Politicians and Government Cringe Thread


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You know I get it. You hang out with your friends from work and do stuff.

But why in the ever loving fuck would you show this particular thing off?

Like Fire vs Police basketball game halftime show? Sure. It's all cringe but its all in good fun.

But what the fuck. Out of the blue this is awful.


When the effort is no longer profitable...

The Biden Admin and co were/are weaponizing the National Science Foundation for censorship purposes.

Non-public documents obtained by the House Judiciary Committee and the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government demonstrate that these federal bureaucrats, "disinformation" researchers, and non-profit groups understood that their actions—"content moderation" and combatting so-called misinformation—amounted to "censorship." And yet, NSF forged ahead, supporting new technologies that would essentially enable the censorship of online speech "at scale."

From legal scholars to conservative journalists, NSF tracked any public criticism of its work in funding misinformation projects. NSF went so far as to develop a media strategy that considered blacklisting certain American media outlets because they were scrutinizing NSF's funding of censorship and propaganda tools.


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It's honestly looking bad for the case. Basically, they had a lot of difficulty showing threats (because the people being acted upon will willing, and any threat was implicit), and then ran into even the middle 3 judges (Roberts, Kavanaugh, and Barrett) asking about "What about a request not to post sensitive info issued to a news paper? That does happen without a threat, would that be limited by this?" etc. This sucks.


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You see. The argument is.
It's a company that got asked. Not threatened.
They are not the US government. They can ban what ever as they are a private enti


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I agree so long as the government simply asks a social media company nicely to please remove all wrong think there is literally nothing to be done. private entities at the behest of the US government acting on behalf of the US government must be allowed to Censor whoever and whatever the government asks them to. otherwise how will they push the ideology they want to have pushed?

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