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Try since the 1910s.

The issues in the Universities date back to the Fundamentalist/Modernist split in the Protestant Churches and Universities in the west. The reason the issues date back to that time isn't the religious aspect per se (though in an ironic twist pretty much all the early 20th century modernists ideas regarding the historicity of Christianity have since been disproven and repudiated*) but in the strategies, tactics, and attitudes used by the Modernists that became entrenched in Elite Academia. That is, shunning and shaming those who did not accept the general "consensus", driving them out of elite institutions or ensuring their careers were dead. As you can see these tactics have been carried forward ever since against people going against the Elite Academic Consensus.

* IE these were people of the "everything in the Bible is made up and mythological up to and including that, there was no historical Jesus," ideas. Positions most modern academics no longer accept, with the modern, non-religious academic position being something along the lines of "the New Testament is historically accurate, there definitely was a Jewish wandering preacher in Judea who became known as Jesus and the Bible captures much of his teachings, the Old Testament has some archeological evidence showing people and places in it likely existed, but the farther back in the Jewish narrative you go the less sure we are it is historical and not mythological aspects until we get to Genesis which is mythological".
Thanks ! sadly,you are probably right....
Back in November of 2023, USC Economics Professor John Strauss made the controversial statement "Hamas are murderers" which numerous students filed complaints against, citing harassment, discrimination, and creating an unsafe environment and petitions were signed for his removal from the post. This initiated an investigation by the University authorities including his removal from teaching posts until that December.

The Seven Month inquiry came to an end now, with the obvious outcome that he threatened, harassed and created an unsafe environment for literally nobody and thus no formal disciplinary actions will be taken, beyond of course, the implied guilt of the more then half year long inquiry itself.

Truly terrifying...


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