Alternate History 🇺🇸 November 2, 1976: President Nelson Rockefeller wins election to full 4-year term and the aftermath

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Chapter 13: Personal PoV's: Making a huge impact on the US Supreme Court (Fall 1982)

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......"President Reagan saw another opportunity of filling two vacancies on the US Supreme Court. There was growing speculation surrounding the potential retirement of US Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Burger, who had held the top position since 1969. Burger had planned on staying on for awhile, but family members wanted to see more of him lately and less than six months before the 1982 Midterm elections, Burger held a private meeting with the President inside the White House and according inside scoop, informed Reagan of his intentions of stepping down as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Attorney General William French Smith and United States Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona both lobbied the President to tap Associate Justice William Rehnquist to replace Burger as Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court.

Reagan announced he was nominating Antonin Scalia to replace Rehnquist as Associate Justice.

Reagan also made the nomination of Rehnquist official on the 29th of June 1982 which shocked the nation and everyone else in the Senate Judiciary Committee. "This will be a huge momentum swing for us by showcasing our staunch support for law and order just in time for the midterms.," White House Chief of Staff James Baker noted. Senate Majority Leader Howard Baker and his cohorts in the Senate Republican Conference went to work especially the Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee, who also went to work and researched every one of Rehnquist's judicial record and rulings, etc., and following confirmation hearings that lasted 89 days, Rehnquist was officially confirmed as the new Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court by the United States Senate in a 65-33 vote and Scalia was confirmed by a vote of 73-18 on 17 September 1982, less than two months before the midterms: right on cue!"
-"The Politics of the Judiciary during the Reagan Presidency"
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Chapter 13: Justices of the US Supreme Court

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Justices of the US Supreme Court
Fall 1982

*William Rehnquist (R-AZ): Chief Justice since 27 September 1982 (appointed by President Ronald Wilson Reagan)
**************(Previously served as Associate Justice from 7 January 1972 to 27 September 1982: appointed by President Richard Milhous Nixon)******************

*William Brennan, Jr., (R-NJ): Associate Justice since 16 October 1956 (appointed by President Dwight David Eisenhower).

*Byron White (D-CO): Associate Justice since 16 April 1962 (appointed by President John Fitzgerald Kennedy).

*Thurgood Marshall (D-NY St): Associate Justice since 2 October 1967 (appointed by President Lyndon Baines Johnson).

*Harry Blackmun (R-MN): Associate Justice since 9 June 1970 (appointed by President Richard Milhous Nixon).

*Lewis F. Powell, Jr., (R-VA): Associate Justice since 7 January 1972 (appointed by President Richard Milhous Nixon).

*John Paul Stevens (R-IL): Associate Justice since 13 November 1974 (appointed by President Gerald Rudolph Ford).

*Sandra Day O'Connor (R-AZ): Associate Justice since 25 September 1981 (appointed by President Ronald Wilson Reagan).

*Antonin Scalia (R-VA): Associate Justice since 27 September 1982 (appointed by President Ronald Wilson Reagan).
Chapter 13: Pop Culture PoV's

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......"Robert Redford is back with the sequel of "The Candidate", the 1972 American political drama film which detailed how Bill McKay, the son of a former fictional California Governor, who was recruited by political strategists to run for the United States Senate. He wins both the Democratic primary and the November general election defeating incumbent Republican United States Senator Crocker Jarmon. Fast forward to three years later: Bill McKay is now Senator McKay shaking up Capitol Hill in Washington DC.

The Sequel is now called: "The Junior Senator from California", starring Robert Redford, Karen Carlson, Peter Boyle. Directed by Michael Ritchie: this should be an interesting sequel to "The Candidate" from 1972."
-Excerpt from "The Junior Senator from California"
Fall 1975.

......"The Secret Lover is considered quite controversial and the flamboyant French erotic romantic drama film attracted controversy with aggressive sex scenes due to the close-ups and non-stop sex scenes between the stars of the movie: Jean-Claude Dugas and Marguerite Alvarez. Movie watchers theorized it might be based on a particular real-life foreign Head of State, who died under mysterious circumstances as this movie lasted six hours long. Speculation growing that sequels might be coming in a few years."
-Excerpt from "The Secret Lover": How a controversial movie attracted international attention
Summer 1982.

......"Giselle: A Dream to Head to the Big City" is loosely based on the late Mexican First Lady Fernanda Arizmendi. The film was filmed on location in Portugal. It's given an all-star rating of six stars according to some international movie organizations."
-Excerpt from "Giselle: A Dream to Head to the Big City"
Spring 1983.
Chapter 13: Pop Culture Wiki Infobox: Quincy, ME

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Quincy, ME

Medical drama; Mystery; Forensic
Pathology Procedural

Created by
Glen A. Larson
Lou Shaw

Jack Klugman
Garry Walberg
John S. Ragin
Val Bisoglio
Robert Ito
Joseph Roman
Eddie Garrett
Marc Scott Taylor (Season 4-7)

Theme music composer
Glen A. Larson and Stu Phillips
Opening theme
Original "Untitled" Score
Country of origin
United States
Filming Locations Los Angeles, California
Universal City, California
Inglewood, California
Marina del Rey, California

Number of Seasons
Number of Episodes
Running time
90 Minutes (Season 1)
60 Minutes (Season 2-8; also syndication)

Production companies
Glen A. Larson Productions
Universal Television

Original Network
Original Release
3 October 1976-11 May 1983
Chapter 13: Fall 1982 Reflection Personal PoV's

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......"There were concerns regarding the debt issues concerning several parts of the world. And one of the most impacted from the ugly fallout of the Recession of 1982 was Latin America.

