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It is with a heavy heart that I must announce the permanent banning of two accounts from our site.

We never ban anybody without a thorough review, and attempt to give the users in question every opportunity to amend their behavior. Some say we are far too patient in this regard, but we feel it is very important to our mission of promoting a space where free speech is safe.

As such, we are sad to announce the permanent banning of the @RussianFederation and @Ukraine accounts from our site for constantly generating reports. We are informed that this is the worst possible sin in the pantheon of forum sins, therefore we are taking this generating of reports very seriously. All attempts to convince @RussianFederation and @Ukraine to cease generating reports were ignored, with an increasing number of reports generated everyday.

This action is taken out of love for our community and our desire for positive community interaction. It was also taken out of our opposition to actually having to do work and the owner's personal dislike of the letters U and Z.

We understand that this action may come as a shock to some of you, as such we feel it very important to advise all users contemplating complaining about this action that absolutely nothing will happen to you.

Unless you generate reports.
I feel like this really doesn't go far enough. We need to let people know that generating reports is not acceptable. There should be a level of punishment higher than permaban, f'rex we could doxx Ukraine and Russia, and perhaps post maps of their current movements and positions, that would show them.
I'm pretty sure that LordSunhawk meant being guilty of other people making reports about you.
Which is generally what it means.

Hitting the report button too frequently is sorta like a high-priced lawyer suing janators because the public restrooms they clean aren't what the lawyer who can afford to have someone wipe his ass for him whenever he shits thinks is "acceptably clean".

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