1. YoungColonial27

    No Traitor In Me (Armoured Core 6/RWBY)
    Threadmarks: Do not go Gently, into that Dying Light

    No Traitor In Me •|• 621 tossed and turned on his medical bed. The man was covered in tubes with his whole bed enveloped by a grey plastic bag. For all that he looked like a dying man, he was anything but. The scars of his augmentation, burns across every part of his body, warping and...
  2. AndrewJTalon

    [RWBY] Cuts of RWBY
    Threadmarks: What If Jaune Could Notice Things?

    Just a place for my stray RWBY Plot bunnies and ideas to go. - - - "Pyrrha. We need to talk." It had come out of the blue. Jaune had looked uncharacteristically serious one afternoon after classes. He had taken her aside as they stood out of the way of the other students shuffling out of the...
  3. Wolf of Arrakis

    Which world is worse? Remnant or Attack on Titan Earth?

    Which world in your personal opinion is worse? Remnant from RWBY or Earth in Attack on Titan?
  4. ThatTabiFromSB

    Last Word Gambit [RWBY/Destiny SI]
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    I blink, spots in my eyes as I tried to force the disorientation away. What-? “Guardian? Guardian! Eyes up!” I look up, instincts roaring for me to move right now! My body moves, my mind barely waking up as sharp claws and fur dark as sin slam down on the spot where I had just vacated...
  5. Free-Stater 101

    All For One Remnant (RWBY x My Hero Academia crossover.)
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    Fallout-Man101 presents: All For One Remnant Chapter One. Disclaimer: I do not own RWBY or My Hero Academia, they are a property of Rooster Teeth and Japanese Manga writer Kohei Horikoshi...