Mexico, which had been engulfed with their own Inflation Crisis including an escalating Energy Crisis took full preoccupied time of Mexican President General Oscar Robles' third term on the Mexican economic situation which had been escalating for two full years. US Treasury Secretary
Donald Regan met with officials from the IMF discussing several important matters in order to figuring out solutions needed for resolving massive financial debts impacting several Latin American countries. Mexico was on the verge of defaulting on theirs, which forced Robles into nationalizing several foreign financial firms and companies in order to temporarily placating the disruptive opposition, who seemed determined to toppling his administration (more on that in the later chapters of this timeline).

Meanwhile, in Portugal, as 1982 was coming to a close, there was rumors and speculation regarding what the second term of flamboyant Portuguese President Major General Winfield Gonsalves was going to be looking like now that the 1981 elections were over with (Gonsalves won in a massive landslide of course). Nobody knew what to expect from the unconventional Gonsalves, who aggressively used his independent foreign policy initiatives to just taunting several key neighbors in Europe.

Over in Iran, Empress Farah Pahlavi was leading the Middle Eastern country with calm including peace and strength, but she didn't hesitate to using military force with violent methods into crushing rivals especially when Iran easily crushed Iraq in the Iran/Iraq War of 1982, which was a complete humiliation for authoritarian Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, who said "I cannot believe that BITCH beat me. A fucking woman!" Iranians asked approved the job of the Empress of Iran and her job performance overall considering Iran had just won the War, but there was some sectors of Iranian society, who expressed doubts whether Farah would remain as their Queen considering her oldest son, Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi was waiting in the wings to take over. For now, the talk of peaceful abdication would be pushed back down the back-burner.
-Excerpt from "Calm Before the Storm: 80s Decade of Chaos and Ramifications"
Summer 2004
Chapter 13: The Guv'Nah from West Virginia

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12:27 PM EST, Monday, January 17, 1983
West Virginia Governor's Mansion
Charleston, West Virginia

Monday, 19 January 1981: Inauguration festivities of West Virginia Governor Jay Rockefeller during his second inauguration.

With the dawn of 1983 beginning, there were major changes to the political landscape following the 1982 Midterms. President Ronald Reagan's once sky-high approval ratings continued plunging downward following backlash of Reaganomics which also was factored because of the ongoing Recession of 1982, but saw a brief bounce back toward the end of 1982 yet fell downward once again.

Problem for the Democrats countering the Reagan administration was the lack of a clear leader leading the opposition. The last Democrat to win the White House was Lyndon Baines Johnson, who won a full four-year term in a massive landslide in 1964. Another problem for Democrats was that they had trouble having defined, disciplined leadership; something the Republicans didn't have any qualms about having at all since they've controlled the Presidency since 1969. Despite Reagan's dreadful approval ratings, the Republicans managed to keep their majority in the United States Senate: picking up Senate seats in Nevada and Virginia; they somehow managed to flip Governorships in California and New Hampshire during the 1982 Midterms despite Democrats having a good November 2, 1982 Midterm showing.

Before the 1982 Midterms, then-California Governor
Edmund Gerald "Jerry" Brown, Jr., was seen as one of the rising stars of the Democratic Party and bringing a youthful, outsider's perspective, but his unpopularity during his governorship in Sacramento alienated majority of Californians resulting in losing the 1982 California US Senate race, dooming any future presidential campaign for good. The emergence of Arkansas Governor William Jefferson Clinton; New York State Governor Mario Cuomo among countless other rising stars as sensible voices inside the Democratic Party had provided multiple threats to President Reagan's reelection prospects for 1984.

There was also the possibility of former US Ambassador to Canada
Walter Mondale as a potential contender for the 1984 Democratic Party presidential nomination. Many inside the party didn't think Mondale had the character or discipline to be President because some anonymously wondered if Mondale was the nominee, he would lose in an overwhelming massive landslide.

One of the key factors why Republicans' backs were against the wall: the rise of new prominent Democratic leaders across the country and among them was West Virginia Governor John Davidson "Jay" Rockefeller, IV , the nephew of the late President Nelson Rockefeller and the late former Arkansas Governor Winthrop Rockefeller, began to consider his political options. With his second term in the West Virginia Governor's Mansion coming to a close come 14 January 1985, many national Democrats secretly began recruiting the two-term Democratic Governor of West Virginia to consider campaigning for the 1984 Democratic Party presidential nomination. However, some in the Governor's inner circle noticed that long-time United States Senator Jennings Randolph (D-WV) was leaning toward not seeking reelection in 1984 and the temptation of seeking to replace Randolph in the United States Senate was intriguing, knowing it would prevent any potential campaign for the White House.

Rockefeller had never considered a presidential campaign at all, but the past two years changed him. He was seeing President Reagan's approval ratings falling badly as a result of the Recession of 1982 and many Americans wondered how long this recession would last; Rockefeller saw an opportunity in helping his country, and was seriously considering taking the plunge in seeking the Presidency. There was just one problem: Where does he even begin? "I was hoping Uncle Nelson was around to help me out with a difficult decision to decide another political campaign," Rockefeller wondered inside his office at the Governor's Mansion.

