join us?"

Pyrrha, deeply embarrassed, nodded slowly.


Jaune scooted over just enough to let Pyrrha sit between him and Arslan. Jaune then grimaced.

"I need to get to the bathroom," he winced, "I'll be right back!"

He headed off quickly. Arslan smirked a little at Pyrrha.

"Something wrong, Nikos?" She asked.

Pyrrha glared at her.

"Yes," she growled, far more irritated than she intended.

Arslan blinked at her in confusion.

"What? What am I doing?"

Pyrrha flushed.

"You... You gave Jaune jewelry-!"

"He lost his mensa, I had a spare," Arslan said airily, "I'm glad to have someone to go to service with."

The non-chalance, the arrogance in her tone... She had hoped to be friends with Arslan, but duel after duel, fight after fight...

"But you... He...!" She glared. "Is-Is this your idea of-of defeating me at last?! You couldn't beat me in the ring, so you-!"

"So I what?" Arslan demanded. "What do you think I'm trying to do?!"

"Hey... Uh..."

Both girls looked over at Jaune. He coughed awkwardly.

"Everything okay?" He asked.

"J-Just fine, Jaune!" Pyrrha said quickly, plastering her fakest smile on her face. Arslan sighed in frustration, and bowed her head.

"Jaune, can you please tell Pyrrha about the Code of Rivalry by Peter the Magnificent?"

Jaune blinked quizzically.

"Oh... Um. Sure. Rivals in the Sect of Peter help each other become stronger. They see each other as equals and push one another to ever greater heights. They challenge each other and never let up. It is one of the forms of friendship Saint Reepicheep wrote about."

Pyrrha's jaw slowly dropped Memories of a hundred spars with Arslan flashed through her mind. Looks of anger, regret, and frustration from the lioness that Pyrrha had thought were signs of hatred...

She stared at Arslan. The lioness Faunus blushed, and tried to hide her face in her hood.


"That... That is all I ever wanted, Nikos," Arslan murmured. "I'm sorry... I-I should have told you..."

Shame filled every inch of Pyrrha's body. She bowed her head, and rose.

"I-I've got to-"

She felt Jaune and Arslan's hands rest on her forearms. She looked at Arslan in confusion. The Warrior-Nun looked ahead, blushing deeply. She looked to Jaune, not quite able to meet her eyes.

"What is it?" Jaune asked.

"I..." Pyrrha sighed. "I'm... I'm sorry. I've made a huge mistake, and... And I don't know-"

Jaune then pulled her into a hug. It made Pyrrha squeak.

"Hey," Jaune chuckled, smiling at her gently, "If my faith has taught me anything? It's that... As long as you strive for forgiveness? There's nothing that can't be overcome. Especially when you have friends alongside."

Pyrrha glanced at Arslan. The lioness Faunus managed to look at her, embarrassed but... Hopeful.


"I-I mean," Jaune said quickly, holding his hands up and waving them, "Y-You don't have to! N-Not trying to convert you! Or-Or anything! I know Argusians have very different religious rites and all, but uh... It-It would be nice."

Pyrrha flushed... Then slowly nodded.

"I... I wouldn't mind... If you don't?"

Jaune beamed, and slid back into the pew. He sat down, and scooted over to leave a space between himself and Arslan. He patted the bench. With a nervous smile, Pyrrha sat between them as the priest called the congregation to order.

"I'm sorry," Pyrrha murmured to Arslan. Arslan shook her head.

"Don't be... Besides..." She grinned with her sharp teeth, "You're not entirely wrong about my intentions with Jaune."

Pyrrha gaped at her in shock. Her rage began to build. Arslan smiled softly.

"But I am willing to fight fairly, if you are?"

Pyrrha blinked a few times. She then slowly nodded, and smiled.

"I... I would like that."

- - -

Again, not trying to preach. But Arslan being a warrior-nun of a Narnia-based take on Christianity in Remnant was too good an idea not to use.

Thanks @Sift Green !

"Mensa" is Latin for "Table" and would take the place of the crucifix in this world.

Besides, the Brother Gods are assholes. I can't be the only one who would like to see Lion-Jesus appear and kick their asses.
The Arc Clan: Great-Grandmother Arturia and Great-Grandfather Shirou
Radian was called the Jewel of North Sanus. Once the seat of kings, it had declined a bit in prestige and grandeur to larger walled cities in the region after Vale was formed but still retained historical significance.

Felling it would draw a great deal of attention... But it would also serve as a potent warning to those who defied the Bandit Tribes.

Raven Branwen entered the city, dressed as a cloaked bounty hunter. Nothing too out of the ordinary in this region. Even entering at night, she garnered very little attention.

She was on her way to the local bar in the red roofed section of town, and took an alleyway to get there faster... When she stopped.

A figure stood before her. Short, with blonde hair fading to white in a neat plait against the back of her skull, and wrinkles around her aquamarine eyes. She wore an old fashioned blue dress, with tall armored boots. There was the swirl of blue Aura around her hands, as the old woman glared at her.

"Something I can do for you, old woman?" Raven snorted.

"You can leave before I cut you in half," the woman stated coldly, her voice unwavering. Raven grit her teeth. Her Aura was strong, despite her age. She gripped the hilt of Omen.

"Bold words from an old hag like you," Raven hissed.

She dashed forward and drew Omen in a flash, swinging fast to bisect the woman... But her steel met steel, and the woman forced her back with her sheer strength! Raven lashed out again and again, but the old woman parried and fenced without moving an inch. Her sword was invisible, making it difficult to fight her!

Raven cursed and turned to flee... Only for a tall, old man to bar her way. He held twin, curved short swords, and his Aura burned like a fire threatening to explode out of a furnace. He wore a simple black button up shirt with a red vest, white pants, and well-worn black boots.

"I'll thank you not to refer to my wife in that manner," he stated, faded red hair waving slightly in the breeze as his brown eyes narrowed. Raven grit her teeth.

"What do you two want?" She demanded.

"Raven Branwen, the Bandit Princess," the old man stated coldly, "We know why you're here. It's ambitious to think you could topple our town..."

"But foolish," the woman stated.

"You can't last very long, you old geezers," Raven sneered.

The old woman's steely gaze burned.

"We can last long enough to finish the likes of you."

Raven slowly lowered Omen... Before springing towards the old man! She swung her blade, and he ducked, narrowly avoiding the edge but his swords were cut to pieces! Raven backflipped and made to stab downwards, to make sure the old woman was too distracted by her husband's injury to pursue-!

