Alternate History 🇺🇸 November 2, 1976: President Nelson Rockefeller wins election to full 4-year term and the aftermath

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Upcoming Installment: Inauguration Day in Texas

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Tuesday, January 18, 1983: Inauguration of Mark Wells White, Jr., as the 43rd Governor of Texas

......"Texas Democrats were super excited having swept all of the statewide offices from United States Senator to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals including expanding their majorities in both chambers of the Texas State Legislature including the countywide levels. Leading the party into a future of uncertainty was Mark Wells White, Jr., who took office as the 43rd Governor of Texas on January 18, 1983 and despite party unity on his Inauguration, there were some growing signs of chaotic tension: progressives led by Ann Richards wanted more influence in state government and policy matters while old-school moderate-to-conservatives such as Bob Bullock, who immediately declared his intention to seek the Governorship in 1986, wasn't going to make White's first term an easy one. However, Mark Wells White, Jr., was determined to avoid the pitfalls that took down three of his predecessors: Smith, Briscoe and Clements."
-Excerpt from the Governorship of Mark Wells White, Jr.,
43rd Governor of Texas
January 18, 1983 to January 17, 1995
Texas Governor's Mansion: Inaugurations of Texas Governors Through the Years.
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Upcoming Installments in Chapter 13

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AUTHOR'S NOTE: During the Labor Day weekend holiday break, I'll be putting together upcoming installment in Chapter 14 on the Inauguration festivities of Texas Governor Mark Wells White, Jr., as Texas' 43rd Governor from 18 January 1983.

Spoiler Alert: It'll be quite long and likely will be taking awhile.

Plus I'll post more Pop Culture Wiki-esque Infoboxes on the following television shows:
*"General Hospital"
*"Quincy, ME"
*"McMillan and Wife"

Upcoming Installments in Chapter 13:
*Brace for Impact: Downfall of Argentine Republic President Lieutenant General Leopoldo Galtieri.
*Falklands War of 1982 Highlights
*The Argentinian people revolt against the Military Junta.
*Aftermath of the British kicking Argentine Republic's asses in Falklands War of 1982.
*Personal PoV's (Fall 1982)
*Marvin Zindler of ABC 13 KTRK-TV Houston.
*Personal PoV's (Spring 1983)
*Personal PoV's: National (Spring 1983)
*Personal PoV's: International (Spring 1983)
*Pop Culture: Movies and Television Specials (Spring 1983)
*Wiki-esque Infoxbox: "The Candidate II: The Sequel"
*Wiki-esque Infobox: "The Candidate III: Senator McKay shakes up the United States Senate"
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Chapter 13: Personal PoV's (Fall 1982: VI)

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......"Merry Christmas from the White House. Nancy and I wish we could personally thank the thousands of you who've sent us holiday cards, greetings, and messages. Each one is moving and tells us a story of its own------a story of love, hope, prayer, and patriotism. And each one has helped to brighten our Christmas.

Some of the most moving have come from fellow citizens who, unlike most of us, are not spending Christmas day at the family hearth, surrounded by friends and loved ones. I'm thinking of the 12 US Marines sent us a card from Beirut, Lebanon, where they'll spend their Christmas helping to rebuild the shattered hopes for peace in a suffering land. And I'm thinking of the petty officer serving aboard the USS Enterprise who asked that we remember him and his shipmates this holiday season. "Christmas in the Indian Ocean is no fun," he writes, "but it's for a very good cause."

Well, that's right, sailor. You're serving a very good cause, indeed. On this, the birthday of the Prince of Peace, you and your comrades serve to protect the peace He taught us. You may be thousands of miles away, but to us here at home, you've never been closer.