Uncle Nelson, that Jay was referring to, was the legendary four-term New York State Governor for 14 years, who made three unsuccessful runs at the Presidency in 1960, 1964 and 1968 before being tapped to serve as the 41st Vice President of the United States in December 1974 under President
Gerald Rudolph Ford; Tragedy struck on 5 September 1975 in Sacramento, California when Ford was assassinated by Squeaky Fromme and Rocky ascended to the Presidency and ultimately was overwhelmingly elected to a full four-year term in a massive landslide in 1976 carrying 45 out of 50 States. Rocky died in office on 26 January 1979. So where else could Jay go to advice?

There hadn't been a Democrat elected President since 1964 and things were going to get a bit dicey for Democrats during the 1980s with no sense of ending.
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Chapter 14: Inauguration Day in Texas!

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Chapter 14: Inauguration of Mark Wells White, Jr., as the 43rd Governor of Texas
12:00 PM CST, Tuesday, January 18, 1983
Texas State Capitol South Grounds
Austin, Texas

Tuesday, 18 January 1983: It was a rainy day on the South Grounds of the Texas State Capitol in downtown Austin, Texas. Governor White delivered his first Inaugural Address as the Lone Star State's 43rd Governor before an estimated 8,000 people; White appeared without wearing a coat and without wearing any hats of any kind despite the rainy weather.

Riding to the Texas Governor's Mansion on an unprecedented outpouring of voters including the large full-scale statewide GOTV operation coordinated by United States Senator
Lloyd Bentsen (D-TX) and Texas Lieutenant Governor William Pettus Hobby, Jr., during the 1982 elections. White stunned political observers and analysts by throttling incumbent Texas Governor William P. Clements, Jr., in a stunning landslide victory with 57 percent of the statewide vote and carried 229 out of 254 counties.

The November 2, 1982 elections produced a large Democratic sweep and brought into office in Austin a brand slate of progressive Democrats:
Ann Richards, Garry Mauro and Jim Hightower, who were sworn into office earlier in the month of January 1983. Hobby, was inaugurated for his fourth term as Texas' 37th Lieutenant Governor on this Tuesday rainy morning and delivered his inaugural address along with Governor White, who was inaugurated for his first term.

However, there were signs of some strains inside the Texas Democratic Party despite their 1982 triumph: There were reports of a potential power-struggle with some members of the Democratic Party inside the Texas State Senate over whether to replace more than 100 holdover appointments from former Governor Clements, who made the holdover appointments after his landslide defeat. To make things more stressful, White even had a primary challenger for 1986: Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
Robert Douglas "Bob" Bullock, who is known as a long-time adversary of the Governor's.

Governor White: "My fellow Texans:
In the long history of this state, only 41 men and one woman have preceded me as governor.
I am mindful of the great honor that has come to me.
And I want you to know that this is the proudest moment of my life.
I am mindful, too, of the great responsibilities that I have take upon my shoulders.
I accept those responsibilities.
I welcome them-gladly-in the sure knowledge that government can make a difference for the betterment of all the people if it wise and prudent and visionary and determined.
Finally, I am mindful that I did not come to this office alone.
The list of friends and supporters who believe in me and sacrificed for me is a roll of honor that I will always cherish.
That roll is headed by my wife, Linda Gale , whose love and devotion and counsel and untiring efforts were the inspiration of my campaign.
That roll also contains the names of men and women who never lost faith in me-or my candidacy-no matter how bleak things appeared to be-no matter how many others had conceded my defeat.
I owe a great debt of gratitude to many individuals and I pray I will be worthy, of their support.
But let there be no doubt about this: I owe nothing to any group or to any special interest.
The only interest I recognize is the people's interest.
The peoples' interest will have a fresh start in my administration.
There will be new faces and new ideas as a new generation of Texans prepares to take over the reins of government.
It is a generation that was educated after World War II-
That grew up in the shadow of nuclear terror-
That lived through our transition from a rural to an urban state-
That watched towering buildings rise from the ground-
That saw the first signs of progress choking our cities and despoiling our environment.

It is a generation whose time has come.
It is a generation whose hopes and visions and policies and actions will lead this state into the 21st Century.
That is our destiny.
It is an exciting destiny for all of us.
Texas is the State of the Future.
As great and as vibrant as this state is now, it has only begun to achieve its full potential.

There is no doubt in my mind that Texas will one day become the industrial and financial leader of the United States.
But such leadership will not be without its challenges.
The question we must ask ourselves today is whether we are prepared to accept that role of leadership; whether we are wise enough to avoid the pitfalls that go with it.

Other states have gone before us-and we should learn their lessons well.
Other states have stood where we now stand-on the very edge of greatness.
And yet today, in many of those states, the residue of progress is more tangible than the blessings of progress:
decaying, congested crime-ridden cities-
men and women permanently out of work-
mounting budget deficits-
foul air and filthy water-
and a ravaged, ugly landscape almost everywhere you turn.

For a generation growing up in such an environment today, yesterday's progress has become a bitter heritage.
Are we doomed to repeat their mistakes-or will we learn from them?
Can we be the masters of our destiny-or will we be its victims?
As we stand at history's door, it is time to ask ourselves what kind of state we will be passing on to our children.
Can we be a modern, industrial state and still be a clean and beautiful state?
Can we maintain the quality of life that we knew and our parents knew as children?
Can we build great cities without slums and pollution and crime and congestion?
Can we preserve what is special about the Texas character-what is good and strong and honest about our people?