The old man summoned two new swords and parried her strike. His smirk distracted her long enough for the old woman to close the distance and swing!


Raven barely rolled clear and stood up, panting hard. Some locks of her hair floated in the wind... And the front half of Omen lay gleaming in the soil. The old woman stood in front of her recovering husband, eyes glowing with power.

"I crushed the invasion of Gilles de Rais at the gates of Camelot in the Great War. My husband slew him in single combat after. You are a young, brash upstart who's in over her head. Now... Are you going to run like the coward you are? Or do I mount your head on the city gate as a warning to the rest of your pathetic tribe?"

Raven seethed... Slashed the air, and vanished into a portal.

They'd try their luck elsewhere. They'd get stronger... And one day? These old relics would know their place.

- - -

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Jaune~, happy birthday to youuuuu~!"

Jaune blushed in pleased embarrassment in Radian's Holy Grail Tavern. His sisters and parents clapped happily, as his birthday cake, lit up with ten candles, sat before him.

"Go on Jaune! Blow them out!" Saphron insisted.

"Yeah!" Verdy giggled. "It's ice cream cake! You gotta eat it fast!"

"I just... I wanted to wait for Nana Arturia and Papa Shirou," Jaune sighed.

"Well! Isn't that just so polite!"

Jaune brightened as his great-grandparents entered the tavern, both carrying presents.

"Nana! Papa!" He cheered.

Shirou laughed as he set down a crockpot on the present-covered table. Arturia beamed and hugged her great-grandson happily, a hug he returned with glee.

"You two all right?" Isabel asked worriedly. "You took longer than you said."

"We're not decrepit yet, Isabel," Shirou chuckled, "I just uh... Took a little tumble."

"He really needs to be more careful in the future," Arturia teased him, "Some consort for a Queen you are."

"Says the woman who hasn't been a queen in decades," Shirou chuckled.

"And I don't regret it one bit," Arturia laughed, kissing Jaune on the top of his head.

"Wow! If you're a Queen, can I be a knight?" Jaune asked eagerly.

Arturia saw Isabel grimace while Nick chuckled. The former queen smiled, and affectionately rubbed his head.

"Of course, sweetie. I believe in you... Now. Blow out your candles, and make a wish!"

"And make it a good one," Shirou chuckled, ruffling Jaune's hair as well. The little boy grinned, and blew them out. Much clapping ensued, as Nick began to cut the cake for everyone else.

"So? Did you make it a good one?" Shirou murmured to his great-grandson. Jaune nodded.

"Uh huh! I wished to-!"

"Don't say it," Arturia said quickly, "Or it won't come true!" She winked.

Jaune flushed, and nodded.

"I will, Nana... But you probably know what it is."

Arturia chuckled.

"I think I just might..."

- - -
Jaune as Arturia grandkid? well,i like it - and i hope,that his grandparents would live long ago to see his kids !
Nothing Left to Fear...2
Radian, North Sanus

- - -

Mira Arc was a very old woman. Well over a hundred years had she seen on this globe. Yet every day, without fail, she rose before the sun peeked over the mountains and made her way to the old Arc Manor on the farm, all by herself. She wore old brown robes over a plain white gi, her snow white hair held in a tight bun behind her head. She carried a small pillow with her as she made her way into the small forest that concealed the ancient manor house.

She walked through the trees and ruins into the main structure: A large domed manor house. She walked into the center of the old home and fortress and set down her pillow. She then sat down on it, and assumed a meditative pose. She closed her eyes and exhaled softly through her nostrils.

She let the stillness fill her and listened to the birds chirp and farm beasts low.

Mira then blurred, leaping out of the way of a hail of semi-auto pistol rounds. She assumed a defensive stance as a tall figure smirked down at her from a ruined landing overhead.

"Neat trick," the figure spoke, "I'm disrupting Aura, and yet an old hag like you can still react like that?"

"Easily," Mira shot back softly. The figure leaped down from the landing, exposing himself to the light. He was pale, with brown hair tied in a ponytail behind his head. He had twin wrist blades with pistols integrated into them. A scorpion tail waved behind him. His cold golden eyes narrowed at her as he smirked.

Mira glared back.

"You can still run away," Mira stated, "Right now."

The Faunus laughed.

"Funny words from a dead woman," he sneered, as he opened fire with his guns again. Mira blurred out of the way, and then waved her hands. Stones leaped up from the floor and flew like bullets right back for the scorpion Faunus. He leaped out of the way, grabbing onto the pillar and climbing up out of the way. He vanished into the ruins, and Mira scanned around carefully.

"Well well well... You're more interesting than I thought!" The Faunus called out, his voice echoing around the ruins.

"Your Mistress wants me dead, yet didn't tell you anything about me," Mira observed, "She's a poor goddess and poorer leader."

The Scorpion Faunus snarled and leaped out at her from above. His scorpion tail extended like a spear as he dove for her.

Mira spun around and held out her hand. The Faunus gaped as an invisible Force seized him. Mira swung her hand forward, and the Faunus flew across the ruined marble floor. He landed and leaped up to his feet. He spun around and held up his gauntlets. He fired multiple rounds, and Mira frantically dodged around the barrage as she charged towards him.

"YOU'LL PAY FOR YOUR BLASPHEMY!" He roared. He unveiled his wrist blades and charged back, his rage making him froth.

Mira pulled a metallic cylinder from her sleeve, and then clicked the activation button on the side. A blue energy beam exploded into being, and she swung!

A split second later, Mira stood behind the Scorpion Faunus, her lightsaber humming in the sudden silence. The Scorpion Faunus staggered... Then fell face-first onto the marble floor. Mira slowly stood back up, and doused her lightsaber. She sighed and looked back upon the dead Faunus.

"You chose poorly, young one," Mira said quietly. "For that, I am sorry."

Why attack now? Mira thought. What could possibly have happened...?

She felt Death. Massive amounts of it, far away to the South. She clutched at her chest, and took deep breaths.

N-No... What... What is...?


Mira looked up. She reached out with the Force and tossed the corpse into the ruins.

"Isabel?" She called out. Her granddaughter ran into the ruins, looking terrified.

"Beacon-Vale is under attack!" She cried. "The emergency radio is screaming about massive terrorist attacks, Grimm, everything-!"

Mira slowly nodded, regaining her calm with some effort.

"Come on. Let's get to the Bullhead!"

"But-We won't make it time-!"

"We'll get there soon enough to do some kind of good!" Mira insisted. "Come along!"

