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... I'm a fan of baseball...
And very good ! but,now you could deliver all girls good rich german boys during one baseball game.
Becouse Gate is about good japaneese right-wing parties and harem.And, when i wish good right-wing parties in all countries,including Japan,writing about them would be BOOOORING.
Which left us with writing about harem,with Zorzal as kicked comic relief.
SideStory: An Omen Dismissed

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So, while I was going through my notes and checking a few things, I came upon a Reddit post that had the title "*Before going through the Gate, the Saderan General orders the Augurs to seek the wisdom of the Chickens.* "General, what was the wisdom granted by the wise Chickens?" A young legionnaire asked. "Yes." The General lied. The rest is history" and showed this video:

Romans were superstitious to the extreme, only the Spartans were just as (if not more) superstitious. The Saderans, by contrast, would make both the Romans and Spartans look like they took superstition as a suggestion... and given Roman law, screwing with these holy chickens has steep punishments. So, a brain bug hit me and this happened... it is something of a side story really, an explanation of how things started...


Behind the Legate Quarters - Before the Holy Hills of Alnus, Alnus Province; 4th day of Martius, Year 6729

The augers and I were surprised at the Holy Chickens' reaction... or in this case a lack of unified action. A portion of them was feasting, a portion of them was running around like if their heads were lopped off, another portion was simply standing there and doing nothing, a fourth portion was doing some odd dance, and it got weirder from there... it was just a giant mess.

"I might be versed in some augury but this is well out of my league," I commented as I continued to watch the spectacle unfold in front of me, "Have you guys seen anything like this?" The augers were pouring through their books, trying to find an answer to this odd spectacle.

"I don't have anything that has them doing all of this at once," the lead auger stated to his compatriots.

"I got the meanings of the various individual omens in this case, but this situation is unprecedented, just like how two Gates showing up is unprecedented," the de facto second in command auger commented, "We're in unfamiliar territory here."

"We've got omens for great gains, great defeats, strange happenings... and all at once," the third auger said, "If I had to be a betting man, we must exercise extreme caution."

"As you said Auger Titus," I commented, "we've got omens for great gains and victories here, isn't it enough to move forward?"

"It isn't," Auger Titus answered, "what we have here is something that is unprecedented and will take at least a day to fully realize an answer."

"You'll have your day," I ordered, "just make sure that can give me an answer for this so I can tell the Legions."


Legate Tribonius gave his three augers a day to rationalize their findings, and they said they must be cautious if they are to secure victory... and as they say the rest was history...


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Of course, that they were superstitious - just like every other cyvilisation.
Our logical approach is possible only becouse Chrystianity not only get us Omnipotent God, but also logical one.And even there scientific approach was possible only after Western Chrystianity abadonned Platon approach,and take Aristotle.
Cysterian monasteries could be considered first manufacturies and laboratories.

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Ok, been trying to work out the next snippet when I kept going to my 'adventure in a psi-memory' snippet... and things spiraled from there. So far, I have this:
The ‘Iron Pact’ is something that I’m still trying to understand, their reasons of existence, their politics, their goals…

… and understand the strangeness that is ‘Hauptmann’ Neumann.

This one man has kept defying what I know as logic. This man is different than anything I’ve ever encountered. Then there is this aura around him, making him even more of an enigma. Everyone in the castra has been incredibly tight-lipped about Hauptmann Neumann. My -and the warrior bunnies that managed to smuggle themselves here- investigations kept hitting stone walls, a lot of this man’s career is locked behind the term ‘classified’. What little that the warrior bunnies and I could dig up show that he is an incredibly powerful shaman. Almost stupidly so. He is also an incredibly capable warrior, and either of these facts does not jive with his calm, simple, introverted demeanor. There is just something off about him. After we returned from ‘Berlin’, Rory had told me her fears. Few things got her afraid, and this man is one of the few that did.