I believe we can.
As we prepare to move into the future, we still have a firm grip on our past.
Our frontier heritage and our spirit of optimism and determination are still with us.
So are our open spaces and beautiful countryside.
The sights and sounds that quickened the hearts of our ancestors are still here for us to respond to and enjoy as well.
But time is running out quickly on us.

Change is with an irresistible force-and if we are unable to control it and guide it, it will soon threaten much that is precious to us.
We have only a fleeting moment in history to decide how our future is to be shaped.
We had better use this moment wisely.
We can be the greatest state this republic has ever known.
Or we can enjoy our brief moment in the sun and go the way that states have gone before us.
The choice is ours.
I believe it is the challenge and responsibility of this generation to lay the foundations for greatness.
The first foundation for greatness is education.
Our goal must be to build the best system of education that the mind of man can devise-from first grade through graduate school-and make that system responsive to the needs of every boy and girl in Texas.
To reach that goal, we must pay the kind of salaries that will attract bright, dedicated teachers and faculty members-and keep them as well.

To reach that goal we must demonstrate to our teachers that they occupy an honored place in our society.
Second-class citizens will not turn out first-class minds.
Education is not a luxury; it is a necessity.
We are living through a technological revolution.
Tomorrow's economy will have no place for the unskilled and the semi-skilled.
It will demand a constant supply of well-educated men and women.
And it will require the best research that our universities can produce.

The second foundation of greatness is people.
Throughout our history, we have been blessed with many resources, but our human resource is the greatest by far.
And yet, we have wasted much of that resource.
Blacks and Mexican Americans and women have not been given the opportunity to participate fully in our society-and we are a poorer society as a result.
The State of the Future cannot afford such artificial barriers-or the loss of such talent and brainpower.
Our human resources must be developed to their fullest-and used to their maximum.
We will never be so rich that we can squander the talents of a single human being.

The third foundation of greatness is prudence.
No civilization has ever been able to afford everything it wanted.
We are no exception.
We must learn to live within our means.
We must learn to order our priorities.
We must decide what is important-and then do the important things well.
Failure to recognize this basic economic fact of life in other states has resulted in effective government and massive public debt for future generations to bear.

The fourth foundation of greatness is the protection of our environment.
Nearly 20 years ago, President Lyndon B. Johnson warned us that, "If future generations are to remember us more with gratitude than with sorrow, we must achieve more than just the miracles of technology.
We must also leave them a glimpse of the world as God really made it, not just as it looked when we got through with it."
The Texas that God made is a land of open, rolling hills, dense piney woods, warm, white sandy beaches, clear rivers, and streams , and rich, fertile prairies.
In inhabiting such a land, we must never forget that we are God's caretakers.
If we are indifferent to that responsibility, our negligence will be a scar across this state for centuries to come.

The fifth foundation of greatness is a modern, efficient transportation system that will meet the needs of a burgeoning population and a vibrant commerce far into the future.
Thirty years ago, we built the finest highway system in the nation.
It has served Texas well.
If we modernize it and maintain it, it will continue to serve us well.
But the State of the Future will require more than the nation's finest highway system.
It will also require new and innovative mass transit systems within our major cities.
We have 13 million motor vehicles in Texas today.
By the end of the decade, that number will grow to 17 million.
Unless we begin now to provide some realistic alternatives, we will be heading straight into a massive traffic jam.
And the lives of millions of Texans who drive to and from work every day will become a walking nightmare.

The sixth foundation of greatness is equity for all of our citizens.
That means schools that are equal.
That means taxes that are reasonable.
That means interest rates, insurance rates, and utility rates that are fair and justified.
I am firmly dedicated to the belief that the burdens of government must be borne equally by all of our citizens-and the services of government must be shared equally as well.
Texas has never known a privileged class-and I hope it never will.

The seventh foundation of greatness is a renewed spirit of cooperation among all the diverse elements of our state-particularly among business, labor and government.
If we are to achieve our full potential, we are going to have to achieve it together.
The world is far too competitive for us to waste our energies pursuing narrow interests and harboring old grudges.
We will always have points of disagreement, but they must never divert us from our common goals.
We must all recognize that a healthy business climate forms the basis of full employment, just as a prosperous labor force makes up the best consumer that business will ever know.

The eighth foundation of greatness is a society that has recaptured its streets and neighborhoods from the grip of crime.
Unless our citizens can live and work in an environment that is free of fear, achieving all our other goals will be an empty victory.
These, then, are the foundations upon which we must build the state of the future: education; human resources; prudence; protecting our environment; transportation; equity; cooperation; and freedom from the fear of crime.
I hope and I pray that all of you-and Texans everywhere-will join us in our effort to lay those foundations.
They are not partisan foundations.
They are not dedicated to narrow self-interests.
They are foundations upon which we can all build our futures.
Under my administration, everyone will share in this government.
It will be a government for all Texans.
My philosophy of government is basic and uncomplicated. It ask two questions before any others:
Is it right?
Is it fair?
Unless a decision can pass those tests, there will be no decision.
And finally, when I leave this office, I hope it will be said that we did make a difference.
I hope it will be said that state government was more open, more responsive, and more just than ever before.
I hope it will be said that we helped to guide Texas through a critical period of traumatic change, and at the same time preserved our heritage for generations to come.
With your help-and God's help-those goals can become our destiny.
Thank you very much."