- - -
Even a single Jedi could do untold damage to the Fang and the Grimm, even more so depending on their power set. Something like Battle Meditation for a start could change how things go from here on in.
Even a single Jedi could do untold damage to the Fang and the Grimm, even more so depending on their power set. Something like Battle Meditation for a start could change how things go from here on in.
depends on how strong in the force she is, how much training she had before landing and how it interacts with aura. but yeah Nana Arc gonna be showing up those kids even when she is over a hundred.
Childhood Friends: Cardin
- - -

First actual day at Beacon and Jaune was still in a kind of elated shock. Sure, he'd nearly gotten killed and he didn't think his bluff was working too well with Pyrrha, but... He was here. He was sitting with his team at breakfast. Nora was being Nora, Ren was being stoic, Pyrrha was bright and cheerful and absolutely beautiful as always. Ruby and her team were enjoying breakfast nearby. Everything just seemed... Perfect.

"OW! H-Hey!"

And then some big lug began pulling on a Faunus girl's ears. Blake frowned deeply over her book.

"Someone should stop that," she said.

Well why don't you stop it then? Jaune thought, before shaking his head. He shouldn't be nasty to Blake. He grimaced as he looked at the tall redheaded boy tormenting the Rabbit girl.

Then again, I'm not...

His eyes narrowed.

Wait a second...

Jaune got up and headed over to the redhead and his team. Pyrrha sucked in a breath.

"Jaune?" Ruby asked, in wonder.

"Break his legs!" Nora cheered.

"Pl-Please, let me go!" The girl cried. The redhead smirked.

"Ha! So they're totally real! You little-!"

"Cardin Winchester!"

Cardin started, and looked back. He stared at the glaring Jaune.

"Wha... Jaune? Jaune Arc?" He asked in amazement.

"You son of a bitch," Jaune growled... Before he extended his hand.

Cardin blinked... Then grinned, let go of the Faunus girl's ears, and walked towards Jaune. Their hands met in the manliest of manly hand clasps, smacking so loudly in the quiet cafeteria Professor Goodwitch jumped out of her chair.

"It's been forever, bro!" Cardin enthused, pulling Jaune into a manly bearhug. One that Jaune returned as best he could, despite his shorter stature.

"Bro, you too!" Jaune laughed. "Damn, you're so tall you probably knock your head against the tops of doors! Good thing you don't have any brains to damage!"

"HA! Big talk from a pipsqueak like you!" Cardin laughed. "You'd be motorboating all the ladies if they bothered to give you a hug!"

Both young men laughed uproariously, slapping eachother on the back. Jaune then looked over the very confused Rabbit Faunus girl.

"Bro," Jaune said, "Are you trying to ask her out? Because pulling pigtails is elementary school stuff."

"Errr," Cardin winced, "Ummm..."

"I know he's a big stupid doofus, but he is a good guy," Jaune assured the girl, "Honest! He's just kind of hopeless with women."

"I uh... Um," the girl looked shyly at Cardin. Cardin winced.

"I mean, uh, bro-"

"It's not like he's a huge racist or anything!" Jaune laughed, slapping Cardin on the back. "Please, give him a chance? He'll be an amazing date! I've seen his Dustbook page! He loves cooking!" He grinned and elbowed Cardin. "Mainly eating it!"

"H-Hey!" Cardin managed weakly.

The girl frowned and slowly nodded.

"I... I guess I can forgive you for... For being nervous," she said, "Maybe... Maybe we could eat lunch together and get to know eachother better?"

"I-" Cardin tried, but Jaune laughed.

"Totally! He'll see you then! What's your name?"


"It's a sweet name for a sweet girl," Jaune complimented her, shooting her with finger guns. "This is Cardin Winchester! He's my bro, and he'll be great!"

"Y-yeah... Sure," Cardin managed. Velvet managed a blush and smile back, before walking off. Cardin then grabbed Jaune by the front of his shirt.

"Bro, what did you just do?" Cardin hissed.

"Bro, I set you up with a hot bunnygirl!" Jaune muttered. "I mean, you're not actually some kind of racist, right bro? Not over hot bunnygirls?"

Cardin coughed. Jaune stared at him, and then scowled.

"Bro... That is not cool."

"I'm sorry Bro," Cardin groaned, "I-I just-"

"The Bro Code states that as long as she's hot, race does not matter!" Jaune lectured him. "We decided this when we were thirteen!"

"I know Bro," Cardin sighed. "Forgive me, bro?"

"If you give her a good time, bro!" Jaune ordered. Cardin and Jaune did their manly handclasp again.

"I missed you, Bro," Cardin said, "I think I lost my way."

"It's cool, Bro," Jaune said seriously, "I'm here now."


They parted ways. Jaune returned to his table, and sat down. He resumed his breakfast. He looked up into everyone's eyes, as they all stared at him.

"What?" He asked.

- - -
Dragonslayer: Grease Monkey
Yang Xiao-Long wasn't stupid. Sure, academically she wasn't a powerhouse like Weiss or Blake, but she had street smarts and common sense. And in terms of engineering, Sure, Ruby was way better, but she knew her way around Bumblebee like the back of her hand.

Which was why it was so frustrating that her beloved bike was being such a PAIN here in Beacon's shop!

"Son of a-COME ON!" Yang growled, punching the air to avoid damaging her baby. She glared at the open engine block of her bike, the normally cooperative parts that sang a symphony of power annoyingly silent.


Yang looked up. Jaune Arc stood in the doorway, looking concerned. She glared.

"Yeah VB? What do you want?"

He scowled a bit. Yang immediately winced, and shook her head.

"Sorry. Just... Ugh. Not you. My bike," she grumbled. Jaune walked over, his expression sympathetic.

"Ah. That why you haven't been picking up your scroll?"

"Bingo," Yang sighed, "Guess I just don't have the motor to talk right now." She bowed her head and scowled at Bumblebee.

Jaune laughed quietly.

"Yeah, hard to do that when your pride and joy is broken," he agreed, "What's wrong with her?"

" Keeps stalling every time I hit 3000 RPM," Yang scowled. Jaune nodded.

"Over 90k miles?"

"Yeah," Yang grumbled, "But the engine is completely new build."

"Ah. The Wayland 1989s were always finicky, even with rebuilt engines," Jaune said sagely.

Yang looked up at him in confusion.

"You're familiar?"

"Well, my dad had one of these and it was cheaper to learn how to fix it himself," Jaune said with a modest shrug, "And I worked with him when I was old emough to hold tools."