So, what is the enigma that is ‘Hauptmann’ Neumann? Few things would get Rory all riled up, and fewer things on that list would make her afraid. If Rory is right and ‘Hauptmann’ Neumann is more than a shaman, then things are absolutely guaranteed to get complicated and fast. Shamans can talk to those who have not left without much penalty, but those that are shamans, but more are the sort to even take down gods. Not knock them out or lock them into a container, but genuinely kill gods. There has not been one of those since Rory started her trek to godhood, and that one individual left quite an impression on her.

That was when I felt that something happened. Something terrible. I quickly got out of my seat and went to ‘Hauptmann’ Neumann’s room and saw him in absolute agony. I quickly call upon my powers to see what is wrong and… what I saw was something that even gods considered unnatural. How in Hardy’s name did ‘Hauptmann’ Neumann get a reality shard bonded to him!?! I quickly racked my brain and frowned, it is bonded tightly with his soul, so it would be tedious but doable. Thankfully, we Apostles have always kept a small cache of reality crystals on us just in case we find one of these damnable things. I quickly pull out one and prepared the ritual when someone came busting through the door.

It happened quickly, almost to the speeds of apostle-on-apostle combat. The unknown person quickly put a weapon to my head with the intent of using it while I quickly shifted myself to see the assailant. The man has a lanky and somewhat thin build, the lankiness betraying his well-earned muscles.

“Do anything and I’ll blow your fucking head off,” the man said in an incredibly interesting accent, “Slick and I go way back and if you caused him to have an event, there be hell to pay.” I frowned at the implication, but with how much is not in the public record, ‘Hauptmann’ Neumann might have some particular enemies, enemies who wouldn’t be unwilling to force a reality shard to bond with someone’s soul and damn the consequences thereof.

“If you want to save your friend,” I flatly replied, “you better let go of me. Hauptmann Neumann has a reality shard bonding to his very soul. If that does not get removed before the process completes, he. Will. Die. He along with everyone within fifty mille when two realities clash with each other.” I narrowed my eyes at this man, his willingness to protect his friend is commendable but is likely going to land him into trouble. “I and Rory, as Apostles, will survive. If you want the blood of your forces and those settling around your castra on your hands, continue to keep me from doing this.”

“Slick has been wrangling with what you call a reality shard for almost a decade and all of our attempts in removing it have failed,” the man answered, “he has to take special drugs to keep it at bay. So, what are you going to do to Slick?”

“I was about to undertake a ritual to remove the reality shard,” I answered, “first, I must drag the afflicted consciousness from the shard itself, after which I start in the extraction. The extraction will take all my power as an apostle and take a considerable effort, given how closely bonded the shard is to ‘Hauptmann’ Neumann’s soul. Once I have removed the reality shard, I will put it into this crystal sphere. It is made from Elysium Quartz, and it is used for a handful of purposes including the storing of reality shards.” The man simply frowned.

“Is it possible that I could go with you?” the man asked, “Given that I know this ‘reality shard’ better than you? That and Slick can be a bit… imprisonment happy if he has an event…” I kept my shock from becoming visible. ‘Hauptmann’ Neumann had been using the bonded reality shard as a prison? While ingenious, it is also one of the more… complicated… ways to ensure someone stays locked up for all eternity when all other methods had failed. The mages of Rondel had used that methodology only twice, and the two were incredibly powerful dark mages that could not be contained any other way.

“Since you’re more knowledgeable about this reality shard,” I answered, “I’ll have to default to your experience. What is your name?”

“The name’s Tony, Tony Delvecchio,” the man answered with a smirk, “now let’s go save Slick.”
Is that better than what I had before? Because it feels like it if you know what I mean.


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Interesting.But remember - it is Gate crossover,so there are two important things there :
1.Made Japan great again
2.Get harem for Itami.

So - you should made stpry about getting both Japan and Germany stronger,and their heroes getting good harems.
P.S Find some good german for Giselle !

