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Leslie Fish's Music

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Leslie mentioned that she wasn't sure of how much of her music was available on the internet. I wanted to try to provide her a thread containing every single point at which someone has put some of her music on the internet. I also intend to provide her some kind of compensation for it. To buy her music, and please do, reach out to Random Factors Ltd., run by Mary Creasey.

This is as much a resource for her to pursue renumeration as it is a chance for members of the board to enjoy the songs -- so let's try to be thorough. I believe Youtube has some mechanism she could claim revenue for these songs.

Also, her voice is wildly distinctive, but I might misattribute a few, and apologise in advance!

-- Some Kind of Hero. A barroom ditty about heroism and sacrifice, you can't do better than these lyrics.

Human Primacy

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Oct 6, 2019
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Interesting stuff! I just recently got introduced to the Carmen Miranda's Ghost album, that you posted a song from in the first post. The whole thing's worth a listen, though I don't know if Leslie's involved in all of it or not:
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