Music The Music Recommendation Thread: Post Your Jazzy Tunes.

Commissar - I'm Still Standing​

Some good comments:

Guardsman 1: "Oh My God Emperor! We are losing!!"
Guardsman 2: "How'd you know?"
Guardsman 1: "The Commissar's playing his Personal mix tape!!"

Ciaphas: "Jurgen, play my mix tape."
Jurgen: "Any particular track, sir?"
Ciaphas: (loads his pistol and ignites his power sword) "Sir Elton John, Circa 21st Millenium."
Jurgen: "Good choice Sir."

"He- He fething WHAT?"
"I don't fething know, Colm, he just started singing!"
"Well, sing along with him! C'mon, Men of Tanith, are you still standing?"

Just stumbled on this while looking for AMVs, nice amv video, and the song is decent, at first i thought it was Cruxshadows.

And it features best girl!

Classic Sabaton with the naval equivalent of GuP, in a world where only girls sail ships for some reason.

Another fun AMV.