(Crowd cheers after Governor White finishes his Inaugural Address).

Following the conclusion of Governor White's Inaugural Address, TX House Speaker
Gibson Lewis (D-Fort Worth) presented Father Jeffery Walker, Rector of Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church of Houston, Texas, who delivered the benediction. Speaker Lewis then presented the University of Texas at Austin Longhorn Band, who performed "Texas, Our Texas" and once that was finished, the Inauguration festivities ended, where the Inaugural luncheon immediately took place on the grounds of the Texas State Capitol followed by the Inaugural Parade later that afternoon.
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Chapter 14: Headlines of the Day (Spring 1983: I)

Sergeant Foley

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-Austin American Statesman
Wednesday, January 19, 1983


20 January 1983: United States Senator Dolph Briscoe (D-TX) inside his Senate office at the Russell Senate Office Building in Washington, DC after being sworn into office by Vice President George HW Bush earlier in the day on the floor of the United States Senate.
......"In a not surprising move, Texas Governor Mark W. White, Jr., announced he was appointing former Texas Governor Dolph Briscoe to the vacated US Senate seat that he gave up upon being inaugurated as Texas' 43rd Governor yesterday. The move didn't surprise many political observers considering White was a long-time protege of Governor Briscoe, who appointed White as Texas Secretary of State in 1973. Briscoe later appointed White as United States Senator in 1977 following the resignation of then-United States Senator John G. Tower (R-TX), who resigned his US Senate seat to serve as US Secretary of Defense under then-President Nelson Rockefeller."
-Austin American Statesman
Wednesday, January 19, 1983

......"Appointing Dolph to the US Senate seat had Janey (Briscoe) written all over it. This had become more apparent from the moment Capitol insiders were undermining Bullock, who has been becoming a nagging idiot to Governor White during the 68th Legislature. Serving in the United States Senate gave Dolph a huge lifeline of reviving his political career and I'm sure that Dolph was glad to continue public service by fighting for Texans in DC. Whatever hope Krueger, Wright and others thought they had an inside track to that Senate seat evaporated the day after the Inauguration festivities when White announced he was tapping his former boss and it was clear that the upcoming special election in four months wasn't going to a runoff since Briscoe was going to be running in the special. Big question is whether Briscoe would run for a full six-year term in 1984?"
-Former Texas Lieutenant Governor William Pettus Hobby
37th Lieutenant Governor of Texas
16 January 1973 to 15 January 1991
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Chapter 14: Personal PoV's (Spring 1983)

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......"the civil war inside the Texas Republican Party during White's first term as Governor in the early 80s was ugly but it was better to hashing out these rivalries then, while we had the foundation leftover by Clements, we had optimism that Republicans would gain lots of seats down-ballot in 1984 due to the popularity of President Reagan, whom many assumed planned on announcing his reelection plans shortly.

I think the frustration of seeing the full doors getting blown off by that incompetent lawyer was humiliating. People couldn't believe it when the election returns showed White winning in a resounding landslide victory that resulted in Democrats sweeping all of the statewide offices from United States Senator to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals; they even increased their majorities in both chambers of the Texas State Legislature and dominated up and down the ballot all across the Lone Star State. With Clements leaving politics for good and going to the private sector, we needed to reasses and very quickly."
-Excerpt from "The Texas Dream" by Nathan Hecht.

......"with everything that happened in 1982, even as early as inauguration, some people began rolling out "Clements 86" signs pushing for a rematch. Clements refused and went back to Dallas and I don't think he ever indulged that speculation of a comeback. There were reports of Clements being rumored to serving in the Reagan administration in an unspecified Cabinet position, but he never responded to such rumors and political innuendo. For the moment, Clements would go back into the private sector and serve as chairman of the Board of Governors at Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

Others inside the Texas Republican Party begab tossing out potential names being discussed as potential challengers to Governor White in 1986: White House Chief of Staff James Baker (whom some Reaganites were aggressively pushing to force him out altogether); Congressman Bill Archer of Houston; Rob Mosbacher; Kay Bailey Hutchison, but none of whom had the charisma nor the appeal of getting crossover support. Some even brought up George W. Bush, the son of the Vice President, as a potential contender for the Governorship in 1986. But for obvious reasons, the younger Bush declined and preferred to focus on the oil and gas industry business especially raising his own family: his wife, Laura had given birth to twin daughters: Jenna and Barbara back in 1981."
-Excerpt from "Remember 82: Historical Symposium on the 1982 Texas Gubernatorial Election."

......"following an ugly phone call with First Lady Nancy Reagan, US Treasury Secretary Don Regan found out about his abrupt firing while watching the early morning newscast at his residence in Alexandria, Virginia. According to anonymous sources, Regan got into a bitter disagreement with the First Lady over the fallout of the 1982 Midterm elections, that got very bitter and ugly with shouting and insults leading Regan telling Mrs. Reagan, "With all due respect, don't blame me or the Treasury Department for the disastrous 1982 Midterm elections on November 2nd. I am hanging up the phone. Good night little miss Buji asshole!"
-Excerpt from Washington Post exclusive article
24 January 1983.