"Huh!" Yang raised an eyebrow. "So..."

Jaune blinked at her and shrugged.


"Any suggestions?"

Jaune hummed, and shrugged.

"Well... Maybe... Can I?"

"Be my guest," Yang said, standing up and scooting aside. She watched him like a hawk the whole time, and wondered at several points when he clanged something loudly what the hell she was thinking letting Jaune "Vomit Boy" Arc at her baby...

But he put it all back together almost as well as she did. He stood up, covered in engine grease and sweat, and beamed at her.

"Try it now."

Yang gingerly moved in as he stepped back. She pressed the ignition. The bike roared to life, not a single sputter, before she revved it up. 1000... 2000... 5000...!

She grinned from ear to ear.

"It's alive!" She laughed loudly over the engine roar, and Jaune laughed with her. She kept the bike revving for a bit, listening intently, before she nodded and shut it down.

"Huh... Not bad, Grease Monkey," Yang grinned.

Jaune shrugged modestly.

"A-Anyone who had helped his dad build and rebuild these bikes could have done it."

"Just take the compliment," Yang winked.

Jaune nodded.

"S-Sure... Thanks."

Yang beamed.

"So... Wanna go for a ride?"

Jaune gaped.


"On the bike!" Yang chuckled. Jaune nodded, looking relieved.

"Oh! Sure!'

"And maybe if you're good enough, we'll go for a ride," Yang winked.

"... On the bike, right?"
Ren and Nora: A Song from the Past
Visitors asking for Lie Ren were few and far between. The destruction of his village and their relatively remote location had ensured anyone who might be interested in him was either lying or mistaken.

Or had long memories of children who robbed them to survive.

So when Jaune called him on his Scroll and asked him to come from training to their dormroom for a visitor, Ren did not even ask Jaune for details. He was confident it would be nothing of importance. Someone to set straight and then send on their way.

By force if necessary. Nora was looking forward to that part.

However, when they opened the dormroom, they were greeted by Jaune, Pyrrha... And a graceful looking young woman in a red cheongsam. Her long black hair was done up in a tight bun, held by a pair of red steel needles. Her face was beautiful, pale, with light makeup. Her eyes were Jade green and she had a small, hopeful smile on her strangely familiar face.

"She's a famous singer," Pyrrha explained, "We have the same agent, and she asked for this meeting. Um, I've never met her in person, but it's quite an honor! I'm a big fan, and when she asked to meet you, um..."

The girl in red stared in a mixture of trepidation and hope. Her voice came out as a desperate whisper.

"Ren? Nora?"

Ren's jaw dropped. Next to him, Nora dropped her hammer in shock.

"... Yin?" Ren gasped.

Yin laughed and leaped up. She hugged Ren and Nora tightly.

"It is you! It is you!" She cried, fat tears spilling down her cheeks.

Ren hugged her back, as Nora sobbed in joy.

"YINNY!" Nora cried.

- - -

It took some time for them all to calm down. Yin sat down between Nora and Ren, holding their hands tightly. Ren allowed himself a small smile, while Nora just gushed on and on.

"... We didn't think we would see you again... You're so RED... Your village...!"

"Who is she, guys?" Jaune asked, happy for his friends but very confused.

"This is Shi Yin-Yue. She was a friend from a village near ours," Ren said. "We thought you were dead too. When we investigated your village, it was burned to the ground and full of Grimm!"

"My father got me out to the river. He put me on a boat, but died fending off the Grimm so I could escape," Yin said quietly. "He put all our money and papers into the boat with me. I got lost paddling in the dark and ended up at Shangri-la days later! I was taken in by a musician who went out to search for survivors but..."

She sniffled.

"They found no one... I-I thought you were dead for so long...!"

"So did we," Ren agreed softly. Nora grinned and hugged her.

"Oh its so wonderful to see you again!"

"I'm so glad," Yin laughed, "Now..." She took Ren's hand with a smile, "We can fulfill our families desires!"

Ren blinked.

"In what way?"

Yin beamed. She pulled out a weatherbeaten scroll from her handbag, and unfurled it.

"My father and yours wanted to strengthen the bonds between our villages," She said, "So they created a marriage contract between us. See? Here are their signatures!"

Ren felt his insides go into a tumble. He recognized his father's signature even after all these years.


"Marriage?!" Nora blurted out in shock. Yin beamed and hugged her.

"Oh.... I am so glad, Nora! Now we will be a real family! You my sister in law, and Ren my husband!"

She sobbed in joy as Ren and Nora looked uneasily at eachother, then at the flabberghasted Jaune and Pyrrha.

"This is the happiest day of my life!"

- - -

Since it is a practice in Chinese cultures, why not have Ren face an interesting complication from his past?

Shi Yin Yue is named for Shi Pei-Pu, a Chinese opera singers, crossdresser and spy who posed as a woman for twenty years. Yin Yue is a rough pinyin take on the Mandarin word for "music". This is to keep with the theme of JNPR.

Would Yin be legitimate? Is she a spy for Cinder or someone else nefarious? All things to explore in this idea.
Summer Break in Radian
- - -

"Summer break summer break summer break!" Ruby cheered, jumping up and down excitedly in her seat at the cafeteria table.

"Yeah, and no where to go," Yang sighed. "We don't have the money to do anything fun."

"We can just stay in Vale and have fun?" Ruby suggested.

"But we're not allowed to stay in the dorms!" Yang groaned. "And we'll just have to stay on Patch!"

Ruby turned to Weiss with a wide smile.

"Weiss! Um... Would you be willing to-?"

"I'm given a very strict allowance and am not allowed to purchase frivolous things," Weiss stated, "And no hotel up to my standards is affordable for the whole of the break."

"What, not enough gold plated toilets?" Blake sniffed.

"I would settle for decent porcelain," Weiss stated. Everyone stared at her.

"I can never tell when she's joking," Yang admitted.

"Nobody can say what you tell are jokes!" Weiss shot back.

Team JNPR sat down at their usual table with RWBY. Ruby pouted at Jaune.

"What are you doing for summer break, Jaune?"

"Oh, uh," Jaune shrugged with a smile, "We're uh... We're going back to Radian to train and relax."

"Your hometown?" Ruby asked eagerly. "Wow! All of you?"

Ren nodded.

"It's nice to be invited to travel somewhere to enjoy yourself, without fear of attack or being kicked out," Ren observed calmly.

