Congratulations to FL Governor Ron DeSantis (R) on winning reelection BIGLY!
Fox News projects FL Governor Ron DeSantis (R) blows out former US Rep. Charlie Crist (D-FL) in a massive landslide victory.
DeSantis (R): 3,645,697 (57.44%)✔
Crist (D): 2,660,357 (41.92%)

Exit Polls:
DeSantis: 63%
Crist: 36%
(African Americans)
Crist: 88%
DeSantis: 12%
DeSantis: 56%
Crist: 43%
BREAKING NEWS: Guam Governor Louise Leon Guerrero (D) has won reelection easily defeating former Guam Governor Felix Camacho (R) by double digits.

Wasn't Guam the one with the Republican representative for the second time ever? Odd that they'd split parties.
massive landslide victory.
DeSantis (R): 3,645,697 (57.44%)✔
Crist (D): 2,660,357 (41.92%)
57/42 is not a landslide.
It is when Miami turned red
Fox News projects Wes Moore (D) has won the MD Governorship making history as the Old Line State's first African American Governor & the 5th African American Governor following PSB Pinchback (R-LA), L. Douglas Wilder (D-VA), Deval Patrick (D-MA) & David Paterson (D-NY St).

Moore will take office on Wednesday, January 18th, 2023.
Idk about MI but seems accurate
While obviously it'd be nice to have them both, surely it'd be better to have MI than OR, if this prediction and the trend in last-minute polling across both states holds true. My understanding is that Oregon (what with Portland being Antifa Central and all) is a solid blue state where a split between the radical Dem and a more moderate candidate who went independent is the only reason why the Republican candidate had a prayer at all this year, whereas Michigan is a purpler state that Trump had won previously. I've also heard that this means the GOP candidate in Michigan can afford to be consistently pro-life while the one in Oregon, by necessity, has to be a RINO like Susan Collins or Larry Hogan because anyone further to the right just wouldn't be competitive there.
BREAKING NEWS from the Lone Star State
BREAKING NEWS: Fox News projects TX Governor Greg Abbott (R) wins reelection defeating the now 4-time LOSER from El Paso.

Exit Polls: TX Governor
Abbott: 66%
O'Rourke: 33%
(African Americans)
O'Rourke: 84%
Abbott: 15%
O'Rourke: 58%
Abbott: 39%
(Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders)
O'Rourke: 53%
Abbott: 47%

PS: Abbott won 22% of African American men, 43% of Latino Men, 36% of Latino Women & 56% of Other minorities.
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