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Kay, I know this is stupid to say aloud, but do you know pillars of eternity? There's a group in it called the Iron Pact. I keep being disappointed that this isn't about them.

The Phule

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I never heard of Pillars of Eternity before now actually...
The Iron Pact are a radcaerian mercenary company... The radcaerians are a country that recently fought a massive war, sponsored by a god named Eothas who is the God of compassion and the harvest, with the country that the game takes place in. The country that the game takes place in kills Eothas.

Anyway the Iron Pact show up after you conquer a haunted Dwarf Fortress with a massive forge that contains the secrets of making a lost metal for a small village of hunters and fishers in the north. Who are also dwarves.

It triggers a war between the god of smithing and the goddess of the forgetfulness.
The leader of the Iron Pact shows up because he's having prophetic dreams about this war between the two gods and he's trying to stop it in its tracks. By destroying the Fortress that you feel pretty possessive of. You can talk him out of it if you sneak into his camp without killing too many folk, and I'm exachange he'll help you later.

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Ok, ladies and gents, I've hit a roadblock. I can't seem to pick which song one character is going to play. On the one hand, I was thinking of one of Bach's harpsichord pieces, specifically Bach's Harpsichord Concerto No.1 in D Minor BWV 1052, on a harpsichord; on the other, I was thinking of using a Red Alert 3 mod's soundtrack, more specifically recordings of Mo Li Hua (Jasmine Flower) or one of their Lunar New Year pieces. I don't believe I've got enough time -so to speak- to have all three of them in and having Bach could be seen as shoehorning too much Germany in.

What would you guys suggest?

The only reason that I'm asking is that there is a shockingly abysmal number of youtube videos that have the harpsichord in it... at least not from Bach anyway.


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Ok, ladies and gents, I've hit a roadblock. I can't seem to pick which song one character is going to play. On the one hand, I was thinking of one of Bach's harpsichord pieces, specifically Bach's Harpsichord Concerto No.1 in D Minor BWV 1052, on a harpsichord; on the other, I was thinking of using a Red Alert 3 mod's soundtrack, more specifically recordings of Mo Li Hua (Jasmine Flower) or one of their Lunar New Year pieces. I don't believe I've got enough time -so to speak- to have all three of them in and having Bach could be seen as shoehorning too much Germany in.

What would you guys suggest?

The only reason that I'm asking is that there is a shockingly abysmal number of youtube videos that have the harpsichord in it... at least not from Bach anyway.

I do not much about harpsichord songs,but there is one without it which still be very good for Gate:

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Well, ladies and gents, I said I would post this scene and after banging my head like a madman, I got this scene mostly done. Had to dig through some of my old soundtracks to get the other piece... you wouldn't believe how rare the harpsichord is in music. I mean outside of Fire Emblem, there is only one other that fits the setting of Falmart, so to speak.
Fort Portal, Business Quarter; October 5th, 2017

The amount of businesses in the “Iron Pact’s” castra is something different compared to the Saderan Mondi Operus when it came to castra. The basic principles stayed the same, but the design and layout were radical by anyone’s metric here in Falmart. The biggest difference is the various shops not operated by the legions, like the one I am entering right now. Now, from what I have been told in the tour, this is a music shop and while it was hard to settle in, I never got to looking through the store. It would be a change of pace to simply look at how my other doctorate in musical science applies to those of the other-worlders.

As I entered the store, a tone signaled my entry into the store… something that I note that stores in our and their worlds apparently share quite a few things in common. There was a man at a circular desk, overseeing much of the store while talking to a customer as several other people simply made sure everything was in order, something that both civilizations shared but only real difference being scale. Only the music stores of Rondel operate in a similar scale, and only due to Rondel’s status as a mage metropolis. There were only a handful of customers in the store, most of them from the ‘US-Japan Coalition’ or the ‘Iron Pact’, with only a handful of local bards simply milling about.