"I am happy to be adopted by the Arc Clan!" Nora declared. "I will slay many Grimm for the right to have Nana Arturia knit me sweaters and bake me cookies!"

"She'll do that anyway," Jaune sighed.

"Pyrrha?! You're going out to Radian too?!" Weiss gasped. "Some bumpkin town in the middle of nowhere?!"

"Actually," Pyrrha said with a smile, "It has a first rate research hospital, waterfalls, lovely mountains, and ancient ruins to explore! I-I've never been somewhere like that. Also, Jaune's parents are going to put us up at their farm, as long as we do some chores. I-I've never travelled somewhere on my own for vacation! I think it-it will be fun!"

"Free except for some farm chores?" Yang gasped.

"Research hospital and ancient ruins?" Blake asked, mildly intrigued.

"A farmhouse?" Weiss asked, making a face.

"Yeah!" Nora cheered. "All the bacon, eggs and pancakes we can eat!"

"And I don't have to make them," Ren said dryly.

"For now," Nora grinned.

"Um, and since my dad is the head of the local militia," Jaune went on, "My dad will let us train with them and use their forge. It's about as good as what Beacon has, mostly."

Ruby stared intensely at Jaune, her eyes threatening to bubble up with tears as her cheeks went red. Jaune coughed.

"Uh... You guys want to come too? We've got plenty of room, since half my sisters have moved out-"

"YES!" Ruby cried in glee.

"NO!" Weiss cried in horror.

"Come on, Weisscream!" Yang grinned and winked, "You'll get the chance to see how most people live! It'll be an en-ranching experience!"

"Just the thought of the horrific farm puns you will make is freezing my soul," Weiss hissed. She stopped, and her cheeks burned bright red. "DAMNIT YOU'VE GOT ME DOING IT!"

"Come on Weiss? Please? It'll be fun, I know it will!" Ruby insisted.

Pyrrha's stare intensified. Ruby looked pleadingly at Weiss. Yang did the same. Blake blinked slowly and looked over at Jaune.

"Are... Faunus welcome in Radian?"

Jaune beamed.

"Absolutely," Jaune said, "The Sith family are our neighbors, and they're cat-faunus! Though I have fought with their son a few times, he's a good guy, really."

Blake slowly nodded.

"I'm fine with it," she said quietly.

Faced with the overwhelming majority of her friends all shooing her pleading looks... Weiss rolled her eyes heavenward and sighed heavily. She then
turned and scowled over at Jaune.

"You're not using this an excuse to try and hit on me again, are you?"

For the first time since they had met, Jaune looked a bit exasperated with Weiss.

"It was three... Okay, four times," Jaune sighed, "I'm fine just being friends. And I know it's not up to your usual standards but I... You would be more than welcome, promise."

Weiss sighed heavily.


"Just uh, fair warning?" Jaune began. "My parents and family are a little... Eccentric."

Weiss rolled her eyes.

"I'm sure we can handle a few hillbillies and their local customs. What, do you have a jug and washboard band?"

"No," Jaune said quickly, "Not since my uncle switched to jazz."

- - -

So... How about a Radian Summer Vacation? How would it go? What hilarious shenanigans will ensue in the Arc Clan's hometown?

The Arc Clan: Cousin Relena
- - -

Jaune sighed heavily, looking a bit down. Which was unusual to Ruby: The Beacon grounds were beautiful and the sun was shining. They'd just had a great meal, and great training session!

"Jaune, what is it?" Ruby asked, sitting down next to him on his bench.

"Oh, just... Another relative of mine is showing up."

Ruby winced.

"Ooh... They are a real pain?"

"Um, no, not at all!" Jaune said quickly, waving his hands quickly. "She's amazing! I'm really proud of her, and kind of amazed. She's only a few years older than me and yet she's done so much!"

"Who is she?" Ruby asked eagerly. Jaune coughed.

"Er... She's Relena Darlian."


A lot of students also relaxing stared over at them. Ruby blushed, and then lowered her voice.

"The former queen of the Cinq Kingdom?! Now the vice-foreign minister of Vale?! She's your cousin?!"

"Yeah," Jaune said with a nod, "She was brokering peace deals when she was my age! She's amazing!"

"I-I mean, I guess that would be kind of intimidating," Ruby admitted. Jaune shook his head.

"Oh no, she's incredibly sweet and kind! But her new husband is a little, uh..."


Jaune stood up and smiled broadly. A honey haired girl with her locks in a ponytail waved at him. She was dressed in a simple lavender suit with a white blouse. She also wore sunglasses, a scarf, and a sunhat to try and conceal her identity.

"Cousin!" Jaune greeted her, running up to hug her happily. She returned it, laughing when Jaune spun her around. He set her down, and he becamed down at her.

"I'm amazed you came to see me!" He said happily.

"Well, there are a lot of feathers to unruffle for the Vytal Tournament," Relena huffed. She looked over at Ruby, who shyly approached. She smiled mischievously.

"Oh. You must be Ruby Rose! It's nice to meet you. I've heard about you from Jaune's letters. His best friend, right?"

"Uh, oh, y-yeah!" Ruby nodded.

"Honestly, I'm surprised you've heard of her," Jaune admitted, "You don't seem that into, er, politics."

Ruby blushed and grinned.

"Well, I'm more of a fan of-!"

A man in elaborate white, red, and blue armor suddenly landed behind her, making the ground shake. His helmet resembled an ancient Mistralian samurai's, with a gleaming white mask and burning green eyes. A red shield was on one arm, while a large double-barrel rifle was in his other hand. A pair of metallic wings spread out behind him. The helmet mecha-shifted, revealing a stoic man's face with short brown hair. His Prussian blue eyes bore into Ruby, who gaped up at him in a mixture of awe and terror.

"-H-Heero Yuy," Ruby whispered, "Hero of the Eve Wars...!"

"I'm just a bodyguard and husband now," Heero stated firmly.

Relena chuckled and let go of Jaune. She reached up and hugged her husband around his neck, stepping up on tiptoes to kiss him.

"Mm... And I appreciate you very much in both roles," Relena giggled. "How are things?"

"Security is extremely inadequate," Heero stated firmly, "Air space is too easily accessible." His eyes narrowed upwards at the Atlas airships orbiting nearby. "I was only challenged once."

"We'll have to fix that, the Vacuoan delegates won't be happy," Relena sighed. She beamed. "So, you gonna say hello to Jaune and his friend-?"

