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You really shouldn't that's when people try to negotiate for better positions. That's the protests and lawsuit stage. It's the Middle and end that should scare you.

I am fearing the REAL backlash. Not people standing up for themselves, but the REAL one. Where they feel they have no other means of redress other than the bullet box or alternative society goes "GAS, GAS, GAS" so fast that we go too far back. So we probably understand real backlash as different things.
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"I will never stop standing up for big pharma and standing against my constituents." - America
Poland,too.We have working drug for CV,Amantadine,and untested vaccines.Goverment is supporting vaccines,and try to punish doctors which deliver Amantadine.


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Chicago's Democratic Politicians are all in agreement over blaming the Chicago PD for the five people that were shot (three killed) at an illegal street racing/drift event but they're conflicted over whether this means they should increase funding for the police or defund the police to solve this problem. Sad.

Say some:

Fox 32 said:
Arturo Carrillo, director of health and violence prevention at the Brighton Park Neighborhood Council, said one of those killed had participated in another organization’s mentorship program.

"It’s apparent that the policing strategies that the city has aren’t working," he said. "There’s too many guns [and] there’s too many consequences for youth being out in situations that shouldn’t result in them losing their lives."

Carrillo called for more investment to engage with young people "well before they’re out there causing harm to others," and to disrupt a cycle of violence in which "one shooting leads to another."

Say others:

Fox 32 said:
Ald. Brian Hopkins (2nd), one of the sponsors of an ordinance that allows police to impound cars at the events, said police officials were "caught off guard," partially because their ability to monitor social media accounts "is severely restricted."

Because officers haven’t been able to get ahead of the events, Hopkins said there’s only been limited use of "spike strips" that deflate tires and stop drivers in their tracks. He said it would’ve been "extraordinarily dangerous" for outnumbered police to use that tactic in Brighton Park anyway.

Police were busy responding to dozens of other shootings across the city during one of the deadliest weekends this year. At least 12 people were killed in gun violence in the city, nine of them Saturday night through early Sunday.

So say we all:

Fox 32 said:
But the two lawmakers found common ground in slamming Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

"I don’t think she’s even made a statement in the aftermath of the fatal incident at Archer and Kedzie," Hopkins said. "So it’s not on her radar screen, which is just a further indictment of her utter failure to address the rampant criminality on the streets of Chicago right now."


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