That was when I saw something peculiar, a rather large instrument on some sort of stout stage. It looked like some of the instruments that two or three of the richest music-field mages were tinkering with, but it is also something different from a glance. The instrument’s shape was far more deliberate than the ones being tinkered with, it gleamed in the sunlight like if it was polished metal… while the underside of the instrument’s lid showed it was made of wood, indicating a laminate… or at least lacquered. Interesting, as previous attempts to utilize lacquered wood were fraught with failure, meaning that the ‘Men in Green’ have far more experience in building instruments with lacquered wood.

I walked up to the instrument, inspecting it closely, absorbing the craftwork for all its worth. It is fantastical craftsmanship, and the sound it made when I tapped one of the keys was just beautiful, only one instrument like this one had ever made that sound back home. I took a seat and then started experimenting. I kept testing the limits of this instrument, trying to find what can and cannot be done. I was so into this experimentation that I did not notice the ever-growing crowd around me.

“That is some pretty decent music that you’ve played there, miss,” a somewhat recognizable voice said with a thick, sharp accent, “It isn’t all that common to have someone able to simply sit down and play a harpsicord like an experienced professional would, given the picture that our interviews of the numerous bards and playwrights had painted for your musical sector.” That was when he nervously laughed and scratched the back of his head. “Where are my manors, the name’s Yōji Yamamoto, owner of this fine establishment.”

“Wait, you own this store?” I asked meekly, “I… I did not know that this is yours! Please forgive me for trying it without permission!” I was about to go into an apology rant when Yōji put his hand on my shoulder.

“Don’t worry about it, it's fine,” Yōji soothed, “It’s out because it is meant to be played by passerby. Now, may I ask the name of the music that you’ve played?”

“It doesn’t have a name yet,” I answered, “I’ve been working on it for weeks and still haven’t perfected it. I’m a sound mage you see, and when I’m not exploring the interactions of music and magic, I’m writing music… although I haven’t played on an instrument this finely made…”

“Well, we’ve got all sorts of instruments, although some of which can’t be displayed here,” Yōji commented, “… I’m being so rude, what is your name ma’am?”

“Amala of Árheimar, Mr. Yamamoto,” I answered, “Doctor of Music and Magic, specialty in the interactions between magic and music.” Yōji raised an eyebrow at my birth city's name. “I was part of the group that came to investigate the two groups of men in green… and I was interested in what this store has to offer.” Yamamoto simply smiled.

“Oh, so your part of the group that everyone has been talking about,” Yōji stated playfully, “can’t resist the urge to see what’s new in instruments then. You remind me of all sorts of people back home.” That was when he stretched his fingers and pulled something out. “Then again, if there is anything that brings people together, it's good music.” That was when the little device began to sing.

The song that the device -which I assumed is something to a playback crystal- was playing is different compared to what I’ve previously experienced. While I have heard all sorts of songs in the various establishments, this was something I never heard of. It was, in a word, soothing. Soothing in the way only majestic beauty can bring. It went on for what felt like hours.

“What song was that?” I asked, “I’ve rarely heard such majestic beauty in my, life…” Yōji simply chuckled.

“That, Amala, is Chinese folksong whose name, when translated, is Jasmine Flower,” Yōji answered, “Music is an amazing thing, for it is one of the few things that bring people together. It can be powerful, it can be beautiful, it can be awe-inspiring. Whatever emotions you’ve felt, chances are there is a piece that uses, embraces, or embodies it.”

“That is pretty interesting, Mr. Yamamoto,” I commented, “and that is a beautiful name for such a beautiful song. Are there more that I can listen to?” Yōji raised an eyebrow at the question. “I am a Doctor of Music and Magic and I didn’t become one of the top doctors of my craft by not being inquisitive.”

Yōji simply smirked.

“I’ll have to ask a few people, but you might get your wish,” Yōji answered, “By the way, the construction crews are currently putting the finishing touches on a concert hall down the way, once that’s built you can listen to a few performances. You might be in for a real treat though; it has an instrument that can be accurately described as the building itself.”

