The Music Recommendation Thread: Post Your Jazzy Tunes.


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Aug 12, 2019
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Some kind of neo-pagan folk chant thing. It's actually pretty catchy. Reminds me of Mongolian throat singing.
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Aug 11, 2019
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Something different for folks, and inspired by a comment I made to folks about how rap gets a bad...rap. :cool:
RA the Rugged Man is someone I feel compelled to refer folks to, especially if they're less crazy about the Eminem/Dre style of rapping. It's still filthy, but the verbal elocution is impressive by itself and I at least find most of the lyrical stuff pretty amusing most of the time (disclaimer: I have the sense of humor of a twelve year-old, so this is not high praise really). Dude has a bit of a range though--if you're looking for something different and perhaps 'deeper' and less popcorn much-y, he's got a pair of tracks 'Uncommon Valor' and 'Daddy's Halo' that center around his father, and the latter gets downright emotional in ways most folks usually don't associate with rap.

In another vein, Jurassic 5 is a group I'd refer to folks typically unimpressed with rap. They have something of the same penchant for verbally and lyrically-focused stuff over simple beats that appeals, and relative to other groups they're somewhat cleaner. Plus one of their members, 'Chali 2Na', has a damn-fine bass/baritone that's nice to hear (an example of his work if one is curious--also worth checking out in my humble opinion).
Of course, divorced from everything else, I'd say folks should listen to GrandMaster Flash 'The Message' on simple cultural value alone as a pretty major touchstone for rap as a genre:

...To your regularly scheduled 'prinCZess shills for the 80s'.

Modern Talking carried on the legacy of disco/dance music in the 80s and kept going into the early 00s. They've got some good stuff to listen to for just pure fun enjoyment and lighthearted romping--and Witchqueen of El Dorado, as silly and cliche and, simply, dumb it is, holds a special place in my heart as a song from one of the first CDs I ever bought with my own money and listened the crap out of.
Somewhat older, but still good:

Then an obligatory 'if you haven't heard it, what rock have you been living under' for this section because seriously, Paula Abdul is some solid jams:


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Aug 9, 2019
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@prinCZess there is an entire genre of Slavic rap now also, and it's often intensely political. I tend to give a pass to overtly political music even when it's of a genre that I disapprove of, because I appreciate, observationally, the art of effective propaganda.

So I present Sistem te laže, which translates more or less as "System is lying":

(if you activate closed caption, the English translation should at least be servicable).

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