One of my favorite pieces of Christmas mail came early this year, a sort of modern American Christmas story that took place not in our country's heartland, but on the troubled waters of the South China Sea last October. To me, it sums up so much of what is best about the Christmas spirit, the American character, and what this beloved land of ours stands for------not only to ourselves but to millions of less fortunate people around the globe......."
-Radio Address of President
Ronald Wilson Reagan
Cabinet Room of the White House
25 December 1982
Chapter 13: Personal PoV's (Fall 1982: Part VII)

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@Ibanez @TheRomanSlayer @The Immortal Watch Dog
......"To this day, I never thought that the stalemate of the dragging Falklands War of 1982 would explode into full-scale chaos within an entire week, where more crazy-ass shit happened in Latin America during the stretch of the 12th and 19th of December 1982. All at once, it was feeling like the entire world was going to explode. It was unreal and scary at the same time."
-Former US Secretary of State George P. Shultz
Spring 2004
"America's Diplomat during the Chaos of the 80s"

-Washington Post Headline: 12 December 1982

-BBC News Special Report: 13 December 1982

-The Times of London: 15 December 1982

-Chicago Sun Times: 16 December 1982

-Denver Post: 17 December 1982

-TF1 News (French Republic): 17 December 1982

-Houston Chronicle: 18 December 1982

-Baton Rouge Advocate: 18 December 1982

-The News & Observer: 19 December 1982
Chapter 13: Personal PoV's in the Argentine Republic (Fall 1982)

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......"It was important that we needed to take full control of the Argentinian government after the disastrous and humiliating defeat in the Falklands War of 1982 and especially after we were invaded by Chile and the United Kingdom in double-pronged sucker-punch attack. We couldn't allow Galtieri to remain in office as President of the Argentine Republic as it had become apparent that uppity Yankee jackass Harlan Wade leaked out over 773 pages out of an expose revealing how the late Queen Elizabeth II was kidnapped, violently tortured and killed under mysterious circumstances.
Bignone was the new President and he was being pressured or what I would say, threatened with more reprisals from overseas outside forces if he didn't begin opening the country back to democracy. Galtieri was gone with members of his family at an unknown destination for fear of someone alerting the British or Chilean authorities. The Argentinian people were beginning to launch protests against the military government and it was only a matter of time before we would all have to answer for the heinous human rights violations, but we needed to slow-walk the path to democracy and it was the intention of Bignone in attempting to slow-walk or even placate the demands of the people, it was decided that democratic elections were going to be held within a year."
-Major General Javier Martinez
Argentinian Air Force

......"Galtieri facing the reality of the explosive situation did something his big-ass ego wouldn't do: he resigned from the Presidency and fled like a fucking coward by taking nearly all of the damn money along with his family, fleeing to an unknown destination and only to discover that Bignone personally communicated to him that resignation was much better than ending up like Mussolini. By the morning of December 19th, the Galtieri's were guests of flamboyant Portuguese President Major General Winfield Gonsalves, who flaunted his arrogance to the world by angering the British government especially when he personally greeted the disgraced former Argentinian President with the full-scale red carpet treatment. Classified documents revealed that Gonsalves, who took power in 1976, was a staunch supporter of the Dirty War and had strained relations with foreign Heads of State including then-US President Nelson Rockefeller over foreign policy areas."
-The Crazy of the 1980s: International Ramifications of a World in Turmoil
Chapter 13: Personal PoV's: Gonsalves' Independent Foreign Policy Gamble (Fall 1982: Part IX)

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......"The United Kingdom had barely recovered from the shocking news of the mysterious kidnapping of Queen Elizabeth II from March 13th when the horrific bombing attack of the Brighton Hotel on April 5th resulted in the death of then-British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher had shook the United Kingdom to its core. The country was at war and no amount of diplomacy was going to prevent things from escalating to deadlier results. Soon after Thatcher was laid to rest, Galtieri launched the invasion of the Falklands which kicked off a long, dragged-out war between the United Kingdom and the Argentine Republic: forcing many countries to take sides. While the world was distracted with the mystique of the Falklands War, Mitterrand spoke both sides of his mouth: some of his cronies inside the French government supplied the Argentinians with military weapons, arms, etc., this angered London to no end: Mitterrand was up to no good and needed to be put in his place somehow.