......"firing Don obviously had Nancy's fucking fingerprints all over it. The knives had been out for quite awhile and it was well known that Reagan was particularly annoyed with Don as well. Still it was a sudden and aggressively harsh move. Nancy was determined to get rid of others such as Baker by having him fired as White House Chief of Staff, but thankfully Reagan politely declined basically telling her "Mommy, the American people elected me as the 41st President of the United States and I won 57 percent of the nationwide vote back in 1980. With all due respect Mommy, BACK OFF!"

Reagan debated on whom to replace Regan at the Treasury Department and the confirmation hearings were going to become ridiculous. Connally was obviously out of the question due to obvious reasons; Clements wasn't interested, preferring to remain in the private sector; Greenspan was an option, but was way too demanding with explicit requirements.

Bush asked Reagan: "Have you considered talking to David Rockefeller about returning to Treasury? He's held the job before for four years under his late brother, Nelson and continued under Holton. He would be an easy pick to sooth things over and the Senate would easily confirm him again." Reagan told Bush, "I'll consider speaking with him at the appropriate time."
-Excerpt from "Experienced Leadership during the 80s"
Summer 2004
Chapter 14: Pop Culture Personal PoV's and Headlines (Spring 1983)

Sergeant Foley

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......"After nearly three years of a nationwide search and rescue effort, a group of teenage bystanders found the surprisingly well preserved naked body of former Playmate and upcoming actress Dorothy Stratten, whom law enforcement authorities confirmed after identification and DNA testing with family members.

According to anonymous sources, it's alleged that Stratten was strangled during a physical argument with her estranged ex-lover, Paul Snider at his apartment. It's also alleged that Snider had sex with Stratten's naked body repeatedly for hours before driving to the outskirts of Sacramento, California and leaving Stratten's naked body in a swimming pool in an undisclosed location and Snider has been on the run ever since."
-Sacramento Bee Exclusive Special Bulletin
25 January 1983.

......"following more three years of avoiding justice, eyewitnesses alerted law enforcement agencies that there were sightings of Paul Snider, who had been a fugitive for the murder of Dorothy Stratten in 1980. According to news reports, SWAT team of police officers from the Sacramento Police Department and federal law enforcement agencies such as the FBI and many others arrived and surrounded the motel in the outskirts of Carmel, California where Snider was told to surrender and give himself up. There was silence that lasted for five hours in a standoff between Snider and law enforcement agencies: it ended when they heard a loud gunshot blast, which law enforcement officers broke down the door of the motel room finding Snider dead with a self-inflicted wound to the head via shotgun. They also found a naked woman on the bed crying after it was discovered she had been violently raped by Snider."
-Excerpt from KCRA-TV Sacramento
News at Eleven
30 January 1983
Sacramento, California.
Chapter 14: Personal PoV's (Spring 1983: II)

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President Ronald Reagan delivers the 1983 State of the Union Address.
......"In 1983 we seek four major education goals: a quality education initiative to encourage a substantial upgrading of math and science instruction through block grants to the States; establishment of education savings accounts that will give middle-and-lower-income families an incentive to save for their children's college education and, at the same time, encourage a real increase in savings for economic growth; passage of tuition tax credits for parents who want to send their children to private or religiously affiliated schools; a constitutional amendment to permit voluntary school prayer. God should never have been expelled from America's classrooms in the first place.

Our commitment to fairness means that we must assure legal and economic equity for women, and eliminate, once and for all, all traces of unjust discrimination against women from the United States Code. We will not tolerate wage discrimination based on sex, and we intend to strengthen enforcement of child support laws to ensure that single parents, most of whom are women, do not suffer unfair financial hardship. We will also take action to remedy inequities in pensions. These initiatives will be joined by others to continue our efforts to promote equity for women.

Also in the area of fairness and equity, we will ask for extension of the Civil Rights Commission, which is due to expire this year. The Commission is an important part of the ongoing struggle for justice in America, and we strongly support its reauthorization. Effective enforcement of our nation's fair housing laws is also essential to ensuring equal opportunity. In the year ahead, we'll work to strengthen enforcement of fair housing laws for alll Americans.

The time has also come for major reform of our criminal justice statutes and acceleration of the drive against organized crime and drug trafficking. It's high time that we make our cities safe again. This administration hereby declares an all-out war on big time organized crime and the drug racketeers who are poisoning our young people. We will also implement recommendations of our Task Force on Victims of Crime, which will report to me this week."
-1983 State of the Union Address from President
Ronald Wilson Reagan
Tuesday, January 25, 1983
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Chapter 14: National and International Headlines (Spring 1983: I)

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*Sunday, January 9, 1983: British Prime Minister Geoffrey Howe began a five-day visit to the Falkland Islands. Howe's departure had been a closely guarded secret until his Royal Air Force Hercules cargo aircraft including the two Phantom escorting jets had cleared the 200-mile exclusion zone that the United Kingdom had imposed around the islands. Officials justified the secrecy as necessary precaution because of fears the Argentinian government might attempt to shoot down the Prime Minister's plane. This comes as death threats escalated against Howe from angry Argentinians, who are bitter of being humiliated with a full-scale invasion of their homeland the Argentine Republic by both Chilean and British military personnel troops. During the five-day visit to the Falklands, Howe visited the 4,000 British garrison and military installations and also met with 1,800 of the islanders living there.