"Ruby Rose, daughter of Summer Rose and Taiyang Xiao-Long. Fifteen years old, prodigy admitted into Beacon early on the word of Headmaster Ozpin," Heero stated flatly, "Leader of Team RWBY which consists of her older sister Yang Xiao-Long, the SDC heiress Weiss Schnee, and the runaway princess of Menagerie, Blake Belladonna."

Ruby gaped in shock.

"W-Wow... And you're one of the pilots of the Gundam-series mechashift armor systems!"

Heero smirked very slightly. Relena scowled.

"Heero, stop showing off!" She admonished. "Though that last one is a bit worrying-"

"It-It's okay, she's a friend, honest!" Jaune insisted, walking up and waving his hands.

Relena sighed. She looked over at Heero.

"Let's not get too carried away, huh?"

Heero narrowed his eyes. Relena narrowed hers.

"No abductions and interrogations, or killing!"

Heero grimaced very slightly, before he nodded.

"Very well. I'll get back to overwatch... And I'll see you at dinner."

Relena kissed his lips, and beamed. The ghost of a smile was on his lips.

"That's my perfect husband," she said happily. Heero nodded, before his helmet mecha-shifted shut. Relena stepped back to a safe distance, as Heero lifted off and soared into the air. Relena sighed warmly as she watched him go. Ruby grinned.

"Oh man oh man... The Gundam mechashift armor series is some of the most advanced tech on the planet! I'm gonna see it up close and-!"

"And you're on Heero's radar," Jaune deadpanned, "That's not a good thing."

"Hey, for the chance to get a look at that stuff! I'd be okay with being put in jail!" Ruby chirped.

Jaune winced harder.

"Be careful what you wish for..."

- - -

Yes, Gundam Wing is still close to my heart. And Relena Peacecraft and Heero Yuy are still some of my favorite anime characters. Deal with it.

And hey, I wanted them to have a happy ending that didn't involve cryosleep and all that bullshit.
The Arc Clan: Epona 2
- - -

Dinner at Beacon cafeteria was a bit awkward that evening. Jaune had returned in a haggard state with Epona. The horse had carried him up all the stairs to the dorms and set him down, giving his teammates an expectant look to help him out. Only when he had gotten a shower, new clothes, and food in him had he been able to speak.

"What happened?!" Weiss demanded. "Your horse just straight up abducted you!"

"Heh, and I thought Jaune would be saddle sore," Yang cracked. Jaune managed a little laugh at that.

"Thanks Yang... It's not as bad as it looks." He gulped down some water, helped by Pyrrha, before he continued.

"She just thought I needed to go reclaim this thing."

Nora beamed and hefted up a large sword.

"THIS THING!" Nora announced.

"A sword?" Ruby asked. "Looks pre-Great War! A claymore maybe!"

"Apparently one of my ancestors used it, and it was in a lost temple in the Emerald Valley," Jaune sighed, "And Epona decided I had to go and get it right now."

"And you did! Nice!" Ruby said, taking the blade and admiring the craftsmanship, "Wow! I don't even think you'd need to reforge it! It's been infused with so much Aura!"

"So hey, now you have another sword," Yang grinned, "Two points are better than one! Eh? Ehhh?"

"I get it," Jaune sighed, as everyone else groaned. "Seriously though, this is why Mom was so upset with Dad over Aura unlocking her."

"You... Your dad aura unlocked a horse?" Weiss asked in utter disbelief.

"What? Our dad did the same with our dog," Ruby said with a beam. Yang nodded along. Weiss gaped at them in horror.

"You mean to tell me your families gave a non-sapient lifeform AURA POWERS?! Isn't that incredibly dangerous?!"

"But you love Zwei!" Ruby protested. Weiss blushed.

"B-Be that as it may, it's still very dangerous! Jaune got abducted by his horse! Blake, back me up here?"

Silence. They looked around. Blake was nowhere to be seen. Ruby groaned.

"Oh no... Please don't tell me she went off after the White Fang again...!"

The doors to the cafeteria were thrown open. Epona galloped in, neighing urgently. Jaune gaped.

"Wha-What do you mean Blake's in trouble?!"

"You can understand her?!" Weiss demanded.

"Sure!" Nora said cheerfully, "She said Blakey's in a bind at a warehouse!"

"I wasn't talking to-!"

"Don't," Ren advised gently, shaking his head. "It will not help."

"Right," Jaune said, standing up, "Okay, let's go-BWAH!"

Epona grabbed Jaune with her teeth and tossed him on her back. She then seized the claymore from Ruby, and tossed it back at him. Jaune yelped and caught it.

"Okay okay, but maybe we should get my armorrrrrr?!

Epona turned and dashed off at high speed, Jaune hanging on for dear life. Ruby stood up.

"Come on! After them!"

"AHEM," Professor Goodwitch glared. Ruby coughed.

"Oh no! A horse has abducted my friend! We should go after him and-!"

"Detention. NOW," Glynda ordered.

"But Professor-!"

Goodwitch shook her head.

"No excuses! Detention NOW!"

"But we didn't even do anything!" Weiss protested. "Arc's Horse did it!"

"Just call this a pre-emptive measure."

Nora scoffed.

"Ha! Jauney's gonna cause you so much paperwork and headaches with Epona that you won't even need to give us detention! So why bother?"

Goodwitch scowled.

"So I can at least maintain the illusion that this is a school and not a madhouse!"

Silence. Yang shrugged.

"Little late for that, don't you think?"

- - -

Okay, so Blake had gotten in over her head. That had happened a lot lately. It may have had something to do with her lack of sleep and obsessive tendencies... Who could tell?

Maybe her, when she'd gotten some sleep. And wasn't tied up by some White Fang goons. The lead, a fat Faunus named Snick, laughed as he stood over her in the warehouse she'd been snooping in.

A cat caught by a rat, how humiliating, Blake groused, Kind of glad Yang's not here. The jokes she would make...

"Well well... We've got Adam's main squeeze," he sneered down at her, "What do you think he'll pay us to get you back in one piece?"

He held up a knife and licked his lips.

"What do you think he'd pay if we took a few for our own?"

Blake glared defiantly, already trying to cut her bonds with a hidden knife... When the warehouse doors burst inward. A horse whinnied and all the White Fang goons turned to look. Blake gaped in astonishment.

What the...?

A mounted knight? In full white and gold armor atop a horse? He even had a banner flying behind him, with a familiar gold sigil on the blue fabric.

Is that... Jaune's symbol...?!

"Who the hell are you-?!" Slick shouted, just before an Aura-infused spear slammed into his chest and sent him flying into the far wall. The rest of the goons opened fire with guns as the horse and rider charged.