Portugal's Gonsalves was a mini-Galtieri wanna-be, openly backing the controversial Dirty War and supplying the Argentinians weapons, arms and other means of support greatly made the British angrier, which caused diplomatic relations between Lisbon and London to implode even more. What's more outrageous was allegations that Gonsalves-ista's were itching to instigate a coup attempt against the Spanish Royal Family. With Robles of Mexico aligning himself with Reagan and Howe along with everyone else in the Western camp, Gonsalves used diplomatic flexibility by saying "There are good people on both sides of the equation."
-Winfield Gonsalves: Rise to Power
How he turned Portgual into a mini-Galtierista-style dictatorship
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Chapter 13: Personal PoV's in Portugal (Fall 1982: X)

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......"In 1980, Gonsalves' lead in the polls expanded to more than 23 percentage points against his opponents. While he was self-promoting the international foreign affairs front and campaigning for reelection, there was something happening behind closed doors. His popular wife, Catalina, was a popular former actress and beauty pageant contestant, who was crowned Miss Universe Portugal 1971, before eventually going into the entertainment industry and ultimately marrying Gonsalves in 1973 (a marriage which surprised many Portuguese people considering he was like 24 years older). Following her husband's election to the Presidency in 1976, Catalina became First Lady, a ceremonial position which also had lots of influence and becoming one of the youngest First Ladies in Portuguese history and accomplished quite a lot during her time holding the ceremonial position.

Catalina was also secretly suffering from a secret undisclosed illness that nobody tried to figure out what was causing her severe health decline, which had been going on since 1980. Allegations surfaced it might've had to do with her secret sex escapades which Catalina's sexual appetite was well-known behind closed doors: ranging from having sex with Afro-Portuguese men and women including Spanish women due to her being bisexual. Whispers among her opponents assumed it might've been HIV or worse. Of course, Gonsalves also had his fair share of secret extramarital affairs as well: with plenty of different women: British women, French women, Irish women, Afro-Portuguese women, Brazilian women and plenty of others. While Winfield and Catalina loved each other, they also had separate and secretive lives: even sleeping in different rooms in the private quarters of the presidential palace.

As election day rolled around on 7 December 1980, Gonsalves was reelected to a second term as President of the Portuguese Republic with 63 percent of the nationwide vote. The reelection campaign was over, but the secret health situation of his wife was getting more precarious each day and night with no miracle of recovery despite surgery. Realizing his wife's terminal illness, Gonsalves was determined to do something in honoring Catalina's memory and the two began putting together plans for a de-facto State Funeral including building the grand tomb that would be her final resting place."
-Final Days of Catalina Gonsalves
Excerpt from the Autobiography of Portugal's Secretive First Lady
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Chapter 13: Personal PoV's (Fall 1982: XI)

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......"Now that Galtieri was living in exile in Portugal and as long as Gonsalves was in power, the British couldn't go after the former disgraced President of the Argentine Republic. This frustrated Howe to no end and especially annoyed Reagan and everyone else. Meanwhile, the Argentine Republic was in complete shambles: having been invaded by both the British and Chileans (who helped themselves by annexing disputed territory from the 1978 Beagle Conflict days); the economy was also in the toilet with no signs of improving and they were isolated diplomatically as well. None of their neighbors wanted anything to do with them especially after the explosive expose revealing the heinous, graphic and violent details of the infamous 601st Intelligence Battalion Death Squad caused a violent revolt against the Junta, who pushed too many trigger buttons.

Something had to give and there was slow, growing political pressure to extradite Galtieri to face more than human rights violations charges, but crimes against humanity with ordering the assassination of Thatcher and also approving the murder of Queen Elizabeth II. Howe was determined to bring Galtieri to justice no matter how long it took, or how many years it would be."
-The Economist: Obituary: Geoffrey Howe"

......"The United Kingdom and the Commonwealth countries were looking to King Charles III for guidance and how to move forward following the mysterious kidnapping and death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. Although devastated at his mother's gruesome death, Charles III was determined to keep the traditions intact of the British Monarchy and moving the country into the chaotic decade of the 1980s and beyond. The British people were still shell-shocked and devastated by the horrific death of their beloved Queen, which to this day, nobody could ever comprehend what possessed Galtieri to green-light Operation Sociopath in the first place. In the aftermath of the British victory in the Falklands War of 1982, the eyes of the world turned to the 34-year-old British Monarch and he KNEW it."
-The Times Call for King Charles III
Special Documentary: BBC News Fall 1982
Special Author's Note

