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Leslie Fish's Music

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Mar 18, 2021
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Years ago ... decades, a friend gave me a Leslie Fish tape (yes a tape) he picked up in the US it was a collection recorded at live performances and I remember it had a lot the Leslie Fish songs that you get with a google or youtube search.

But one of my favorites is something I've never heard since it was IIRC called Partners and it had a short preamble of Leslie talking about a friend and how they swapped songs and had characters in each other's songs. The song Partners is about two street performers in a fantasy city and how they have each others back through thick and thin and stupidity, their clashes with the Guard and street thieves, and their own worst nature I guess.

Anyway, the tape died years and years ago but the vague memory of the song stuck with me but I've never seen or heard it since and I wondered if anybody else remembered it, maybe had a copy.
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