Most horses were sensible enough to not charge into gunfire, people, or pointy sticks. This horse projected an Aura field around herself and the shots just bounced off. The knight struck the rest of the goons down, with sword strikes and shield bashes. It was over in a matter of seconds.

The horse trotted up to her, and bowed her chestnut head. While Blake was not a huge fan of horses, she had to admit, she admired this one's noble bearing.

The knight who stepped down could have come right from the pages of Romance of the Kingdom Knights. It was a more Valean take on Ninjas of Love, a bit more formal in places but just as down and dirty.

(Though Blake didn't have the same love of armor and weapons being described, she was perfectly fine with how the author wrote all the bits involving the armor coming off.)

The knight kneeled behind her, and undid her bindings.

"You all right?" He asked.

Even though the helmet, she recognized the voice.

"Jaune?!" She gasped.

"Yeah," Jaune said, flipping up his visor to smile, "Sorry about the wait. Epona insisted I get my full armor for this. I can see why."

"Epona?" Blake glanced at the horse, who whinnied in answer. Jaune scowled.

"Why exactly did I need to get into full gear?"

Epona nickered. Jaune blinked.

"Eh? What do you mean, a knight needs to be properly dressed to rescue a princess? Blake's not a princess!"

Blake flushed, and scowled at the horse. A horse who was looking rather smug. Jaune sighed.

"Anyway, we should get going," Jaune smiled, stood up with Blake, and held out a hand.

"So, shall we go home? She's faster than the Bullhead. Or at least, she'll ask a lot fewer questions."

"Wait, she made it all the way here from Beacon?" Blake asked in astonishment. Epona preened, as Jaune laughed and patted his horse on the side in appreciation.

"Yup. Wanna see?"

Blake flushed, and nodded.

"I... Yes."

"Great! Need any help mounting her?" Jaune asked.

Blake blushed hard.

"N-No! No, um... I'm good."

"Well don't worry," Jaune said, as he helped her up anyway. He got up behind her and sat down in the saddle. He put an arm around her waist. She held on tightly. Just to keep safe, of course.

"I'll be right behind you the whole time. I won't let you fall," Jaune said kindly.

Blake's blush became worse. She scowled at the very smug-looking horse.

"I don't know how you figured that out, but this is just... Way too obvious and cliched to work," Blake muttered. Epona whinnied, and Jaune blinked.

"Eh? What do you mean 'You know you love clichés?"

"NOTHING!" Blake shrieked.

- - -
Yup. Shirou Arc is doing just fine.
Thanks ! how much of their powers they keep? and,how much learned their kids and grandkids? it would be funny if grandma Arturia destroyed Salem when she attack Vale and threaten her grandkid.
Lines of Succession 2
Do you take requests?

Depends on the request.

- - -

This part of Vale was known as Old Town, which stretched from the river to the main walls. The neighborhood had been old but stately, with numerous shops and homes lining well kept streets. When the Vytal Attack had happened, most of these places had been abandoned. The city's automatic defenses had been disabled, thankfully, but the Atlasian drones had done plenty of damage to the populace.

Now the streets were deserted. Except for the Grimm, of course.

An Ursa roared and charged Jaune. He held his ground, Crocea Mors burning with Aura in his hands. He waited, waited, waited for the Ursa to get close enough. It rushed for him, extended its claws and fangs...!

Jaune sidestepped the Ursa, and brought his sword down on the bear-like Grimm's neck! It went right through, and the Grimm's head went flying from its neck. The rest of its body dissolved into smoke, as Jaune turned to face the next Grimm.

Several more Ursa barreled through the ruined shops, roaring as they went right for him. Jaune fell back a bit, as the large gang of Ursas headed right for him. He waited, waited...


Nora and Cardin emerged from their hiding place, Ren's Semblance bleeding away their colors. Cardin swung his mace and unleashed a massive blast of Fire Dust. Nora let loose with her grenades, unleashing another huge blast. These combined, blowing apart the Grimm's first line.

The Ursas at the back of the mob slowed and turned to head away... But Ren and Blake appeared in front of them and mercilessly cut them to pieces.

The street fell silent, as the monsters were all slain. Jaune took some deep breaths, and nodded to his companions.

"Good work everyone," Jaune stated. He tapped his earpiece. "Professor Goodwitch? Section 33-A is clear."

"We're updating the map now, Your Majesty," Glynda replied, "Also, it is unnecessary to call me that, King Jaune."

Jaune wore a wry look.

"You gonna stop calling me that?"

There was a poignant pause.

"... It is what I must call you-"

"Then no, Professor Goodwitch it is," Jaune replied. His friends held back smirks. He could only imagine Goodwitch's exasperated expression.

"Very well, Your Majesty. Also, Chief Ranger Arathorn would like to inform you that his forces will be there momentarily."

Jaune slowly nodded, as he heard a Bullhead's engines overhead.

"Good. We could use the back up."

"Also, Chieftain Belladonna's party will be arriving in three hours," Glynda stated, "You and your fiancé will probably want to attend."

Jaune sighed, and looked over at Blake. The cat Faunus winced a bit, but nodded.

"Right, we'll be right there," he said. The Bullheads came in for a landing, their engine wash clearing the Grimm dust away from the area. Jaune headed up to the Bullhead, Blake joining him and taking hold of his hand. She smiled nervously at him as they got up into the cabin of the aircraft.

"Just when it was getting good," Cardin grumbled.

"I know right?" Nora shouted. She hugged Renny. "Such is the life of the Royal Guards! Fun one moment, then boring dinner parties the next!"

"Indeed," Ren observed wryly.

"Hey Jaune!" Nora said cheerfully, as the Bullhead lifted off and headed back towards the central towers of Vale's government city, "When we gonna get like, knighted for real? I wanna be a Duchess!"

"There are a few steps before you get there," Jaune observed wryly.


- - -

The Admin Center of Vale was a large complex of many towers, arranged almost like a modern take on a castle. During the Vytal Attack, the Atlasian drones had turned on the government and slaughtered almost everyone in the area.

One of the few government officials who had survived had been Councilman Rufus Winchester, Cardin's father. The tall, broad shouldered redheaded man had relied on his own personal security, and not taken the offer of Atlasian robots for his detail. It had saved his life, though he had been badly wounded nevertheless. Jaune and Cardin's team getting the automated defenses back online had saved his and the lives of thousands of other people in the Admin Center.