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Chapter 13: Personal PoV's (Fall 1982: XII)

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......"To this day, I just cannot believe why we lost the California Governor's Mansion to Deukmejian. We had him on the ropes following the June primaries with double-digit leads throughout the Summer. After the backlash against Reaganomics, I thought we would turn the corner and use it against Deukmejian. Then came the dumbest political move ever: running a pathetic campaign commercial talking about Watergate? What in the absolute FUCK? Next, Bradley supported a pathetic gun control measure, which alienated swing voters and Independents. The leads in the polls for Bradley began to suffer and dwindling very quickly because of the lack of political discipline in the final months of the campaign. Before we knew it, we watched helplessly as Republicans flipped the Governorship by less than 50,000 votes and I know it sure as Hell didn't help that Brown's deep unpopularity killed his chances to winning the California US Senate race against that conniving jackass Wilson, who's up to no good."
-Leo McCarthy
Former Lieutenant Governor of California
3 January 1983-2 January 1995
Summer 2004
"The Bradley Effect in California"
Personal PoV's: Chapter 13 (Fall 1982: XIII)

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......"The 1982 Midterm elections were mixed bag on Tuesday evening, November 2nd. While Republicans held onto their majority of the United States Senate, they got smoked in the US House of Representatives where Democrats flipped 26 seats, which was going to make President Reagan's job of getting major priorities passed slightly difficult. As 1982 was closing out, we all assumed that 1983 would be calm both here at home and internationally....... Boy, were we strongly wrong?"
-Excerpt from "The Deadly Chalice: Presidency of Ronald Wilson Reagan
41st President of the United States
20 January 1981 to 13 November 1983"
Personal PoV's (Fall 1982: XIV)

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......"Allegations had surfaced of potential voter fraud in the Illinois gubernatorial election because of the closeness of how Thompson narrowly won reelection by less than 700+ votes. He was being hounded by critics nationally of being involved in vote-rigging in parts of the State. Despite evidence to the contrary, Thompson's critics continued escalating their staunch attacks of voting fraud and other illegalities from the 1982 Illinois gubernatorial election, this was going to be a bumpy upcoming third term for Governor Thompson and if he wanted to win reelection in 1986, he would have to repair lots of bridges that had been burned by the 1982 campaign which divided Illinoisans."
-Excerpt from "Land of Lincoln Politics"
Chapter 13: Fall 1982 (XV)

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......"Arkansans chose to bring back William Jefferson Clinton to the Arkansas Governor's Mansion in what many viewed as one of the most miraculous political comebacks both in Arkansas statewide politics and national politics. From that moment onward, Clinton was destined for greatness on the national level. He also moved heavily toward the Moderate-to-Conservative spectrum by preferring to carefully pick and choose his battles very methodically."
-"The Comeback Kid in American Politics"
Chapter 13: Fall 1982 (XVI)

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....."Education Reform was a hot-button issue inside the Magnolia State as Mississippians began using tactics in pressuring state legislators to support Governor William Winter's initiatives on Education Reform. With a likely reelection campaign gearing up in 1983 after the State Legislature approved legislation allowing the Governor to succeed himself, Winter called a special session in the Fall of 1982 and senior staff members of the governor's office used lobbying tactics even political extortion to pressure several lawmakers, who had blocked Winter's Education Reform initiatives in 1980 and again in 1981. Nothing was going to prevent Winter from getting his way one way or another!"
-"William Winter: The Toughest Job in Mississippi"
Chapter 13: Pop Culture Wiki Infobox-esque: McMillan & Wife

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McMillan & Wife

Also known as The McMillan's (Season 7-10)
Genre Genre Police Procedural
Starring Rock Hudson
Susan Saint James
Theme music composer Jerry Fielding
Country of origin United States
Original language English
Number of Seasons 10
Number of Episodes 73 (list of episodes)
Executive producer Leonard B. Stone
Producers Paul Mason
Jon Epstein
Filming locations San Francisco, California
Sacramento, California
Carmichael, California
Running time 90 minutes (Seasons 1-2)
120 minutes (Seasons 3-10)
Production companies Talent Associates/Norton Simon
Universal Television
Original Network NBC
Original release September 17, 1971-May 31, 1981