Howe strongly assured the islanders, "As long as I am the Prime Minister, the United Kingdom are prepared to defend them for a very long, long time." The Prime Minister also told reporters accompanying him on the trip, "The islanders are absolutely emphatic------no negotiations on sovereignty with the Argentine Republic whatsover!"

Everywhere Howe went, he was greeted cheerfully by enthusiastic crowds and some of the islanders wept by calling him a "freedom liberator". They also compared him to the late British Prime Winston Churchill; Howe was awarded with the Freedom of the Falklands. Speculation is brewing that the British government is currently in discussions of renaming one of the military garrisons after the late British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, but no further details have come forward for the moment.

Tuesday, January 11, 1983: Billy Martin was named to manage the New York Yankees again, for the third time that he's managed the legendary MLB Baseball franchise.

Monday, January 17, 1983: During the 10th American Music Awards: Olivia Newton John, Rick Springfield, and John Cougar win respective awards.



*Monday, January 17, 1983: In one of the most miraculous political comebacks since his massive landslide defeat in the 1976 Presidential election at the hands of the late US President Nelson Rockefeller, Alabama Governor George Corley Wallace, Jr., was inaugurated for an unprecedented fourth term as Alabama's 45th Governor on the grounds of the Alabama State Capitol Building in downtown Montgomery, Alabama before an estimated crowd of 16,373 in attendance. Speculation is brewing that Wallace is considering seeking a historic fifth term in 1986, which if successful, would make him the first Alabama Governor to serve 20 years by 21 January 1991.

*Monday, January 24, 1983: 25 members of the infamous terrorist organization Red Brigades were sentenced to life imprisonment for the 1978 assassination of former Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro.

*Tuesday, January 25, 1983: After decades of hiding within Latin America and avoiding capture, the luck of high-ranking Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie was finally arrested by authorities in Bolivia. It's being reported that the French government is pushing to have Barbie extradited to the French Republic and answer for his heinous violent crimes against humanity.

*Tuesday, January 25, 1983: IRAS was officially launched from Vandenburg Air Force Base in Santa Barbara County, California conducting the world's first all-sky infrared survey from space.
Chapter 14: National and International Headlines (Spring 1983: II)

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*February 2, 1983: Giovanni Vigliotto went on trial on polygamy charges that involved 105 women and countless others.

*February 3, 1983: Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser was granted a double dissolution of both houses of the Australian Parliament in order for elections to be held on March 5th. Bill Hayden, the leader of the Australian Labor Party resigned from his position; As of a result of the Labor Party leadership crisis, Bob Hawke was elected as Hayden's successor.

*February 5-6, 1983: The team of AJ Foyt, Preston Henn, Bob Wollek and Claude Ballot Lena won the 24 Hours of Daytona automobile racing championship in a Porsche 935.

*February 6, 1983: High-ranking Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie was officially charged with War Crimes against Humanity.

*February 12, 1983: 100 women protested in Lahore, Pakistan against Pakistani President General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq's proposed controversial Law of Evidence. The women are tear-gassed, beaten via baton-charged and thrown into lockup but are eventually successful in having the Law of Evidence repealed due to massive pressure.

*February 16, 1983: The Ash Wednesday Bushfires in Victoria and South Australia claimed the lives of 75 people in what many viewed as the Commonwealth of Australia's worst bushfire disasters.

*February 18, 1983: In what three eyewitnesses: Hemenndra Narayan of the Indian Express; Bedabrata Lahkar of the Assam Tribune and Sharma of ABC, saw as downright violent and heinous, the Nellie Massacre took place in the midst of the Assam Agitation, where Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi decided to give 4 million Bengali Muslims the right to vote. The massacre was seen as fallout of holding controversial state elections this year. An estimated death roll ranged from 1,600 to 2,000 people from 14 different villages.
Upcoming Installments for Chapter 14 of The American Republic

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AUTHOR'S NOTE: The following installments will be thoroughly worked on in Chapter 14 which will include Newspaper Headlines, Breaking News Alerts, Special Report Alerts, Personal PoV's.

*National and International Headlines (Spring 1983)
*Personal PoV's (Spring 1983)
*Pop Culture Highlights
*Sports Headlines (Spring 1983)
*US State/Territory Governorships to watch in 1983: Mississippi, Kentucky and Louisiana
*Highlights of the Reagan Presidency (Spring 1983)
*Pop Culture Headlines: Music and Movies
*Pop Culture Television (Spring 1983)
Chapter 14: Personal PoV's (Spring 1983: II)

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......"there were some people pushing me to run for the Presidency in 1984. I was flattered by the "Draft Carter" movements which had been ongoing for the past two years. Some asked why did I leave the United States Senate after only six years, I explained that family had to come first and after 26 years holding political office, I had to do what was best for me and my family by spending time with them.

Rosalynn is continuing to be with me during all of this. However, there was something brewing happening inside our beloved State that we both love deeply. Allegations of campaign finance violations, bribery, mail fraud, corruption scandals engulfing Georgia state government. Petitions were being signed in the months ahead and there was a growing possibility of a recall election taking place set for 1984.