That got me extremely interested, “Tell me more about this instrument…” Yōji then began describing the instrument, and true to his word it can be accurately described as the building itself. I just have to see it for myself…

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Alright, people, I've got a status update for you guys:

Wednesday I had a particularly bad case of food poisoning, worse than what I had when I was in freshman/sophomore year in high school. I probably bruised/pulled a muscle from retching so hard. This has delayed the rollout of the next snippets (one being our Apostle finding out several things about the Iron Pact timeline (particularly, the 'mastermind' of the events that led to the Great War of Resistance and the lengths said mastermind is willing to go to get its way) and once confirmed he is going to go straight to the pantheon to get everyone on alert (because the last time this being showed up, it caused enough damage to require their constant presence!) and the other being what an Iron Pact pre-fabbed Field HQ's 'war room' looks/feels like with a natural derivative tech of Iron Pact cybernetics technology in terms of AI technology, although said technology is in its very early 1st generation). Hopefully, I'll recover by Tuesday to restart work in earnest... before taking a short break on this fic before I burn myself out of it (and get some of my plot bunnies in order).

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Ok people, news update, I had to undergo gall bladder removal surgery yesterday. So content updates will be slow at this time. Sorry about the inconveniences that this will cause.

My luck kind of went somewhat sour these last two weeks. :(


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Ok people, news update, I had to undergo gall bladder removal surgery yesterday. So content updates will be slow at this time. Sorry about the inconveniences that this will cause.

My luck kind of went somewhat sour these last two weeks. :(
Take your time.Real bladder is more important then best story.
P.S remember,that Gate is both about politics and girls.So,you must made great story about political backstabbing on both Eaths and Sadera - but giving each Saderan girl good german boy is as much important as fate of all 3 worlds.Especially Giselle ! she need german husband now!

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Take your time.Real bladder is more important then best story.
True enough.
P.S remember,that Gate is both about politics and girls.So,you must made great story about political backstabbing on both Eaths and Sadera - but giving each Saderan girl good german boy is as much important as fate of all 3 worlds.Especially Giselle ! she need german husband now!
... settle down ATP. Settle down. Don't go crazy on me.

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So, here is the second part of the psi-memory part of the chapter. I'm not exactly happy with it but since you guys are so patient, I have to post what I've got so far.


We managed to land in good order despite the circumstances, but the one thing that got my immediate attention was the powerful stench of rotten eggs and burnt decomposing corpses.

“I’ll be frank here,” Tony stated, “I’ve always hated dragging Slick out of this one.”

“He had more than one?” I asked in dispirit surprise.

“We removed them, but it’s always this one that defied us,” Tony responded, “Also, welcome to the city of Cologne, in the year 1921 Anno Domini. Thankfully, Slick isn’t having a replay episode.”

“A what?” I exclaimed in an astonished tone, “Wait, do you mean what usually happens with a reality shard? Just how strong is Centurion Neumann?” Tony simply smiled in understanding as he looked above the rubble.

“Slick has always been something of a helper,” Tony answered, “even if it meant it would kill him. I first met Slick back when we were kids, and he was hopping from base to base like all military kids did. Helped me and my sister understand our powers and have been friends ever since. Now, let us get to Cologne Cathedral, Slick will be there, I promise you.” Tony then pointed to the tallest temple that I have ever seen. “We better get moving, that is unless you want to see how much of a shitshow this siege was by seeing it firsthand.” That was when I noticed a presence, a very recognizable presence.

While Tony and I skirt through the ruins, I reached out to make sure that the presence is not what I think it was. My fears were somewhat confirmed, for it was one of his underlings. If I could feel that, then the local pantheons would have seen it like it was naked in broad daylight. When I get this damnable thing into the crystal, I will have to get this information to the gods as soon as possible.

As we moved closer to the temple, I started to hear singing in what sounded like ancient Saderan.