McMillan & Wife (known simply as The McMillan's from 1978 to 1981) is an American police procedural television series that aired on NBC from 17 September 1971 to 31 May 1981. Starring Rock Hudson and Susan Saint James in the title roles, the series premiered in episodes which was part of the Universal Television's wheel series: NBC Mystery Movie, in rotation with "Columbo" and "McCloud". Initially airing on Wednesday night, the original lineup was soon shifted to Sundays at the second Season, where it continued airing for the remainder of its run. For the final three Seasons, which were known as The McMillan's, numerous changes were made which included killing off Hudson's character of fictional California Governor Stuart "Mac" McMillan (who became Governor of California following the sixth season) at the end of the seventh Season which shocked many viewers. The pilot episode consisted of 120 minutes: Seasons 1/2 lasted 90 minute episodes; Season 3 had both 90 and 120 minute episodes; Season 4-5 had 120 minute episodes; Season 6 had 90 minute episodes and Seasons 7-10 had consisted of 120 minute episodes.
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Chapter 13: Personal PoV's (1982 FIFA World Cup)

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....."More than 200 Italians and several Scottish-born Italians gathered to watch the 1982 FIFA World Cup Final between Italy and West Germany as the Italians won their third FIFA World Cup championship defeating the Germans 3-1. The celebrations spilled over onto the streets throughout Glasgow. In George Square, several hundred gathered to rejoice at the victory celebration."
-Excerpt from the Glasgow Herald
12 July 1982.

......"My thoughts on winning our third FIFA World Cup Championship? It was just fantastic."
-Domencio Pacitti
Club Chairman.

......."With more than a century of achievements and accomplishments to his name, Dino Zoff at the age of 40, became the oldest player to do so and also the second goalkeeper ever to lifting the World Cup championship trophy, after his compatriot Gianpiero Combi. And Zoff was finally a FIFA World Cup champion at last."
-Excerpt from BBC News
12 July 1982.
Chapter 13: Making Sure Things Were Super Clean

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......"by mid December, the situation in the Argentine Republic had exploded so aggressively and violently, that it was only a matter of time before the Military Junta's days of running the show were over and they KNEW it! Bignone also knew it, which to the life of me, what possesed him to destroy incriminating documentation, papers and other illegal activities that the Junta and their subordinates were doing since they took power on 24 March 1976. Anti-Argentinian sentiment was exploding in many cities across the world including here in the United States, where among one instance, an Argentinian woman in her teens, was violently raped and beaten by a group of wealthy British punks. And what also disgusted me was the constant cover-up from the British Embassy in Washington, DC., in the need of "Diplomatic Immunity" which basically gave those group of five British punks an easy slap on the wrist. The obsession of "Sticking it to those Uppity Argentinians" had gotten to the point of further pissing off Buenos Aires, who was already isolated diplomatically. I was worried that pushing the Argentine Republic into a corner, might potentially force them to pivot toward our enemies if the British and Chileans kept escalating things further...."
-Scott Palmer
BBC Foreign Affairs Correspondent
Spring 2002

......."Things in the aftermath of the British winning the Falklands War of 1982 defeating the Argentine Republic proved costly for both sides. And I do mean, both sides of this deadly war. While the Argentine Republic was imploding with an ongoing economic crisis and inflation rising, the United Kingdom had lost over 37,000+ soldiers in this deadly conflict. Many Brits were happy the deadly war was finally over in victory, and Howe's approval ratings skyrocketed through the roof and many political analysts knew it was likely going to result in seeing the British Prime Minister, who ascended into office following the shocking Thatcher assassination, was more likely going to win a full four-year term as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in his own right in 1983. Labour knew they stood no chance in Hell of defeating a popular war-time incumbent Prime Minister."
-"The Times of Tough and Tested Leadership During Difficult Times in the United Kingdom:
Prime Ministership of Geoffrey Howe"
Spring 2002

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