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Upcoming Installement for the 1984 Summer Olympics

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Highlights of the 1984 Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles, California
VP Shortlist (Summer 1984) New

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Former US Ambassador to Canada Walter Mondale hasn't been making any ton of newsworthy comments since clinching the Democratic Party presidential nomination in mid-May very early, other than saying he is looking for "governing partner". He cited several examples such as then-President Lyndon Baines Johnson and then-Vice President Hubert Humphrey as a specific role model, who served together from 1965 to 1969. Both Reverend Jesse Jackson and United States Senator Gary Hart (D-CO) flatly rejected any role in a future Mondale administration. Others, who turned down potential consideration for the Vice Presidency: United States Senator Alan Cranston (D-CA), who didn't want to let California Governor George Deukmejian having the satisfaction of appointing a Republican to his US Senate seat; Texas Governor Mark Wells White, Jr.,; New York State Governor Mario Cuomo, each cited having won their respective Governorships in 1982 as major factors in turning down requests for serve as Vice President under a future President Mondale and United States Senator Juan H. Cinton Garcia (D-PR) declined, citing the need to helping elect Democrats to the United States Senate.

Various sources have been indicating the following individuals under consideration to be Ambassador Mondale's pick for the Vice Presidency in the 1984 presidential election:

United States Senator
Dale Bumpers (D-AR)
Why is he being considered?: Moderate-to-Conservative Democrat from the South. Popular former Governor and currently two-term United States Senator known for easily defeating then-Arkansas Governor Winthrop Rockefeller in the 1970 Arkansas gubernatorial election and defeating longtime United States Senator Jim Fulbright (D-AR) in the 1974 Democratic primary election for United States Senator. Bumpers brings both executive and legislative experience to the table including proven ability of appealing to Southern voters.
The odds of being picked: Too soon to tell depending on whether Mondale can overcome the strong popularity of incumbent President
George HW Bush in the South during the general election. It remains to be seen if Mondale will go in that direction.

San Francisco Mayor
Dianne Feinstein
Why is she being considered?: Moderate Democrat from the Golden State with governing philosophy as business-friendly to businesses and industries. Ascended to the Mayoralty following the shocking Moscone assassination in 1978, Feinstein easily won a full four-year term in 1979; defeated a recall attempt overwhelmingly in the Summer of 1983 and handily won reelection to a second full four-year term later that year. Feinstein being potentially picked would make her the first female Vice Presidential nominee of a major political party and set up for future political success in the future for her political career.
The odds of being picked: 50/50, but highly unlikely due to the fact that the late President
Ronald Reagan is still beloved and popular in California, the state with 47 Electoral Votes appears more likely going to be overwhelmingly favoring President Bush in the November general election.

Los Angeles Mayor
Thomas Bradley
Why is he being considered?: Would become the first African American Vice Presidential nominee of a major political party if chosen by Ambassador Mondale. Comes from an overcoming the odds storybook: the grandson of a slave in Texas, his family moved to California when he was a young kid and after graduating from the University of California-Los Angeles, Bradley began a career in law enforcement, serving on the Los Angeles Police Department for 21 years with the rank of Lieutenant. He served 10 years on the Los Angeles City Council representing the 10th District from 1963 to 1973 and during that time, he ran unsuccessfully for Mayor of Los Angeles in 1969, losing in the runoff to the flamboyant incumbent Mayor Sam Yorty that year. Four years later, Bradley regrouped and easily trounced Yorty in their rematch and has been serving as the 38th Mayor of Los Angeles since 1 July 1973 having won reelection in 1977 and again in 1981; Bradley is also well-known for his unsuccessful campaign for the California Governor's Mansion in 1982 losing by less than one percentage point.
The odds of being picked: Strongly unlikely due to Bradley's age and like Feinstein, wouldn't be effective in helping Mondale win California's 47 Electoral Votes including other Western States in the November general election.

US Rep.
Geraldine Ferraro (D-NY 09)
Why is she being considered?: Like Feinstein, Ferraro would become the first female Vice Presidential nominee of a major political party if she's picked by Ambassador Mondale. And she would also become the first Catholic chosen for the position; Mondale has pledged to naming a woman on the ticket during the primary campaign.
The odds of being picked: Ferraro could be the darkhorse considering that according to insiders, Governor Cuomo had recommended Congresswoman Ferraro for Ambassador Mondale to choose her. However, there are concerns about her lack of political experience including legislative accomplishments.

Kentucky Governor
Martha Layne Collins
Why is she being considered?: Governor Collins is currently the highest-ranking Democratic female politician in the United States. Following her election to the Kentucky Governorship in 1983, Collins had been asked by the press about her interest on serving as Vice President under a future Democratic President. The Governor is being chosen by the Democratic National Committee to presiding over the upcoming 1984 Democratic National Convention in San Francisco this Summer.
The odds of being picked: 50/50. Collins would appeal to women voters and Southerners considering she's from a conservative Southern State.

San Antonio Mayor
Henry Cisneros
Why is he being considered?: Cisneros is one of the highest-ranking Latino politicians who had led the 10th largest city in the United States as Mayor of San Antonio having been elected in 1981 and reelected in 1983; In 1982, Cisneros was selected as one of the "Ten Oustanding Young Men of America" by the US Jaycees. He also was tapped to serve on the Bipartisan Commission on Central America by President Bush in 1983.
The odds of being picked: Mayor Cisneros has been tapped to be one of the finalists on the Vice Presidential shortlist according to insiders, but there hasn't been any more detailed information regarding to whether Ambassador Mondale would pick the popular San Antonio Mayor as Vice President.

United States Senator
Lloyd Bentsen (D-TX)
Why is he being considered?: Moderate-to-Conservative Democratic United States Senator from the Lone Star State: many Democratic Party insiders have been lobbying Ambassador Mondale to tap Senator Bentsen as Vice President because he would appeal to more conservative Southern voters in the South. Bentsen previously ran for President, unsuccessfully running for the 1976 Democratic Party presidential nomination.
The odds of being picked: Bentsen brings legislative experience to the table for Ambassador Mondale. Being from the Lone Star State (Texas has 29 Electoral Votes) would make Mondale competitive.
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