“Yep, Slick isn’t in a replay episode,” Tony smirked, “He always makes sure that anyone rescuing him will be fast-forwarded to the moment that this song is sung. Fitting too, given that this is one of the darkest days of the Great War of Resistance.”

“That’s interesting,” I commented as we neared what I assume was the front gate of the temple, “most temples don’t have the acoustics to have it heard outside its walls.”

“The funny thing is, we would have only been able to hear it a few blocks at most. Slick was always… different… when it came to his brand of paranormal. This is just one of his many intricacies.” As we entered, the sight before me was unsettling as doctors and children ran about, the outlines of the former positions of immense benches still marked the floor. To have a temple turn into a hospital is… desperate. At the front of these was Hauptmann Neumann, mimicking the lead musician of the choir. Tony silently signaled me to allow him to finish.

The song had many emotions to it with a hefty amount of natural devotion and regal-ness to it. Being an Apostle opens a lot of senses that are not available to mortals, and what I am seeing is something beautiful. Even though I am in the middle of what this world considers war, my eyes slowly swell with tears. Tony is right about one thing, this is one of this world’s darkest moments, and the choir song is a light in that dark moment.

It took a minute for the song to complete before Centurion Neumann stopped mimicking the choir leader.

“So, Tony, did you get Leo roped into a rescue mission?” Centurion Neumann asked as he walked towards us.

“Not really, Slick,” Tony answered with a smirk, “He was just about to jump headfirst into saving your ass when I came barging in.” Centurion Neumann snickered.

“Oh really?” Centurion Neumann said, “Well then, let’s get out of here before something happens and we get stuck in the playback.” With that, Tony muttered a few words after touching a door and we quickly exited…


We reappeared in Centurion Neumann’s room, surrounded by people in rather simple-yet-extraordinary clothing… some of them pointing ‘pistols’ at my head.

“Oh, come on!” Tony said, “I know you guys from A Branch are cynical and paranoid to a fault, but if I didn’t blow this guy’s brains out, then he’s cool.”

“Ah, sorry about that,” the leader stated calmly, “we’ve had some particularly nasty characters try to use graf Neumann’s condition to try to assassinate him. Due to the situation, we assumed the worst.” Tony simply sighed.

“I know Slick far longer than you guys have,” Tony sparred, “and that includes some of his abilities. Who do you think taught Angela and me how to use our abilities?” That was when Tony looked at me. “Alright Leo, how does your removal ritual work?”

I took a deep breath and slammed my hand onto the floor, creating a ritual circle around Centurion Neumann, shoving everyone else out of the way. “First, I create the ritual circle and put the crystal into position,” I stated as I placed the Elysium Quartz into position on top of Centurion Neumann’s stomach, “and second, the pain starts…” That was when the intense pain started. I gritted my teeth and plowed through it. Oh, I’m so going to feel this in the morning…
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So, status update: I now have a job at Subway! So far it has been consisting of 6-hour days so I won't have as much time doing my writing as I would usually. At least I've got a job and going to get paid. So sorry for any delays this may cause.

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Well, here is what I've got so far, hope you guys like it.
Fort Portal, The War Room; October 6th, 2017

Fiction has this unsettling tendency to make War Rooms these grandiose constructs, filled with rows upon rows of computers and holoplots and screens where legions of men and women type and click away, sifting through the immense data of the battlefield. The reality is… far different.

“I’ve seen my fair of war rooms, but this is far different than any I’ve been in,” Major James Hammond commented as we walked towards the holoplot, “still, some of the gear is luxurious by our standards.”

“I can believe that” I commented as we got to the holoplot, “Athena, get the current positions of our forces on Falmart if you would please.”

“Understood General.”

Soon the holoplot showed a translucent copy of our current maps, showing the positions of the numerous units in the field on Falmart.

“Now this is impressive,” Hammond commented, “Stratospheric satellites I take it?”

