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  1. charclone

    Hunting Freedom

    Optio Amulius Zuf Genialis, second in command of Count Arruns Lu Bonifatius’ cohort frowned. Besides the Count and his son, there was twenty men from the cohort. Behind them was the gate through which they had traveled to this world. Around them were unfamiliar trees. But before...
  2. Agent23

    Gate fanfic ideas and recs.

    Ok, we all know Gate, we all love Gate, we all agree who best gitrl is. ;) So, time to make list of all the best fanfics, and perhaps breed a few warrior plot bunnies that can grow into more great fanfics.
  3. Aaron Fox

    Anime & Manga GATE: and so the Iron Pact Fought (GATE/Alt Time Line fic)

    Well, welcome to this fic. For those who visit the thread 'Thus the SBers Wrote There! Gate Story Recommendations, Ideas and Discussion Thread' on Spacebattles, then you know the idea. If you haven't I'll give you the basis of the idea. This idea is based upon the GATE fanfic and so the Soviets...
  4. Quickdraw101

    Anime & Manga GATE: And Thus the UNDF Fought There V2

    Humanity had spent most of it's history on Earth warring with each other. Never for more than a few years did we stop fighting each other over our different ideals. Even after the Second Korean War in 2025, when the worlds powers worked to deal with the former rogue nuclear state of North Korea...
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