1. LordSunhawk

    Important Permaban Announcement

    It is with a heavy heart that I must announce the permanent banning of two accounts from our site. We never ban anybody without a thorough review, and attempt to give the users in question every opportunity to amend their behavior. Some say we are far too patient in this regard, but we feel it...
  2. LordSunhawk

    Important Ban Announcement

    The user LindyAF has received a 3 month forum ban for sockpuppetry intended to falsely implicate another user for the same. The sock has been permabanned. If LindyAF contacts us with an explanation for the situation that is satisfactory the ban will be reviewed, if he fails to do so in 3...
  3. D

    Important Logo Contest

    Everyone, we are holding a logo contest! The prize will be a free premier “Hetman” subscription for the next year. We would very much like to see a competition for a permanent logo and a site banner as well. Both should reflect the them of cossacks and/or Fremen and you must give all rights to...