“Yes,” I answered, “while useless in most situations back home, they’ve got their uses here. Also allows us to stay in contact with the Vaterland IV out in Equestria. Which reminds me, we have got another list for you. From what we have been told, they’re humans from your world that ended up in Equestria after the ship they were on ran aground near one of their cities.”

“That’s good to know,” Hammond replied as he was handed the list, “Damn, some of these names are pretty important back home… and solve a few missing person cases as well.” Hammond then shifted his vision to the holoplot. “It seems that your forces have been pretty busy. If I had to guess, you’ll be cutting the Saldarian Empire in half by the end of next year.” I smirked; Hammond was rather right on the money on the projections. “Although, I’m surprised that you are able to logistically handle the forces here. We’re stuck with only a brigade-sized formation due to the GATE being such a bottleneck.”

“One of the first things that we did with our GATE is let Wolfenstein take a gander at it, and they’ve managed to understand how it ticks. They have enlarged it enough to allow a decent wheeled logistics train through and are working on making one that would allow a rail connection,” I answered, “That, from what I have been told, is ongoing. We had to literally disassemble our locomotives and reassemble them on this side to get our rail logistics started.”

“Oh, that has to be a bitch and a half,” Hammond sighed, “Especially given that you’ve got Blue Ridge and Big Boy locomotives on this side of the GATE. Even we balked at the idea of sending locos onto this side of the GATE just due to the headaches of transport.”

“You didn’t know the half of it. It took us a good two weeks to get those locomotives over, hauled to Berlin, disassembled, and then getting them shipped over,” I agreed, “Then there are all the checks to make after reassembly. While they’re a nuisance, the logistical capabilities more than make up for it.”

Hammond smirked as he understood the reasoning. Railheads are the only true way to move the immense number of men and material an army required anywhere outside of ports. That was when Hammond noticed something. “What does these symbols here represent?” he asked, “I haven’t seen symbols quite like that before.”

“Ah, that’s the various ‘Black Numbers’ that we’ve got to keep an eye on,” I explained, “While your world considers the paranormal fantasy, we must treat any possible paranormal sighting seriously. Thankfully we haven’t found a Psi-Memories laying about. That would make things far messier than anyone would like.” Hammond simply nodded, understanding that there are differences between his world and mine. “Although, to be honest, we’re kind of in uncharted territory with these two. A Black 12C is something we’ve known to be a possibility but haven’t encountered. The other one is a broadcast of some kind using a variant of our World War 2 encryption, and a complete unknown. Wolfenstein has only started investigating, by sending a team from A Section no less.” Hammond raised an eyebrow at the implied seriousness of the situation. “That reminds me, you’ll be meeting the leader of a Wolfenstein team while we’re here. She’ll be overseeing any investigations and training at your hill.”

“Anything about the attaché before I take her over to Alnus Hill?” Hammond asked, trying to get a read on the attaché before she arrived.

“Captain Delvecchio can be a little abrasive and cocky but she’s one of the best,” I answered, “Seen her work before and she can back up her talk and then some. She also loves baseball and I’ve seen her dominate games before.” Hammond chuckled a little.

“So, I’m dealing with a fireball,” Hammond chuckled, “Seen a few in my time, but I’m getting the feeling that she’s going to be very memorable.” That was when the doors to the war room opened.

“I’m just a memorable person,” a woman said in a fairly thick Bronx accent, “So you’re the attaché from Alnus Hill?”

“I am,” Hammond answered, “and I believe you’re Captain Delvecchio.” Hammond extended his hand, hoping to shake Angela’s hand.

“Captain Angela Delvecchio, at your service,” Angela said as she shook Hammond’s hand, “I hope you like grueling training because that’s what you’re going to get with me.”

“I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship,” Hammond smiled…


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Good chapter.It seems,that Kaiser Earth would occupy Saderan Empire,except small pocket for normal Earth Japan.Probably better for natives.
P.S remember,since it is Gate,most imporatnst thing are good husbands for all Gate girls ! especially Giselle !

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