Backlash was exploding against Governor Harris, whose approval ratings were pathetic and not improving anytime soon. The old gang (Ham, Bert, etc.) from my governorship soon arrived in Plains and we discussed strategies of another political campaign. And it was not a campaign for the Presidency nor United States Senator.... It was a campaign to seek the Governorship again."
-Georgia Governor James Earl "Jimmy" Carter
ABC News Exclusive Interview: "The Peanut Farmer's Comeback in Georgia Politics"
Spring 1985
76th and 79th Governor of Georgia
12 January 1971 to 14 January 1975
17 June 1984 to 14 January 1991
Chapter 14: National and International Headlines (Spring 1983: III)

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*February 24, 1983: The Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians which was created by the US Congress, declared that the interment of Japanese Americans during World War II was unjustly wrong. Recommendations detailed the detainees should receive compensation of $20,000.00.

*February 26, 1983: Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' album goes to #1 in the United States 200 Billboard album charts for 37 consecutive weeks, setting the world record for the amount of time an album stayed #1.

*February 28, 1983: The most watched television series finale of the American war comedy drama television series, "M*A*S*H" that had ran for 11 Seasons from 17 September 1972 to 28 February 1983, showed that an estimated 105.9 million viewers watched the Series Finale.

*March 1, 1983: The City of Los Angeles, California was struck by a tornado with speeds somewhere between 113mph and 137 mph. Buildings and property were destroyed, but there were no losses of life as 30 people had been injured as a result of the tornado. This was known as one of the most destructive and dangerous tornadoes in California's history.

*March 2, 1983: Already available in Japan and Europe, Sony and Philips released their CD players in the United States. Though compact disc players cost $1,000 proving the CD players extremely popular.

*March 11, 1983: The winners of the 9th Annual Peoples Choice Awards presented to the following: Katharine Hepburn, Jane Fonda and David Hasslehoff. "ET: The Extra-Terrestrial" won Favorite Motion Picture.

*March 26, 1983: Liverpool defeated Manchester United, winning their third championship and Football League Cup.

*March 31, 1983: The Popayan Earthquake in Colombia results in the deaths of 267 people. Local infrastructure and buildings were destroyed and devastated; This resulted in new laws which required zones at high rails of tremors to have dwellings made to be resistant to earthquakes.
Chapter 14: National and International Headlines (Spring 1983: IV)

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*April 4, 1983: In one of the largest bank theft heists in the history of the United Kingdom, $6 million was taken at gunpoint from the Security Express van during a bank robbery.


*April 7, 1983: Astronauts Donald H. Peterson and Story Musgrave performed the first spacewalk of the shuttle program during NASA's STS-6 mission. The spacewalk lasted over four hours.

*April 8, 1983: David Copperfield astounds and shocks the studio audience as he made the Statue of Liberty disappear.

*April 9, 1983: Corbiere wins the British Grand National, which was jockeyed by Ben de Haan and trained by Jenny Pitman. Corbiere is the first horse to be trained by a woman to winning the Grand National.

*April 11, 1983: During the 55th Academy Awards, Richard Attenborough's "Gandhi" won 8 out of the 11 Oscars that the famed movie was nominated for.

*April 18, 1983: Alice Walker made history becoming the first African American woman to be awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for her novel, The Color Purple which was published in 1982.

*April 19, 1983: During an emotional and moving ceremony, the Nelson Rockefeller Presidential Library and Museum in Albany, New York State opens during a special dedication ceremony. Among those in attendance: President
Ronald Reagan; former First Lady Happy Rockefeller (the wife of the late President Nelson Rockefeller); former President Linwood Holton; former Vice President Edward W. Brooke, III; United States Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D-NY St); New York State Governor Mario Cuomo; West Virginia Governor Jay Rockefeller including countless of several foreign Heads of State such as Mexican President General Oscar Robles; Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau; former French President Valery Giscard d'Estaing.

*April 25, 1983: Unmanned spacecraft Pioneer 10 crossed the orbit of Pluto, making it the first craft to going beyond the Solar System.

*April 27, 1983: Pope Carlos I begins his months-long Pilgrimage Tour which will last six months. He began the first of his long international Pilgrimage Tour by visiting Canada on April 27th, by visiting the following cities: Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa, Vancouver. It's expected that he will be meeting with US President
Ronald Reagan for face-to-face bilateral meeting at the White House in Washington, DC.
Chapter 14: 98th United States Congress (Spring 1983: I)

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Leadership of the 98th US Congress
April 30, 1983

US House of Representatives:
Tip O'Neill (D-MA)
Majority Leader: Jim Wright (D-TX)
Majority Whip: Tom Foley (D-WA St)
Chief Deputy Majority Whip: Bill Alexander (D-AR)
Democratic Caucus Chairman: Gillis William Long (D-LA)
Democratic Caucus Secretary: Geraldine Ferraro (D-NY St)
Democratic Campaign Committee Chairman: Tony Coelho (D-CA)

Minority Leader: Robert H. Michel (R-IL)
Minority Whip: Trent Lott (R-MS)
Chief Deputy Whip: Tom Loeffler (R-TX)
Republican Conference Chairman: Jack Kemp (R-NY St)
Republican Conference Vice Chairman: Jack Edwards (R-AL)
Republican Conference Secretary: Clair Burgener (R-CA)
Policy Committee Chairman: Dick Cheney (R-WY)
Republican Campaign Committee Chairman: Guy Vander Jagt (R-MI)

COMING UP IN CHAPTER 14 OF THE AMERICAN REPUBLIC: Leadership of the United States Senate

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