Councilman Winchester awaited them on the airship pad on city hall, his arm still in a sling. A pale woman with green hair in a smart blouse, jacket and skirt stood at his side, holding a Scroll.

The young King and his friends came out of the Bullhead, Jaune leading the group. Rufus smiled and nodded as the engines died down.

"Welcome, Your Majesties! Son, Lady Nora, Lord Ren!" He greeted.

"I didn't make those official yet," Jaune said wryly.


"How soon will my father arrive?" Blake asked. Rufus looked to the pale woman, who checked her notes.

"In about two hours, Your Majesty," she cried, "We were able to resolve his flight plan faster than we thought."

"Good," Blake said with a nod, "Please send the rest of our itinerary to our Scrolls. We'll be retiring to our quarters to get ready."

"Yes your Majesty," the assistant said cheerfully.

"I've put together the meeting schedule for the summit... And the wedding," Rufus added. He looked over at Cardin. "You have a Best Man candidate yet?"

Cardin smiled. Jaune coughed.

"Ah... No offense, but I was gonna ask Ren," he said. Cardin drooped a bit, but nodded.

"That's fair," he sighed. "Can I still be in the wedding party?"

"Definitely," Jaune said. Cardin grinned.

"Yes! Bridesmaids!"

"WOO! Go get 'em, Cardy!" Nora cheered. Rufus Winchester, dignified Councilman... Laughed indulgently.

"Ah well... Maybe you'll get the King to be your Best Man for your wedding, son. Hope you're working on that."

"Er... Yes Dad," Cardin managed, blushing a bit.

"We'll see it all later," Blake said, smoothly leading Jaune off to the elevator. He sighed quietly as the elevator doors closed behind them.

"Thank you so much," he muttered.

Blake chuckled.

"I did have some practice escaping meetings with officials in Menagerie," she said softly.

The elevator doors opened on their floor. They walked into the ambassadorial suites. They were usually reserved for heads of state visiting Vale. Jaune had originally tried to just get a normal hotel room, but given the dangerous situation in Vale, he'd bowed to the logic that the King of Vale needed to be somewhere secure.

The room was at least tasteful. Not covered in gold and silver. Just nice hardwood floors with fine furniture and a large bed. The balcony was secured with fine blinds. A bed Blake led him to.

"Um," Jaune tried. Blake turned to him, blinking.

"Yes?" She asked softly. Jaune blushed.

"Er... I-I mean..."

Blake slid her fingers between his, and smiled softly.

"We've been sleeping together for the past few nights, you know," she said quietly. Jaune slowly nodded.

"Y-Yeah, but... Not like that," he said. "And uh... Your parents are coming."

"I know," Blake said quietly. She closed her eyes tightly for a moment. "I haven't seen them in years... But they did agree to help us. Helped save Vale."

Jaune nodded.

"Yeah... If I married you," he said quietly.

Blake stared up into his eyes.

"I'm willing to do whatever I have to in order to make this happen, Jaune," she said softly. "Do you want me to a wear a collar? Want to invite more women into our bed? I'm willing to do it."

Jaune shook his head.

"Would... Would that make you happy though?" He asked earnestly.

Blake flushed.

"Geez... You're asking me that when we're already engaged?"

"Yeah," Jaune said.

Blake sighed, and hugged him tightly.

"... Things could have been much worse, for both of us," she murmured.

Jaune patted her on the back, feeling a bit confused.

"Er... Yeah, I guess..."

He cleared his throat.

"So, um... Your mom and dad... What do they feel about, uh... Me?"

Blake sucked in a deep breath.

"They'll be concerned, but I... I know they'll see what a good man you are. I did, after all."

Jaune flushed.

"Thanks," he murmured. He kissed the top of her head. Blake blushed.

"Er, sorry, was that too much?" Jaune asked.

"We're engaged," Blake pointed out.

"So... Yes?"

Blake sighed, and gently bumped her head against his.

"You dork."

"So I've been told," Jaune deadpanned.

- - -

The throne room was in the oldest of the Admin Center buildings. It had been made when the position of King was formally abolished, so it was fairly modest. Vaulted ceilings of plain white, with little alcoves in between the columns that led to the throne. In each alcove was a suit of armor, holding a weapon.

The throne itself was made of black marble, blocky, plain and functional.

It was also uncomfortable, which is why Jaune was fine with not sitting in it any more than he had to. He stood in front of the throne with Blake. He was in a well tailored suit with a sash over his chest in the colors of the Valean flag. A simple gold band was around his head.

At his side, holding his hand, stood Blake. She was in her black dress from the Beacon Dance, as it was the best they could find for her on such short notice. She wore a silver band around her head, and her ears were bare.

The rest of their friends, guards, and the surviving government officials stood on either side of the throne room as a long red carpet was rolled out.

The door to the throne room opened, and several Menagerie Knights in bronze and black armor marched in. They took up station on either side of the carpet, holding up their weapons. Under this protection walked in Ghira and Kali Belladonna. Both in ornate black and purple robes of Fuujin style, they approached Jaune and Blake with grave expressions.

Ghira himself was a bear of a man, gigantic and powerful. Kali was shapely but athletic, and her golden eyes bored into Jaune's. He held it as best he could, matching her stare.

He smiled politely as they stopped a few meters away. He inclined his head respectfully, a motion Blake copied.

"Chieftain Ghira, Lady Kali, it is an honor to meet you," he said, "We thank you for your aid and assisting us in our hour of need."

Ghira glowered at him.

"You're King Jaune, huh?"

Jaune blinked. Blake became tense next to him. Cardin, Nora, and Ren began to go for their weapons discretely.

"Yes sir."

"You marrying my daughter?"

"Yes sir."

"You gonna treat her right, even as a king?" Ghira went on.

Jaune slowly nodded.

"I would die before I let any harm come to her," he swore. Blake blushed severely.

Ghira stared intently at him... Before grinning and hugging him.

"Thank you!" He cried happily, as the rest of the Valeans stared at him in disbelief. "You've saved our daughter from a life living with some genocidal maniac!"

"Or alone in an apartment, her only joys a can of tuna or a new book!" Kali sobbed, hugging Jaune on his other side. "Oh, thank you, wonderful son in law!" She hugged Blake next. "Congratulations, Blake! Are you pregnant yet? When can we expect grandkitties?!"

Jaune let out a long sigh of relief, even as Rufus Winchester chuckled and Goodwitch pushed her glasses up to pinch the bridge of her nose.

Well... Least they're not big on decorum, he thought.

- - -

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